MSM promotes dodgy docs as well as child-exploitation in drive for war

by Catte

Overshadowed by the recent attempts to create a faux media storm out of an unverified video produced by the pro-terrorist “Aleppo Media Center”, a recent article in the Guardian by Patrick Wintour reminds us that, when it comes to war-propaganda, the media doesn’t just do child-exploitation to order – it also promotes dodgy documents without question or analysis.
Wintour’s piece focuses on the – as usual – uncorroborated open  letter to President Obama allegedly written by a group of doctors in terrorist-controlled eastern Aleppo, calling for US “intervention” to “stop the bombardment of hospitals in the besieged city by the Russian-backed Syrian air force”, and is another shining example of spineless obedience to an intellectually bankrupt narrative.
The article doesn’t give the text of the letter in full, but here it is:

Dear President Obama,
We are 15 of the last doctors serving the remaining 300,000 citizens of eastern Aleppo. Regime troops have sought to surround and blockade the entire east of the city. Their losses have meant that a trickle of food has made its way into
eastern Aleppo for the first time in weeks. Whether we live or die seems to be dependent on the ebbs and flows of the battlefield.
We have seen no effort on behalf of the United States to lift the siege or even use its influence to push the parties to protect civilians.
For five years, we have faced death from above on a daily basis. But we now face death from all around. For five years, we have borne witness as countless patients, friends and colleagues suffered violent, tormented deaths. For five years, the world has stood by and remarked how ‘complicated’ Syria is, while doing little to protect us.  Recent offers of evacuation from the regime and Russia have sounded like thinly-veiled threats to residents – flee now or face annihilation ?
Last month, there were 42 attacks on medical facilities in Syria, 15 of which were hospitals in which we work. Right now, there is an attack on a medical facility every 17 hours. At this rate, our medical services in Aleppo could be completely destroyed in a month, leaving 300,000 people to die.
What pains us most, as doctors, is choosing who will live and who will die . Young children are sometimes brought into our emergency rooms so badly injured that we have to prioritize those with better chances, or simply don’t have the equipment to help them. Two weeks ago, four newborn babies gasping for air suffocated to death after a blast cut the oxygen supply to their incubators. Gasping for air, their lives ended before they had really begun.
Despite the horror, we choose to be here. We took a pledge to help those in
Our dedication to this pledge is absolute. Some of us were visiting our families when we heard the city was being besieged. So we rushed back – some on foot because the roads were too dangerous. Because without us even more of our friends and neighbors will die. We have a duty to remain and help.
Continued US inaction to protect the civilians of Syria means that our plight is being wilfully tolerated by those in the international corridors of power. The burden of responsibility for the crimes of the Syrian government and its Russian ally must therefore be shared by those, including the United States, who allow them to continue.
Unless a permanent lifeline to Aleppo is opened it will be only a matter of time until we are again surrounded by regime troops, hunger takes hold and hospitals’ supplies run completely dry. Death has seemed increasingly inescapable. We do not need to tell you that the systematic targeting of hospitals by Syrian regime and Russian warplanes is a war crime. We do not need to tell you that they are committing atrocities in Aleppo.
We do not need tears or sympathy or even prayers, we need your action. Prove that you are the friend of Syrians.
1 Dr. Abu Al Baraa, Pediatrician
2 Dr. Abu Tiem, Pediatrician
3 Dr. Hamza, Manager
4 Dr. Yahya, Pediatrician and head of Nutrition Program
5 Dr. Munther, Orthopedics
6 Dr. Abu Mohammad, General Surgeon
7 Dr. Abu Abdo, General Surgeon
8 Dr. Abd Al Rahman, Urologic Resident
9 Dr. Abu Tareq, ER Doctor
10 Dr. Farida, OBGYN
11 Dr Hatem, Hospital Director
12 Dr. Usama, Pediatrician
13 Dr. Abu Zubeir, Pediatrician

