12 Memes to Get You Through the Day – Part 27

A busy week of narrative management, agenda setting and noisy distractions for the “new normal” crowd…but just means more fuel for the meme-fires.

Let’s dive right in.


COP27 kicked off this week, and the memes did not disappoint.


“You will eat bugs and you will be thankful”.


…we should all do our part.


“You love me, I love you, we’re oppressed by the rich few.”


Of course the other big story this week was the US elections everyone pretends matters.


There’s a Titanic joke here somewhere.


Not even a few days post-election, and…promise broken. You gotta laugh.


It would be easier to name all the wars where this wasn’t true, below is a complete list.



“On the fifth day of Vaxmas my Pfizer sent to me, five bloooddd clootttss, four sudden deaths, three facial spasms, two fainting athletes and a comic having a stroke.

I love the holidays.


Next level shit: Epstein faked his death is living in Montana making these memes to convince everyone he’s dead.


We’re somewhere between six and seven right now.


The “pandemic amnesty” was good for the meme community.

BONUS – From the comments

“My body my choice…unless there’s like a flu or something.”

Something is certainly amissh with this story.


Estabslihment: Alright, we’ll call it a draw.

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