AUDIO: Iain Davis on Perspective with Jesse Zurawell – Part 2

The second part of Iain Davis’ recent interview on Perspective with Jesse Zurawell, continuing their discussion of Iain’s recently article “Putin’s False Flag”, this time focusing on the response and fall-out.

Part one of the interview is available here.

TNT Radio is a 24/7 internet radio station, available here. You can also listen to back-episodes of Perspective here.


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Jul 15, 2022 2:26 PM

Davis must add CIC to his analysis on The Super Elite and The Great Reset: ‘The founder of the group is Lynn Forester de Rothschild, member of the infamous Rothschild Dynasty that has long been monetarily involved in influencing governments for generations. Pope Francis and the Vatican publicly aligned with the council in 2020, and one of the primary narratives of the CIC is that all religions must unite with the leaders of capital to build a society and an economy that is “fair for all.”

This mission statement is rather familiar, as it echoes the goals of the WEF and its concept of the “Shared Economy”: A system in which you will own nothing, have no privacy, borrow everything, be completely reliant on the government for your survival and you will “like it.”

In other words, the purpose of “inclusive capitalism” is to con the masses into accepting a rebranded version of communism. The promise will be that you won’t have to worry anymore about your economic future, but the cost will be your freedom.

The CIC is led by a core group of global leaders they refer to as “The Guardians” (No, I’m not joking, this is real).

Members of the CIC have included: Mastercard, Allianz, Dupont, the UN, the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA), CalPERS, BP, Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, Visa, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Mark Carney, the Treasurer of the State of California and many more companies around the world. The list is extensive, but what it represents is a kind of corporate led government with a congress of corporate representatives mixed with pliable political leaders.

One of the top missions of the CIC has been to change our economic models to “promote equity and inclusion.” Hilariously, proponents of the CIC argue that “too much wealth has been accumulated into the hands of too few people and this proves that existing capitalism does not work, yet THEY are the very people that rigged the system to centralize that wealth into THEIR HANDS. They aren’t “capitalists,” they are an aristocracy. Do you really think that these people are going to build a whole new system that doesn’t continue to benefit them?’ (se den officielle video)
– What Is The “Council For Inclusive Capitalism?” It’s The New World Order

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 12, 2022 10:01 PM

Could it be that Max Boot is unwittingly supporting a Trump-Pompeo policy?

Opinion: Shorten the war. Send 60 HIMARS to Ukraine.
By Max Boot
July 11, 2022
It has become commonplace to observe that Ukraine is mired in a “long war” — one that could last for years, according to NATO’s secretary general. That could well be correct. The war, after all, has already lasted nearly five months and continues to grind on. But I fear that by so readily accepting that there is no end in sight, we might be giving in to fatalism and defeatism. Instead of becoming resigned to a never-ending war, the West should be focusing on how to shorten the conflict by enabling Ukraine to win. . . .

The M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) are proving particularly effective in allowing the Ukrainians to target Russian headquarters and ammunition depots. A Russian military blogger laments that Russian air defenses haven’t been able to stop HIMARS rockets, resulting in “BIG losses in personnel and equipment.”

Those are impressive results considering that Ukraine so far has received only nine HIMARS. The Biden administration just pledged four more in addition to nine others promised by allies. But Ukrainian officials are asking for many more HIMARS and would like to see them equipped with longer-range rockets. Michael G. Vickers, a former undersecretary of defense who helped mastermind the 1980s war against the Red Army in Afghanistan, recently suggested that Ukraine needs 60 to 100 HIMARS or other multiple-launch rocket systems to win the artillery duel.

HIMARS can change EVERYTHING in Ukraine
Jun 3, 2022
FUNKER530 – Veteran Community & Combat Footage
In a $700 Million aid package to #Ukraine, it was announced that 4 #HIMARS will be provided. HIMARS has the potential to drastically change the battlespace in Ukraine’s favor, but why? We break down a few reasons for you on why, if it’s used correctly, #Russia will have a hard time countering the HIMARS.

