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Where Have All the Nazis Gone?

CJ Hopkins

So it appears Antifa has scared Trump’s army of emboldened Nazis back into their hidey holes, or at least that’s the spin the Resistance is putting on the deeply weird events of last Sunday. In case you missed it, what happened was, thousands of “anti-fascist” protestors converged on the streets of the nation’s capitol to deny a platform to (or just beat the snot out of) twenty or thirty racist idiots who were trying to assemble in Lafayette Square and stand around shouting racist slogans at each other.

The organizer of this idiotic fiasco (i.e., the racist fiasco, not the protest thereof) was the same attention-seeking, racist idiot that had organized the original “Unite the Right” event in Charlottesville in 2017. During that weekend, as I’m sure you’ll recall, a white supremacist drove his car into a crowd of protesters, killing a woman, numerous other people were assaulted, and a few hundred racists in polo shirts and khakis marched around with tikki torches hollering neo-Nazi gibberish in an attempt to launch some sort of race war, or protest the removal of a statue, or something.

Last Sunday was a bit less dramatic. Basically, these twenty or thirty racists were escorted by hundreds of riot police and Secret Service to Lafayette Square, where they found themselves surrounded by thousands of protesters, many of whom intended to stomp their guts out. This must have been a bit unsettling, because the racists reportedly fled their own “rally” before they had even had the chance to holler any Nazi gibberish at each other. This was extremely disappointing for the militant “anti-fascist” contingent, which had been counting on another balls-out street fight.

According to The New York Times, a group of frustrated militant types tried to burn a Confederate flag, but it wouldn’t catch fire, so they were forced to rip it apart with their hands and jump up and down on it. Other militant “anti-fascists” threw anti-Nazi eggs at the cops, presumably as a form of “preventative self-defense,” or just to ensure that Breitbart had some video to paint them as “terrorists” with. The not-quite-so-militant “anti-fascist” contingent, most of whom never even caught a glimpse of the “emboldened” Nazis they had come to resist, apparently dispersed without incident.

The corporate media and the rest of the Resistance had been flogging this event for months. That infamous photo of the tikki torch Nazis had been repeatedly reprinted all summer long. Features on Kessler, the organizer, whose activities seem to have been mostly funded by his grandmother, with whom he had also been living, had been published in major international broadsheets. The coverage peaked going into the weekend. On Saturday, he was featured on National Public Radio, where he shared his views on “racial intelligence.” Go ahead, google him, and marvel at the amount of free publicity bestowed on this geek.

And it wasn’t just the corporate media. No, the militant “anti-fascist” left had also been also promoting this so-called “rally” as the Return of the Revenge of the Bride of Charlottesville. Affinity groups had been activated. “Anti-fascist” posters had been printed. Militant Twitter hashtags created. Snappy “anti-fascist” slogans, like “It takes a bullet to bash the fash,” and “Drive out Trump/Pence fascist regime,” had been applied to signs and banners. By Sunday morning, social media was buzzing with thousands of tweets and posts by people hoping to “punch a Nazi.” Antifa was obviously looking forward to some hardcore “preventative self-defense” … all they needed were a few hundred Nazis.

So it was a little embarrassing, to put it mildly, when only a dozen or two racists showed up, instead of the hordes of swastika-tattooed, Sieg-heiling Nazis the Resistance was hoping for. After all the energy and money they’ve invested in convincing millions of credulous liberals that America is being existentially threatened by legions of fascists “emboldened” by Trump (and somehow connected to Vladimir Putin), to then have this paltry bunch of racist misfits show up for “the big Nazi rally” … well, it kind of makes a mockery of the official narrative they’ve been selling everyone.

According to that official narrative, which the global capitalist ruling classes and the corporate media have been disseminating since Hillary Clinton lost the election, America and democracy are under attack by a vast conspiracy of Russians and Nazis (I’ve been referring to them as “the Putin-Nazis“), nominally led by Donald Trump, but actually controlled by Vladimir Putin, who is trying to annihilate “the West” and establish a Russian-Nazi Empire which he will personally rule with an iron fist.

As the story goes, back in 2015, Putin and his Russian Nazis, infuriated at us for fomenting a coup with our Ukrainian Nazis on their southern border, finally activated Donald Trump, who they had recruited back in the 1980s (then blackmailed with a sex tape twenty years later) and who had been posing as a narcissistic billionaire ass clown while awaiting the “go code” from his handlers in Moscow. Trump sprang immediately into action, announcing his candidacy on June 16, and set about “emboldening” the millions of American Nazis who had been patiently waiting for the day when a racist New York real estate huckster would rise from the depths of reality television to lead them to victory in RaHoWa, or whatever.

