Bill Gates, “Aerogel” & the next stage of mRNA “vaccines”

Kit Knightly

Last week professional-software developer and amateur epidemiologist Bill Gates admitted that the mRNA Covid “vaccines” had “three problems”, including that they don’t prevent transmission.

But what appears at first glance to be a frank admission is really about protecting the narrative and setting up a new market for new vaccines.

Speaking at a Lowy Institute panel in Sydney Australia, Gates told the audience:

We also need to fix the three problems with the vaccines. The current vaccines are not infection-blocking, they’re not broad – so when new variants comes up you lose protection – and they have a very short duration…

Let’s be clear, Gates “admitting” some relatively harmless alleged problems with the “vaccines” is not due  to an attack of conscience or a Freudian slip, it’s just preparing for the next step of the scam.

Firstly, when you’re trying to sell a story to seven billion people, a tactful “admission” can actually further your agenda and strengthen your narrative.

When you “admit” a vaccine “doesn’t prevent transmission”, you’re also underlining that there is a new disease to transmit.

When you criticize a vaccine for not protecting against variants, you’re reinforcing the idea that there really are variants.

Through the act of notionally ceding ground, you’re actually fortifying a defensive position and  – most importantly – luring your critics into themselves conceding the most important part of your narrative – the reality of the “pandemic”.

At the same time, there’s the old fashioned limited hangout: Admitting small “mistakes” to camouflage telling big lies. Memory holing a psy-op.

“The vaccines don’t work as well as we thought they would. We didn’t predict the scary variants. We accidentally falsified the data, and accidentally skipped the trials and accidentally made a fortune doing it.”


And of course, then comes the inevitable next step: “But don’t worry we’ll get it right this time.”

Because the final reason you admit your old vaccines don’t work is so you can sell people your new vaccine.

It’s an “aerogel” you inhale to prevent transmission, in case you were wondering, and it’s been in development since at least last March.

Gates actually mentions it in the panel [54:18]:

We think you can also have, very early in an epidemic, a thing you can inhale that will mean that you can’t be infected. A blocker, an inhaled blocker.”

…and within a week of this talk it was the subject of articles in CNET [Jan 23rd], Yahoo [Jan 23rd], the Miami Herald [Jan 23rd], GAVI [Jan 24th], News Medical [Jan 27th], CNET again [30th] and Nature [Feb 1st].

Interestingly, this new vaccine is hitting the headlines just as Big Pharma are seeing declines in their Covid-related profits.

So, yes, Pharma Bill and his friends might mea culpa on these vaccines, but give them just a few billion more dollars and they’ll get it right next time.

And if not, well, definitely the time after that. Promise.


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