Why the Evidence Mueller Has for the Indicting 13 Russian Nationals is Fraudulent

by George Eliason

It’s almost a shame that a headline like that won’t spark anything more than casual curiosity when you consider the charges Robert Mueller is looking into. The Russian company Concord Management decided to answer is charges in early May, which threw a wrench into Mueller’s strategy.
I’m more interested in showing what Robert Mueller’s sources are not, than who they are. This opens a much greater conspiracy that’s playing out in a complicit US media today. What do I mean? The flawed source for both investigators and journalists that know anything about the Russian troll factory in St. Petersburg, Russia is Shaltai Boltai. They are supposed to be connected to the GRU (Russian Military Intelligence).
Fancy Bear is also supposedly the GRU hacking team that everyone is actually looking for. Shaltai Boltai is supposed to have those connections. Is it an official Intel operation or was a criminal undertaking to discredit Russia?
Over a year ago, I found evidence of the identity of Crowdstrike’s Fancy Bear, just short of a confession. When I looked into Shaltai Boltai, I found additional information that is even better for identifying Fancy Bear. The next article will detail that clearly.
Once it’s clear that the source of Mueller’s evidence – Russian hackers called Shaltai Boltai (Humpty Dumpty) – did NOT hack Concord Catering or the Russian government, we can cross off a couple of hackers from our list on our way to Fancy Bear. Shaltai Boltai tried unsuccessfully to confess to the DNC hacks.
They aren’t the hackers they make themselves out to be. They are Information Operation (IO) specialists that were paid to build a narrative which became a convenient hook for Mueller to hang his coat on.
Unfortunately, the slam dunk he would have won if they stayed away was taken from his grasp the second real people materialized. You see, Robert Mueller has to prove the Internet Research Company existed in reality and did the things he alleges.
He now has to authenticate the communications from the Troll Farm that his Russian interference investigation is based on and he can’t do it. This was the reason Mueller asked to delay the trial instead of moving forward. His case is built on fraudulent (nonexistent) evidence. Even that is laughable because what he is alleging goes against the grain of some of his foundational documentary evidence.
The source for Mueller’s indictment are Russian traitors that were hired for the purpose of destroying Russia. That Mueller’s evidence was an Information Operation to discredit both the Kremlin and the current US government changes everything because fabricated evidence is still considered too tainted to use in a court of law, even if the defendant is Russian.
Let’s get down to brass tacks and avoid any confusion. Once you understand that the original source of information for the Internet Research Agency, viz. hackers calling themselves Shaltai Boltai (Humpty Dumpty), fabricated the evidence, you understand the irresolvable problem Mueller stepped into.
Mueller’s problem in this scenario, according to what should be a foundational article by Scott Humor at the Saker.is, is that the “Internet Research Agency”, which existed only on paper, ceased to exist in 2015. It was liquidated and merged with construction retail company called TEKA. I found Humor’s article after almost finishing this one. He left little need for any additional research on the matter.
About the troll farm, he notes the results of a court case that an NGO was pushing to get legal recognition of the troll farm as a working business in St Petersburg. It didn’t work out.

One example, a woman with the last name Malcheva filed a lawsuit in court against the companies “Internet Research, LLC” and “TEKA, LLC,” claiming unpaid wages.
The court asked her to produce evidence of her work, and then denied her claim after she produced a photo of a computer with an IP address on its screen as evidence of her employment.
IP Address
inetnum: –
descr: S-Peterburg Hotel Corintia Wi-Fi
An IP address that was assigned to a luxury hotel in Saint-Petersburg. A hotel that was awarded multiple international awards for excellence. An immensely popular hotel among discriminating travelers. A very expensive hotel located in the center of a historic city. The woman claimed that she was an “online troll’ working from this location ten hours a day with hundreds of other virtual trolls. The judge didn’t believe her. Would you? – Scott Humor Saker.is

