The Personal Computer as a Viral Vector Preliminary Clinical Trial of Cybernotic Disease Transmission via Photodynamics

John Griffin


Global dissemination of a zoonotic virus pandemic narrative by the WHO, government and university scientists, the media, and the general public, has enabled the trialling of a cybernosis, or disease transmitted from a computing machine to humans, amongst a new and relatively large target body. This paper presents the rationale, methodology, initial findings, and limitations of the preliminary trial, and assesses the future potential of this new field of virology.


The widescale dissemination, via government bodies (e.g., SAGE, SPI-B, CDC), NGOs (e.g., WEF, WHO, World Bank, IMF), universities, individuals, and most credible media organizations (e.g., Reuters, Guardian, New York Times, Der Spiegel, BBC), of the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic narrative brought about the anticipated largescale uptake (currently 4.9 billion people) of the new mRNA genetic modification technique.

Whilst the ‘vaccine’ programme has been highly successful (and should soon incorporate most humans above six months of age) as yet it is not universal, requiring ongoing coercive stimuli and alternative rollouts (e.g., polio, smallpox, seasonal influenza). A significant residue of unvaccinated individuals is likely to persist (also anticipated), a cohort that often correlates with narrative scepticism, and even the promulgation of a counter-narrative.

Pandemic scepticism and attendant vaccine resistance have various causes. So far, an algorithm for predicting or identifying recalcitrance or ‘free thinking’ is unavailable. However, one of the drivers of what has been termed ‘sheer bloody-mindedness’ (Hoff et al., 2009) is people turning to alternative media sites for authentic journalism (e.g., Global Research, Signs of the Times, UK Column News, Off Guardian).

Serendipitously, this has provided a ready-made group that can be utilized in the trial of a novel ‘virus’ we term cybernosis or Computer Generated Disease. (Note: ‘cybernosis’ is not used here in the sense proposed by Meerloo (1971) to specify the cybernetic functional disorders in senescence)

The clinical trial was conducted using 10,000 test subjects from the above-mentioned cohort of alt-media indulgers in various European countries, the US, and Canada. (It was considered unnecessary for Australia.)


We drew on findings from photobiology, photochemistry, and biophotonics, to design a technique to disrupt the natural interaction between photons and biological structures. Using basic photometry, it was determined that a luminous intensity of 500 candelas per square metre (cd/m2), combined with an image resolution of approximately 140 PPI (e.g., a standard modern 15.6-inch laptop with 1920 x 1080-pixel array) were an adequate emission source to initiate the desired outcome.

An encoding algorithm (Patent Pending) was used to adjust the RGB pixel values and create micro pixel patterns in the source images (text, photos, or video), effectively encoding hidden but dynamic visual signals. The emergent properties of this steganographic technique were found to be similar to the way traditional Sufi teaching stories encode secret information which acts as a catalyst to initiate novel connectivities between the auditory channel and the higher faculties (although it should be noted that in the present case the effect achieved is not in any way beneficial to the organism).

Almost any visual material may be utilized for the purpose, with no noticeable diminution or corruption of the original source format, and hence without the subject being conscious of viewing anything more than what is immediately apparent.

The encoded signal, propagating through the eye to the optic nerve and visual cortex, was designed to modulate the neuronal architecture by initiating highly unusual or chaotic synaptic firing, inducing a virus-like cascading disruption of established neural pathways, specifically in the pre-frontal cortex, thus affecting higher cognitive functions, (e.g., attention, working memory, willed action, reasoning capacity, planning, language understanding and processing, decision making, problem solving).

We draw the analogy with virus infection in the following way. The virion, effectively inert until in invades a host cell, utilizes the cell’s energy and biosynthesis machinery to generate progeny virions, which are then released, so transferring the viral genome to new host cells. This parasitic exploitation results in the disruption of normal cellular functions, i.e., disease.

Likewise, the neuron or brain cell, communicating with other neurons via chemical neurotransmitters across the synaptic gap of dendrites and axons, is at the mercy of the messages it receives – garbage in, garbage out, as they say – so an erroneous message will propagate just as readily throughout the cortex.

In both cases we are dealing with an ‘information package’ which disrupts the normal working of the cell. In the case of a cybernosis, however, disease manifests as aberrant psychological states.

It is anticipated that an IQ attenuation in the order of one or two standard deviations (15-30 points) could easily be achieved. On the Stanford-Binet scale this would mean a move from Superior to Average, or better yet from High Average to Low Average. Although still not as effective, or instantaneous, as donning a backwards baseball cap and short trousers, it is expected to be permanent.

A treatment group and a control group were established. Subjects were monitored and assessed through the device camera (where accessible) using ‘backdoor’ access. Otherwise, assessment was made by examining email, smartphone communication, old-style correspondence, or (via private investigator) conversations in the pub.