Even while admitting that “it has not been possible to verify the names of all the doctors listed in the letter,” Wintour doesn’t investigate or even interrogate its authenticity. His only comment on the subject is an airy claim that “[the] account tallies with evidence given by US doctors to the UN after a working visit to Aleppo’s hospitals in the past fortnight.”
He doesn’t quite dare say this offers any kind of validation (because of course it doesn’t), he simply hopes his readers will take it that way while he turns to his real task, which is sanctifying the West’s strategic fears for the loss of a corridor to eastern Aleppo as a sudden rush of humanitarian concern for the fate of the civilians living there. His casual assumption that only Western-led forces and Western-led humanitarians will have the decency to treat civilians with respect is almost Victorian in its colonial appropriation of moral ascendancy.
Wintour doesn’t ask why a group of disinterested doctors on the ground in Aleppo would write a letter that exactly mirrors the dishonest and incomplete western narrative, and repeats discredited or unsubstantiated claims such as the “systematic targeting of hospitals by Syrian regime and Russian warplanes.” He doesn’t ask why they would dismiss the recent offer from Russia and the Syrian government for safe conduct out of the war zone as “a thinly-veiled threat” rather than welcome it as a way of saving valuable lives. He doesn’t ask why a group of humanitarians would condemn Russia and the Syrian government for “crimes” because they have been bombing Aleppo, while saying nothing about the fact the US is also bombing Aleppo.
Neither does he mention that the supposed medics’ primary demand – for a “permanent lifeline” to Aleppo – is exactly what the “rebels” (ie Al Nusra terrorists) have been fightng for in recent weeks, in order to break the “siege” of eastern Aleppo by government forces and put pressure on government-held western Aleppo. Keeping this corridor “permanently” open would make the difference between success or failure for the rebels/terrorists in this key strategic area.
So, naturally these fifteen concerned medical professional have that item at the top of their list, over and above a ceasefire, or indeed an evil Russian evacuation of civilians, or evil Russian aid drops.Wouldn’t anyone rather die than accept help from America’s ‘enemies”? Wouldn’t anyone welcome slaughter when it’s wrapped in a US flag?
Wintour doesn’t state the obvious – that this letter is pushing an agenda that has nothing to do with alleviating human suffering. He doesn’t point out that it reads like a Washington fantasy version of reality. On the contrary he’s more than happy to exist in that fantasy where US intervention is a humanitarian response to the imploring of care-ravaged doctors, and for the purposes of saving people from evil Putin and his sidekick Assad. The letter must be endorsed because it in turn endorses the delusional dreamworld of moral righteousness where most western journalists spend most of their time these days. The only place their consciences don’t trouble them.
Meanwhile, the Twitter account known as @TheLemniscat took a look at the names of the letter’s signatories and made these annotations…

The fact six of these alleged doctors have signed with only their last name is maybe slightly odd, as is the fact six others are namesakes of prominent members of ISIS and al Qaeda, and one has the same name as a well-known shop. But until the signatories can be positively identified that’s about all we can say. Then again identifying them should not be too difficult, given that several of them identify as paediatricians and, as Moon of Alabama points out, the “last pediatrician” in rebel-held Aleppo was supposed to have been killed weeks ago. If these guys are the real deal they must have turned up in the rebel-held part of Aleppo since April, and they are likely the only paediatricians working there. How hard could it be to track them down? Has anyone tried?
Regardless of the deeper realities of the letter it’s the absolute abdication of scepticism by the Western media coverage that continues to be the real issue.
Imagine an open letter appeared calling for the Russian government to “stop US bombardment of hospitals”, signed by fifteen alleged but unverified “doctors”, six of whom refused to give a first name, another six of whom were the namesakes of prominent terrorists and one who signed himself with the Syrian equivalent of “T K Maxx”.
What would the Guardian say about that? How many column inches of scorn would Walker, Harding et al rightly pour on a document with such clear potential for being a clumsy fraud? How would Wintour’s article have read then? How many veiled or direct suggestions of Kremlin fakery would he have made? How much Twitter mileage would the MSM and its obedient pundits have gotten out of those coincidental names?
Yet about the shortcomings of this letter they have been entirely and unforgivably silent.

OffG co-founding editor. Writer. Opinionated polemicist.

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OffG co-founding editor. Writer. Opinionated polemicist.