Secondly, and more importantly, is that although charged with treason by the Russian government, the “hackers” did not serve time for hacking. They served time for conspiring against the Russian government. This is an important point.
First things first, how do I know it is an information operation against the United States? Everything hinges on how carefully and accurately this single question is answered.
If Mueller is alleging that this entity interfered in the 2016 US election, yet all the information about it is faked, it is safe to say the word Information Operation.
The reason is simple. The “Anon” information Mueller uses for his indictment about the Russian Internet Research Agency every MSM news story is based on states quite clearly in the posts that it IS an Information Operation. Shaltai Boltai reiterates this fact throughout different posts!
If only this single fact is true, Robert Mueller needs to step down to answer some questions. The first one is why he would knowingly take part in a foreign influence operation to publicly destroy the credibility of the United States Government?
Before getting into some of the fraudulent information, watch how the source purposefully discredits itself. I don’t think the hacker imagined things would bloom this large. The following are a couple of questions the hacker answered for a journalist. Question 2 was asked because this hacker group is anti-Putin and anti-Russian government as it stands.
The answer to question 3 states they are an Information Operation seeking to influence (policy). While it is a surprise that even a highly politicized investigation would claim fabrications as legitimate evidence, it’s more of a surprise that it wasn’t caught by MSM . You’ll see for yourself, the hackers were honest. Mueller, on the other hand, is not.
From the b0ltai.wordpress.com June 5th, 2014 post– These were questions that a Russian journalist asked the Anon group that found the Russian Internet Research Agency(IRA) of St. Petersburg and released the information currently used by Mueller and the MSM including the New York Times.

2. Journo:  Many consider you a “wiring”(wire service) for the discharge of Kremlin secrets. What do you say to that?
Shaltai Boltai: How many people, so many opinions. We do not intend to prove or deny it. We will be told for already laid out “stories” and those that we will lay out.
3. Journo:  What is your ultimate goal?
Shaltai Boltai:  We never concealed it. The goal is published in our blog and twitter – we create realities and give meanings to words. More – trying to change reality, create another reality. To launch certain events according to a certain scenario.

So, there it is. This informative post is a confession by the original source made directly after posting information about the Russian Internet Research Agency for over one month in May 2014.
If the information that Mueller used in his indictment was true, it would still have to be thrown out of a court of law because of the source. In the US, a police officer can’t lie to a judge or grand jury about probable cause to get a search or arrest warrant and expect anything he found to be admissible in court. Special Prosecutor Mueller can’t either. He cannot cite information that :

  • Was purported to be hacked and was obtained illegally if that were true
  • Cannot use information where the source states the information was manufactured to create new realities, in this case political realities.
  • Fake emails do not constitute evidence. None of the MSM stories even provide him with an inch of cover.
  • He doesn’t get a free pass today.

Let’s step back and look at how this developed. The second point that deserves special attention from Robert Mueller’s investigative team is the “Russians” shown through the hacked documents don’t seem to speak Russian or English well. It’s kind of like Mr. Bean does James Bond. It’s funny and at the same time absurd because it could never work.
The Russian language mistakes are grammar school stuff like you’d expect from a foreigner. They consist of basic spelling, gender confusion, and other simple grammatical errors that won’t be found in communications from law firms or multimillion dollar businesses.
This is important because according to Mueller the IRA (Internet Research Agency) is supposed to be composed of handpicked professional journalists, information war specialists, attorneys, and business people. These are supposed to be educated people. After all, they got past 19 Intel agencies right?
The hackers material almost conclusively shows that the Concord communications shown below were from people that use Russian as a 2nd language. I will post a link and show you how to search the blog easily. If they take the blog down, I saved it on the Wayback machine. It is entirely searchable and it is saved for posterity.
Next up, looking at the basic technical information. The proofs were posted by the hacker before anyone was looking for them, so that’spretty bad. They seem very juvenile.
According to Paul Craig Roberts, “Mueller claims to have emails from some of the 13 Russians. If the emails are genuine, they sound like a few kids pretending to friends that they are doing big things. One of the emails brags that the FBI got after them so they got busy covering up their tracks.”
And Rollingstone Magazine wrote “All 13 individuals are named in the indictment, including Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin, a Russian oligarch who is the man behind the Internet Research Agency, the so-called “troll factory” located in St. Petersburg, Russia… Prigozhin, who is otherwise known as “Vladimir Putin’s chef,” operates a catering company and a related consulting firm, Concord Catering and Concord Management and Consulting LLC, both of which participated in the 2016 U.S. election conspiracy and both of which were also indicted by Mueller.
Prigozhin is supposed to be at the center of this. If you know anything about well-heeled Slavic Oligarchs, or just fat cats in general, regardless of who they are, they take a lot of pride in the look of their organizations.
This is where the source information gets interesting.
concord at gmail -b0ltai.files.wordpress.com-2018.02.19-02-56-23
The email is supposed to address Roman Kovalev at Prigozhin’s Concord Catering and Concord Management and Consulting LLC. Do you see the problem?
All the pieces of correspondence share the same traits. Either Ole’Yevgeniv (Prigozhin) is the cheapest Oligarch on the planet and uses gmail and yandex for company correspondence – or it is a fake email. If the emails are faked, what need is there to go on trying to convince you further? We’ve already crossed the endzone and scored.
The image below shows what real authenticated Concord Catering and Concord Management and Consulting LLC  contact information looks like. Can you see the difference right away? If you were spending $1 Million + on a project every month, wouldn’t you give your project management something a little more secure than gmail and maybe just a touch snazzier?
concord email-www.concord-catering.ru.jpg.jpg
There are no gmail addresses here. If we look at another image we can get down to how elite these trolls were very quickly.
troll2-mail.google.com-2018.02.21-02-44-26I clicked on the image at the hackers blog and if you look at the link on top, the name of the image appears – “troll.jpg”. By itself it means nothing. But we’ve already found out what’s going on. When you look at the communication, it is poorly formed instructions to post videos and comment.
How good is the supposed Information Operation unit of the Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg?
According to Mueller’s hackers, they were bad. No, beyond bad, they were barely literate in English, bad. They probably had a hard time getting directions to Starbucks, bad. Yes, I mean bad.
From the hackers in June, 2014: “Igor Osadchy is the head of the “external department” of the AII (Internet Research Agency, also known as the “trolley factory in Olgino”), that is, the very Prigozhin trolls working in bad English on foreign sites and flooding their “sincere” opinion forums and comments foreign media.”
If this is the source Mueller is using, it’s not just tainted information, it’s information that is tainting you. Look at how this foreign information operation is playing out across American media and dividing society. The following shows these posts are from the hackers.
wiess mueller troll farms 2014.jpg
According to the Washington Post, the other staff mentioned are merely incidental. I mean, it seems like they put down all the names they could get. Some were people that worked there in 2014, but most of these guys didn’t work for the troll factory for a long time. They didn’t even work for the troll factory during the elections.
Wikipedia also tells us that “The extent to which these Russians tried to influence public opinion using social media became widely known after a June 2014 BuzzFeed article greatly expanded on government documents published by hackers earlier that year.”
Adrian Chen’s non-article at the New York Times identifies the above as the source that Robert Mueller would eventually use. The hacking group using the Anonymous name isn’t even part of Anonymous.
At this point I can sit and list every article, publication, and journalist that has been taken in by this information operation, but what would be the point?

