DISCUSS: January 6th showtrial gets underway

Last night was the opening of the congressional hearings on the “Capitol Hill Riots” or “January 6th” or the “Trump’s Attempted Coup”…whatever you want to call it.

You probably didn’t need me to tell you that, because it was pretty hard to miss.

After all, it was shown on at least 8 national and international television channels, as well as live-streamed on YouTube. In Primetime no less.

Even Fox News, which made a point of not broadcasting the hearing, spent the entire evening talking about the hearing.

It was hard to escape.

They kicked off proceedings with opening statements from Chairman Bennie Thompson and Wyoming Senator Liz Cheney. I won’t bother telling you what they said, you can guess.

There was a lot of talk about protecting democracy and Trump being evil. It could have been written by an AI that had been programmed with nothing but Rachel Maddow’s Twitter feed.

The addresses were cheered rapturously across the “liberal” media, because of course they were. The response was as predictable as it was over the top…

Honestly, the two could have played chopsticks badly on a child-size xylophone, sensuously massaged peanut butter into their hair or repeatedly smashed their own faces into their desks, the reaction would have been the same.

The content was immaterial, the reaction was pre-written and designed to Pied Piper public opinion into the two opposing camps.

Then came emotive testimony from traumatised police officers about slipping in human blood. It all had a very familiar ring to it, to be honest.

But what do you think?

  • What will the finds of the committee be?
  • Was the 2020 election rigged?
  • Was Jan an attempted coup or a false flag?
  • Who will be held responsible for the “attempted coup”?
  • Will new legislation be passed to “protect democracy”?
  • Will Donald Trump go to jail?
  • …will anyone?


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