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 12, 2022 11:47 PM

Every night belongs to the HIMARS

How does the Khazarian media spin the reality that the Trump-Pompeo strategy is going to win? The problem being that most of the presenters are too stupid to realise it was all supposed to be theatrics, but that it suddenly went real!

Ukraine War: HIMARS rocket system used to strike Russian ammunition depots
Sky News
Jul 12, 2022
Defence and Security Analyst Professor Michael Clarke looks at the HIMARS mobile rocket systems which Ukrainian forces used to hit a Russian ammunition depot, causing one of the biggest explosions in the war so far. Prof Clarke says the HIMARS are causing many problems for Russian forces because they can’t locate them.

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 13, 2022 7:26 PM

Is the Khazarian media taking baby steps toward a rethink?

Imagining the unimaginable with Ukraine
By Alexander J. Motyl, Opinion Contributor – 07/12/22

What should we be thinking about even if — or because — it seems completely unlikely? Three things: a smashing Ukrainian victory, the fragmentation of the Russian Federation, and the formation of a confederation including Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania.

We erred in thinking that Russia’s armed forces would capture Ukraine in a few days and that the Ukrainians could not drive the Russians out of much of their country. Now that the Ukrainians seem to have stalled and the Russians are making incremental progress in the Donbas, it looks like Moscow’s virtually endless supply of soldiers and tanks eventually will overrun Ukraine.

That expectation is likely to be as accurate as previous ones. Ukraine enjoys the support of over 50 countries, NATO, the EU, and the G-7. Heavy weaponry is about to flow into Ukraine in large numbers. The Ukrainians might succeed only in stopping further Russian advances. But they also might succeed in driving the Russians out of all the occupied territories, including Crimea and the Donbas.

Jul 12, 2022 9:59 AM

Wired is one of the most on-message outlets and this story was pushed at by msn’s recommends:


Why? It’s one of the ways they try to get people to accept social engineering. “See, you’re doing it already – it’s no big deal”. It’s a variant on their beloved ludicrous analogies – remember vaccination is like national service?

Diets have changed over 130 years… at the start of the decade you were eating beef and chicken and now you’re eating grasshoppers and seaweed…. it’s all basically the same thing so STFU.

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 12, 2022 8:42 AM

Mike Pompeo cites the Budapest Memorandum as the obligation by which the US and UK guarantee the sovereignty of Ukraine; including the return of Crimea. In discussion with Walter Mead, he states (see earlier post):

Look, the thing is too that we’re looking at post-war, would Ukraine belong in NATO, do you think, or what do we do? Because they had the Budapest Memorandum, these beautiful signed declarations. It didn’t seem to do … even the sacred UN Charter doesn’t seem to have restrained Russian aggression. What do they need? What should we do?

Yeah. I don’t know exactly what that looks like. It looks like something more than the Budapest Memorandum. There has to be something there that is bigger, whether it’s formal entry into NATO. I don’t buy the theory that if Ukraine was in NATO, this would’ve spurred even greater Russian aggression. I don’t. I think that’s silly on its face. I’m not worried about escalation. I want to make sure we get it right.

When we bring NATO into it, I must say, the Europeans have to step up. This is an imperative. This isn’t American bluster. It’s not Donald Trump reading the riot act to the Europeans, or Mike Pompeo giving Hamas a hard time. This is serious stuff. If America’s going to do its global leadership role in confronting the Chinese Communist Party, it must be the case that Europe actually chooses to defend itself, for the first time in decades. I mean no mal-intent to any of the European peoples, but math is really easy with respect to Europeans simply saying, “We’d rather do business than soldiering.” They need to do some soldiering. When we think about what Eastern Ukraine will look like, what that eastern front will look like, the European eastern front will look like in the aftermath of this, it needs to have a heavy European component.