Twelve biometric parameters – either physiological or behavioural – were measured after ten and thirty minutes; then at one, six, twenty-four, and forty-eight hours; then every week up to 6 weeks after the applied stimulus:

  1. Vital signs (e.g., pulse and respiration rate, body temperature) were used to initially assess internal states; thereafter, unconscious facial movements, which closely track certain psychological states of (e.g., uncomfortableness, alarm, horror, disgust).
  2. Lessening of dynamic engagement with the site, i.e., a marked reduction in certain conscious responses (e.g., laughter, swearing, cursing, ranting) or unconscious responses (e.g., puzzled look, frowning, sighing, headshaking).
  3. Reduction in the posting of instructive, ironic, or sarcastic commentary.
  4. Increasing nonchalance towards or forgetting all about the alt-media site.
  5. Paranoia, or an overwhelming sense of being bamboozled, that nothing and no one can be believed, not empirical science, experts, voices of the right or left, Anthony Fauci or Sucharit Bhakdi.
  6. Suicidal talk.
  7. Increasing interest in scientific journal articles, Reuters Fact Check, and Full Fact.
  8. Increasing interest in the outlook of alienated or ex- friends.
  9. Forgetfulness that Western civilization is in terminal decline, corrupt and sick beyond belief or understanding.
  10. Loss of conviction that everything bad comes from America.
  11. The tendency to quote obsessives like George Monbiot, not ironically but as though they were significant intellects.
  12. Ability to absorb James Lovelock’s Novacene with impunity.

In this order, the twelve parameters represent a scale of increasing effectiveness of the cybernosis, and mark a process we call Disorientation, Reorientation, and Sectionable.


Any assessment of change in personality must remain partially subjective. The difficulty of isolating what were in reality healthy responses to the current absurd re-framing of reality reported on by the alt-media sites, from those caused by the cybervirus will be readily appreciated.

It was noted that various physiological symptoms were curiously similar to so-called Covid-19 symptoms, i.e., hyperventilation, tachycardia, headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, sleeplessness (Table 1).

The initial trial showed an unanticipated robust resistance to the new input in a relatively high proportion of the treatment group (Table 2). We were impressed by the degree to which personality was preserved, fidelity to truth and discriminatory capacity maintained, and integrity safeguarded, even after prolonged exposure. Disorientation was short-lived, whilst Reorientation occurred in an unexpected way, in that most subjects reached a new (that is to say, deeper) level of understanding of false narratives (Table 3 & 4). It is possible that conspiracy theories (i.e., facts) set up a type of ‘neuronal block’, impeding the cognitive dissonance and general stupidity associated with a cybernosis. This could explain why devotees of Twitter, Facebook, and the BBC are such a pushover.

An effective solution here would be the application of advanced AI self-learning software to create positive feedback loops that augment the intensity of the stimulus

Efforts should be made in subsequent trials to eliminate the flaws of the preliminary one, which tragically overlooked the drawbacks of a double blind, exposing some of the testers to the same visual input as the treatment group, resulting in the loss of several very capable researchers.

It is suggested that masks, face shields, and social distancing be introduced to protect all experimenters. Failing that, the substitution of 100% AI technology in the monitoring process.

We recommend the current programme run for three years, though it could be terminated early in the event of any of the following:

  1. The alt-media sites display a significant decline in intelligent articles/reports or perceptive commentary.
  2. The forced shutdown of the alt-media sites by disaffected viewers and/or the site’s editors relocating to the Caribbean.
  3. Disappearance of almost all criticism of the BBC.
  4. Cheerful acceptance of the pandemic measures during winter 2022/3.
  5. Mandatory vaccination.
  6. Liz Truss sparking WWIII.
  7. Relinquishment of scientific principles and common sense exceeding 90%.
  8. CBDC is fully operational and the planet and everything on it is owned by twelve humanoids.
  9. Widespread recognition that the barrier between the demonic realm and this one has been breached.
  10. An unexpected change of strategy whereby ineffective resistance to the elite’s agenda is replaced by a highly organized secret sniper force which takes out the protagonists of the Great Reset en masse.


The author has no conflicts of interest or ethical concerns to declare.

Grateful thanks to Mr W. Gates, the inspirational Dr K. Schwab, the NSA, MOD, and Google LLC.

I am indebted to Professor George Misánthropos for pointing out that this paper itself could be encoded and used as part of a clinical trial, and for encouraging my work on “Select Organisms as Viral Vectors” (Griffin et al., 2022)


Select Organisms as Viral Vectors

Abstract: It was determined that the participants in the initial cybernosis clinical trial demonstrated a higher mental acuity and were able to resist an overblown ‘virus’ narrative more easily than the average person. In this paper we demonstrate that this cohort, having superior ability to access, assess, and pass on data, acts in a virus-like way, infecting those around them.

Potentially, this group could be a catalyst for profound change, upsetting the millennia-old status quo involving a parasitical minority lording it over the rest, substituting an altruistic and cooperative system for Darwinian competitiveness, and perhaps even altering the equilibrium of the Earth System (K. Schwab, personal communication, June 6, 2022).

This paper expounds upon other studies in which we have argued that a highly problematical situation requires early attention. See “Earth as a Viral Vector” (Griffin et al., 2022)

Earth as a Viral Vector

Abstract: Our planet is home to as many as 1031 (10 nonillion) viruses, a hundred million times the number of stars in the universe; 380 trillion alone are thought to exist in a symbiotic relationship with the human organism. Compare this to the estimated total number of species (about 8.7 million) or our own population (about 8 billion) and it is evident that viruses are the dominant lifeform. Most life on Earth, then, can be considered viral in nature.