Over the last 4 years George Eliason has researched and written many stories that are still breaking in media today.If you want to support investigative research with a lot of depth, please support his Patreon page. You can also support his work through PayPal.


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Jun 5, 2018 2:51 PM

Very interesting. The article seems well grounded but I am not familiar with the author and given that I have missed Scott’s piece on the saker it is indeed headline news I have not come across it anywhere else.
As this article is more suited for distribution than Scott’s (he is very thorough and most people don’t read that stuff if the just receive a link from a friend and have a look), I am wondering how George Elias is as that would be one of the first replies from my friends how follow MSM news?

marley engvall
marley engvall
Jun 5, 2018 12:31 PM

Mueller installed as FBI Director on Sept 4, 2001. 9/11 was his job.
Thermite is in all World Trade Center dust. https://unitedresistance911.wordpress.com/nanothermite/

Jun 5, 2018 12:13 PM

My research has it that the main hook “Honest Bob” Meuller “hung his coat on” was the FBI investigation into George Papadopoulos. As the cited Hill article below suggests: this was the “London Bridge” into the Russia probe. Another week, and more information confirms that this was a British coup and collusion: perpetrated by what I can now call the Dearlove Cabal of an MI6 Old Boy network. Personally, I think that this will eventually be known as the Dearlove/Scarlett Group: but no one has made that connection yet. So far, this is being portrayed as FBI/CIA outsourcing: but my understanding is that Robert Hannigan, then Director of GCHQ, took Steele’s Kompromat to Brennan, at a director-to-director meeting. Of course, this is unverifiable abductive reasoning, but it fits the known facts …and it works for me! So, rather than outsourcing, this was conceived in London, over a Napoleon brandy, in… Read more »

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Jun 6, 2018 1:10 AM
Reply to  BigB

There is a web-site called TheMarketsWork, run by some libertarian nut, but he gathers a wealth of very interesting information on the ‘Russian collusion’ lies. The evidence of a plot to de-rail Trump, because not fanatically anti-Russian enough, is overwhelming, but the fakestream presstitutes, as ever, simply ignore or deny it all. For a particularly laughable example of the process the ABC’s ‘Four Corners’ ‘report’ on Trump and Russia, and the sheer stupidity of the gargirl presenter (a BIG Hillary Clinton fan)really stands out. And there are two more episodes to go!

Big B
Big B
Jun 7, 2018 9:17 AM

Thanks, MM, I’ll check it out.

