DISCUSS: US Midterm Elections – More obvious corruption, more reality denial

It’s election Day in the US, amid what they call the “most important” mid-term elections of all time. Apparently, the very idea of democracy is at risk. The crazy thing is, both sides are saying this, like one of those medieval battles where two kings both claimed to be chosen by God.

The NFL, NBA and MLB keep having players do ads where they tell people to vote. Pocket celebrities and those public figures still suffering Trump Derangment Syndrome are talking up the importance of voting as if it’s a Gandhi vs Hitler on the ballot.

Yes, they are pushing the “your vote matters” messaging really hard with this one, despite the fact that no votes have mattered less in the history of US democracy.

2020 was the most brazenly rigged Presidential election I have ever seen – Joe Biden shattering the votes received record by 14 million votes is absurd – and it looks like these midterms will follow the same playbook. [You can read the detail report on that here.]

In the run up to the 2020 election, news outlets all over the Western world were talking about mail-in ballots being safe (they’re not, they’re the easiest ballots to cheat with), while also predicting “it’s gonna look like Trump has won, then he will lose”, and that counting the votes will take a much longer time than usual.

It was an obvious set-up for a rigged election – and the same is happening now.

Yesterday, ABC News headlined:

Early election night results might not indicate final tallies (and why that’s OK)

Explaining that there will likely be a “red mirage” and an “artificial” GOP lead.

Elsewhere, other outlets are focused on gaslighting the public into believing counting votes has always taken a long time.

Vox headlines:

We won’t know all the midterm results on election night. That’s normal.

…which is a lie. It’s not “normal” at all. For decades vote counting has been completed on the same day. This is pure programming.

While NPR warns people to “be patient” because the election is going to “go on a while”.

And just last night, Whitehouse press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters at the daily press briefing:

So, yeah. The votes will be rigged – they always are – but this time they seem to be going all-out to make it as obvious as possible.

So, what’s the end game here?

It could be argued that outrageously obvious corruption is deliberately designed to enrage people, so they have an excuse to crack down on “domestic terrorists and election deniers”. But if they want “terrorist incidents” to happen, they could just stage them like they usually do.

Perhaps they will make a play of apparent Democrat cheating, only to have the Republicans win at the last second and therefore discredit all the “conspiracy theorists” who claimed the votes were rigged.

More long term, they may one day reveal this corruption in an attempt to argue “democracy is broken”, and that we need a “new system”.

On a meta-level, cheating as obviously as possible whilst making pointing it out a crime is another battle in the establishment’s war on reality. Forcing people to deny the evidence of their own eyes, as they have done with myriad other narratives – most obviously Covid.

But what do you think?

  • Who will win the mid terms?
  • Do the results matter?
  • Will it be rigged?
  • Is the sign-posting of the rigging deliberate? If so, to what end?
  • Will there be any more “domestic terrorism” incidents?
  • How long will the vote counting last?
  • What role does delayed vote counting play in the rigging process?
  • What is the overall agenda at play here?


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