This paper argues that viruses are of paramount value to the Earth System. It is therefore vital to our role as wise stewards of ‘Gaia’ to foster the flourishing of such lifeforms. Thus, it will be critical to counter the narrative of the virus-denier (along with those who seek to downplay the significance of viruses by claiming human pre-eminence – termed ‘virusism’ (Griffin, 2020).

We conclude that the long-term imperative is not that humans be subsumed by AI, but that they make way for viruses. The rationale for this proposal is emerging evidence of the role of our sun in virus propagation (see “Galaxies as Viral Vectors”).

Galaxies as Viral Vectors

Abstract: The sun as the driver for the Earth System over approximately four billion years, can be seen as the foremost progenitor of viruses In this paper we argue that what might appear to be virus favouritism, in fact conforms to Darwinian evolutionary principles.

Moreover, the situation on Earth closely mimics the evolution of stellar bodies. In other words, it is a product of the virus-like way stars behave. We examine the cosmological evidence for this in the way stars explode and spread their matter widely throughout the galaxy, providing the seedbed for new stars and their orbiting planets.

Suns, it is argued, are effectively virions utilizing the energy and matter of the host universe formed after the Big Bang to replicate themselves. Our sun is a second or third generation main-sequence star, or G-type virus. Since it is not massive enough to go supernova, it can be considered a dead end as far as viral propagation goes. We conclude that this is not cause for concern, as it will not appreciably affect the status of what has been termed ‘the viral universe’ (see “The Universe as a Viral Vector”1).

The Universe as a Viral Vector

Abstract: In recent decades some physicists have postulated a multiverse, or the existence of multiple universes, each with its own laws, particles, arrangement of forces, and fundamental constants. If infinite in number, this would imply universes only marginally different from our own.

In this paper I argue that inflation theory shows that the conditions shortly after the Big Bang selected for a Universe which is viral in nature. Quantum fluctuations in regions of the initial expanding universe which cause mini-universes to continually ‘pinch off’ and propagate more universes, act in much the same way as virus messenger RNA. We conclude that this self-reproducing quantum virus is potentially eternal, and will eventually invade all of time (see “Time as a Viral Vector”, Griffin, 20231).

Time as a Viral Vector

Abstract: An analysis of my ‘previous’ papers and their footnotes shows that time itself often acts in a virus-like way. In this paper I argue that a study of my earlier papers, which evidently draw on ‘future’ articles, is contrary to the accepted arrow of time and the logic of cause and effect. I show that scientific articles tend to proliferate virally, becoming not more erudite but increasingly ludicrous.

I demonstrate that emergent quantum fluctuations in spacetime and my solution of the Einstein field equations are consistent with nonlocality and retrocausality, and mean that time is actually moving backwards. Although counter-intuitive, I conclude that the SARS-CoV-2 ‘pandemic’ is yet to happen, and the entire narrative will be caused by Off Guardian and other alt-media sites, before it finally peters out after several years and is suddenly forgotten.

John Griffin is a philosopher (On the Origin of Beauty), long-time sojourner in possibly the best country in the world (Javali with Oranges), and novelist (Ex Solaris Essentia).


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K. Cavan
K. Cavan
Sep 13, 2022 11:30 PM

I can certainly see how scepticism about the existence of viruses exists. The first virus discovered was the Tobacco Mosaic Virus, which killed valuable tobacco plants. Infected leaves were liquidised & fabric technology being rather advanced at the time, the resulting liquid was filtered through extremely fine fabric that meant that all bacteria, which are huge compared to viruses & were already known of, had been removed from the liquid. Yet, the liquid remained highly infectious to tobacco plants & was thus called “Virus”, meaning poisoned liquid. All they knew was that something was infecting the plants & it wasn’t a bacteria.
Viruses are too small to be visible on any microscope that we will ever build, being so tiny that light wavelengths just pass them by without reflecting off them but images can be obtained by bouncing electrons off them.
The science of Virology has advanced & produced rational, believable explanations for pretty much everything that manifests from the action of virions & while I’ve tried to delve into the one alternative theory I’ve encountered, it has yet to become as all-encompassing as Virology, indeed I would say it’s yet to become a science.
I am open to other explanations but I’m prepared to accept that our current answers are, at worst, a decent analogue of what’s actually happening or what we know of what’s happening & may indeed be the whole story, albeit with some details yet to be deciphered. Alternatively, we may be entirely on the wrong track, though I think that’s unlikely, with so much replicable study done, already.
It’s important to note that, terms of the Covid scam, current virology basically says that vaccines for a Coronavirus are a scientific impossibility, pretty much the equivalent of taking a photograph of a cloud, then trying to use that picture to locate the cloud again, an hour later. I started studying Virology during lockdown & it completely backed up my doubts about lockdown, the effectiveness of masks & distancing & the possibility of a vaccine that was even slightly effective.
Basic virology proves that everything we did was wrong & implies that drug company personnel should be facing murder charges.

Sep 7, 2022 9:57 PM

I tend to think that the humour factor of a joke is in an inverse proportion to it’s length.

