20 Memes to Get You Through May Day – Part 32

Well, it’s May 1st – Happy May Day (Meme Day?) everyone!

Where I live it has finally – finally – decided it might be Spring after all. My cat is sleeping in the sun, birds are singing in the trees…

…you know what? Maybe everything is going to be alright. Maybe.


Where were you when the Blue Tick snap happened?


Who will you be impersonating?


A tough week for normies.


….but obviously the Twitter “drama” is a distraction anyway.


And another, and another.


Of course, lost in the Musk drama (and the coronation…and Ukraine…and Arcturus) is the fact we’re still in a banking crisis.


But don’t worry…


“Not only will America go to your country and kill all your people. But they’ll come back 20 years later and make a movie about how killing your people made their soldiers feel sad.” – Frankie Boyle


Guys, they’re preservatives OK? I mean, what would be the point in injecting foreign genetic material into your body if it degraded before it had a chance to give you a stroke?


In other news, the US Department of Justice has declared war on memes…which I guess makes us insurgents? guerillas?


We’ve been winning a war we didn’t know we were in…just because we like being annoying.


“I got this purple heart at the second battle of Twitter…took an RSI in the wrist heading off an assault by the 77th brigade.”


I know Trump’s arrest is old news…but this has been in my meme folder for ages, and it makes me chuckle.


I actually had completely forgotten about this…what is it about opening ceremonies that make the elites go a bit weird?


Posting memes is not “nothing”!


…this is not a meme, but it hits home a little, not gonna lie.


That means they’re working.


Our final depressing meme, I promise.


That got dark…here’s my favourite meme of the week to bring back the laughs.


And finally, here’s another non-meme to buoy us back up.

I agree with the sentiment. Like I said, my cat is sitting in the sun outside, and when I’ve posted these memes I’m gonna go scratch his ears and forget about the awful state of the world.

I suggest you all do the same.

Have a good day everyone, and if you have a meme you would like to see included you can send it to us via our submissions email, or post it in the comments (instructions below).


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