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Romano Prodi

Romano Prodi warns NATO about creating irreversible tensions

by Vaska In a wide-ranging interview with Corriere della Sera, Romano Prodi, former EU Commisioner and Prime Minister of Italy, echoes in a stronger form Zbigniew Brzezinski’s March 9 advice that Ukraine should be kept out of NATO. “Isolating Russia is counterproductive. The problem is to have a clear idea of what point you need to get to. If you want Ukraine not as a member of NATO or the EU but as a European-friendly country and a bridge to Russia, you should pursue policies consistent with this goal. If the goal is to bring Ukraine into NATO, then you create irreversible tensions.” Former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski’s earlier statement has not been carried by any English-language MSM and can only be found cited in a March 10 article by SputnikNews: “We [the United States] should also indicate to Russia that we favor… and expect that Ukraine’s eventual place as a genuine European country, democracy, member of the EU, will not entail membership in NATO,” Brzezinski said. Brzezinski argued that the United States should make the arrangement with Moscow in order to “cool …