Sep 7, 2022 11:44 AM

I can’t access any of John Griffin’s papers that he cites in this article. But I can tell you this, what it does contain is information and disinformation regarding viruses, psychonergetics and bioenergetics. “Virus” has now become a very unfortunate concept to use and has lost all specificity and credibility, as anything now goes!

In other words, its meaning now slides from a speculative unproven “10 nonillion” physical viruses on the planet, to computer generated viruses, to “self-reproducing quantum viruses” and now we not only have the Earth as a “viral vector” but we also have Galaxies and the Universe as “viral vectors” too, according to Griffin!

If anyone can find Griffin’s references to the papers he cites, please let me know because there’s something in what he states but not in the way he states it and is not necessarily anything to do with any alleged unproven physical virus particles!

Sam - Admin2
Sam - Admin2
Sep 8, 2022 1:03 AM
Reply to  -CO

I rescued your comment from our spam. Apologies for that. Have no fear, I don’t believe the papers John Griffin is referring to are actual papers. He’s being satirical. Which I think explains why you say ‘there’s something in what he states, but not in the way he states it’! A beautiful way of summing up all types of satire, I think! A2

Sep 8, 2022 11:37 AM
Reply to  Sam - Admin2

Thanks for your reply, Sam.

Some of my comments on viruses, theories and science are not very easy to understand and I get the impression that people reading them become somewhat perplexed at times – particularly when I argue that any alleged virus must have its original determinate conditions of existence secured before it can ever be replicated and reproduced in the specialized host cells conjured up by virologists which are claimed to do everything for an alleged invading virus.

In theory, a virus is simply the form in which its conditions are secured (i.e., its DNA or RNA proteins, and lipid envelope depending on the virus in question), but it cannot secure those conditions by itself in the natural world as it has no means of doing so, and it cannot therefore secure its own form as this or that particular virus.

I shall modify a quote from Rupert Sheldrake to illustrate the point regarding the problem of original parent virus formation in nature:

Given the right nucleic acids, the right genes, the right amino acids and hence the right proteins etc, and the right systems by which protein synthesis is controlled in nature (unknown), the virus is supposed to assemble itself automatically. This is rather like delivering the right materials to a building site at the right times and expecting a virus to grow spontaneously!

In other words, there’s more to it than mainstream chemistry and physics.

Sam - Admin2
Sam - Admin2
Sep 8, 2022 1:30 PM
Reply to  -CO

Thanks for flagging up that your comment went to spam. Hopefully this won’t become a habit. Did it happen after you made an edit on your comment? I was just reply8mg to it and it vanished, taking my half-written reply with it! 😖

I love that quote from Sheldrake. He was talking about how little DNA and other mechanistic views of life processes actually explain, saying that they…

no more explain the development of form than the study of the delivering of building materials at a building site explains the structure of the house that is built there.

At least that’s the quote I’m remembering. I think he said it a few times in different iterations.

Thank you for reminding me of Sheldrake and thanks for your points about viruses.

One of the things I was most shocked about and found the most terrifying recently was the realisation that, even in this age of supposed advanced science, so much of what human beings think is complete superstition, fantasy and plain fabrication. And so much of our energy as a species is put merely into pretending that this is not the case!

It really is a scary prospect. A2

Sep 8, 2022 3:01 PM
Reply to  Sam - Admin2

Hi Sam, thanks for replying again!

My comment went into spam after I made an edit.

You should comment more, at least somebody seems to appreciate the points about viruses that are not normally found in textbooks on virology!

There are so many things that are problematic about virus theory (and the vaccines that are claimed to be dependent on them) that have not been mentioned, and as I have kept on repeating several times – if the theory is wrong concerning viruses, the theory won’t work out in scientific practice as expected and it doesn’t! Something will be produced however, but it certainly will not be the intended virus!

You are correct, since much of what is currently being passed off as “advanced science” particularly in mainstream virology, medicine, and quantum physics is “fantasy and plain fabrication”!

Virology tops them all, as it peddles superstition and fear more than anything else, but now in the theoretical fantasy form of invisible particles with ghost-like genomes containing coded information and a set of instructions, whose very origins, cannot even be effectively explained, but they nevertheless still call it “science”. The fear and superstition regarding these invisible ghost-like particles now in vogue, has perhaps replaced the once traditional fear of ghosts that was most prevalent in the Middle Ages.

William Sabre
William Sabre
Sep 6, 2022 7:52 AM

There is not one scientist, doctor or globalist banker currently on Earth who even understands in the slightest what a biological virus actually is or how the complex virome system works. The situation we are in; is beyond absurd.

Sep 6, 2022 5:16 PM
Reply to  William Sabre

Oh yes they do…

They understand exactly what it is and precisely how it works.

They have even coined a term for it:

Viral Marketing.

And the further beyond absurd it is, the more effective it becomes.

But eventually the masses marketed to by it, become sturdily immune to its ineffective vectors.

Happy days.

Sep 6, 2022 1:13 AM

I am recommending you for the Nobel prize.

Sep 5, 2022 3:23 PM

i am not pished, and enjoyed this with a good chuckle : )

Jack Bean
Jack Bean
Sep 5, 2022 9:42 AM

Excellent. I was thinking about the controls in the experiments. On or off?