I have one more thought on the Budapest Memorandum. When’s the next time somebody’s going to give up their nuclear weapons if we don’t defend Ukraine? I left it out of my remarks today, but imagine the next time some nation has a nuclear weapon and we say, “Hey, just hand them over to so-and-so, and it’ll all be good there.” Chairman Kim is watching, I assure you. Every Arab nation who’s thinking about their own nuclear program is watching. The Iranians are watching. The Iranians are probably watching through my cell phone. This is serious stuff, if we walk away from a commitment that the United Kingdom and the United States made in signing that document. We shouldn’t forget about the proliferation risk that’s created if we simply say, “Nope, Ukraine, you’re on your own.”

The Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances comprises three identical political agreements signed at the OSCE conference in Budapest, Hungary, on 5 December 1994, to provide security assurances by its signatories relating to the accession of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). The memorandum was originally signed by three nuclear powers: the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States. China and France gave somewhat weaker individual assurances in separate documents.[1]

The memorandum prohibited the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States from threatening or using military force or economic coercion against Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, “except in self-defence or otherwise in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.” As a result of other agreements and the memorandum, between 1993 and 1996, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons.[2][3]

After the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014, Canada,[15] France, Germany, Italy, Japan,[16] the UK,[17] and US[18][19] stated that Russian involvement was a breach of its Budapest Memorandum obligations to Ukraine and in violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity. On 4 March 2014, the Russian president Vladimir Putin replied to a question on the violation of the Budapest Memorandum, describing the current Ukrainian situation as a revolution: “a new state arises, but with this state and in respect to this state, we have not signed any obligatory documents”.[20] Russia stated that it had never been under obligation to “force any part of Ukraine’s civilian population to stay in Ukraine against its will”. Russia suggested that the US was in violation of the Budapest Memorandum and described the Euromaidan as a US-instigated coup.[21]

rik myers
rik myers
Jul 12, 2022 7:49 AM

IAn is no longer relevant Brian Berelict ALex Christarou COl Douglas McGregor ANd Alexander Mercouris are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Y82CWaWHJc&t=84s

Jul 12, 2022 6:52 AM

by Belarus “nationalists” (Nazis?) armed w NATO weapons

Kherson residents prevent assassination attempt on head of city administration by noticing bomb planted under his car.

les online
les online
Jul 12, 2022 8:21 AM
Reply to  Penelope

I didnt expect a coup, but i should have…
Russia’s intention to instlll some nukes in Belarus made me wonder if it is a staunch ally if – as it appeared – the nukes were a bribe…

Jul 12, 2022 12:02 PM
Reply to  les online

les, simultaneous w Putin’s comment about soon arming Belarus w missiles that cd carry nukes, Lukashenko made public statements that Putin had promised that an attack on Belarus wd be considered an attack on Russia. Imm’y following this there were missiles fired from Belarus on Kiev and a statement that the armies of Russia & Belarus were being integrated.

Likely the attempted coup had already occurred. (The announcement of it now was just to say that the perps had been captured.)

Overall, looks like Kiev is taking a page from Russia’s book: They’re striking at “decision-making centers” in Southern Ukraine, etc. Ukraine claims that when it blew up the ammo storage in Kherson that they killed 12 Russian generals or military officers.

Jul 12, 2022 4:48 AM

I s’pose y’all have heard by now that Putin’s offered fast-track Russian citizenship to ALL Ukrainians.

Kiev is apoplectic: “encroachment on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine” 
“incompatible with the norms and principles of international law.”

 suggests the Kremlin supposedly is still seeking to “seize Ukrainian lands, destroy the Ukrainian state” and “forcibly assimilate” the Ukrainian nation.

[Well, it DOES seem to indicate that if Ukraine is going to be dismembered Russia doesn’t want to be left out of the divvy-up.]

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 12, 2022 6:23 AM
Reply to  Penelope

if Ukraine is going to be dismembered

That was the original intention:

Russia Needs Novorossiya
Nicholas Nicholaides

comment image

The only question concerned the distribution of the bounty. And it seemed likely that whereas the Russians would do the fighting and dying, having been sold a Duginite fantasy, it would be Khazaria who’d claim most of the spoils.

