Rash of blood clots caused by…the heat?

Kit Knightly

Perhaps you’ve heard about the rash of blood clots in young healthy people, recently?

Well don’t you worry your silly head about it, they were caused by dehydration due to the hot weather.

Some of them, anyway. Maybe. Definitely the most recent ones, and certainly any you may hear about in the future.

Naturally, any reported spike in blood clots before the summer was nothing to do with the hot weather.

…that was the cold weather.

Or maybe it was a long-term side effect of Covid19 infection.

Or maybe it wasn’t a clot, it was just Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

Or one of the 300,000 symptomless cases of aortic stenosis wandering around.

Or maybe they were suffering from “post-pandemic stress disorder”.

Or maybe there weren’t any deaths at all, and the fact-checkers have debunked all of that.

It doesn’t matter. Forget it. There’s no point even considering what may or may not have caused the blood clots that may or may not have happened in the past.

The point is, in the future, they will be caused by the hot weather.

And nothing else.

Have a good day.


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