Super Tuesday: Bernie vs The DNC – Round Two

Whatever happens, it’s hard to see an end to President Trump, and the Democrats don’t seem to mind

Kit Knightly

Today’s Democratic primaries will go a long way to signalling who the DNC will put forward to run against Donald Trump in November. The fourteen states holding votes today are considered vitally important.

…but are they?

Because the Democratic establishment has made it pretty clear that the number of votes a candidate gets doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on who the DNC will pick to run for President.

The signals are all there – if Bernie wins, it doesn’t count.

In a possible effort to put-off having to go against the wishes of the voters, the Democratic race has seen some casualties fall well before the finish line. Both Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar dropped out this weekend, narrowing the field considerably. Both quickly endorsed Biden.

The obvious plan being to unite the anti-Bernie vote and save the DNC’s blushes.

Pressure is being piled on Warren to drop-out too, and endorse Bernie. Thus reducing the choice to one “progressive” and one “establishment” candidate (obviously nobody considers Bloomberg has a chance, he’s just there to insult Bernie and make Joe look like a “centrist” by comparison).

For her part, Warren seems to be pitching herself as the middle-ground, hoping to parlay that into a nomination at a contested convention.

No matter who comes away with the nomination, it has to be asked “was any of this process legitimate?”. We know from a plethora of examples that US elections are not fair. They border on meaningless most of the time. The DNC’s doubly so, having argued in court they have no duty to be fair.

Any result, then, you could safely assume was contrived, for one reason or another.

If the Buttigieg-Klobuchar-Biden gambit works, we end up with Trump vs. Biden. And, realistically, that means a second Trump term.

Biden is possibly senile and definitely creepy. Watching him shuffle and stutter through a Presidential campaign would be almost cruel.

Politically, he has all of Hillary’s weaknesses, being a big-time establishment type with a pro-war record, without even the “I have a vagina” card to play.

He’ll get massacred.

Is that the plan?

There’s more than enough signs that Trump has abandoned all the policies that made him any kind of threat to the political establishment. Four years on: no wars ended, no walls built, no swamp drained. Just more of the same. He’s an idiot who talked big and got co-opted. It happens.

The Senate and other institutions might talk about Trump being a criminal or an idiot or a “Nazi”, but the reality is he’s barely perceptibly different from any other POTUS this side of JFK.

#TheResistance was a puppet show. A weak game played for toy money. When it really counts, they’re all in it together. Biden getting on the ticket would be a public admittance of that. It would mean the DNC is effectively throwing the fight. Trump is a son of a bitch, but he’s their son of a bitch. And that’s much better than even the idea of President Bernie.

Which raises the question: What if Bernie get the nomination?

If Bernie wins the chance – and it’s highly unlikely – the intentions behind letting him on the ticket would need to be questioned.

The Deep State would never allow even someone of Bernie’s flexible character to walk into the White House under the banner of “socialism”. Whether or not the man himself poses a threat, his ideas do. And the system can’t afford to see them legitimised.

You’d have to think his run for President would be a disaster designed to undermine his movement (see: Corbynism) and smother “American socialism” in its cradle.

The wildcard here is Warren. Up until she’s out of the race, I wouldn’t rule out a Hillary-like push for the “first female President”. But they’ll likely buy her off with a promise of “next time”. It’s the Democrat’s turn in again in 2024, after all.

So, some questions arise:

  • Who will win the most votes tonight?
  • Will it matter in the end?
  • Who will win the nomination at the convention?
  • Will Trump win a second term?
  • ….did you know Tulsi Gabbard was still technically running for President?

Bring on Super Thursday…I mean Tuesday.


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