Jul 12, 2022 12:34 PM

Lost, Dismemberment was the purpose from the beginning, but not to such an extent as now seems likely.

I thought Russia was going to stop with just the Donbass, then when Kiev wdn’t accept that & the war continued I thought Russia wd stop after taking (freeing for self-determination) Odessa & all territory bordering the Black Sea.

But now that it’s becoming obvious that the WHOLE of Ukraine is up for grabs it’s certainly in Russia’s interest to see that each part is allowed a self-determination vote. That way, even the areas that don’t want to become Russian will owe their independence to Russia & there’s a chance for peace.

The link was interesting. WHO was it that wanted that division of Ukraine? Not sure which interpretation of Khazaria you mean– Did you mean as another Jewish homeland? You might find interesting 2 brief articles Voltaire has about Russian/Israel friction.

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 12, 2022 8:54 PM
Reply to  Penelope

I never really bothered looking at Voltaire that much, but I can’t recall a specific reason as to why. Most alt-media sites are Putin-esque sock-puppets, and Voltaire looks similar. For instance:

31 May 2022
The secret Ukrainian military programs
by Thierry Meyssan
In 2016, the United States committed to arming Ukraine to fight and win a war against Russia. Subsequently, the US Department of Defense organized a biological research program in Ukraine, and then huge amounts of nuclear fuel were secretly transferred to the country. These data change the interpretation of this war: it was not wanted and prepared by Moscow, but by Washington.

By “Putin-esque”, I mean that they are serving Putin, the CCP, or Khazaria. There will be considerable overlap with these positions, but Khazaria will ultimately dispose of the others when or if it sees the need. By “Khazaria” I mean the ideology set out by Arthur Jensen in Network – “The World is a business, Mr Beale.” There is no “West”, no “Russia”, no “peoples”, no “Jewish homeland”, etc. It is important to emphasize that Khazaria is NOT an ethnicity. I discuss Khazaria here:

Khazaria sees “Russian” as a disposable commodity. Repeating the same script of 1930s Germany, the people are pumped up with Duginism so that they’ll be willing to fight and die for “Mother Russia”. But they will be disposed of when no longer required. The overall objective is to relocate the current Israel to the southern Ukraine.

Jul 13, 2022 12:16 AM

Lost in a dark wood, I read your earlier comment on Khazaria, but I didn’t really take your meaning: Since you DON’T mean a second Jewish homeland by it & you don’t mean the NWO generally, then I’m unable to intuit what you DO mean.

But if you mean that Israel is going to take Crimea & the Donbass from Russia I don’t understand from where the military might to do that will come from.

Regarding Voltaire being “Putin-esque and serving Khazaria, I read his article you linked but I see nothing untrue in it.

I monitor him because years ago on the day that the Iran “nuclear deal” was announced, Thierry of Voltaire made an amazing announcement: He said that on the outskirts of the never-ending Iranian negotiations the US & Russia had come to an agreement whereby Russia wd enter into the Syrian conflict! This was months before it occurred. So I’m impressed w his intell contacts.

Well, your take on all this is interesting. We’ll have to wait & see.

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 13, 2022 5:30 AM
Reply to  Penelope

For the moment I’ll just call it “it”, but “it” can have various names – Khazaria, Babylonia, Venetians, Amsterdam, City of London, NWO, etc. It is both an ideology and a network of oligarchical families. It’s core ideology is explained in the Network speech; that “the World is a business.” Within this ideology, everything is just a commodity – to be developed, extracted, exploited, traded, disposed of.

When they say that there are no “nations” and no “peoples”, it means that these have no meaningful existence from the perspective of the Khazarians. However, the plebs believe in these things and their attachments can be exploited like other commodities. They can be made to fight and kill each other over tribal and ideological difference, and this can be used for vulture capitalism or to reshape the social or world order. Hence, when they promote two opposing sides in a debate, they do it in order to create a conflict from which they then profit.

