Sperm19 and Egg18: Squashing the Virus of Death

by Vladimir Golstein

Scientists at Michael Bloomberg School of Multiplication at Johns Hopkins University have discovered a new and highly dangerous and contagious source of death. It is called life.

The discovery was long in the making, with some great sages of Ancient world expounding it, but, it could not be scientifically proven, until the scientists zeroed in on a small mountainous region in Nepal, where people (average age 90) all of the sudden began to die. They were healthy before and then they began to drop like flies, reported local newspaper.

The team of American researchers from aforementioned university began to eliminate all the possible causes of death: these guys don’t drive, they don’t drink, they practice peaceful coexistence, and they eat solely vegan food. Consequently, there was only one suspect left. It is the virus called life, caused by the two highly powerful strains of this virus, called Sperm19, and Egg18.

Once the discovery has been made, the scientists got to work and came to the chilling discovery that explosion of life eventually leads to explosion of death: both within the species, and within the biosphere. They were helped in this discovery by the team of the intrepid reporters from two British news outlets.

While The Guardian was updating its daily map of death – with highly vivid diagrams of new death explosions all over the planet, BBC worked very hard at creating the map of newly born. And then: Eureka. When one lonely British nerd, named White Helmet Belincat and still living in the basement of his mom’s house, had juxtaposed two maps, the uncontestable pattern began to emerge.

But how do you convince the population, that one of the activities they so much like to get engaged into, such as making babies, leads to death?

Leave it to CNN and the American knowhow. Hollywood actors, celebrities, the most prominent politicians and scientists began to preach all forms of non-reproductive sex. While making some inroads among gay and transgender communities, the message kept on falling on dead ears among the rest of the population.

Until a new crusader, called Virgin Greta, was catapulted into stardom by mass media. You sentenced me to death, she began to scream to her parents, then to her local Swedish community, and eventually, she delivered her message to UN. How dare you? How dare you to send us to schools, where they teach us sex education. Just abstain, Just say no! Who needs that stupid animalistic, germ-multiplying, baby producing activity to begin with?

With Greta onboard, the mass media, consistent of the most conscientious and most responsible members of the society began a new campaign at nipping life at the bud.

Media began to parade the experts in the field, who demanded drastic actions from the government. Our government is doing nothing. In fact, such people like Trump and Johnson, along with former leaders, like Clinton or Kennedy, demonstrate a highly unhealthy attraction to sex with the opposite gender. Trump was clearly the worst, populating White House with attractive females, and promoting baby making even without a dialogue: just grab them by the … he preached.

With the epidemic of deaths, occurring now all over the world, in the countries with highly old and decrepid population in particular, there was no time to waste. In comes the foremost scientist of his generation, the Director of the Institute of Immunology, and the Winner of Bloomberg Award of Excellence, Doctor Faquci, who, summarizing the finding of other scientists, begins to preach an active intervention:

It is not enough to supply all the population with birth-control methods. Besides, our economy being prophet driven and controlled by the lobbyists of children food, and children-cloth industries, are constantly sabotaging our efforts of dressing the population in condoms. We need more active measures. People can’t get in groups – there is always a danger that a man can meet a woman in a cinema, bar, or dance club. People should be locked up in their rooms. Preferably individually. But in any case, no mixing of genders. When you lock people up, you know damn well, what they gonna do. So say yes to sex, but no to reproductive sex. The virus of death had to be conquered once and for all, and our exceptional nation is uniquely qualified to do so. We have enough cooks, zealots, maniacs, and fools with guns, to see us through the victory.

While the president of the country, the aforementioned, evil Trump, has originally resisted the idea: he happened to like both babies and baby-making, the pressure from the media, security apparatus, and the most progressive governors, proved too much even for his thick head. The governors of two most progressive States, California and New York, declared a total lockdown with people locked in the single rooms. On odd days, males were allowed to go shopping, on even – females. Transgender and post-childbearing age adults were allowed to shop every day, at the specially designated hours. Soon, other states had followed.

Special unit of the security apparatus, has been created to confront Russian and Chinese counter-efforts, which consisted in parading exceptionally attractive females, and happy looking families in their social media and TV. These outlets were declared, “state sponsored propaganda” and banned from all known media outlets.

Army was introduced into the cities, to make sure that everyone follows the orders. Maternity wards of the hospitals were quickly transformed into sterilization clinics, where first celebrities, and then regular people decided to deal a deadly blow to the virus of life, sorry of death. Families who sterilized in bulk (parents and children) were given Greta awards – a condom made of gold, with the words, “how dare you” written on it. The virus of death had eventually been squashed.

(This story had been written on a piece of paper, found in the lonely bottle, floating down the Mississippi River).

Vladimir Golstein, former associate professor at Yale University, is currently Chair of the Department of Slavic Studies at Brown University.


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Siddiq Khan
Siddiq Khan



We live in strange times. I have taken to humming this recently.

John Pretty
John Pretty

It’s not how you die, but how you live that matters.

Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe

Walt Disney passed away on December 15, 1966, at the age of 65 after smoking three packs of cigarettes per day. They say he was cryogenically frozen, but who knows if that’s really
the case. At the time of his death, Disney’s assets were worth $100 – $150 million in 1966 dollars. Today his fortune would be about $750 million – $1.1 billion. His stake in the Disney production company was worth $600 million. No wonder, he preserved his body in an “ice capsule,” he had a wonderful life. Even if you believe in reincarnation what’s the chance that you’ll be a winner twice.

An upper respiratory infection is creating quite a stir among the wealthy they’re living the good life and don’t want to die. They’re huddled in their estates or aimlessly walking around their property hoping to breathe germ free air. They’re praying to their “Money Gods” please don’t take me I’m having such a ball, I want to stay around and savor it some more.

At the exact same moment, working-stiffs are saying what the f–k is going on–It’s just a flu we all must carry on. They don’t know why they must hide from a flu they need to get back to work or life will really be doom and gloom. Their lives haven’t been easy they hustle to make a buck, they know that “stuff happens” if you have bad luck.

However, it’s the wealthy self-obsessed who make the rules, but currently they’re
frozen cryogenically with fear afraid they’ll forever disappear.

By the way, according to the World Health Organization, 56 million people die each year, which is an average of about 153,424 people each day. Nevertheless, population projections show that the yearly number of births will remain at around 140 million per year over the coming decades. Life goes on……



Worldometers need to add a display how much “currency” is created out of thin air by Central Banks, and the value of new debt issues by fractional reserve banking.

Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe

Maybe, Joe Biden and the more than 80 high level spooks endorsing him will devise such a meter.😆


“An upper respiratory infection is creating quite a stir among the wealthy they’re living the good life and don’t want to die.”

What “upper respiratory infection” do they imagine they’re going to die from?

Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe

They fear death from a “special virus” sensationalized as a deadly pandemic by the state-run media….


In which media are the state running any scare stories about the threat of death from an “upper respiratory infection” sensationalized as a pandemic?

Charlotte Ruse
Charlotte Ruse

Put on your glasses and turn on your hearing aid.


“Put on your glasses and turn on your hearing aid.”

I did put on my reading glasses, I don’t need a hearing aid. Whereupon I noted that while COVID-19 replicates in the upper respitory tract (from whence it spreads very easily compared to SARS), in severe cases it progresses to pneumonia (and in some of those causes to some unique and specific changes) in the bronchioles and alveoli lower respitory tract (tree).

Perhaps you would like to borrow my glasses? Alternatively, I am available to coach straggling candidates in more entertaining sarcasm and snide superciliousness (online only at the moment) for a very modest hourly fee (check my accumulated downvotes by way of references).


Deceits that leverage fear of death operate fear of life. Because fear of life seeks control over it and in the process ‘kills the goose that lays the golden egg’ or fouls its own nest etc.

When the mind’s modelling of reality drifts from true currency, it becomes more and more burdened with fudges and props, until the structure becomes unworkable and then, one way or another, a reset occurs.

This one is being ‘manually orchestrated’.
Can we reset our own illusions?
I do not believe so.
The illusion of control is itself a form of fear.
Or perhaps the father of it.

The article didn’t hit my funny bone, but there is an irony when a death cult operates as if death should not exist.
Birth and death are beginnings and endings – both.
Is there a timeless ‘realm’ from which space and time are unfolded or expanded?
An Always, whose closest approximation in time is Now?
A prior quality of knowing-being that is ‘hidden’ beneath the drama?

I find it so and also find it a tuning point or ground zero from which to align as a fresh now – instead of re-enacting the stamp of a past made in anger on the presence of life.

Yes there is ‘fear and control’ all about – but where is the heart’s resolve and decision?
Not in the mind of fear and control.
Perhaps this is to be renewed in every moment of realising we are back in old thinking habits.
Perhaps it takes whatever it takes – and forget the mind of measuring.
Then we be who we are – just because. Instead of as a way to get something or get rid of something.

I don’t see a fight against this – so much as using it to uncover freedom of being that may open ways we cant foresee but that cant be the motivation – or its just more of the control narrative.

While we are alive we have choices – but some choices narrow the field and rule out a true freedom. If we want to control reality, life or others, we can hardly share in its joys – except as the ‘joy’ taken in winning or nurtured grievance set in payback. These conditional ‘joys’ program us in getting, at expense of having and being. For within that mindset we can never get enough, nor be free of the fear of others ‘getting it back’.
The fear that something OUT THERE is coming BACK at you or to rob you of a life you do not rest in as truly and only your own is the sense of guilt that expects or even demands punishment.

Humour often has a sense of something – perhaps fearful, problematic or serious – that is suddenly seen in an altogether different light. The sudden release of tension in levity.

sharon marlowe
sharon marlowe

This is an interesting little thing I saw:

Moon Of Alabama posted this very suspicious clip on twitter:

The account that MOA took it from is Ed Leon Klinger. I scrolled down Mr. Klinger’s twitter feed and found this tweet of his:

“Jeremy Corbyn’s brother believes that #coronavirus is an evil capitalist plot organised by Bill Gates, in an attempt to reduce the global population. This is quite literally as tinfoil-hat as it gets.”

I then went to OffGuardian’s twitter feed and saw this about Jeremy Corbyn:

“We have been the biggest #Corbyn supporters out there, but he has made some serious mistakes over the years. Calling on a #Tory govt to “enforce social distancing” could be the biggest.”

So, while MOA is tweeting Klinger who criticizes Piers Corbyn, OffGuardian is criticizing Jeremy Corbyn:D

Also, this Klinger guy is tweeting about how the Drone Industry has the most wonderful people, and he promotes the Washington Post fake news about how Iran has mass burial pits for victims of the coronavirus. And MOA is retweeting this guy without question.

The question remains, has “b” been kidnapped? 😀


It’s a question I’m always, sadly, asking about a lot of progressives on a regular basis.

Rhys Jaggar
Rhys Jaggar

The ‘conspiracy theory’:

During the decade 2000-2010, all kinds of technology was developed for a variety of animal viruses, in terms of vaccines, but also technology applicable to weaponizing viruses. Of particular relevance to this discussion are technologies developed around the SARS virus, one of the closest relatives to CoVid19.

i. Generation of Virus-Like-Particles using SARS-CoV structural proteins in a mammalian cell system. Patent Publication Number 20080063664 (2008).

This is one standard system for generation of pseudovirions to create an immune response i.e. a vaccine candidate.

ii. Bacterial Artificial Chromosome Construct encoding recombinant Coronavirus. Patent Grant Number 7445928 (2008).

This is a system for replicating full length coronavirus genomes in bacteria (which obviously scale up much faster than mammalian cells).

iii. Live Attenuated Coronavirus Vaccines. Patent Number 7452542 (2008).

This is a patent showing that ‘attenuated coronavirus’ (i.e. sufficiently weakened to be safe to inject) has been produced for vaccination purposes.

iv. Coronavirus-like particles with functionally deleted genomes. Patent Number 7556957 (2009).

This is basically a patent covering genetically altered coronaviruses still able to replicate in production systems but not able to replicate in humans when used as a vaccine.

v. Methods for producing recombinant Coronavirus. Patent Number 7279327 (2007).

This basically shows that you can package up any coronavirus-like sequence you like (within reason) into functional virus particles capable of infecting cells. This is abasically enabling technology for theoretical weaponization of Coronaviruses.

That is just a sample.

So the theory goes that in the decade 2011 – 2020, full weaponisation of Coronaviruses was undertaken worldwide to prepare for the event we are just experiencing.

2. Secret production of all the technologies necessary to ‘save the world’ in 4 months after ‘discovering’ coronavirus.

How much easier it is to be ‘ready to put vaccines into trials quickly’ if you had already developed the vaccines, you just needed to drip feed the media about ‘unbelievable progress’ from January to March 2020, eh?

3. Organise the multiple releases of CoVid19 in predetermined locations (China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, others?)

4. Launch the hysteria campaign according to the usual CIA playbook.

5. Bankrupt the bottom 97%.

6. Forcibly vaccinate everyone, not caring if 1% die.

7. Have lots more viruses you can threaten mankind with if they ever think they will escape their slavery.

Just a theory. Not an assertion.

But folks should think about it, nonetheless….

Chris Rogers


The capitalist pigs were really fast in getting in on the act to patent anything and everything they could if it was related to SARS, and indeed MERS – I don’t subscribe to these conspiracy theories, but fact remains, they love profiting from our ill health and ensuring any suitable drug that may help our species is usually beyond the price of most public health care systems. Christ, Goldman Sachs adores chronic illness as a money spinner and hates anything that even smells of an actual cure.


Chris, Galloway is taking a very dodgy view on all this, in my humble opinion (for those who don’t know, Chris was a final caller on MOATS last night). I appreciate that Galloway’s wife is heavily pregnant at the moment, and I fully understand George’s concerns about it all. However, no one on the left – given the last 40 years of neoliberalism – should be promoting curfews and martial law, which is what GG is doing.


The left are joining the right – with the exception of Off Guardian and a couple of others – in this insane over-reaction. It may be that left-wing people are primarily history- and literature-oriented and don’t give a hoot for science. But the way they have accepted blindly all the phony statistics put out has absolutely astounded me. I understand that many apolitical people are looking for a kindly authoritarian dad, but now I’m seeing it everywhere. By everywhere I mean in print, because shopping areas are empty, soon to be bankrupt, and those few that frequent them are keeping the requisite 6-metre distance. All without a peep of disagreement, a whiff of cynicism, and with sincere thanks to those demanding it.

And how will we know when it is over? When there are fewer cases than in a usual flu season (or even outside a flu season) , how low must the numbers go before the plug is pulled on the extraordinary measures?


And how will we know when it is over?

Judging from the very questionable reliability and significance of the test protocol, which by all accounts would probably indicate that 90% of the population are infected at any given time with a virus in the coronavirus ‘family’, it will only be over when people no longer die, period! Rather a tall order. Or, alternatively and my preferred option, when it dawns on someone that they have made a huge mistake.

Mike Ellwood
Mike Ellwood

It may be that left-wing people are primarily history- and literature-oriented and don’t give a hoot for science.

Don’t know much about economics either.

Chris Rogers


I was actually supposed to be on the show with the NHS Consult giving Stats from a few countries here in Hong Kong, and basically shinning a light on the utter travesty of Bojo, and to be blunt, Westminster, the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament.

Effectively, and what I’ve been arguing here is that a short sharp shock of 28 days is required, given what we know know about the shredding of this pathogen – indeed, Chinese Diplomats are now raising this vary fact with peers in Europe.

Its one thing to have a short, sharp shock to get ahead of the curve with this virus, quite another to be grabbing massive powers and telling folks its for two years, draconian measure for a very limited period of time with Sunset Clauses annulling all such measures was/is an appropriate response, and, such measure could only be extended by another 28 days if all data suggested a further extension was necessary, and only with the assent of Parliament, indeed, I’ll go further, the renewal of any measure invalidated by a Sunset Clause should have had a requirement that 2/3rds of the House supported it.

Again, and let me reiterate, China imposed drastic measures on nearly half of its population, in Hubei Province alone 4 cities with a population combined of nearly 28 million were in a state of total quarantine, and, many of this draconian measures are now being lifted with the infection rate greatly reduced.

I’ve been looking at the Stats for my area in Wales that covers a population of 600K, and the lack of any action whatsoever by Bojo and all other clowns has resulted in an infection rate 3 times higher than in Hong Kong.

The fact is, The UK, or at least Scotland and Wales, given their large devolved powers in areas of health, should have followed the HKSAR/Singapore model, which was effectively a trace and isolate policy with social distancing the order of the day – its worked, we still have issues, but most places remain open, life has just slowed down bit.


Hi – why exactly are you ignoring all the information provided here and using BTL to spread utterly unfactual and discredited fear porn memes re. alleged uncontrolled infection rates, govt inaction etc?

Is it too much to expect you to read the data and post within that frame of ref, either in rebuttal or not?

You seem to be advocating for lockdown while simultaneously affecting to deplore it.

To dispel this impression perhaps explain what this ‘28 day short sharp shock’ would actually entail, why it would be less of an incursion on basic liberties, and why you think it necessary, given the low incidence and even lower fatality ratio.

Why lock anyone down for a virus that gives 95% of its ‘victims’ a cold?

Chris Rogers

I’m advocating a ‘Total Lockdown’ of 28 days to stop the spread of this pathogen and thus flatten the infection curve. Said Lockdown and all measures to implement it come with 28 Sunset Clause, no ifs, no buts.The logistics of said policy of course must be coordinated – its a massive undertaking, funnily, the Chinese managed it, but they had the advantage that draconian measures only applied to 50% of the population.

As for your contention that 95% of pathogen infections will have cold symptoms, great, I’ll worry about the 5% that won’t and the figures for deaths within the 59 years of age plus demographic ain’t worth paying to satisfy your agenda.

John Pretty
John Pretty

Uh huh. What is your advice to the problem of the 3000 per day that die from tuberculosis? The 2400 that die each day from hepatitis b? The 2100 that die each day from HIV/Aids? The 2000 that die each day from malaria? The 1600 children that die each day from shigellosis? The 1200 that die each day from rotavirus? The 500 children that die each day from norovirus?

What about these people? It’s only in African countries or Asian countries? Do these people not matter?

Coronavirus is a disease of the comfy, complacent middle class of Europe and America. A disease of successful capitalist economies that never think about their own mortality or care about anyone else’s.


Agreed: anyone – including the well meaning Chris – who advocates any form of lockdown is missing the fact of what that lockdown actually entails. By their own pseudoscience: ”flattening the curve” means suppressing population immunity until a virus-specific vaccine is available. The best estimates for which is 18 months to 2 years.

So, it is not a ”short, sharp, shock” that is being enacted: but a wider policy of rolling lockdowns for an indefinite period. Hence, the lack of Sunset Clauses (or hidden caveats on the majority of the Act which mean they are quasi-permanent emergency measures).

And by adhering to the government pseudoscience: there is also a tacit agreement to a vaccine mandate – to mandatory immunise at least 60% of the population at some point in the future. Then, and only then, will the Corona scare go away. Having left an indelible precedent for future ‘scares’ (aka ”Disaster Capitalism” and a captive windfall for the bio-gen corporations).

Whether or not they can enforce ongoing lockdowns is highly doubtful. But that is the ‘science’ they are working from (a dodgy model which exagerates the CFR: from essentially one man at the discredited Imperial College). Based on this alone: our entire population is in a forced drug trial for an untested vaccine for a low-lethality ‘flu. Which is more eugenics than medical ethics.

They mean to keep up this pretense for at least a year. Essentially by keeping the full implications unknown and attenuating measures for ‘three weeks’; ‘three months’; because ‘two years’ is socially unacceptable. Hence the daily perception management.

Depending on the result of this social engineering experiment: then they can re-enact a different scenario with impunity – give the scientifically determined deference and obedience created – using the same set of powers which they can then enhance. This is what scientific tyranny and medical totalitarianism looks like. Technocracy is no longer rising: it emerged fully formed yesterday.

Chris Rogers


Your contention that I’m advocating for Lockdowns to ensure a vaccine can be created is way off the mark.

The Lockdowns in China effectively put a halt to the virus spreading any further into the wider population at large, in Hubei, four cities were Locked down, this helped stop the spread from these cities to other major cities, it did not prevent infections within the cities themselves, although, assisted in reducing significantly person-to-person transmission.

Clinical data, and clinical observations from South Korea and China indicate of all known infections, 30-40% currently have been asymptomatic, meaning these folks are successfully fighting the infection with their own immune response, regrettably, said individuals are also shredding the virus until the body is clear, that Chinese date indicates shredding occurs for between 8-37 days within observed patients, that means, without social distancing at a minimum, many more infections will occur, and those most at risk have a 5% chance of dying if infected – that ‘at risk’ demographic is large.

So, do we ignore all knowledge from China, and some of its recommendations to combat the widespread transmission of the pathogen, whilst, and which is apparent, community immunity is already appearing, or, do we just let it spread unimpeded?

The fact is, any vaccine for this pathogen is probably 24-36 months off, the fact has also been demonstrated that prompt actions can curtail the spread, allowing medical authorities to treat those who exhibit an adverse reaction to the virus.

So, on the whole, the measures undertaken in China, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan & the HKSAR gain my approval, whilst, I condemn the lack of any action in the UK, which, and lets be blunt, has come too late.

Off course, I have hindsight on myside and have been reviewing the spread of the pathogens and actions taken since 31 December, and I must admit, its been a sorry tale, so, I’m glad the HKSAR, Singapore & Taiwan ignored WHO advice, which, was effectively not to worry as it was confined to China – funny, China now only accounts for 21.5% of all infection as of today – meaning, it really could have been halted had measures been undertaken.

In my book, money, commerce and an ability to visit Starbucks does not trump public health and the wellbeing of any commonwealth!



Rhys Jaggar
Rhys Jaggar


I grew up believing in the NHS, despite my sole real experience of it was it taking 8hrs to put me through A&E to have a simple X ray, reset broken radius/ulna and send me home. They took 3hrs to triage me (a long time for an 8 year old), two minutes to diagnose a broken arm, three hours to put me to sleep to reset the bones (that was 1973, after all) and then panic because I was not waking up (I was probably more sensitive to anaesthetics than the average decades before genetic profiling would guide medical prescription).

The past 20 years, I have grown more cynical about ‘healthcare’ and have moved more to a philosophy that we need to promote healthy living and make doctors merely Tier 1 suppliers to a health-promoting culture to treat those where healthy living has gone awry.

Right now, those skilled at diagnosing illness and managing it are in control of healthy living which is completely and utterly ridiculous.

But I absolutely hate the whole vaccines culture of immunity from prosecution for Big Pharma and forcible vaccination for all kids. That is just robber baron grand larceny, it is not capitalism. We pay for their mistakes, they can cream off billions even if they screw up.

I do not necessarily subscribe to conspiracy theories, but I do not buy the speed that the media claim that all this coronavirus science is happening at. The sequencing I can buy, but I cannot buy having done any preclinical animal testing to the level required to be granted a license for a clinical trial.


I see you have 10 upvotes for raising–the second time in 2 days–something I raised some weeks ago (and have raised more briefly a few times since) to wall-to-wall disparagement. Interesting. However, you will not find all the info you need chasing up only virology.

Rhys Jaggar
Rhys Jaggar

I apologise if I have not read every single comment on OffGuardian. I am not interested in upvotes whatever, other than to see if anything I say garners masses of down votes.

Nor do I imply that only virology is of relevance.

It is just that if I were to write a PhD thesis introduction about the whole issue, I am not sure that it would be digestible to most folks without 10 years of research experience (which probably includes 99% of OffG readers).

So I added a concise search to highlight what is out there in the patent database, without suggesting that I had covered all bases.


“I apologise if I have not read every single comment on OffGuardian. I am not interested in upvotes whatever, other than to see if anything I say garners masses of down votes.”

No apology needed as my comment was not on the content of your post but the general response in thumbs at different stages of this so-called debate. Absolutely no claim of prior art or any territorial jealousy involved (hence the word ‘interesting’). It is good to see you have isolated the sole value of thumb votes, namely their reasonably reliable indication of a comment’s parrot load.

“So I added a concise search to highlight what is out there in the patent database…

Nor did I intend any disparagement of that valuable piece of individual enterprise. At least not per se. However, when it comes to not not per se (!! per se) I have found another point of interest. ICBW but, although–taking your synopses as accurate representations of the patents’ contents–I did not chase up any of the references, I have a distinct memory that they were presented as HTML links. If so, on this same browser they now appear as plain text: ?? Where have all the anchor tags gone? I only hope my memory is not going the same way.

“Nor do I imply that only virology is of relevance.”

And I was not implying otherwise. My comment was intended rather to emphasize the points that:

  • COVID-19 is caused by a very convenient virus with–increasingly revealed as it is researched at a geographic and temporal distance from it origins–very convenient properties (insofar as they have been reported) and
  • in venues that advertise their proclivity to question official narratives, the general response to the seeming overreaction of health bodies and governments world-wide has been about as sophisticated as that of mainstream journalists, not only when it comes to failing to look beyond possible attributes of the pathogen than a simplistic crunching of and argumentation over the single, obsessive aspect of crude mortality rates, but also when it comes to advancing any reason for the ensuing political panic other than an equally simplistic and obsessive “it’s all down to Eric Blair and Rahm Emanuel”, when a far more vigorous attempt at analysis might well be appropriate (in line with Ockham’s ‘necessitate‘, haha), possibly–in my opinion probably to certainly–well exceeding that required to penetrate only the complex medical considerations in themselves.
Delta G
Delta G

Its a theory but not a very good one or one based on scientific facts. I directed my research lab in Cell and Molecular Biology and used recombinant technology almost daily for over 30 years. Its not a Bioweapon and the so called powers that be are not forward thinking enough to come up with such a plan. Besides, the chance for success are so infinitesimally small that there is not a number than could describe it.

Rhys Jaggar
Rhys Jaggar

I absolutely agree it is not a ‘bioweapon’, the current strain.

But that is not to say that far more virulent strains have not been developed .

This is all about creating mass hysteria to transfer wealth to the 1%.

I hope you do not think that 30 years running a lab makes you say that 9/11 was not an inside job, because absolutely ALL the evidence shows that it was.

The PTB wanted a ‘Pearl Harbour Event’ to ‘justify reshaping the whole of the Middle East’ and, hey presto, they got one.

Oh, it just fell into their laps, did it? It just happened to happen on the day Dick Cheney was ‘doing war game simulations’ with half of the US military?

It just so happened that the greatest demolitions experts in America said that controlled demolition would have made the WTC towers collapse in just the same way as they actually did?

It just so happened that dozens of first responders testified that multiple explosions were happening at Ground Zero?

It just so happened that crime scene was cleared and all rubble sent to China for disposal before forensic examination could take place?

It just so happened that the patsys had all been lined up along with the bogey man Osama bin laden?

It just so happened that nanothermite was found at Ground Zero?

It just so happened that Philip Zellikow was appointed to organise the cover up in the official investigation?

It ‘just so happened’ that the ‘WMD’ claims about Saddam Hussein, along with the Niger Uranium scam just ‘happened to come out when they did’?

David Kelly ‘just happened to commit suicide’ for reasons that are still to be explained??

I think it is prohably more likely to be you who is not capable of sophisticated planning.

There is voluminous evidence over decades that the PTB are more than capable of planning such major events.

What you need to learn is that the politicians are merely actors, they are not the planners.

The planners are luminaries of Davos, Bilderberg and other dodgy groups like The council on Foreign Relations.

You think Kissinger, Soros et al cannot plan?

think again.

Delta G
Delta G

I have little doubt in the Devious and Demented Nature of Humanity. I don’t need to learn anything from you with your kind of self important attitude. Is 911 an inside job ? Certainly likely. Maybe even Pearl Harbor or at least a set up like many other World Changing Events in History. The Coronovirus Response is much more damaging than the Virus could every hope to be.

The possibility of it being created is as a stated so close to zero that no one could tell the difference between the two.

All of the events regarding 911 and the Iraq invasion are not connected to Coronavirus except that its the same groups Bashing China and Russia instead of Saddam Hussien.

Are the Illuminati so intelligent? I don’t think so. Otherwise they would exhibit a more subtle approach.


“The Coronovirus Response is much more damaging than the Virus could every hope to be.”

Old and useless dead. Useful masses remain in place. Sociopolitical immunity impaired in nation states world wide? Mission accomplished, both in the lab and in the field? Would 30 years in a microbiology lab understand the convolutions of a politico-military train of though if it whistled up and ran it down?


For “train of though” read “train of thought”.

“Experience is a light shone on a path already trodden” — Confucius (?)


“I absolutely agree it is not a ‘bioweapon’, the current strain.”

What about a work in progress, possibly literally, possibly technically, possibly both. If this strain were a bioweapon of any of those sorts, what would such a bioweapon need to further achieve to be a simulacrum of a directed neutron bomb? If it were a work in progress, why would every modern bioweapon, or component thereof, need to have a mortality rate at all in order to fulfill its specification? For starters. As regards a long track record in modern anytechology, a year is a long long time down at the employment exchange.


Coronavirus: Britons abroad urged to return to UK immediately

I would hazard that this is because within the next few hours the totally corrupt UK government are going to announce a curfew and bring in martial law.

How this is going to play out is anyone’s guess. My own guess is that sometime soon we will start seeing major civil unrest.

For the psychopaths who rule us it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Yes, I have noticed that there seems to be a great deal of emphasis on getting people back to their countries of origin, although one might expect – if one believed the official story, that that would only help spread the virus.

Even more strange. In various countries, such as Norway, people have been warned under threat of heavy penalty, not to self-isolate in their huts and cabins in the countryside, but to return to their Primary residences towns. Surely, if the point were to combat the spread of a disease, then one would prefer people to stay in their cabins in the woods and mountains, rather than return to the towns.

That shows us that the agenda is control.


I saw a tweet from the Norwegian foreign minister urging all Norwegians to return home, “especially if you are in a country with poor health care and infrastructure, like the United Staes “.
I had a good chuckle.

Mucus Aurelius
Mucus Aurelius


Tonight on UK Channel 4 – “PUTIN – A RUSSIAN SPY STORY”

“Pick of the Day” according to the Daily Mail who claim that this story “follows him from ‘very small schoolyard thug’ to judo enthusiast and KGB agent’.

This will either be popcorn for the Russophobe, or else, my face will morph into a cheese omelette


And soon they’ll be blaming him for producing COVID-19 as they did for the Novichok nonsense.

Mucus Aurelius
Mucus Aurelius

Maybe they are saving that for Part Two which will be aired next week


True. But I’m saddened to see the Russian gov jump on the covid 19 hoax bandwagon. / https://tass.com/pressreview/1133843

Richard Le Sarc
Richard Le Sarc

ABC Late Night Live last night had a groveling interview with Browder, treating him with exquisite sycophancy as some sort of saint.

Mucus Aurelius
Mucus Aurelius

Yes, you are quite right – for they are all fully paid up members of the “Brown Lipstick Club”


Minister Handycock has just arisen in the House of Iniquity to talk of the greatest evil the planet has known in the last 100 years – can’t watch or listen to him – it’s just so incredibly hilarious and sinister at the same time

Richard Le Sarc
Richard Le Sarc

Handoncock, surely.


I really had a good laugh with this piece – cheers Vladimir.

Yes, the one thing that unites so much of the ‘left-liberal’ Establishment agenda is how it all focuses on bearing down on the unwashed masses to have fewer children. Almost every item ticks this box.

If you are interested, then duckduckgo any of the following terms:


Planned Parenthood

Rockefeller Foundation

Jaffe Memo

Sgt Oddball
Sgt Oddball

to add to your list: – thomas robert malthus

Richard Le Sarc
Richard Le Sarc

At 7.6 billion EVERY life-supporting biosphere on the planet is collapsing, so, obviously, we need more people. Brilliant!


We don’t need more people. But we don’t need crazies’ solutions to that problem, if we can call it that even. I have faith. Bill Gates and other members of the elite, and most of the world, doesn’t. (Should this world go on for much longer, I might begin to lose my faith.) We weren’t created just to run up against this kind of unsolvable, nightmarish problem.


What is life? That is an eternal question and subject of the Perennial Philosophical dialogue.

We have not got a clue: a fact that becomes perfectly obvious today …that we culturally organise around the rigidity and co-morbidity of hierarchies of death.

Which our foundational predicates of objectivity, logic, reason, and externalised existence determine.

The basis of scientific, objective realism is surveillance and hidden observation. Which is taken from a real – not imaginary – perspective of a ”God’s Eye” view beyond the realm of experience (outside space and time). From which the object of study – which cannot know it is the object of study (or the objective realism is negated) – is dispassionately observed. Observed for instances of universals: which is bullshit jargon for correspondence to law-like axioms. Laws that always and already exist.

Axioms are law-like when the hidden observer stimulates the object: and a pre-determined response is noted …in accordance with previous proddings. From a history of law-like proddings: generalised correspondences of causes and effects can be theorised. From a longer history of generalised law-like proddings: and corresponding cause and effect law-like responses …generalised (more abstracted) theories of proddings can generate theoretical Laws. When prodding A will always produce a predictable, reproducible, fixed corresponding, structurally determined,reactionary prodded response B …that is: when A is the necessary and sufficient cause (or set of causes): B will be the invariant resulting effect.

With such fixed determination: we have a Universal Law. When we get enough Universal Laws: we can get the essentialist Law of Laws. Which already exist – subject to our discovering them with logical law-seeking Universal Reason. Which, for reasons of objectivity, must always be parsed of the unruly passions …such as anything that could be said to make us human.

This is the underlying nature of the surrounding Covidiocy. Known as essentialist Truth (singular) – or alethic – monism (to freaks and geeks like me). That we can take our observations and reduce them to biology; then chemistry; then physics: and explain reality in terms of the physicists laws. And because gravity and thermodynamics are true and real: everything else we say is true and real. As a scientific principle of alethic monism …or hegemonic passivity determinism (as I prefer).

Can anyone see the flaw? The reductive materialist metaphysics of modern life has no room for life or humanity. It is a ”dead positivist” reality with no sign of life or humanity. With no theoretical space for humanity, conscience, or consciousness. It is a cosmogony without life: which is about to lockdown sanity today.

With principles of hidden observation and surveillance; universal law-determining; social engineering; morality dictatorship; hierarchical class structure; structural cause and effect determination of reality; priviliged access and exalted linguistic practices of logic and Universal Reason; the ability to determine consensus and conformity to realities of scientific determination; and ”herd immunity” from criticism or choice of alternatives: objective scientific realism – now Capitalist Realism (or the Corona Casino as I prefer) – has been the choice of autocrats and dictators for two and a half millennia …since the slave owning aristocrat Plato made it up.

Why oh why does anyone believe this bullshit anymore? Because as soon as you have the concept of a self you are already written out of reality: that someone else gets to choose with your own abdicated culturally creative powers of life. The principle is known a heteronomous or ”allonomic” law-making. Externally created laws that we are subjected to as soon as we choose to be a subject. Which entails the loss of autonomy and self-sovereignty to them that make the scientific laws that further write humanity out of reality. Until …

The law making lunatics have taken over the asylum …in an attempt to eternalise their scientific, objective, and rational privilige of Universal Law-making and Truth determining cause and effect hierarchical domination. Just as Plato designed it to be.

As a codicil: anyone who has ever tried to expose the totalitarianism of objectivity, scientific realism, Universal Reason, Universal Law-making, or hegemonic alethic monism of a final Truth …has been censored – not by the cognitive elite – but by the man in the street. So long as there is a self or a subject that is objectively real …there is a bigger consensus Self and conformist Subject that culturally determines what reality looks like. From now on.

Well, objectivity and reason look pretty shit to me now. Assuming – as I can only assume for sanities sake – there will be a tomorrow …Perhaps there are those who would like to examine the underlying incoherent bollocks people unconsciously accept as true by default? All discourses are the product of a mass of tautologies, contradictions, and conflicts that write life, love and humanity out of the discourse …before even a word is spoken. Maybe something to think about in the next wee while?


Always plenty of great food for thought, BigB. As for me, given the very different times in which Plato lived, I would hesitate to ascribe a power agenda to his illuminating writings. He worked as well as he could within a society which was by no means as earth-bound and materialistic as our present one. And he, himself, was far from being “earth-bound”, as he encouraged any who would, or could, listen to look inwards upon their own motivations and try to purify them of prejudice and hypocrisy.
In times of moral crisis, as now, one can be thankful for the output of those who could see, and act, beyond the requirements of mere survival. All the great philosophers and artists lived in this world beyond, and pretty much conquered philistinism within their own sphere of influence. Saving the world, in terms of its billions of inhabitants, seems to require something more than philosophy and art, but I am certain that that something exists, and some people will find it.


I agree in principle: Plato, and all the great philosophers, were brilliant products of their times. This applies to the Buddha too. Their knowledge and living metaphors were historically contextual. In the same way we would not accept Descartes view of circulation, for instance, why do we so readily accept their views on philosophy? As a broad generalisation: that which supports the institutionalised heirarchy of power and knowledge sticks …any more radical views that challenge it do not.

I might immediately add: not that many scientists would accept the positivist description I gave above (which is known as the Nomothetic (law-seeking) Principle). Science was positively critiqued by Kuhn (and Popper) to accept that scientists are human after all. And a certain amount of cultural bias is inevitable in science. The ideological claim I made above is what dogmatic and doctrinaire scientism claims. And governments unconsciously expect everyone to believe in.

Plato also clearly warned that when inferior men of entitlement, property, and wealth populate government …and merely claim to have the insight and wisdom of Philosopher Kings …democracy descends into tyranny. He got that right!


Thanks for the interesting info on that.
The thing about philosophy is that it can overlap with science, but it is never exactly the same thing. For example, one could claim that in all essentials, as far as mankind’s basic needs are concerned, the Earth IS the centre of the Universe. As a practical rule of thumb for the farmer and the philosopher, it works, and in any case science is quite welcome to its equally valid parallel reality, as it studies the farther reaches of the Cosmos.
We don’t even need to have a problem with those two realities, until science claims that it is the ONLY reality. As far as I know, philosophy does not make such a claim for itself, and Plato was famously modest about the nature of “wisdom” and his grasp of it.


I’m afraid philosophy, science, and mathematics are all essentially and canonically Truth monist. That is they make imperious claims for pure access to Universal Reason; Scientific Realism, and Pure Objectivity. To this day: that is the prevalent view of Analytical Philosophy. There is still the hegemony of the Cartesian Method (known as ”Methodological Monism”) in science: which is the only way to produce certain, eternally true, universal law-like knowledge. By splitting reality in two.

Which: parsed of human bias and evidence-free culturally influenced claims (no bad thing): then produces a knowledge-base that is mind-independent; observer and participator neutral; language-independent (description neutral); ahistoric and *a priori* (essentially existing beyond the ”unruly passions”; purely Formal; deductive from pure intellect (purely formal Rationality) alone).

This is very much still the order of the day. Which conforms to the canonical overview of two realms: the sensible and the intelligible. One which is sensual, literary, phenomenal, and observable. The other which is intellectual, scientific, noumenal, and unobservable.

To have an invisible realm behind that which we can experience and know – that is the source of the formal logical order lies that controls the behaviour of the unruly, chaotic, and passionate world …thatis the essence of all authoritarianism. And law-like truth-claims emanating from superior access to such an invisible realm is the essence of educational and intellectual caste-systems of control. To place the essence of humanity – epitomised in conceptual Universal Reason – beyond the ability to observe and experience …in the hands of the priviliged access of the logical rational intellectual cognitive elite is the root of all tyranny.

Tyranny we are experiencing today. If we get the chance to survive this: we have to collapse our unconscious inculcation into accepting the cultural hegemony of hierarchies of classes founded on unobservable pure objectivity, disembodied pure reason, unexperiencable Scientific Realism …that subordinates the world of senses to an illusory status.

We can all experience the real world; we can all potentially describe it with accuracy from the first person participant perspective. When we are rid of the illusion creating third person realism – with its law-like formal logical structure dictated by anti-realist semantic dictators – that is imposing a suspension of freedom today.


“Can anyone see the flaw?”

Yes. Some people taste sounds, some people hear colours.

Imagine a tv programme that consists of two black women, one a footballer, one a multi-faceted writer, discussing the unconcious, personally, socially and politically suppressed systemic racism that sees blacks only as mindless adjuncts in the predetermined concepts necessary to sustain white colonialism both before and since. There’s a racially mixed audience. At the end of the first of two segments the writer turns to the audience and says “Now let’s hear what you think: any questions?”


That’s the kind of an antidote one needs when the uncertainty reigns, thank you.


At the heart of this scam, and it is a scam, what you have is a vile, cynical plot to use dying people, who should be just left to die in dignity, to persuade everyone else that there is some new, super-aggressive form of virus out to get them. That is the nuts and bolts of it.

They are doing a very good job of NOT informing the public that coronavirus goes around every year and the current crop is no different. This is part of the trick. Amplify the bits they want you to hear, coverup and hide the facts they don’t want you to hear, in order to sell a fake epidemic and impose Martial Law. There are many endgames at play here, racketeering by the banks and vaccine enforcement are jst two that spring to mind, on top of the Martial Law elements.

Coronavirus is nothing new, it goes around every year and like all other viruses, it mutates and changes. This is all perfectly normal. Because of this, many people carry coronavirus. It’s just one of those things, a fact of life that has not nor will not change.

With this manufactured scam, what they have done is engineered a situation where everyone in hospital is being tested for coronavirus. Because coronavirus lives in many people anyway, many of them are coming back as coronavirus positive. When these poor people are dying, and if they test positive, the cause of death is routinely being attributed to the presence of the coronavirus. They are implying that the coronavirus is what is killing them, disingenuously. How low can you go?

This is about as sick as you can get. These dying people are having their dignity and lives violently raped by the British government, in order to sell their latest scam which is nothing more than an out and out assault on our freedom. This is so low.



The truth about coronavirus. Facts. Very important information

[English] Credible insights into the Coronavirus by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg


They are attributing all these deaths to coronavirus in order to maximise fear levels among the population. They are constantly reminding the public of the rising “death toll” in order to promote fear of death which then enables them to introduce this Nazi style legislation without so much as a “hang on a minute!” from millions of duped, brainwashed people.

Busted. They have been busted on every level. You need to start informing your friends because our whole future is at stake here. THE NAZIS ARE HERE.


Some of the scams being played on Radio 5. I strongly recommed listening to this radio station to familiarise yourself with the brazen tactics they are using to brainwash people. Outside of fabricating the death toll they are engaged in the following:

– Emotional Blackmail and Manipulation. They are making people super conscious of the fact that they “could” be a carrier, therefore they could inadvertantly kill anyone they come into contact with. Talk about a guilt trip. What a way to frame something that is perfectly normal. They are using the fact NHS staff cannot get food after their shift to make people feel guilty about indulging in panic buying. I do not encourage panic buying, but in the circumstances, I can see why people are doing it. Their survival instincts are kicking in and they have the means to do it. This is all predictable and has only been brought about since the introduction of the coronavirus hoax we are now under.

– Lies. They are lying about how people are dying, which I have covered above.
Last night at 19:21 an establishment stooge female said the following:
“viruses are unpredictable. This one is EXTREMELY undpredictable!”
This has no basis in science, she could not possibly verify this statement with facts. This is pure fearmongering. They also refer to scientific evidence when the reality is, there is no real established science in relation to supposed CV19. There simply has not been the time to do this.

– Social Conditioning. Along with all the talk of distancing, they are using NLP techniques and NLP language to sell the scam. Talking about things like META COGNITION. This was at 19:23 last night.

– Steven Nolan – This lowlife gets his own section. His show runs from 2200 most nights. Listen to it to get a handle on how disgusting the BBC is in their coverage of this scamdemic.
Last night between 2310 and 2330 was another tectbook display of misinformation and fearmongering. He is such a lowlife, there really are no words for this man’s behaviour, other than to say the fires of hell will burn him forever and ever.
This section 2310 to 2330 started with a most blatant display of Orwellian agenda promoting and cheering on draconian lawmaking.

HELLO? Who gave Steven the authority to say this? Who is encouraging and endorsing this style of journalism? Who works behind the scences on Steven’s show? How can it be acceptable for this kind of abhorrent manipulation of the public to go ahead?


Never listen to Steven Nolan. I made that mistake once. He makes Jobby seem reasonable and personable. He uses the most egregious emotional shrieking to elicit a traumatic response. This is a form of mind control technique. No words for this kind of behaviour.

Rhys Jaggar
Rhys Jaggar

There is a nurse in Scotland who compared ‘going ski-ing to Glencoe’ with ‘attempted murder’. And some dumb idiot said she was right and controls needed to be brought in.

Mike Ellwood
Mike Ellwood

Watch the graphs in Worldometer. Seems like it might be stabilising in the UK. France and Italy, and possibly Spain. Could change, of course.


Mucho…something of a red flag to me in the UK, is the total unpreparedness for specific Covid 19 test kits. As you mention, Corona viruses are very common, and constantly circulate amongst populations. A generic test kit is worse than useless, as it gives the false positives that some Chinese medics warned about. The NHS is not testing the public, and as yet, barely got round to testing their own staff !


I was intrigued by this report.


And it also appears that Turkey too have sent test 500k test kits to the US.

Maybe they realised that they are as good as useless and there was a quick buck to be made. Especially notable in the light of the Italians deciding a couple of weeks ago to forego tests on the general population reporting illness and base diagnosis solely on the reported symptoms.


“Because coronavirus lives in many people anyway, many of them are coming back as coronavirus positive.” Some of what Jon Rappoport says has me scratching my head. He doesn’t explain some of what he lays out very well sometimes. But he made an interesting point recently (filling in for, shudder, Alex Jones) about tests that show someone has the covid 19 virus. There’s a difference between a tiny, tiny sample that shows that a body has a few of the bugs vs a body racked with the bugs. He’s implying that that’s significant, but he didn’t explain why, at least not in the video clip I watched.

I also thought he made another good point (among many good points in fact) about China’s extreme response to the virus. No wonder politicians gave China high marks for going military on the bug straight away. It allowed them to make the case that the bug was a Godzilla of a bug that would eventually walk all over everyone and everything and they too needed to go military on it. But while they’re going military on an imaginary threat, they are also going military, literally, on the people. The counterrevolution never ends. The class war never ends. See “US Intel Agencies Played Unsettling Role in Classified Coronavirus Response Plan” by Whitney Webb https://www.mintpressnews.com/us-intelligence-unsettling-role-classified-9-11-like-coronavirus-response/265687/

Why Mint Press News buried that story I don’t know. I can probably find it there using their search feature, but even after clicking on ‘see more stories’ (and the more is showing mostly what you’ve just looked at), I can’t see it.


Technology has reached the bottom of the garbage bin. I’ve just emptied the trash in Yahoo mail, and immediately the President of the United States of America showed up ALIVE!. That was hilarious.

More comedy .. when a journalist asked him about whether undocumented migrants will be caught and deported when they get tested for the coronavirus. He -the president of the united states of america- passed the question to the Surgeon General, someone heavily decorated, who bluffed his answer and then Mike Pence took over with more bluffing. Trump realised the two were just clowning around, interjected and said he will make sure, those migrants will not be deported.

Empty your trash mail folder and see what you get 😉


Very good! Nice to have a laugh in these dark, dark times.


While The Guardian was updating its daily map of death

Ha ha, there was a time when I was stupid enough to read the Guardian, I can just imagine a Gardian cartoon map designed to put the fear of Wuflu into the average citizen. Those were the days, if Wuflu had happening back then I would probably now be wearing nappies because the Guardian recommended it. Ahh, the good ole days. I put those in the same basket as the days at school when I once got pissed on Baileys. Only once, life is a lesson.


The Guardian was not always restricted to stupid people. The rot set in very slowly and gradually. No need to be ashamed of having once read it. A good many years ago I used to think the Huffington Post and the Washington Post were rather left-wing… Imagine!

Francis Lee
Francis Lee

Sounds very much like Yevgeny Zamyatin – We. But we never thought it would happen!

Rhys Jaggar
Rhys Jaggar

Amazing that the elites who go on so about population reduction are precisely the ones have five or six children. Johnson, Rees-Mogg, Toby Young (at only four he has seriously been priest-like), Trump, Andrew Roberts, Tony Blair (again only four, scandalous): it should be a capital crime for any Agenda 21 supporters to have more than one child.

Who thinks that Blair has ‘superior genes’?

бели орао збг
бели орао збг

Amazing … but understandable.
Those are ones who wish to continue their own genes , and cease and supress genes of other people.

Mongol hordes coming towards Europe killed all man they could catch , and raped all women they could catch.
There are estimated 17 millions people in Europe living now , and that are children of one man , Ghengis Khan.
Alpha Male.

There are some religious groups in usa , I think they are living in Utah , ( or some other state ) , ( yehova witness , or pentacostals ) ,
man with his several women. There was a photo of a husband , his 8 wife’s , and their children , and their children , all 160 of them. Living nowadays.


Well, alpha male for alpha male, I’d say the gorilla would win every time.
Mentally, or “spiritually”, the fact remains that the gorilla has not reached the human stage of potential self-awareness, yet it is physically more than capable of making mincemeat of any of our species.
So the question for our species is, basically, do we want to allow the gorillas to continue ruling us? Ghengis Khan did nobody any favours.

бели орао збг
бели орао збг

… ” do we want to allow gorillas to continue ruling “..

Well , gorillas are not such high level typed as to rule someone. Just used as cleaners of unwanted competition , a la All Capone style. Cleaners with machine guns. Also used for asassinatinos , until they were replaced with drones killers. Cheaper cleaners.

As for those ruling over homo sapiens ,
they are other species.
Reptiles snakes , camouflaged as men.
They have their nests in three district cities. D.C.

Washington city – political rulers snakes ,
London City – financial rulers snakes ,
Vatican City – religious rulers snakes.

Those cities are embedded in countries that have no legal rule over them , and their snakes inhabitants.
You know, English Queen can not enter London city if those snakes do not allow her, queen to bow them.
And it is up to homo sapiens citizens of those countries to ask themselves if they are able and strong enough to face those snakes.
And if they dare to do first step against slavery from reptiles over men.

But yes , one needs proper Alpha Males to ignite it.

Question is do we have for do we want ? And when ?


I was thinking of Ghengis and his descendants as the gorillas.
Of course you are right about the snakes.
I think we have to put both the gorillas and the reptiles in their proper place, and their proper place is not in our government.

бели орао збг
бели орао збг

… ” … we have to put both gorillas and reptiles … ” ..

Gorillas and reptiles are to be removed , must be removed , or present day slavery will continue ad infinitum.

But , big question is who is going to do that cleaning ?

Those sitting in front of TV , watching endless lies , eating popcorns , drinking cola ? Will they ?

If not them , who ?
Are somewhere there people able to do it? Just do it ?

Nobody can expect that democracy path would replace reptiles. For reptiles would defend their positions until last nuke they have.
So , as there is no democratic process , and has never been democracy on this earth , how to remove reptiles away ?

How many thousand monitoring camaras are on streets of London ? They monitor everyone.
How many intelligence agencies and millions personel are guarding reptiles ?
How many millions police and army forces guard reptiles?
Then how to pass those barriers to remove reptiles ?
What homo sapiens force could do it , and how ?

As for Ghengis Khan. He was real Alpha Male.
One who changes history of mankind.
Demography map of world in his time.
And he is about million times more cleaverer than mentioned tony Blair.
Ghengis Kahn has 17 million children living now.
Genes of ghengis Kahn.
And tony Blair wants to repeat steps of ghengis Kahn.
Tony Blair kids in millions , in some future time.
And Donald trump would like to spread his genes in millions children in future time.
And they also want to provide enough living space for their future, possible, millions of kids.
So , they remove gene lines of other men , by killing them.
How many wars UK prime ministers and USA potus have organized ? How many millions of genes of other people removed , to make space for their kids ?

They are just repeating steps of Ghengis Kahn ,
but they are not alpha males ,
just gorillas, maybe reptiles.


The good news is that people do not automatically inherit their parents’ intelligence. Very stupid people can have brilliant children and very brilliant people can have stupid children.
Beethoven came from a very unpromising background, for example, while Bach’s genius only partially made it through to a small number of his twenty children.
By the same token, there are undoubtedly many completely unremarkable, ineffectual, dull-witted, philistine, ignorant and feeble people alive today who could conceivably trace their ancestry back to Ghengis.


Still thinking about the musical world, there are also several modern examples which show that – even between one generation and the next – there are orchestral conductors, pianists, singers, etc., whose children have nothing of the spark of creativity which their illustrious parents have, or had.
Their ancestry can certainly give them an advantage, and of course they are sometimes brought up to think they are exceptional, but their audiences are left disappointed.
There are apparently members of the Bach family alive even today, but nobody knows anything about them, and I am sure the same goes for the Ghengis family.

бели орао збг
бели орао збг

… ” … whose children have nothing of spark … ” …

We might be opening another ,
upper level of discussion.
While we discussed tony Blair , trump and Ghengis , we were in lower , earthly levels.

But there is another point of discussion . reincarnations.
For Heavenly Entity , soul , reincarnates only itself.
In many life’s it reincarnates in only itself.
While it incarnates in different bodies , different skills , it gathers knowledge.

So it explains your example of Bach.
In several of his previous life’s he was connected to music in different levels learning more and more about music , until he was borned as Bach.
And at age of four started his miracles with music.
He was borned in family of musician , earthly genes, but he also had his great reincarnated experience.

And his kids had best teacher, greatest Bach , very good genes , but they could not reach his level.
In fact , no any other men, after him.
Because Bach kids had their own different paths of learning. Different reincarnation levels.
Bach kids , example of earthly gene continuations. Simple earthly inheritance, not heavenly.


My thoughts exactly concerning Bach. I think we are in absolute agreement, and that holds for the matter of Ghengis Khan too. As I think you and I understand it, the fact that he possibly has millions of offspring by now has nothing to do with the probability of his “gorilla-like” soul reincarnating in one of those earthly bodies. For all we know, that soul could reincarnate in the body of one of your grandchildren, or mine.
Some of the literature on the subject implies that there are people among us who look human, but are not. Their inner life, below the surface of their physical body, simply hasn’t reached a human level. In some cases they are inclined to a dark path, upon which they may become stuck, and in others their human stage will be reached later. This is a belief which I understand the Tibetan monks also hold, while the ancient Persians spoke of the “asuras” – demons whose purpose was to create chaos and evil. It seems that in various ways human beings can weaken their spiritual defences so that these retrograde beings can take over their lives to a greater or lesser extent. I consider it quite credible that such a thing might have happened to many of our world “leaders”, whose lack of genuine humanity can often hide behind compassionate-sounding speeches and articles, but some of them are not even good actors!
I will never forget Margaret Thatcher’s “But I DO care! I DO care!”, while her deeds showed that she did not know the meaning of the word, “care” at all. She served her purpose well.

бели орао збг
бели орао збг

… ” … good news is that people do not …” …

Yes, of course.
But I doubt that Blair or trump would think about their kids as special intelligent. They just want their gene continue , and other men’s stop. Pure simple fact. Think of some Blair in twentieth generation in future. Tony would be proud just for that satisfaction.
But there is process that allows continuation of good selected genes. Called ” pure blood breeding “.
Nowadays still practiced among Jews.
Why then jews think about them as pure blood ?
And do not like marriages with other nations.
And others are Goya , something level of cattle.
Albert Einstein married his sister.
Old Egyptian kings also married their daughters.
This method provides , but does not guarantee that good genes would be summed , but there is a chance.
And Jews are willing to very high risk that chance.
After some generations of inter breeding , some special , intelligent person might be born.
But , unfortunately , in meantime , several generations may be born with genetically damaged DNA. Jews know that , but they risk it for that special one that may be borned. Very high risk. But they pay.

Probably Ghengis did not think about his possible clever kids in present time. He just liked to think his genes would be present. Quite enough satisfaction for him. Better my genes than other men genes.

But some day some new Ghengis might be born , among all those millions average or bellow averages.
Genes of Alpha Male have their own destiny.


One rule for them and one for the rest of us. Exactly as it is with every other aspect of life on Earth in 2020.

Mike Ellwood
Mike Ellwood

Well Gorgeous George Galloway is expecting his little Gallowino No. 6 with Mrs Galloway IV.
I’m not sure where he fits into the grand scheme.

Another monster ego spreading his genes far and wide I suppose.


He can, however, talk a great deal of sense, despite his ego.


GNUs FAlSH….20000 With NO underlying medical conditions DIE from this COLD. Hypothermia killed 20000 of the old because they had no money to heat their homes.
GNUs FALSH…Boris to return pensions to the old…Apparantly, ” we are not living longer after all”.
GNUS FALSH…1000 Homeless Die on the streets every year. Untold Homeless numbers catching illnesses of the middle ages, living in abject missery.
Further GNUs…Magic Money Tree miraculously comes into blosson, too late to save 140000 deaths from austerity.