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The list of signatories to the so-called letter is weird to the extent of being clearly fraudulent. Six of the signatories are described as having ‘no first name’, but the names given in the list actually ARE first names (Hamza, Munther, Farida, Mohammed, Hatem, Usuma), so in fact they have no surnames.
Eight of the purported signatories have the same first name, Abu/Abo (o, u and w are fairly interchangeable when transcribing the Arabic letter ‘waw’ into the Roman alphabet). ‘Abu’, meaning ‘father (of)’ is used in Arabic nicknames (‘kunya’), usually followed by a first name (e.g., of one the person’s children) or a word designating a quality associated with the person. Such nicknames are frequently taken up by freedom fighters/resistants/jihadists/terrorists (choose your epithet) in the Arab-speaking world. (Six examples are given by Lemniscat in the list.)
‘Abd’ means ‘subject to’ or ‘bound to’. Al-Rahman (‘the Merciful’) is a surya of the Quran. Abd Al-Rahman is certainly another nickname, not the real name of any doctor in Aleppo.
I haven’t read the Graun article which inspired Catte’s analysis, but whoever concocted the list of signatories to the ‘letter’ was taking the piss. I don’t know how anyone could take it seriously.
So who benefits? ISIS and company would obviously love further US intervention in Syria, which would just increase the tragic turmoil already taking place, and confront the USA directly with Russia, instead of just by proxy.
The MSM propaganda on Syria is harder to fathom – the only beneficiaries of an all-out war in Syria (as advocated by the Graun) would be the arms manufacturers. But it could also mean WWIII. Is that a dumb thing to say? And out of Clinton and Trump, who’ll start WWIII faster? Frankly, the future looks a bit bleak.
PS – If I may be permitted this remark (perhaps a bit trite considering the above, but hope springs eternal): some of the articles posted on the off-guardian site could do with prior proofreading. Otherwise you might as well rename the site ‘fof-grauniad’, for example, and be done with it. (Keep up the good work all the same.)

Paul Smyth

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RT is doing the opposite, reporting gruesome stories about what is happening to children in West Aleppo. See https://www.rt.com/news/356600-aleppo-children-hospital-situation/
Better would be if both RT and MSM journalists should hold their governments accountable for the atrocities that they are committing in Syria. Instead they make the war in Syria a (fictional) photo and literature contest of the journalist who can write the saddest story about a child bombed by the ‘oppressor’.
In a time of conflict with victims and executioners, it is the job for thinking people not to be on the side of the executioners, Camus said.
Clearly, such thinkers cannot be found in MSM journals, both Russian, and Western…


The executioners here are the ones willing and doing everything in their hands to destroy Syria and its people. Let´s don´t start equating the role of those that might have done horrible things after an unprovoked war of aggression, a war that threatens their lives, the lives of their families and their country, with the role of those that unleashed violence and death for geopolitical or economical gains.


If maximum military force is to be applied in Syria, it should be concentrated against Raqqa and the ISIS leadership.
ISIS consider Raqqa to be their spiritual capital city, akin to the Vatican for the Catholics.
Smashing them to pieces in Raqqa will deflate them and their cause world-wide.
The Americans and their allies will never do this so it will have to be the Syrians and their allies who will have to do it.
It will be like the 1945 Fall of Berlin all over again……….

Secret Agent
Secret Agent

The thing is, ISIS is a asset of the western powers. Remember when the Syrian Army was getting ready to take Raqqa and then Obama ships tons of weapons to AQ in Aleppo and AQ renews its attacks in Aleppo thus forcing the Syrian army to abandon the fight against ISIS in order to save Aleppo.


Thank you for the information.
To be honest, I do not remember when the Syrian Army was trying to take Raqqa but what you say does go to show how key it is as an ideological/”spiritual” location in the minds of ISIS.
They expect the “final battle” to take place there and for the Muslim Messiah to arrive to save them there.
Destroy their presence in Raqqa and their insane dream of a Muslim Messiah dies with them.
That is the only kind of knock-out blow that can be effective against ISIS, not only regionally but globally.
The death of Hitler and his ideology in Berlin in 1945 ended the Second World War.
To end what could turn into World War Three, it is essential to kill off ISIS and al-Baghdadi too.
The lengths that the US and its allies in the region have gone to to protect ISIS and other terrorists is stunning.
It is all part of the Yinon Plan for Eretz (Greater) Yisrael, in my opinion.
Syria and its allies must concentrate on taking Raqqa away from the extremists.
Maybe now Turkey has begin to realise that they too should be supporting the Syrians in this endeavour?


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I see the Guardian has managed to embed ad-blocker proof begging letters for donations at the end of its articles.
Not long left now.


The small matterof £70m operating loss and total reduction in net assets of £170m.


Tyr ublock origin dude.


i’ve been put on premoderation for quoting this on cif.
It disgusts me the way they censor perfectly reasonable posts which don’t fit their lies and spin.
This poster child propaganda is the pits.