The move to the New Israel is a business decision to relocate the high-tech part of current Israel to southern Ukraine; including Odessa. But they don’t care about religious Israel. Hence, the depopulation jab.

But if you mean that Israel is going to take Crimea & the Donbass from Russia I don’t understand from where the military might to do that will come from.

Putin and Netanyahu (or equivalent) both work for the Khazarians. Hence, once southern Ukraine has been obliterated, the New Israel project will be allowed to take hold. But this will probably just be the five oblasts – leaving Crimea and Donbass for Russia.

Jul 13, 2022 8:31 AM

Ah, if you mean the NWO by “Khazaria” then of course I understand you. However those behind the NWO have a history much older than Khazaria. This particular incarnation of world dictatorship began in what’s now Sicily, then moved to Brussels, then created the City of London and it’s financial & empire techniques.

Of course there were other attempts earlier and usury and secret societies have always played a part. Ancient Egypt is one of the earlier ones. An old biography of David Rockefeller said that he considered among his most precious possessions a relic from ancient Egypt. If I remember correctly it was a cricket.

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 13, 2022 8:25 AM
Reply to  Penelope

If you can find the following article at Voltaire, please let me know.

Wayne Madsen – Israel’s Secret Plan for “Second Israel” in Ukraine
Voltaire Network
December 8, 2014

It was referenced here:

Israel’s Secret Plan for a “Second Israel” in Ukraine
Dec 12, 2014

Source: voltairenet.org – Wayne Madsen

Returns: Error 404 – Page Not Found

Article 186163
How Vladimir Putin overturned NATO strategy
By Thierry Meyssan.
8 December 2014

Article 186164
Page not found

Article 186165
Why Italy must leave NATO
translation of a petition
8 December 2014

Jul 14, 2022 12:04 AM

Lost In a Dark Wood,
Yes this link came right up

I am familiar w Khazaria as a second homeland for the Ashkenazi Jews. I lived in Manhattan for about 15 years, and was on the outskirts of those interested in the philosophy of Ayn Rand, so met many very bright Jews & of course heard about the Ashkenazi,

I liked Wayne Madsen’s middle east coverage, but then he went behind a paywall.

I can only say to the wd-be Khazarians & to Pompeo.

“If wishes were horses.”

Nevertheless, I’m more than half-convinced that we are watching a play wherein the actors are probably activated by WEF/NWO goals rather than nation-state ones.

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 14, 2022 1:21 AM
Reply to  Penelope

I should have clarified. The article can be found at Archive, but it appears to have been erased from Voltaire – unlike the two articles either side.

It is not hyperbole to describe the two opposing forces as “Biblical” or “Titanic”. The Khazarians have effectively run world history from at least the 1600s; including the English Civil War; the American and French revolutions; the Napoleonic wars; WWI & II; the rise of Communism and Fascism; the Cold War; the Great Reset; etc. The Christian Zionists have been largely supportive, because everything has aligned with the return to Jerusalem. However, there is now a divergence, and there doesn’t appear to be a mutually satisfactory solution.

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 14, 2022 1:59 AM

I have only a superficial knowledge of Christian Zionism. They had a significant influence within the Trump administration; and they seem to want Israel to stay largely in its current form, but with normalised relations to other countries in the region.

Pompeo’s Christian Zionism takes center stage
Analysis by Ishaan Tharoor
August 25, 2020

Pompeo’s visit to Israel is part of a multicountry tour during which he appears set to build on the newly announced normalization of ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. But his short speech to the convention from the historic King David Hotel will reinforce the Trump administration’s unequivocal embrace of Israel as a partisan prop. Pompeo is likely to tout the Israeli-Emirati breakthrough as evidence of Trump’s new approach to the region, though the real force of his appeal may be directed to right-wing Christian Evangelical voters, like himself, at home.

During a stump speech last week, Trump said his decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was “for the evangelicals.” Both Pompeo and Vice President Pence count among a leading rank of Christian Zionist politicians in the United States, who link matters of geopolitics — whether confronting a regional nemesis in the theocratic Iranian regime or helping Israel extend greater control over the Holy Land — to biblical prophecy and revelation.

