Is Gaza genocide being used to push fake “multipolar world” as a “solution”?

Catte Black

This comment by a reader calling himself “Théophile Gautier” appeared on OffG last week. We find the take interesting and worthy of discussion (our emphasis)

“I see more people now saying the point is division and distraction and I agree and it’s gratifying to see people waking to new realities. However I think it may be even one step more cynical and diabolical.

I believe from what I see that we may soon witness a “flip of the script”. I believe Israel may soon be dropped by everyone but the so-called “alt right” who will elect to go down with her ship.

I believe the majority of the media will fall behind the so-called “silent majority” of ordinary people and begin more and more to condemn Israel.

Eventually the politicians will “reluctantly” follow suit, Israel will be condemned in the UN and there will be promises of punishment, war crime trials etc.

I believe this may be presented to the masses as a “triumph for the common man”, and we will all be flattered that our protests and righteous anger have prevailed. But in reality this will all have been planned.

On the back of this I believe the controlled independent media will join with the “enlightened” mainstream in calls for action to be taken to prevent such abuses as those done by Israel ever happening again. This will be presented to us as a “new age of accountability and direct democracy”, which will be a lie.

I believe the masses will support this in the false belief a new age of hope is dawning.

In reality I believe this will be when Agenda 2030 begins to be seriously introduced and large central authority given to the UN or perhaps a newly created body at first in the pretence of holding nations accountable and only later will the truth become obvious to all, but by then too late.

I do not claim this will definitely happen, but I fear it may.”

Is there any truth in this analysis?

It’s certainly true the controlled media are increasingly giving a lot more space to the plight of the people of Gaza than is usual in their coverage of imperial/zionist wars. For example…

This certainly is a considerable amount of mainstream coverage for a suppressed minority to get. Compare and contrast this with the same media’s treatment of Yemen, for example.

The BBC Verify example was taken up by notionally alternate media channels as evidence the mainstream was seeing the light. For example Novara Media released a video titled “Now Even the BBC Is Seeing Through Israel’s Lies”

Hmmm. Really? This is the level of naivety we feel appropriate? Let’s do better.

As another commenter appositely observed –

It’s not enough to say “well thank goodness CNN have seen the light”, or “well it’s nice to see Doctors without Borders on the right side for a change.” Because that’s not how these things work. The mainstream is never gonna “see the light”, it will always, always ALWAYS follow the agenda of the tiny minority who own and control it.

Exactly. This is a reality we can’t ignore. The controlled media are showing us the evils in Gaza because for some twisted reason their controllers want us to see and deplore the very slaughter they have created.

The big question that should be flashing in pink neon in all our minds is


Why do they want you to be shocked, traumatized, sympathetic toward their own victims?

Is this about cynically playing both sides to keep the controversy at boiling point – the ancient ploy of divide and rule, a first step in an Orwellian “forever war”?

Or is “Thèophile Gautier’ correct? Is this the first part of a bait and switch aimed at persuading people they want and need the Great Reset’s Brave New Multipolar World as the only way to stop the killing of innocents?

Are they hoping we will all be so traumatized by their endless snuff films of death and destruction we will grab at the first offered chance of ‘peace’, even if it involves being ruled by the UN/WEF/CFR nexus?

Is this indeed how the global managers intend to finally shed their “collective west” skin and transform into the Multipolar World of the 4th Industrial Revolution/Great Reset?

The new – inclusive, “equitable” and far worse tyranny.

Could even the manipulators of this sad world be that cynical and duplicitous?

It’s way too early to say anything like this is in the cards, of course. All we can say is the evidence does not in any way rule it out at this time.

And let’s never forget –

  • The scamdemic taught us how tightly networked the global leadership is behind the facade of conflict. §
  • We know already the covid narrative failed in its bid to herd us into Agenda 2030 ten years before the deadline.
  • We know since then that agenda has retreated from the spotlight but is still creeping into position, masked by endless war, slaughter, fake crises and cardboard cut-out “politics”.

A bait and switch of the magnitude described by our reader might seem extreme and improbable – but then wouldn’t the pandemic lie have seemed that way five years ago?

So, let’s remain alert – and take nothing for granted. These are treacherous and strange times.

Tell us what you think. Is this a “crazy conspiracy theory” or a plausible interpretation of current events?


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