DISCUSS: Latest anti-lockdown protests hit London

Another huge wave of people took to the streets of London today, protesting the Covid restrictions, proposed vaccine passports, injections for children and other dystopian aspects of our authoritarian new normal.

Similar protests have been happening regularly since the imposition of Lockdown in March last year, including last month when well over 100,000 people (some estimates said 1million+) turned up.

The march was practically ignored by the mainstream, with the BBC reporting a turnout of “hundreds” despite video evidence showing at least 1000x that number.

Today’s crowd was no smaller, maybe even larger, and certainly just as passionate…

…and covered not quite as sparingly in the mainstream media.

The BBC learned their lesson and quoted “thousands”, instead of hundreds – still an underestimate, but progress.

Though it was still notably absent from the front pages of the Guardian and others. RT had some coverage, as they are always happy to embarrass the UK.

Perhaps most telling, and hopeful, was the lack of traction any mockery got on social media. Though these protests are usually accompanied by a (largely created) chorus of “covidiots!” and “selfish lunatics!” on Twitter and Facebook et al, there was definitely less of it present today, and when it did appear the echo chamber was decidedly…less echoey.

Further protests are planned through the rest of the weekend.

Were you at the march? Do you have any videos or photographs to share? Is public support for the Covid sceptic position growing as times passes?

Discuss all this and more in the comments below.


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