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 12, 2022 9:36 PM
Reply to  Penelope

With regard to who wins, it seems to me that the Pompeo strategy is so clearly ascendant that there’s little likelihood of it failing; and this will involve Ukraine returning to its 1991 borders. There will be no negotiation with Russia until Russia leaves Ukrainian soil.

25 June 2022
Ukraine Will Return To 1991 Borders, We Are Not Considering Any Other Scenarios – Budanov

The question, however, is why Russia walked into such an obvious trap? They thought they were going to get a fake war with Zelensky, such that they could just roll into Kyiv. Instead, they found a well trained and equipped insurgency; which was effectively a repeat of Afghanistan. That allowed time for a resurgence in Ukrainian national identity; the introduction of advanced weapons such as HIMARS; and the training of Ukrainian armed forces.

Jul 13, 2022 12:27 AM

Lost, I don’t see it as Russia having walked into a trap, since I think there is agreement between the West & Russia in scheduling the war– altho I do admit to being a bit schizophrenic on that score.

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 13, 2022 1:20 AM
Reply to  Penelope

there is agreement between the West & Russia in scheduling the war

The language is a bit confusing. When I use the term “Russia”, it can refer to a variety of different entities. In this context, however, it is the power structure of which Putin is nominally the head. That power structure was given orders from the Khazarian oligarchs (Rothschild etc) to invade Ukraine, but it should have had the intelligence to realise that it was walking into a trap set by Trump-Pompeo.

I don’t use the term “the West” since it is meaningless. It doesn’t correspond to any functional entity or any seat of agency. Hence, “the West” cannot agree to anything.

Also, the fake war was not an “agreement” – since this would imply the exercise of agency by at least two independent entities. Instead, the fake war was a scripted pseudo-event in which the various actors were assigned roles. Most of the leading politicians in western nations are merely actors within that production; though many are too stupid to know what’s going on. The same applies for most media – including both mainstream and alternative.

The Trump-Pompeo strategy had involved training and equipping Ukrainian special forces so that they could mount an effective insurgency during the early stages of the invasion. Given that this was highly predictable, and it can’t have been kept entirely secret, it’s a bit of a mystery as to why Russia walked into the trap.

Jul 11, 2022 11:40 PM
William Sabre
William Sabre
Jul 11, 2022 4:47 PM

Everything in this current civilisation is designed to obscure, overbear, confuse and ultimately sever your connection to the spirit, to the point where many don’t even know what that word signifies anymore.

Bureacracy is the most important tool in this respect, you don’t trust in someone or feel secure from deception unless you have a piece of paper with meaningless marks upon it. Spirit is trust, spirit is meaning, madness i.e. tyranny, is the inevitable outcome of a people who sacrifice heartfelt relation for a superficial existence on paper.

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 11, 2022 4:34 PM

American Free Press and UK Column go full appeasement in favour of the Khazarian reset.

there can be no doubt it would provoke responses from both Russia and China

PDF lead article – July 11, 2022

Perpetual War
No money for school lunches but plenty for World War III
By the AFP Staff
Image caption: MIKE POMPEO – Wants to start war with China.

On June 24, Mike Pompeo, the former secretary of state under President Donald Trump, spoke at the neoconservative Hudson Institute to little fanfare, delivering what foreign policy insiders have referred to as the “Three Lighthouses” speech. In it, Pompeo weaved together the neoliberal and neoconservative agendas that seek not just to boost U.S. involvement in the bloody Russia-Ukraine war but to provoke China as well, essentially advocating for a third world war that pits Europe and the United States against a more populous and technologically advanced Asia.

“I consider it an enormous responsibility to speak to you about a matter of the utmost urgency and significance,” Pompeo told the audience of U.S. elites. “It involves war, Ukraine, and the necessity of forming a new global alliance for freedom … which must contest both Russian and Chinese aggression.” . . .

