Globalized Deception

by  Mark Taliano

We have forgotten that the sanctions preceding the illegal invasion of Iraq intentionally destroyed water treatment centers and directly killed 500,000 children under age five and about 1.2 million others.

The West’s on-going impunity as it continues to perpetrate genocide in Iraq should alert us to the dangers of repeated offenses elsewhere. Preliminary reports, for example, indicate that NATO is targeting water infrastructure as it illegally bombs Syria.

The illegal invasions of Iraq and Libya were sold to us through lies and deceptions. And yet we remain seemingly immune to reasonable, well-documented information that the war on Syria is also being perpetrated by means of lies and deception.

Strategies of deception are being perpetrated by warmongering imperialists in all of these wars, yet despite the on-going holocaust, and the real threat of nuclear war, the same genocidal strategies are being successfully employed again.  And the public remains remarkably oblivious to what is happening.

What are these strategies, and how can we counter them?

A “soft power complex” engineers domestic hatred towards perennially re-branded enemies, and consent for permanent, illegal warfare, beneath false banners of “democracy”, “freedom”, or “humanitarian intervention”.  It also engineers murderous chaos and destabilization in target countries.  Sometimes there are unforeseen consequences, but none of the strategies are mistakes, as apologists would have us believe.

Sources of the globalized deception are “Non-Governmental Agencies” (NGOs) — such as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), — as well as oligarch–funded foundations, Public Relations (PR) companies, think tanks, and intelligence agencies.

Mainstream media (MSM) often uses PR-engineered sources for its stories – the “White Helmets” in Syria would be a good example – and it often tells its stories using commentators who have largely undisclosed links to the Military Industrial Complex (MIC).  For example, an October, 2013 analysis by the public accountability initiative, titled, “Conflicts of interest in the Syria debate|An analysis of the defense industry ties of experts and think tanks who commented on military intervention”, discloses widespread conflicts of interest involving 22 media commentators who offered ostensibly “objective” commentaries about a previously planned, illegal (future) invasion:

Industry Ties of Commentators Screenshot 1- 12092015 - 10:23:05 AM Industry ties of commentators 2 Screenshot - 12092015 - 10:24:18 AM


Not only are MSM stories rife with undisclosed prejudices and conflicts of interest, as listed above, but some transformative stories themselves are likely dramatic presentations masquerading as reality.   And it’s all legal.

According to an amendment to the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the House Bill H.R 5736 (now law), the federal government of the United States can now legally propagandize the domestic public.

Arguably, this makes staged theatrical presentations, featuring crisis-actors, and purporting to be “reality”, legal.

Consequently, not only are we contending with false media source information, corporate media gatekeepers, and commentators with largely undisclosed conflicts of interest, but now we must also contend with fabricated dramas orchestrated to invoke primordial fears and unthinking reactions in mass populations. It’s a closed loop circuit of lies, deceptions, and behaviour modification writ large. Recent evidence demonstrates, moreover, that the matrix of deceptions works brilliantly to engineer consent for the most heinous crimes imaginable.

Democracy demands an informed population, yet governing agencies are working overtime to ensure that their “audience” remains deluded.  The degenerate “controllers” are winning. The dystopian future envisioned by Orwell has arrived.


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Dec 10, 2015 8:58 AM

What I can see is that the Rockefellars have their own private army the United States armed forces and that the Rosschilds have theres the United Kingdom armed forces. Ask ur selves some simple questions. 1: Turkey downs a Russian fighter jet in Syrian territory. Nato defends them. Russia was not endangering the turks. 2: Uk parliament decide to pass in parliament that they can officially bomb Syria cause Daesh is going to get us. and wallah the Usa or someone of the western coalition bomb the Syrian army in Der Eizor right after the bombing the Takfiri socalled revolutionaries go on full out assault against the Syrian army. This tells me that the start of my blog is truer than meets the eye. For the eyes see very well how all of this is unfolding . 3: now that the turkish regime has played one of it hands they… Read more »

Dec 10, 2015 12:42 PM
Reply to  falcemartello

I find the idea that US armed forces are under the personal control of the Rockefeller family and that the UK armed fores are under the personal control of the Rothschild family absurd. I am not saying that they are not influential families – one family has held the highest office in US history on two occasions and the other family leader was personally addressed by Balfour on behalf of the UK Government in the Balfour Declaration. There is a very real danger that anything sensible that accompanies such statements can end up being dismissed as the ravings of a conspiracy fantasist – fairly or unfairly. You say that NATO has defended the Turks shooting down of a Russian bomber. If they have, they have done so only in words – not actions. As a resident of a country aligned with NATO, I can assure you that any proposed concrete… Read more »

Dec 10, 2015 4:58 AM

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Dec 9, 2015 4:02 PM

The one thing the spin merchants cannot change is when events like the negotiated withdrawal of opposition forces from Homs takes place – as it did today. That must really irritate the Sauds and all their cling-on parasites.