Veri Tas
Veri Tas
Sep 5, 2022 1:07 AM

The question is: Do we now have to fear visiting the alt media? Can they hack their visual content? And/or will some of the the alt media willingly participate?

Sep 5, 2022 2:30 AM
Reply to  Veri Tas

The answer is:

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

My old mate Frank Herbert wrote that down after we concluded wrestling polar bears in the Sahara.

I think it was a Friday.

Agent Weebley
Agent Weebley
Sep 7, 2022 2:20 AM
Reply to  KiwiJoker

Here’s a 15 minute video about confronting fear by OSHO. I can relate to it after witnessing the last megalomaniacal 2.5 years. Have no fear:


Veri Tas
Veri Tas
Sep 5, 2022 1:03 AM

“The encoded signal, propagating through the eye to the optic nerve and visual cortex, was designed to modulate the neuronal architecture by initiating highly unusual or chaotic synaptic firing, inducing a virus-like cascading disruption of established neural pathways, specifically in the pre-frontal cortex, thus affecting higher cognitive functions…”

Have they not been doing this with TV watchers for decades albeit on a technologically more primitive level?

It would explain the divide.

Sep 5, 2022 1:16 AM
Reply to  Veri Tas

And it would explain the multiplication.

Paul Vonharnish
Paul Vonharnish
Sep 5, 2022 1:56 PM
Reply to  Veri Tas

“Have they not been doing this with TV watchers for decades albeit on a technologically more primitive level?”

Yes. And the technology became more effective with the introduction of digital broadcast. (2006 in the United States.)

The combination of information packets – carefully paced into the presentation, digitized noise, and video distortion interlaced into the broadcast, alters frontal lobe activity and places the viewer into an induced Alpha state. It is the power of suggestion on steroids.

les online
les online
Sep 4, 2022 11:45 PM

People accept “The Big Bang Theory” maybe because it sounds Scientific
But after a read of The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space. (Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science) by James Demeo you’ll regard the theory the way Viral Theory should be, if not by outright rejection, then with Big Heaps of Skepticism…

William Sabre
William Sabre
Sep 6, 2022 8:15 AM
Reply to  les online

All modern gibberish explanations are the same, they had to make materialism believable by creating physicalistic cosmological theories, to make an impersonal world and break our relationship with God, so they used abstract mathematical conceptualisations to prove these materialistic principles when empirical evidence was either lacking or disproving them. Strangely all created by priests. The current established-mainstream world-view is complete nonsense. Not sure the Earth is flat but its definitely not moving and is probably near the centre of the Universe. (Galileo Was Wrong by R. Sungenis)

Sep 4, 2022 10:10 PM
Sep 4, 2022 9:38 PM

am pished and too so to read it coherently..

is this a satirical piece or for real, argh…

gargle gnash raarrgh!!


; ) x

Sep 4, 2022 11:05 PM
Reply to  rubberheid

Seriously. I am wondering the same thing.

Sep 5, 2022 2:24 AM
Reply to  rubberheid

Thanks. I didn’t want to appear ignorant by asking this. Phew… way out of my tree.

Sep 5, 2022 2:31 AM
Reply to  fxgrube

Only those that don’t ask questions remain ignorant.

Sep 4, 2022 8:26 PM

Trust the science. Aye, right!

el Gallinazo
el Gallinazo
Sep 4, 2022 5:51 PM

The Cult lacks innate creativity and can only invert existing constructions.One form of inversion in the financial markets is that of establishing the price of precious metals. A financial derivative is defined as an asset which derives its value from an underlying asset. An example might be an option as a derivative of the underlying free market value of its respective stock. However in the case of precious metals, this has been turned on its head where the futures derivative on the COMEX defines the value of the actual physical metal. Since in the case of gold, for example, there currently is about 300 grams of non-existent electronic gold for every ounce of physical, periodic chart Au. So it is easy for the banksters, primarily JP Morgan and Citigroup, to control the accepted price of the physical.

I bring this up as a comment to the article above because the same thing has been done with viruses. The computer generated fictional derivative virus now defines what many believe to be the physical virus. What makes this even more insidious, is that, as opposed to gold, no physical viruses exist. But I doubt this comment will go viral 🙂

Sep 4, 2022 10:14 PM
Reply to  el Gallinazo

Au contraire, The Cult were innately creative…

Sep 4, 2022 5:29 PM

White House Statement – Press Secretary.

“When you are not with where the majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme.
That is an extreme way of thinking.” 

Adolf Hitler also was aware of this psychology.

He writes in his autobiography, Mein Kampf, that people are not united because of love, love has no power, all power comes through hatred.

Create hatred and they will become united.

He may have been a lunatic, but sometimes lunatics have great insights.

This is a great insight into mob psychology.

Behind all the quarrels and conflicts there are isms.

Whether those isms are religious or political, they create conflict, and conflict ultimately leads to violence and wars.

All political ideologies are based on hatred.

The religions all hate each other.

All nations are rooted in hatred, they all hate each other.

This world is full of hatred.

What is the greatest courage?

Non-acceptance of false knowledge is the greatest courage.