Pompeo in his speech also called for provoking China by officially recognizing Taiwan as a sovereign nation and renewing a 1970 U.S. defense treaty with the island country that would force a war should China ever decide to invade Taiwan.

The fact is, it should not matter whether someone supports Russia or Ukraine or what they personally think of communist China. If the United States were to take Pompeo’s advice and wade further into Ukraine and the south Pacific, there can be no doubt it would provoke responses from both Russia and China and lead to a war between the West and the East that would consume the entire Earth, something no sensible person should want no matter how much it enriches the bombmakers and the Deep State.

20:11 – BBC Pushing For Maximum War In Ukraine
22:37 – Perpetual War

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 11, 2022 4:41 PM

Still less than 10k views!

Michael Pompeo: War, Ukraine, and a Global Alliance for Freedom
Jun 24, 2022
Hudson Institute

Putin’s war on Ukraine is a pivotal event in post-Cold War politics; this unjust war seeks to annihilate the existence of a free and independent country. What does this portend for world democracies? How does it impact America’s ongoing top strategic priority that centers on the existential threat from China? Why should a machinist in Wichita or a schoolteacher in Des Moines care about what happens in the Donbas?

Hudson’s Distinguished Fellow, the 70th U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, will deliver a major speech to answer all these questions followed by a conversation with Distinguished Fellow Walter Russell Mead.


S Cooper
S Cooper
Jul 11, 2022 7:36 PM

“Heed Fat Mikey’s words.”
comment image

“Missy Chrysta’s peeps in Kiev need all the support they can get.”
comment image

“Support the Troops!”

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 11, 2022 11:12 PM
Reply to  S Cooper

Are you capable of any sort of coherent argument or do you just post the same retarded memes over and over?

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 11, 2022 11:25 PM
Reply to  S Cooper

Have you got a meme for the Holodomor . . .

comment image

Or for the Cultural Revolution . . .

comment image

Or do you object to only one version of totalitarianism?

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 11, 2022 11:46 PM
Reply to  S Cooper

While I’m requesting memes, see if you can find one for the “several billion dollars” which was transferred to Kolomoisky – “two or three years” prior to the 2014 coup. And then include how it was Kolomoisky who funded the Azov battalion, the nazification hoax, and the rise of Zelensky. You could title it:

Follow The Money!

Press conference on the situation in Ukraine
President Vladimir Putin of Russia takes questions from the Russian media on March 3, 2014, following Russian military action in Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.
Released: March 4, 2014

For example, Mr Kolomoisky was appointed Governor of Dnepropetrovsk. This is a unique crook. He even managed to cheat our oligarch Roman Abramovich two or three years ago. Scammed him, as our intellectuals like to say. They signed some deal, Abramovich transferred several billion dollars, while this guy never delivered and pocketed the money. When I asked him [Abramovich]: “Why did you do it?” he said: “I never thought this was possible.” I do not know, by the way, if he ever got his money back and if the deal was closed. But this really did happen a couple of years ago. And now this crook is appointed Governor of Dnepropetrovsk. No wonder the people are dissatisfied. They were dissatisfied and will remain so if those who refer to themselves the legitimate authorities continue in the same fashion.

Kolomoisky is also believed to have spent $10 million to create the Dnipro Battalion,[79][80] and to have provided funds for the Aidar, Azov,and Donbas volunteer battalions.[81][82]

As of 2019, Kolomoyskyi owned 70% of the 1+1 Media Group whose TV channel 1+1 aired “Servant of the People”, the comedy series in which Volodymyr Zelenskyy played the role of president of Ukraine. On 31 March 2019 Zelenskyy won the most votes in the first round of Ukraine’s real presidential elections,[98] resulting in Yulia Tymoshenko being eliminated from the next round.[99]

Jul 12, 2022 7:46 PM

seeks to annihilate the existence of a free and independent country

Dubious, false and false. Russia already participated in peace talks and the claim that it seeks to annihilate Ukraine is arguable at the very least. The US on the other hand has every incentive to pour money into that war and fight it to the last ukranian, hoping to weaken Russia.

