Inside the US’s new “bio-defense strategy”

Michael Bryant

The Biden administration recently released its 2022 National Biodefense Strategy in response to “a need to prepare for future pandemics and biological threats.”

Building on its September Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing, the Biden administration  maintains that this latest program – what it calls ‘Biodefense’ – will be based upon the “lessons learned from the ongoing COVID- 19 pandemic.”

The opening paragraph of the plan states:

Today, the Biden-Harris Administration fulfills a commitment that President Biden made on his first day in office: to review existing national biopreparedness policies and develop recommendations for how the Federal Government should update them, based on lessons learned from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and other biological threats our Nation faces.”

It seems the President forgot that just a month earlier on 60 Minutes he plainly declared the pandemic was over. He also seems to be ignoring the fact that there are profound disagreements on what lessons were actually learned from the raft of disastrous COVID-19 policies enacted over the past two and a half years.

This becomes deeply problematic when these same disastrous COVID-19 policies become the template for both domestic and foreign policy over the next 5 years, or more, if the Biden administration and their sponsors have their way.

Putting aside the rather important question as to how it is we arrived at the point where democratic processes have been thrown into the dustbin, replaced by Executive Orders and presidential fiats, we need to understand/examine the particulars of this latest decree being sold as a ‘pandemic preparedness plan’ and the resulting landscape if implemented.

While the proposed plan is filled with typically opaque language a quick look at the fact sheet gives a  clear picture of what’s in store if this program gets rammed through.

The fact sheet opens with the obligatory ministerial doublespeak.

It outlines a set of bold goals to transform the nation’s biodefenses and health security by launching a whole-of-government effort across 20 Federal Agencies to detect, prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from biological incidents, in partnership with our international, state, local, tribal, territorial, and private sector partners.

From the outset this makes clear that this is a blueprint which will encompass multiple government agencies and copious public resources. This also reveals the designs for this plan to be ‘exported’ to numerous international allies, agencies and organizations which fall under the US sphere of influence.

It goes on to state the following:

COVID-19 is the latest example of how biological threats can devastate communities across America and around the world, resulting in millions of deaths and trillions of dollars of economic losses globally.

This false presupposition that it was COVID-19 that wrecked communities and killed millions is slyly inserted in order to create the justification for such a plan. This is classic linguistic subterfuge, distorting the alleged disease with the response to the disease and the mandated policies.

This purposeful diversion is a transparent attempt to hide the fact that the insane collection of COVID-19 policies- from lockdowns, to ‘social distancing’, to masks, to contact-tracing, to PCR tests, to vaccine mandates- were all pseudo-scientific quackery that served to destroy civil society and maimed millions of people.

The Biden administration perpetuates these lies deflecting from the disastrous effects these policies had and are having on the general public. This duplicity also serves to provide cover for the sinister architects of these criminal policies.

This is especially important considering this attempt to turn their COVID-19 policy shipwreck into permanent state policy.

The fact sheet continues:

It builds from a holistic “One Health” approach by interweaving efforts addressing human, animal, plant, and environmental threats throughout.

Appropriating language from the ‘alternative’ health vocabulary, the Biden administration benignly informs us that this Biodefense Strategy will also encompass agricultural and environmental issues.

Far from being “holistic” this “approach”, among other things, is certain to be a boon for Biotech Agribusiness. The likes of the Gates Foundation have long been attempting to secure public funds for their pet projects (both domestic and international) and policy entrenchment towards their desired agricultural monopolies.

According to this doctrine what exactly are we preparing for?

The United States must be prepared for outbreaks from any source – whether naturally occurring, accidental, or deliberate in origin.

No longer will a specifically identifiable ‘threat’ be necessary to justify biosecurity preparations. As it was with shadowy ‘sleeper cells’ there is no need for an actual threat, only a perceived threat or possibly a manufactured threat which,  it seems, could arise from anywhere at any given time. Quite convenient. And, most certainly as this will now be a matter of “national security”, the public won’t have a right to know any of the details.

And when?

Prevent outbreaks from becoming epidemics and prevent biological incidents before they happen by: Stopping outbreaks at their source through strengthening global health security.