Even if sometimes you seem to be united you are always united against something, against the common enemy, never otherwise.

Are you not aware that people living in the darkness of belief slowly become incapable of coming into the light of intelligence?

Their eyes become incapable of seeing anything but darkness.

Whatsoever is residing within you has to be known, because knowing that becomes a fundamental revolution in life.

Knowing the truth becomes the transformation of life.

Don’t start with enmity, otherwise you will destroy life and your whole energy will be engaged in destruction, and existence is creative.

Existence is not there outside you.

It is inside you, it is your very inside.

And existence is not apart; you are part of it, organically one with it.

You are existence, existence is you.

Who is going to solve it and how?

Existence is not a problem to be solved, it is a mystery to be lived.

And you should be perfectly aware what the difference is between a mystery and a problem.

A problem is something created by the mind; a mystery is something which is there, not created by the mind.

You can enjoy it, you can become one with it, only when you are creative.

Life itself is interdependence.

Everything is related, interrelated, connected.

Nobody is independent and nobody is dependent, everybody is interdependent.

It is a cooperation.

It is a deep cooperation.

Life is not separate from you, to be tackled as a problem, it is you.

Who is going to solve whom?

Humanity, freedom, intelligence, love has to happen, it has not happened yet, it is something yet in the future.

It is only a potential, it has not become an actuality.

And what more joy can there be than making this potential actual?

What more adventure you can hope in life?

What can be more ecstatic than making a tremendous effort to introduce humanity on this condemned earth?

Up till now unions formed in the names of nations and religions have not been unions of our love, but unions of our hatred.

All politician’s making this earth poisonous have found this method effective.

So you know that if the poison of hatred is spread forcefully, anyone can be made to unite.

Our whole conditioning is against love, but the strategy is very subtle and very few people become aware of the phenomenon that we are brought up to hate.

Is it not possible to stop the division of humanity which is done on the basis of thoughts.

Marxism, Democracy, Socialism, Communism.

Is it right that for an insubstantial thing like thought, we should kill human beings?

Russian, Chinese, American, African, European, Asian.

Is it right that your thought and my thought should make our hearts enemies of one another?

Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan, Jewish, Atheist.

This is how the whole world is divided by thoughts.

All ideologies are basically mobocracy.

It cannot be otherwise.

The mob always believes in lies, because the majority consists of fools.

You have to ask the fools who is right? what is right?

Always the mob follows.

The mob has no standpoint of its own.

It is a chaos.

Somebody raises his hand, the others follow.

The mob are like sheep. 

If you live with fools, do you have to accept their foolishness?

The politicians become afraid only when something really significant is happening, and now they are becoming afraid all around the world.

It is happening!

Sep 4, 2022 10:31 PM
Reply to  @lienChrist

Eighty years ago.

Sep 5, 2022 12:13 PM
Reply to  Johnny

He spoke nice words, very true. And at the same time, giant gaps about the nature and structure of power, in fact, nothing about them. It’s all a result of” thinking”, confused people do it and so on. But there are specific people and organizations. Part of their work is the New Age movement and in particular the Theosophical Society, which created Krishnamurti. Virtually all of today’s ideology of the new normal, Agenda 2030 and so on, is present in the bright ideology of the new age 100 years ago.

Krishnaji also had some embarrassing acquaintances and nice words for compromised people, part of the old that, step by step, created the new normal.

U. G. Krishnamurti spoke very strongly against him (which is why he probably sold his books very well). He said of Krishnamurti’s “free of conditioning” hinayana philosophy: “Everyone in the spiritual market sells cigarettes. Krishnamurti comes and says “mine are nicotine-free”:) Fun guy.

By the way, UG used to say that everything is ruled by the glands. “The moment the state and corporations take control of the glands, the game is over. They will be able to change the human being” and similar. Recently, along with the push for ‘subcutaneous control’, I had thought of this and was looking (just a waste of time, for fun) for glandular control technologies, and I found an interesting movement in this area, a lot of patents. But that doesn’t mean anything; every part of the body is already an object of state-corporate “scientific interest.” For our own good.:)

Martin Usher
Martin Usher
Sep 4, 2022 11:03 PM
Reply to  @lienChrist

Adolf Hitler wasn’t insane. One of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century is that the things he complains about in Mein Kampf which led eventually to what we understand as Nazi ideology are all legitimate complaints (for the most part). We’re not allowed to evaluate them on their merits because people are afraid for us, of course. But we should because it can teach us valuable lessons about the nature of political thought and how it can be twisted back on people if they’re not careful.

The situation today is not unlike central Europe before WW1. There’s a complete disconnect between the motivations and actions of the rulers and the desires and needs of common people. The whole thing is only held together by the most tenuous of threads, the notion of nationalism and the idea that some nasty ogre (currently Putin) is coming for you. The enemy, internal and external, or as the post points out, the abuse of fear. At no time will the people’s problems be addressed because it, among other things, means admitting that the neocon ideologues that have been running everything for decades will have to admit that maybe, just maybe, they were wrong.

Sep 5, 2022 1:19 AM
Reply to  Martin Usher

They do not think they are wrong.

They think they are valid.