Ukraine is a US puppet regime that was installed with US help following the violent overthrow of the elected government. A regime that had it’s officials picked by the US and that bans opposition parties. It most certainly is not free and independent.

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 12, 2022 11:03 PM
Reply to  nikmit

Russia already participated in peace talks

It attempted to do so AFTER reneging on the Budapest Memorandum. There are no “peace talks” until Russia gets the fuck out of Ukraine.

A regime that had it’s officials picked by the US

It was all a theatrical hoax of handing out cookies; rent-a-nazis making videos for the BBC; conveniently leaked phone calls; oops I mentioned “bio-labs”. All the supposedly clued-in intelligentsia fell for it hook, line and sinker; and they’re now too embarrassed to admit it.

Also, Zelensky was promoted and funded by Kolomoisky – who was financed by Putin’s mate, Abramovich (see above)

Ukraine is a US puppet regime

The U.S. doesn’t even run itself! It’s an occupied nation and it’s controlled by the oligarchs who own the Federal Reserve. Or at least it used to be!

. . . to the last Ukrainian

Have you got any more Putinista talking-points? These are getting a bit tedious. The reality is that by going full USSR, Putin has initiated a resurgence in Ukrainian national identity; and this extends throughout eastern Europe. There are millions who are lining up to kick out the Bolsheviks!

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 11, 2022 5:22 PM

These are the two BBC articles which UK Column flags as “BBC pushing for maximum war in Ukraine”; “BBC scrapes the bottom of the propaganda barrel for Ukraine”; and “The NATO Russian war continues to the last Ukrainian man or woman”.

Ukraine-Russia: Hidden tech war as Slovyansk battle looms
By Jonathan Beale
near Slovyansk, Ukraine
Published 3 days ago

The US army base training Ukrainian fighters
By Tara McKelvey
BBC News
Published 3 days ago

Jul 11, 2022 7:26 PM

Russian media was also talking today about Slovyansk being the next major battlefield – if not *THE* major battlefield for the Donbass. Mainly because there’s a very high concentration of Ukrainian soldiers there. After that, Kramatorsk would be next on the list.

First we take Slovyansk, then we take Kramatorsk (or was it Berlin?):

First We Take Manhattan – Leonard Cohen

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 11, 2022 7:57 PM
Reply to  Vagabard

Ukraine forces went through a staged retreat from the Luhansk Oblast, so they might do the same with Slovyansk. There’s no point having a head-on battle since that plays to the strengths of the Russians. Instead, they’ll continue with the tactics which include precision artillery strikes.

11 July 2022

  • Ukraine has been striking deep behind Russian lines using HIMARS rockets
  • One is thought to have destroyed Russian command posts in Kherson region
  • Video shows ammo exploding after strike, which may have killed 12 officers
  • Comes as Ukraine says it is preparing for a major counter-attack in the south
Jul 11, 2022 4:22 PM

Up here we have “the latest ‘sub variants are worrying’ from a jobsworth, Ms Evans head of something called “Health Intelligence”. Stating “the two variants are likely to evade vaccines and previous infections”, she goes on “Maybe people are thinking the virus is mild now but we’ve got a new variant and there are some very worrying signs about that new variant”. She carries on, “There is some cross immunity from previous variants, but not a lot, so you can still catch it even if you’ve had it before”. She also considers it as severe as the Alpha and Delta variants and thinks that’s a “big worry”.

Organisations like this along with their enablers should be facing prosecution.

Jul 11, 2022 6:48 PM
Reply to  Grafter

When the prosecutions start, I’m in.

Hendrick Momsen
Hendrick Momsen
Jul 11, 2022 6:55 PM
Reply to  wardropper

Sri Lanka protest chaos: Protesters use swimming pool after storming presidential palace
They call it “chaos”, as starvation was the organized thing.

S Cooper
S Cooper
Jul 11, 2022 2:49 PM

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