These “threats” now become completely fungible, defined as anything which could happen anywhere at any given time.

Bringing a slight twist to the notion of pre-crime the Biden administration creates a rationale for deterrence of such events before they happen, based on mere speculation that this will  occur some time in the future.

And who’s crystal ball determines where, when and if these outbreaks are likely to occur?

Enable testing within 12 hours, surge tens of thousands of diagnostic tests within one week, and develop rapid diagnostics within 90 days.

As it was with contrived “Covid Cases,” those who hold the handles to the PCR conveyer belt will hold the power to declare another pandemic, and guarantee its illusion,  at any time.

What organizations will lead this effort? What is meant by ‘health security?’ We get an inkling of the answers to those questions in the following statements:

The Strategy also builds on USAID’s announcement earlier this year committing $150 million to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations to accelerate the development of life-saving vaccines and countermeasures against biological threats;

Directing the Intelligence Community to closely monitor the evolving biothreat threat landscape and provide critical and potentially time-sensitive information needed to address naturally occurring, accidental, and deliberate biothreats.

It appears that USAID, the Gates funded CEPI and the CIA, organizations not exactly known for their past performance on public welfare, appear to be expanding their missions into the realm of public health care.

Given the track record of these agencies it is highly unlikely this mission will be focused on improved nutrition and exercise and instead will assuredly be centered on the consolidation of the biosecurity apparatus.

Once past the dubious justifications and questionable cover stories of this “Biodefense Strategy” we get to the heart of the matter in this paragraph:

However, fully achieving these transformative objectives will require the support of Congress to provide additional resources, including the President’s $88 billion request over five years for pandemic preparedness and biodefense. The Administration looks forward to working with Congress to implement this investment strategy to save trillions of dollars and millions of lives.

And who might be wringing their hands in anticipation of these government handouts?

You can bank on it being the same individuals and organizations from Big Pharma and Big Tech who designed and benefited from the calamitous Covid-19 policies.

The crown jewel of the entire program is expressed in the following sentence:

Develop vaccines within 100 days; manufacture enough vaccine for the population of the United States within 130 days; and work with international partners to develop sufficient vaccine supply for high-risk global populations within 200 days.

It is well established that one of Pharma’s primary goals for years has been to eliminate lengthy and costly trials and studies. The’ sunk costs’ of clinical trials and safety studies cut into their profits and greatly slowed the products timeline to market.

With the Biden plan all they have to do is claim there is a pathogen of concern and use “National Security” as an excuse for concealing the evidence. In the blink of an eye all regulatory obstacles have been wiped away, replaced by mRNA platforms for life. As soon as something is deemed “a biosecurity threat” they can pump out the latest mRNA vaccine- publicly funded- and mandate uptake.

To understand the purpose of this “Strategic Plan” there is no need to consult a soothsayer. The translation is simple: money and control, lots of money, to be allocated through government funding, via taxpayer subsidies, to those tasked with “protecting” us.

And social control through the installation of biosecurity mechanisms, under the guise of “protecting public health” as a rationale for this “new economy” and new biosecurity network.

Making sense of the colossal dimensions of this program requires recognition that the objective has always been for the mRNA delivery systems to become Big Pharma’s new cash cow. This program does exactly that by permanently inventing new markets for Bio- Pharmaceuticals.

The idea is to use the mRNA platform as a mechanism against any viral pathogen, real or imagined, get the tech to market and start going down the list.

Governments betrothed to Big Pharma will try to mandate the shots (or short of that, will use every form of coercion available to them) for entire populations using a subscription model for endless mRNA injections.

Every human being on earth, every human body to become human pincushions in order to line the pockets of The Pharma Cartel.

Rather than truly learning the lessons of the past two years the Biden administration is dead set on doubling down on the disastrous COVID-19 policies that have decimated the lives of millions of people across the country while enriching and empowering the very forces that make up the Biosecurity apparatus.

Perhaps there is some other lesson at play.

Michael Bryant is a freelance journalist/activist and researcher who presently focuses primarily on issues surrounding health freedom. His work has appeared on HealthFreedomDefense.org


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