The Perfidious Unreality of the “New Normal”

Kit Knightly

So, what’s with all the fake crying?

Rachel Maddow pretended to cry about “kids in cages”. Matt Hancock pretended to cry about Covid vaccines. Sarah Sidner pretended to cry over covid. Anderson Cooper pretended to cry about Israel, so did John Kirby. Van Jones pretended to cry after Biden “won” the 2020 “election”. Adam Schiff and Adam Kinzinger both pretended to cry about January 6th.

Don Lemon pretends to cry about pretty much everything.

They all do it, and they’re all so bad at it.

And speaking of pretending badly, remember those early photos of people in China lying in the street, straight as planks, supposedly killed by “Covid”?

As if this scary new virus just snuffs you out mid-step to topple backwards flat on the ground in a perfect silent movie pratfall.

And it’s not just “Covid”.

During the run-up to the 2020 election “pretending badly” was happening everywhere.

We were told, over and over again, “It’s going to look like Trump won, but then Biden will win at the last minute because of postal ballots”.

And gosh darnit – they were right!

Out of nowhere Joe Biden – ‘Creepy Uncle Joe’ – who in early 2020 was obviously the least popular democratic candidate, and even more obviously going senile – is transmogrified into the most popular presidential candidate


…shattering the popular vote records by over 13 million votes.

Such is the power of bad pretending , when you just don’t give a crap about plausibility or boring details of historical precedent.

That was, of course, following Biden’s “miracle turnaround” in the primaries, where massive defeats in Iowa and New Hampshire left his campaign “teetering on the abyss”.

On election night they presented us with badly pretend graphs like this:

They reported that counting the first 99% of the vote took a few hours, and that counting the last 1% in a couple of swing states took two weeks.

…and told us this was all totally normal and that anyone who said otherwise was an “election denier”.

On January 6th 2021 they showed you an “insurrection” – a word that used to mean “an armed attempt to seize control of a government by force” but now means “some guy in a Buffalo hat putting his feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk”.

Then they told you to be afraid for the fate of a “democracy” which their previously blatant election-rigging had just demonstrated does not exist.

Bad pretending at its most brazenly ballsy.

Let’s be honest the airwaves have been saturated with this since at least 2020.

Remember those lovable doctors and nurses shooting increasingly elaborate music videos during a supposedly deadly pandemic.

Or doctors saying BLM protesters don’t have to stay home or social distance because “racism is a worse pandemic”.

Blatantly bad pretending.

The Israel-Hamas war has already produced similar scenes.

I mean what is this Busby Berkeley 4K drone footage routine supposed to be telling us?

@shaibenshoshan Created by: @yaelibar #wearerhesun #standwithisrael #bringthemhomenow #bringthemhome #yogaisrael #sunsalutationflow ♬ original sound – Shai Benshoshan

Dozens of perfectly synchronized & choreographed women doing yoga poses over posters of supposed hostages as if it’s the most normal thing in the world, when it’s just NOT, is it?

Who responds to a loved one being taken hostage by calling all their friends and arranging a synchronized yoga session?

So, what are we looking at? How is this related to the real world?

And don’t forget “terrorists” on motorized hang-gliders chuntering along at a leisurely pace into some of the most defended airspace on the planet.

And of course Hamas – operating out of the world’s “largest open-air prison”, with only a couple of hours of electricity a day and limited food and fresh water – but somehow putting together professionally edited high definition music videos of them making improvised weapons.

…and we’re not supposed to ask “how?” or “why?

After the alleged bombing of Al-Ahli Arab hospital, doctors held a press conference surrounded by dead bodies:

So did they bring the bodies to the podium or the podium to the bodies?

And WHY exactly in either case?

Is it sensible? Is it respectful? Is it even sanitary?

Stacking corpses, then running electrical and audio cables over them. In very hot weather, under bright television lights.

Presumably the mourning families had to wait to collect their dead until after the press conference. Hopefully they didn’t mind.

I mean you’d be ok with your deceased loved one being used as set-dressing for a presser wouldn’t you?

All the while, Israel continued carpet bombing a relatively small and very densely populated urban area in the name of “saving hostages” that a) they had made seemingly no effort to recover and b) Could EASILY have been inside one or more of the buildings they are levelling.