William Sabre
William Sabre
Sep 6, 2022 8:45 AM
Reply to  @lienChrist

Wait ‘til you find out that most; if not all; thought, is actually largely influenced emotion from your gut microbiome and until you begin to repair it and eat properly (GaPS diet); you won’t notice that much of how you percieve the world is controlled by your gut. That’s why they changed the global diets to high-carbs grain anti-nutrients, processing caused lack of natural pro-biotics and enzymes, toxic seed/vegetable fats, eliminated good stable animal fats and protein. Modern diet is sh#t. You are what you eat, no, you literally are; body, emotion and intelligence.

Martin Usher
Martin Usher
Sep 4, 2022 4:58 PM

As usual the picture of “code” is a bunch of gibberish otherwise known as Javascript. This language is the epitome of evil — its not just a really bad language that encourages shoddy programming techniques but its also a vital element in the ‘personalization’ of web content.

The computer itself is innocent. Its how we use it that’s the problem.

Sophie - Admin1
Sophie - Admin1
Sep 5, 2022 12:51 PM
Reply to  Martin Usher

Do you mean Java or JavaScript – not the same thing. Without JavaScript or jQuery no interactive site (eg a comments section) could run very successfully.

Sep 4, 2022 10:12 PM
Reply to  S Cooper

Several of your posts today display this “error message”:

comment image

Some of the posts include images, some (like this one) only show an URL in addition to the error message.

Since it’s you, I’m confused. Are these actual error messages meaning what they say, or are you inserting them for some “meta” reason I can’t grasp?

S Cooper
S Cooper
Sep 5, 2022 11:09 PM
Reply to  Ort

“They were deleted by party or parties yet unknown. Here are links to two of them. The second is the Craig Murray Streisand Effect Wikispooks tweet.”



Paul Vonharnish
Paul Vonharnish
Sep 4, 2022 3:01 PM

Well. I realize the article was intended to be humorous, but. > The initial Abstract contains more truth than most readers would wish to acknowledge. Some examples: >

Mind control using sound waves? We ask a scientist how it works
November 7, 2018
Mind control using sound waves? We ask a scientist how it works | World Economic Forum (archive.org)
Magnetothermal genetic deep brain stimulation of motor behaviors in awake, freely moving mice
Research Article Aug 15, 2017
See Complete page: Magnetothermal genetic deep brain stimulation of motor behaviors in awake, freely moving mice | eLife (elifesciences.org)

TV Hypnosis | Frontal Lobe Shutdown | Alpha Mode – LED
October 5, 2018
TV Hypnosis | Frontal Lobe Shutdown | Alpha Mode – LED – YouTube

There are dozens upon dozens of studies and articles which define psychotronic devices and their potential applications. It’s no joke…

Sep 4, 2022 10:04 PM

Funny you say that…

A friend of mine, who has since shuffled off his mortal coil, tried to alert the Humans that this world is controlled by a hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional shade of blue posing in the bodies of white mice to experiment on us.

An actual fact.

But people just thought he was Joe King, but that wasn’t his name at all.

Sep 4, 2022 11:11 PM

Read Jerry Mander – The Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television.[1972]?

Paul Vonharnish
Paul Vonharnish
Sep 5, 2022 1:34 PM

Yes. I’ve seen his work. His arguments are spot on. Television has been a mainstream tool since day one. People still watch the damn things. Sad…

Sep 4, 2022 1:30 PM

A mind-virus has no chance against humour.

Voz 0db
Voz 0db
Sep 4, 2022 12:42 PM

Now we just need the video series for each “paper”!

Sep 4, 2022 10:53 AM

Computer “virusus” have been a way of reinforcing the virus narrative all along. Anyone still using Youtube has had to sit through that Chr*mebook advert claiming its USP is its anti-viral protection. The voiceover has a nice Yorkshire accent because they’re practical, no nonsense, not easily fooled types up there. If viruses were real, would they need this sort of trickery?….

BTW, photons are nonsense. Light is both a wave and a particle? Of course it is! The mainstream explanation of light is complete garbage and light remains a mystery like most basic physical forces (unless the reality is known and concealed). If light is a wave, how can we see anything in space where there is no medium for the wave to propagate? If light is a particle, one has to believe that the delicate eye can withstand being constantly hit by particles traveling at enormous speeds. Has anyone seen an image of a photon?

(FWIW I think the most likely explanation is that there is an aether that can transmit light through supposed vacuums. The Church turns out to have been right that “nature abhors a vacuum”. All scientists pre-Einstein believed there was an aether. Einstein abolished the aether in equations to make relativity work, not by the scientific method. They’ve been trying to reconcile this problem by smuggling the aether back in under a different name like the Quantum Field or the Higgs Field. In David Kaiser’s ‘How the hippies saved Physics’ it’s clear that modern quantum theory was invented by esotericists to justify their Occult beliefs and the CIA/Silicon Valley were in the background providing fudning and support).

