Quick Take…Are they going to replace Biden?

Ever since Joe Biden’s senior moments were broadcast nationwide in the first Presidential Debate of 2024, everyone has been talking about replacing him as the Democratic nominee.

And I mean everyone.

Forbes, CNN, The Guardian, The New York Times, the BBC, the Evening Standard, Bloomberg, The Independent, The Economist, the New Yorker, Sky News, the Financial Times, Reuters, Politico, the Telegraph (the list goes on), all headlining some variant of…

Who could replace Joe Biden? Debate performance has Democrats in crisis talks

Of course, the weird thing here isn’t that Biden went senile, he does that all the time.

In 2019, before he was even “elected”, he was sucking on fingers and ambling around like a care home resident for all the world to see. He’s been like this everyday of his four years of Presidency.

The difference isn’t that Biden has suddenly gone senile, it’s that – for some reason – the media have decided to (finally) take notice.

Which means an agenda is in the offing.

But why?

They don’t need to replace him because he’s senile, as we already established he’s been senile this whole time. They don’t need to replace him to win the election either, because (whoever wins) the election will almost certainly be rigged.

The whole thing reeks of a set-up to be honest. They put him up on that stage knowing he could (and probably would) make a fool of himself so they could float replacing him.

With in 24 hours of the debate, The FT, the Guardian, Sky News, Politico, the Economist and the Specator had already published lists of possible replacements.

Popular names included California governor Gavin Newsom, Michelle Obama and good old Hillary (which would be hilarious).

There’s probably a lot of backroom negotiating over who gets to replace him right now, if that wasn’t decided months ago.

Or maybe it’s all psych-out and they stick Ridin’ with Biden.


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