Up until Trump announced his run, these American Nazis had been keeping a low profile by having swastikas tattooed on their faces, flying Confederate flags in their yards, burning crosses, posting calls for genocide on Nazi websites, and occasionally murdering people of color and bombing churches and day care centers. Once Trump hit the hustings, however, the Nazis abandoned all restraint and got right down to the business of posting Nazi frogs on social media, touring campuses with Nazi book tours, and gathering in upscale Italian restaurants to be photographed mimicking Hitler-salutes.

All this emboldenment culminated in the infamous rally in Charlottesville last summer, which, as the Resistance pointed out, was just like Kristallnacht … except that Charlottesville was not a pogram and ninety-one Jewish people weren’t murdered. But, aside from that, it was exactly the same. Trump emboldened it, then openly condoned it, and given that he’s a Russian agent, we can assume the orders came directly from Putin, who presumably has agents in the fascist underground, possibly in Kessler’s grandmother’s basement, and who’s been poisoning people randomly in Salisbury (i.e., Putin has, not Kessler’s grandmother), and possibly orchestrating Jeremy Corbyn’s Nazification of the Labour Party, and who has been influencing people with Facebook posts, and God knows what other horrors he’s been up to … at this point, it’s hard to keep it all straight.

In any event, following the Charlottesville Kristallnacht, the Resistance went to work hunting down Nazis, getting them arrested or fired from their jobs, or just showing up at their pathetic little gatherings and stomping the living Hitler out of them. Being mostly idiots, they weren’t hard to find … or at least not the tikki torch Kessler variety. We’re not talking about the Aryan Brotherhood here. We’re talking about creeps like the Crying Nazi, Richard Spencer (another media darling), Andrew Auernheimer, a/k/a “weev,” groups like the Proud Boys (who you’ve probably never heard of unless you travel in “anti-fascist” circles), and other such idiots who have absolutely nothing to do with actual power in the United States, or anywhere else.

Which, of course, is the point of the Nazi hysteria the Resistance has been barraging us with, that is, when they are not too busy barraging us with the Trump-is-a-Russian-Agent hysteria. As I have outlined in several other essays, there is no “Russian Attack on Democracy,” nor is there any “blood-dimmed tide” of emboldened Naziism menacing the West. All that is really happening is, the global capitalist ruling classes are conducting a counterinsurgency PSYOP, the objective of which is to put down “populist” resistance to the spread of global capitalism. There is no clutch of global capitalists sitting in a room conspiring to do this. It is simply the system responding (as a system) to eliminate an internal threat, and reestablish control of its environment, which in this case happens to be the whole planet (as global capitalism has no external enemies).

One part of this counterinsurgency PSYOP is to delegitimize anyone and anything that stands in the way of global capitalism. It does not matter one iota whether the opposition stems from what most of us think of as the “left” or the “right.” Global capitalism does not care. It simply cannot have major disruptions like the Brexit referendum and the election of Trump screwing with its Privatization of Everything (which it began in the early 1990s, immediately after the end of the Cold War). Such populist insurgencies feed each other. One day, it’s the nationalists abandoning the EU, the next day, it’s socialists boycotting Israel, the day after that it could be Americans demanding universal healthcare, subsidized college education, or demilitarization of the nation’s police. Things could get out of control pretty quickly.

The other part of this counterinsurgency PSYOP is manufacturing as much mass hysteria and paranoia about Russian agents and emboldened Nazis as humanly possible. This aspect of the PSYOP sells itself … opposing global capitalism is difficult work and not very rewarding. It’s so much easier (and much more fun) to hunt down imaginary Russians and Nazis. And if you don’t know any Russian operatives, or can’t find any actual Nazis, no worries, there are plenty of Assad-apologists, Putin-apologists, Alex Jones-apologists, terrorist-apologists, transphobic racists, anti-Semitic British socialists, and crypto-Red-Brown fascist entryists, not to mention Susan Sarandon and everyone else who didn’t vote for Clinton. You can hunt them down and call them names on Facebook from the comfort of your home. I’m relatively sure the Internet monitors at the Atlantic Council won’t mind if you do. Just watch what you say about the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, and the other valiant corporations and non-governmental organizations that are “working together to secure the future.”

Oh and if you do see any of those actual Nazis crawling up out of their hidey holes, or anyone who looks they might be about to commit an act of verbal genocide, go ahead and gouge their eyes out or something … because we can’t afford to give these Nazis an inch. Have a nice day, and happy hunting!

C J Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Broadway Play Publishing (USA). His debut novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. He can be reached at cjhopkins.com or consentfactory.org

Feel free to come find him in Berlin and buy him a beer. He’s been known to frequent an assortment of extremely suspicious RUSSIAN establishments in Kreuzberg.