Don’t suppose you have a screen cap of your comment? If people save those we have clear evidence of their real – as opposed to proclaimed – moderation policy.


Give me J. Pilger any day.


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This report from Eva Bartlett is illuminating.
The Syrian government pays the wages of over 4000 doctors in Aleppo, in both government held west Aleppo, and terrorist controlled East Aleppo.


If we’re to believe the ‘rebels/activists’ and their cheerleading media, there are more field hospitals and doctors there than population.
The pile of lies and fakery is so high it’s difficult on where to start. Next lie, next lie, thick and fast.
If you now try and find the names and social networking pages of those involved in feeding the narrative over regime change in Libya, they’ve all dissapeared into thin air.


Barely a Guardian article on Libya either, after NATO’s military goal was achieved in 2011. They only write them when they have to now.

Richard Le Sarcophage
Richard Le Sarcophage

It is interesting how the Western ‘Free Press’ is so hysterically propagandising for jihadist butchers. The photographer who captured the picture of the ‘wounded’ child that ‘went viral’, likes hanging around with the jihadists who dragged a twelve boy out of a hospital then sawed his head off. The hypocrisy and bias of the Western MSM is sickening, but typical, and UNIVERSAL. Not ONE MSM presstitute dares point out the double standards, lies and hypocrisy.And the increasing hysteria (see the article by Nott in today’s Guardian for yet more extreme hate-mongering and utterly implausible new accusations against Syria and Russia)simply reeks of Zionazi control and influence.


Russia and Iran should bite the bullet, bring in say 10,000 fully equipped ground troops, and finish these bastards in east Aleppo off quickly.
Sick of hearing the dishonest whining from these terrorists and their media supporters.


You mean a re-run of the US attack on Fallujah?
The one that had all of the western media wringing their hands while the city was systematically shelled, bombed with phosphorous and razed to the ground?
Or did Fallujah tumble into the memory hole.
Or maybe the Syrian government should take a lead out of Israel’s well reviewed book and treat the Al Nusra base the way that Gaza was treated?


I mean taking the city back from designated terrorist groups using Syrian forces and military allies of the Syrian government.
This will come at a cost in human lives. But there is no alternative.

Richard Le Sarcophage
Richard Le Sarcophage

And the jihadist monsters, among the most evil death-squad butchers that the USA has, so far, created, must be extirpated and sent to the Hell that surely awaits child beheaders and crucifiers and liver eaters. It really tells you just what the glorious West really represents in terms of morality and decency that they are moving Heaven and Earth to impose these vermin on Syria.


These propaganda stunts are – all of them – laughably ridiculous except for one aspect: they are being taken seriously by western media and used to ramp up demands for military intervention in Syria.
Every time one of these stories gets aired, warmongering politicians and their friends in the presstitute shrilly demand that “something must be done” and it is wrong “to idly stand by”.
David Cameron – Britain’s late and unlamented Prime Minister – used the cover of this nonsense to order-in UK special forces into operational areas inside Syria, even though he had no parliamentary sanction to do so.
Ultimately, we should all worry about this ratchet effect eventually leading possibly to all-out warfare between the West and East within the Syrian “theatre”. After all, is that not what ISIS wants?
Until verifiable proof of their qualifications and experience is provided, these self-claimed pseudo medics should be labelled as fakes and propaganda stooges.

Richard Le Sarcophage
Richard Le Sarcophage

Yet again we have even more proof that the Western ‘Free Press’ is an evil propaganda sewer populated by vermin. Not one MSM presstitute has defected, so far, despite the lies growing ever more vile and ludicrous, all in support of truly evil monsters. One searches in vain for any other group where personal moral turpitude, hypocrisy and self-delusion is so universal.


It’s really rather hilarious that the UK has ‘privatised’ ‘State Propaganda’ so effectively to the MSM. Who needs State Propaganda when the private sector will deliver it for you so professionally?!


Absolutely correct. Whatever happened to true journalism? Why are there no more Woodwards and Bernsteins? The Fourth Estate has become a media propaganda agency of Western Governments with the US and UK media most compromised.


Woodward and Bernstein? Surely they were just embedded CIA assets, stenographing whatever “DeepThroat” told them to say; just enough to Bring Nixon down; not enough to change anything.
Give me John Pilger anyday; In his youth he would put his life on the line to break a story.