Frankly Speaking
Frankly Speaking
Jun 5, 2018 10:51 AM

Inevitably we are getting disinfo on both sides of the Cold War here. To answer the question: “The woman claimed that she was an “online troll’ working from this location ten hours a day with hundreds of other virtual trolls. The judge didn’t believe her. Would you? ” Look at the last line of the IP location: descr: S-Peterburg Hotel Corintia Wi-Fi Anyone with any technical knowledge of wifi knows that wifi signals can go way beyond the actual location. The trolls could be in an office across the road from the hotel and using the hotel wifi to help anonymise them, an ideal tactic since there will be hundreds of transient devices logged into a large hotel wifi at any given moment. Yes the Russian collusion with Trump is utter BS, but the Russians are inevitably involved in espoinage and disinfo and trolling as indeed the Yanks, Brits, French,… Read more »

Jun 15, 2018 5:31 PM

Hotel Wifi Test website ranks the Corinthia’s expected wifi speed to be 36.0 Mbps on average which, while respectable, may lack sufficient bandwidth to support a moderately industrial scale internet operation.
Perhaps someone with more knowledge of these things could comment.

Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis
Jun 5, 2018 10:19 AM

The problem that the written has is one it is not Richard Mueller . Second you nor I have no Idea what Robert Mueller is doing or working on. You can only surmise and guess. As complex as this is the persons working for Mueller are not fools nor are they stupid. You may think you know but all that you are doing is guessing. It seems that he knows what he is doing with all those charges and turning States evidence . This seems to be a writer with his facts wrong. We must wait for the out come of the investigation before judging Muellers work. As I stated you nor I know what Mueller and his team knows. So hold your horses before condemning anyone’s work you may be surprised with the out come.

Jun 5, 2018 2:17 PM
Reply to  Richard Lewis

I believe in empiricism: but blind faith optimism …with Meuller’s track record as an arbiter of truth? Based on a manufactured dossier, which has already been discredited; a set-up ‘sting’ at Trump Tower; a hack that was a leak; and some internet trolls linked to “Putin’s chef” etc… GIGO: based on lies the outcome can only be lies. This was “spooks: spooking spooks “: to quote Daniel Lazare …and the traitor Meuller is among the biggest liar of them all.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Jun 6, 2018 1:14 AM
Reply to  BigB

I’m still trying to get my head around the fanatic assertion that Trump Jnr getting ‘dirt’ on Clinton from Russians (itself disinformation, carefully set up as part of the operation) is considered an impeachable offence, but the gathering of the Steele dossier tripe by the DNC, allegedly using Russian ‘sources’, is quite kosher. Has anyone explained this double-standard?

James Scott
James Scott
Jun 7, 2018 12:20 AM

Yes I too watched with dismay the Four Corners big expose’ of Russioan meddling which started with the interviewer Sarah Ferguson speaking to Clapper, a proven liar,who asserted that Trump is a liar and the Russiagate farce is definitely the real deal. His evidence was that he said so therefore it must be true. The program went downhill from there. I once respected Sarah Ferguson as a journalist and to some extent Lee Sales who now seems to have a new career which is the chief cheerleader for Hillary Clinton’s next push to become the Dictator in chief of the USA. It seems that the ABC has been fully inducted into the CIA propaganda team. The Australian Government has now through heavily partisan managerial and ex Murdoch journalist appointments and huge cuts to the budget has subjugated the ABC to the will of the right wing of the Liberal (Tory)… Read more »

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Jun 7, 2018 12:45 AM
Reply to  James Scott

No, the Turnbull/Abbott regime is far more likely to expel Chinese students and intern all Austfailians of Chinese descent, to please our Masters in Thanatopolis DC and Tel Aviv. I regard Ferguson as LOATHSOME, but she’s not Robin Crusoe, in that. To call that vile crap ‘journalism’ is beyond repulsive. The two Russian tourists turned into ‘spies’, ‘criss-crossing the USA’, to gain knowledge of America’s weaknesses, is sub-moronic enough, but the claim that social tension and discord in the USA was linked to ‘Russian meddling’ is so cretinous as to be simply dumb-founding. Ferguson did an excruciatingly obsequious interview with Clinton after her loss. The Identity Politics feminazis are still livid with rage over their killer queen’s defeat by the Orange Baffoon, and anyone is fair game for their vengefulness.

Jun 5, 2018 9:48 AM

I’m amazed they believe that citing notorious know-nothing loony shill Michael Weiss as a ‘source’ does their case any good?

John Ward
John Ward
Jun 5, 2018 7:29 AM

While I think Mr Elias is spot-on here, it would help his credibility no end if he could decide whether Mueller is called Richard or Robert. Given, you know, Robert Mueller is pretty central to all this:
Either way, the US Alt State is involved in everything, such that everything becomes a George Smiley novel, with red herrings added by Dashiel Hammett: