LIVE: Unite for Freedom Day of Protest

The protests against the “emergency measures” being taken to “control the pandemic” are underway all around the world.

In Trafalgar Square in London:

The London protests are especially pressing, considering next month Parliament will vote on extending or ending the “temporary measures” put in place to fight the pandemic (not all of them, of course, because many of them are already permanent).

In Berlin (see livestream above):

There’s already talk of the police shutting the march down due to “scuffles”.

UPDATE: The police are stopping the protest because the people there aren’t following the social distancing guidelines.

In fact the narrative is already forming that the protests are all neo-nazi or far-right in nature. Because apparently there’s nothing fascists hate more than a strong state ordering people to follow arbitrary rules under threat:

Without any sense of irony, there are counter-protests going on:

Does it make sense to have an anti-protests protest, denouncing the danger of protests?

UPDATE: Amazing view of the crowd in Berlin

And live stream of the London march via sputnik:

Googling these events turns up almost nothing. They are not on the frontpage of The Guardian or the BBC or any other mainstream outlets, so if you have information, videos or photographs you want to share, post them below. We’ll try to keep the thread up to date.


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