Martin Usher
Martin Usher
Sep 4, 2022 5:09 PM
Reply to  Edwige

The explanation of what light is was figured out in the mid-19th century by James Clerk Maxwell. That’s the good news. The bad news is that to most people it doesn’t mean a thing, his equations don’t have a foundation in human experience like the notion of waves traveling through the aether like ripples on a pond. The math is real, though, as are their practical application. Understanding what this really means is the basis for being able to reliably print structures that are significantly smaller than the wavelength of the light being used to print it with — or, to put it another way, how we’re able to bring low cost complex electronics to the masses so they can watch cat videos, exchange fantastic theories about the latest conspiracies and so on. (Semiconductor production is the nearest thing humanity has to Black Magic these days. Even if you know how it all works you don’t believe it, its just not possible.)

The problem we’ve got these days is that the more we learn about anything, including physics, the less we know. Our mathematics and our imagination develop theories which we put to the test only to discover more often than not that its not quite as we thought. Such is life. Its probably easier to just turn to the teachings of The Church and its imaginary model of creation — they can at least provide plausible explanations for everything (and are inclined to burn anyone at the stake who might disagree with them).

Sep 4, 2022 11:16 PM
Reply to  Martin Usher

“imaginary model of creation” ? We’ll see.

Sep 9, 2022 3:19 AM
Reply to  Edwige

All scientists pre-Einstein believed there was an aether. Einstein abolished the aether in equations to make relativity work, not by the scientific method.


get a clue.

Sep 4, 2022 10:10 AM

I’m not convinced that the shifting of bits is enough to manipulate the mind.  In real time, it would be lost on the user due to variations in gamma, blue level, white point, etc…
I found this article explaining the technique, which is cool.  Gives me something to look into on the computer:

The technique seems more adapted to hiding actual messages or images.

However, wifi radiation can make you sick, and different frequencies can cause different ailments.  This depends on the resistance and capacitance of cellular structures, such as the cell wall.
Some frequencies may be able to affect only the skin and nerves, as in the “pain ray” protester control weapons.
Other frequencies, such as Ghz wavelengths 1-7 can directly affect the calcium ion selectors in the endoplasmic reticulum cell walls.  This can cause calcium signaling within the cell, which is a second messenger.
The calcium ion selectors within the ER cell wall are supercharged and attract calcium ions like crazy.  Then, the pulsed nature of the waves induce mechanical stress to the ER causing a “pump” effect for calcium.  The calcium then circles up to the mitochondria, where a phosphorylation cascade is induced that can lead to serious illness and neural impairment.

The problems arise when one genetic signaling pathway is activated, while the appropriate accompanying pathways are not. This aberrant cellular activity continues because the proper means of stopping out of control cellular activity is bypassed by the EF radiation.
For example, it may induce calcium signaling while not activating the pathways that would cause the cell to die through apoptosis.  So, it continues and we get ill from it.

Other frequencies are capable of doing other things, activating pathways or manipulating the binding capabilities of molecules, etc…
They can induce conditions favorable to neural degeneration, and even affect mood.

When you get blasted with wifi, you may hear a soft click, like a sinus click, in your ears, and loud ringing.  The effects can be quite powerful and demonstrate the abilities of EF radiation.

EF radiation and aluminum are 2 of the biggest threats to health we have, but “Science” doesn’t want to mention it publicly.

Paul Vonharnish
Paul Vonharnish
Sep 4, 2022 3:26 PM
Reply to  Wisenox

A page that may be of interest to you:

New “Brain Science” Specialization, “Neuroetics”: Remote Control of Human Thinking, Neuroweapons, “Personality Simulations”, Nanobotes
By Mojmir Babacek
July 28, 2020


Brain Brinksmanship: Devising Neuroweapons Looking at Battlespace, Doctrine, and Strategy
Advances in Neurotechnology: Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues, 2014
Robert McCreight
(PDF) Brain Brinksmanship: Devising Neuroweapons Looking at Battlespace, Doctrine, and Strategy | Robert McCreight – Academia.edu

Sep 4, 2022 6:22 PM
Paul Vonharnish
Paul Vonharnish
Sep 5, 2022 1:29 PM
Reply to  draeger

Hello draeger: I’ve heard this person’s name dropped into web articles and viewed some excerpts from his discussions. Impressive dialog and smooth presentation – housing an agenda that makes the skin crawl. These hi-brow types pose an extreme danger to humanity. The weaponization of the human mind via medical intervention seems redundant… His “thinking” is dangerous and insane.

Thanks for the link. Excellent video.

Sep 4, 2022 9:19 AM

Ramana Maharshi summed it up best: ‘Be as you are’
In other words, drop the pretence the posturing and the pandering to authority and authorities.
Life IS good.
Without that shit.

Sep 4, 2022 2:55 PM
Reply to  Johnny

Bee Gees: be who you are.

Sep 4, 2022 8:41 AM

There I was thinking it’s 5g that’s causing our health problems. 👇

Sep 4, 2022 3:28 PM
Reply to  Tiggs

Good video. It makes sense, though. We evolved to exist in the Earth’s electric field. When they introduce disturbances in that, there’s bound to be some effect on us.

Sep 7, 2022 10:48 AM
Reply to  Tiggs

Equally important is their effect on other species including bees and other insects and the effect that has on already endangered birds,amphibians and reptiles.

The Jackal
The Jackal
Sep 4, 2022 8:22 AM

Niiiice 👍