And NO – please – I am not claiming people are not dying. Don’t grab for that easy lazy assumption as a reason to switch off.

People are dying. People are being murdered. And degraded. And their corpses used as set-dressing for globalist agenda-drives. That’s both the goal and the method.

But that doesn’t change the fact the narrative rationalization for the killing & for so much else is literal madness.

And they’re conditioning people not to say it, and eventually not to even see it.

Look around you – see it while you still can.

They kill people while claiming to save lives.

They push vaccines while admitting they don’t work

They present the physically impossible as an ongoing reality

They completely invert the meaning of words and yet claim nothing has changed

They attack reason as irrationality and tell you insanity is sense

They paint farce as tragedy and real tragedy as “necessary evil”.

They laugh, and tell you they are crying.

They almost literally report 2+2=5 and call anyone who claims it’s 4 a “five denier”.

Is this just the symptom of an establishment and media so far removed from normal human experience they no longer understand it well enough to fake it?

Perhaps. But I think it could be something more.

Just hear me out…

I have argued before that a primary goal of the new normal agenda is to disrupt each human individual’s relationship with the real world.

In my piece on the UN’s “Global Digital Compact” I described it thus:

the final aim of globalist policy [is] control of all aspects of life, achieved by inserting a digital filter between people and reality. Banking, communication, media consumption, shopping. Every interaction you have will be through a digital membrane which can both monitor your exchanges with the world and – if deemed necessary – deny you access to that world.

By making every purchase remote, every interaction digital, they can effectively disrupt everybody’s ability to interact with reality.

However, it could be there’s also a more subtle and potentially destructive policy at play – one that attacks people’s ability to understand or even perceive that reality.

A war on, for want of a better word, realness : the physical laws that govern our world, the emotional responses of human to human, the very existence of rational thought.

This is the perfidious unreality of the “new normal”: Nurturing and normalising a pervasive persistent state of non-real.

Why? What is the benefit of cultivating unreality?

Well, that’s a complicated question with a twisting trail of intertwining potential answers.

I have written before about the psychopathic individual’s tendency to lie to no purpose, to lie even when the truth would serve their interests better. This is because psychopaths are control addicts, and the ultimate expression of control is to create a fake world and make people live in it.

This applies to institutions as well as individuals. Perhaps more so. To an authoritarian ruling elite insane narratives serve as both loyalty test and humiliation ritual.

If they give you something impossible to believe, and you don’t question it, you are demonstrating greater loyalty to the authority above you than to the reality around you.

The more absurd the lie you believe – or claim to believe – the more loyal you are to the Party. The more you pretzel your own mind at the command of the establishment the lower you sink in obeisance, the more you humiliate yourself.

The more you humiliate yourself, the more you are no longer your own person.

Humiliation is the ultimate demonstration of control, and demonstrating control is important to a grasping power structure built on insecurity and forever teetering on the edge of collapse.

This idea of social control via collective belief predates Covid by decades.

Take “The magic bullet theory”, an explanation which is no explanation at all. Theoretical physics stretched to near-breaking point.

It literally has the word “magic” in it.

And people repeated it, maybe even believed it, rather than deal with the real world in which such an idea was clearly ridiculous.

Trading in their sanity for the comfort of belonging.

Telling outrageously nonsensical lies allows you to demonstrate your power over people. But it also allows you to cultivate that power. To prepare soil where useful lies can take root easily.

Because it’s easiest to lie to people who have no idea what truth means. Because if I can convince you to abandon sense, my narratives are no longer bound by the crushing monotony of causality, linear time or the laws of physics.

In a world of no reason or rule, everything I tell you becomes inherently believable. In a world where nothing is true, anything could be.

I can tell you that me taking your money makes us both richer, and you’ll never realise I’m robbing you.

I can tell you that bars and chains are an expression of freedom, and you’ll never realise you’re my slave.

In short, they use crazy narratives to erode the idea of objective truth, because if you don’t even know such a thing exists you are a lot easier to control.

This is the perfidious unreality of the “new normal”. It’s not just about deception or fakery or propaganda.

It’s about breaking your spirit and your mind.


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