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Anti-Capitalism is NOT Anti-Semitism

Austerity is a brutal crime against humanity. The rich get richer whilst the poor are starving. The 1% deserve to be held up to scrutiny, criticism and even prosecution. Attempts to distract from political rhetoric based around class, wealth or inequality with unfounded accusations or a focus on identity politics are nothing but a well-oiled machine protecting itself.

Eagle campaign caught out in self-serving lie

by Kit The anti-Corbyn coup, launched simultaneously across the press and PLP, hasn’t had much go their way. Corbyn refused to resign. The public are largely behind him. The NEC caved to membership pressure and refused to (effectively) bar the incumbent leader from the leadership ballot. That means that the coup-planners had to put their money where their mouths were, and actually have an election. Leading to one of the more cringe-making press events in recent history (see above video). Straight-off, the anti-Corbyn line has been about his “militant” supporters “bullying” MPs. When a brick was (allegedly) hurled through the window of Eagle’s constituency office, by person or persons unknown, Ben Bradshaw went so far as to claim that a Momentum member had done it, and with Corbyn’s blessing. Such claims are totally without any evidence to back them up, and are actually libellous (Momentum have since said they are seeking legal advice for a case against Mr Bradshaw). When Corbyn voted against an unprecedented “secret ballot” of the NEC, Johanna Baxter shrilly decried him …