15 Memes to Get You Through the Day – Part 25

Memes are back again this week, for our quarter-century edition. Yes, it’s already been 25 collections of memes…hasn’t the time just flown by?

Well, not for us, but for some people I’m sure. Probably the ones who aren’t doing memes.

…shall we crack on?


As you’d expect there’s some pretty fertile meme-soil surrounding Liz Truss this week…I worked in an Argos stockroom for a half-Kwarteng when I was a teen.


For those who don’t into math, that’s about 28,000 per Kwarteng.


He’s baaaaccckkkk


Someone get the jar


Well…can you?


You’d think the apocalypse would at least lower property values a little bit.


As my gran used to say, “Don’t give him any money, he’ll just spend it all on anti-tank weaponry.”


Soooo….guillotine time?


“Oi mate, you got a license for that trowel?


Doubled the workforce, halved the wages. The logic holds up. Just sayin’.


Alternate title: “When did you last use your heating?”


Jokes on them, I homeschool.


Also explains why he needs your money.


Losing the game is the only way they’ll learn.


Same for the UK, only no guns so we’ll just be throwing batteries and coffee cups at each other.

And finally…

OK, maybe it’s cheap to keep going back to the Liz Truss well, but if this doesn’t make you laugh you’re made of stone.

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