12 Memes to Get You Through the Day – Part 28

Yet another Monday. Yet more memes. You know how this works by now. We’ve got a world cup, COP27 and the G20 to meme over. Let’s dive right in.


Qatar with the epic troll job.


Some people really do deserve the Great Reset.


Every “fact-checker” ever.


That is what’s missing from my life.


Anti-fa (most of the time).


Add an electric fence and you have a deal.


We’ve all had that conversation…


…with these people.


The new Covid wave is gonna be a tough sell.


Legend has it he can fill a hearse with nothing but a needle and a few billion dollars.


Score’s getting out of hand…maybe time to institute the mercy rule.


I have that mug in blue. My hat is the same colour though.

Bonus – from the comments

Just a few of the words to be completely meaningless these days.

By next spring it will be a religious experience, and the ones it kills will be lucky and chosen by god.

Disgusting cynicism. Billionaires and politicians want to help save the world…they just need your money to do it.

…but think of the benefits to the climate!

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