12 Memes to Get You Through the Week – Part 22

It’s Monday, and ’round these parts that means memes. If you have a problem with that…well, that’s just fine I guess. There’s plenty of other stuff on here to read.


The memers have been having a lot of fun with Joe’s scary little speech.


Only in our universe Captain America shills for Hydra on Twitter.


Run it through the translator.


Meanwhile what started as truantism means energy rationing this fall…


They actually do cause violence. I have broken keyboards that prove it.


And the year after and the year after and the year after…


But the bugs are “more nutritious”, so who’s really winning?


The REAL “long covid”.


When two fives look like a ten.


To be clear, we mean that the inflation reduction act was acquitted of the murder of the economy. Honest.


In Covid times, they actually went for “complex and wrong” over “simple and right”.


Listen to the kitten.

BONUS: From the comments

That Venn diagram is like, just 3 circles on top of each other.

Not just “Zero Covid”, but “There never was any covid, the covid was undergoing routine maintenance and is not available at this time”.

Congratulations, you win one million dollars in grant money and a lifetime guest slot on the CNN show of your choice.

And finally…

In honor of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show premiering this weekend, we recommend buying a copy of the Extended Editions of the original trilogy, and pretending the prequel doesn’t exist.

Happy Meme Monday everyone.