Galloway’s Rochdale Victory is an Establishment Trap

Kit Knightly

The UK’s Parliamentary constituency of Rochdale held a by-election on Friday, and George Galloway won.

First I want to say we agree with GG about a lot of things, not least his unwavering support for Palestine and opposition to US Imperialism. He deserves much credit for that and we have very vocally supported him in the past.

But then “covid” happened and a lot of things changed irrevocably and are still changing. Many idols showed us their feet of clay. And GG was one of them.

When Covid hit, George took to Twitter to block dozens of Covid sceptics who had previously supported and defended him, and called them “flat-earthers” to boot

He maintained, and still maintains, that Covid was real and called people who thought otherwise “tinfoil hat deniers”:

He supported lockdowns, and – inevitably – took and promoted the vaccine.

Sure, he may have begun to oppose the lockdowns eventually, he may have opposed vaccine mandates, and he may have made token efforts to walk back his support for authoritarianism in 2023 (when it was too late), but he was very much on the Covid train, to begin with.

The point being that when the chips were down, and it really mattered, George spat out the establishment line as readily as any other political insider.

Let’s not forget that.

But this article isn’t about George, it’s about the con trick he’s just been a (probably unknowing) part of.

It’s about the sleight-of-hand routine designed to prop up the idea the system works.

Let’s face facts:

What we call “democracy” is not really democracy. Elections are rigged, we have enough evidence, enough concrete examples, to make it a reasonable assumption across the board, though of course there may be exceptions.

We’re at the point where a vote gets no presumption of innocence, they are all assumed fixed until proven otherwise.

Even if not controlled down to the level of every single vote, there is more than one way to rig an election.

And while Galloway may well be popular in his new constituency, that doesn’t change the fact the system could have denied him his seat if it wanted to. 

Please note also that almost half of the votes cast in Rochdale – 43.7% – were postal votes. Postal votes have been known to be potentially corrupt for years and were prominently demonstrated to be so by both the 2019 General Election in the UK and the 2020 US Presidential Election.

We also have the fact that the Labour Party’s candidate was barred from running after his party suspended him following a “leaked” audio where he called the October 7th attack a false flag.

The Green Party candidate was also suspended, this time for “anti-Palestinian remarks”.

Thereby removing both the other leftwing candidates from the running (including the likely favourite) and “discrediting” both parties on the Israel/Palestine issue.

If the establishment wanted an outspoken  left-wing candidate with a solid pro-Palestine position – well, fate helped them achieve it.

Enter George Galloway.

Galloway wins, and the doors are opened wide for a new “moral panic”.  Suddenly Rishi Sunak is making an “emergency address” to the nation warning about “Islamic extremists” and “the far-right”  (because, you know, everyone we don’t like is “far-right” now, even when they’re quite “far left”)

Suddenly articles appear all over the media talking about how “dangerous”   Galloway is. Tory talking heads are calling the election “an appaling spectacle for our democracy”.

Do you think this is a genuine, organic response? I don’t.  I think it’s a coordinated effort designed to make it look like Galloway’s victory was a shock,  something scary. It’s aimed at projecting the idea  some unexpected blow had been struck against the system.

Nothing of the kind has happened of course – in my opinion.

It’s just  a very clever rhetorical trick.

When politicians and the media attack the process by which Galloway is “elected”, they are manipulating the critics of the system who have been pointing out how  rigged it is, into defending Galloway’s “victory”, thereby tacitly undermining their own position.

The establishment mouthpieces attack their own fake “democracy” to trick us into defending it. You see?

I don’t have any reason to believe Galloway himself had any awareness of this. He’s probably being played like the rest of us. Conned into celebrating a victory that is not really any such thing.

I mean what has really changed?

They have added a loud and eloquent anti-US, anti-Israel voice to the back benches of Parliament. Great in so far as it  goes, but in these post-covid globalist days I’m not even sure how much that means any more.

GG is ultimately a voice broadcasting the increasingly “acceptable” alternative whilst handily not being affiliated with any mainstream political party.

One who will continue to ensure very vocal polarised debate of the topics we’re encouraged to debate.

And one who – we  and they know – will likely toe the line again when it really matters.


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