Coronavirus Fact-check #15: “We know all the risks of Covid vaccines”

TV Dr Sarah Kayat claimed that “we have all the data” on Covid vaccines for children, but is that true?

Yesterday morning, celebrity doctor Sara Kayat appeared on GB News to defend the UK government’s decision to “offer” coronavirus vaccinations to children between the ages of 5 and 11.

In standing up for the policy, Dr Kayat made the following statement:

It’s important we remind parents that the [Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization] have looked into all of the data, they’ve told us the benefits far outweigh the risks. The risks are extremely low, and the risks of Covid much higher.”

Is this true?

Let’s take the statements in reverse order.

Are the “risks of Covid much higher than the risks of the vaccine?”

They have literally no way of knowing.

But since Covid’s survival rate for children is something like 99.9998%, does it even really matter?

Do the benefits of the vaccine “far outweigh its risks”?

Again, they have literally no way of knowing.

But since the vaccine manufacturers:

  • openly acknowledge in their supply contracts that their product may have unknown side effects,
  • have demanded legal immunity to protect themselves from being sued should their vaccine cause harm,
  • and released a document listing 9 pages of over 1200 “adverse events of special interest”, which they defend by saying there may not be a causal relationship”

…they are at least aware that there might be some risks.

And finally, have the JCVI really looked into “all the data”?

Absolutely not, because they don’t have all of the data.

None of the covid vaccines were subject to usual tests due to the covid “emergency”, the few studies that were done were highly flawed, and since the vaccines have only existed for about 18 months there has been literally no time to do any kind of research on the possible long term side effects of the vaccine.

In short, they don’t have “all the data”. They don’t have most of the data. They have almost no data, except that your child has 499,999 out of 500,000 chance of surviving “Covid”.

Do you want to risk giving your child an untested vaccine to mitigate a one in five-hundred-thousand chance?


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