  1. Frankly Speaking says

    I think that the bigger question needs to be asked: where have all the neo-bolsheviks come from? Is the West undergoing the same revolution that the Bolsheviks bestowed upon Russia a century ago?

  2. notheonly1 says

    Thanks for the delicious satire. Unfortunately for the world, there is too much truth in satire. It is reminiscent of George Carlin explaining to the audience why they are dumbfucks and the audience enthusiastically applauds to his findings packaged in satire. And no, they never got the irony of applauding their own idiocy.

    Just at a side not, but important for anybody that lives in Hawai’i: It is Tiki Torches and not ‘Tikki’. Secondly, it was a Progrom and not a ‘program’, which it could have been called afterwards, but at that time, it was a Progrom.

    Unrelated to the above article, but related to Off-Guardian: Knowing about the partnership between the Atlantic Council (the real Fascists) and Facebook, I wonder why Off-Guardian is still offering connections to those entities that will ultimately shut it down like they already did with other dissident voices? ‘google’, ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ are in bed with the totalitarian regime. Nothing good will come from them. They need to be boycotted. Not embedded. Last but not least an interesting addendum. ‘FAIR’ had something in their newsletter today. It was also an article about corporate regime censorship and linked to ‘Alexa’ – the google AI. The link ended in the search term ‘infowars.com’ and I changed it just out of curiosity to ‘off-guardian.org’. Here is the result:
    Now, since I don’t want to insert more than one link here, replace the search for ‘off-guardian.org’ with ‘facebook.com’ and ‘youtube.com’.
    I will be more than happy to hear back from anybody who does so and shares his/her thoughts about it.

    Pasate bien!

  3. rtj1211 says

    You can find a few quite quickly by reading BTL at Breitbart and order-order.com to name but two.

    It may take a bit longer to distinguish between bots, paid trolls and true far right frothers.

    But you can certainly find true believers of the judicially incorrect belief that all paedophiles are socialists or communists. Or maybe Liberal Democrats. But not Conservatives. Oh, no….

    You find true believers that religious imperialism has been unique to the Religion of Peace. Certainly not ever espoused by Christians and absolutely not during the Crusades, the British Empire, nor by Spanish Conquistadors serving God, but happily getting rich along the way. And as for followers of the Torah, that would be unspeakable blasphemy, so it is not spoken of.

    • Lucas Wheeler says

      By “Nazi” I assume you mean alt-right. Well I can tell you we’re doing fine. No actually we’re doing better then fine we’re winning. And I say that despite the fact we face actual censorship and persecution.

      On the censorship case in point Andrew Anglin had his site The Daily Stormer effectively stolen from him after he published some basic truths about Antifa “martyr” Heather Hayer. She was a disgustingly fat waste of a human life. And further more it will be proven at James Fields’ trial that she died of heart attack brought on by her morbid obesity. Admittedly her heart attack was exacerbated by being in the vicinity of a panicked Fields attempted flight from a rabid antifa mob.

      You defenders of the globalist nation destroying agenda are facing another trial loss with Red whale Heather. It’s simply going to be another Tray Tray Martin. Y’all should read what Ann Coulter recently had to write on this impending fiasco the Globalist-Zionist “anti-racists” authorities face in Commie-ville.

      But back to Anglin and the Stormer. I am happy to let you know the number one American White Nationalist news site is still on the web and being read by millions of young White men every day. Millions of young White men in North America, Europe, Australia New Zealand, South Africa, Latin America (in Spainish no less). Young White men who are awoke to the White genocide agenda being pushed by the Globalists and the (((rootless Cosmopolitans))). And many of these readers are as well forming Daily Stormer Book Clubs.

      On Jason Kessler’s recent Washington D.C. rally Anglin was very clear to his numerous readers don’t go. And in this advice he was joined by other alt-right leaders. The alt-right is above all a metapolitical cultural movement that is set to march through the Jewish controlled institutions of our societies as to recapture them for our people. A march we know we must pull off with rapid success if we’re to secure a our future for our children.

      From an alt-right perspective Kessler’s determination to see his event through has proven to be a net positive. Kessler was even able to attract a couple of blacks to an event that was actually about defending our right to access the public square. And who did the public see blocking Kessler’s multiracial few from the public square? Why a horde of violent freakish ultra-leftists.

      A horde that as well simultaneously appeared at Charlottesville. The victim apparently of a troll from Weev of the Daily Stormer. With no “Nazis” to violently attack in Charlottesville the sociopathic Antifa attacked their old friend from last year — The Charlottesville police! No y’all here just keep signaling you’re right thinking and we on the alt-right will keep doing what we need to do secure a world for whites.

      • Frankly Speaking says

        Disgusting people like you deserve all that you get. You are attempting to poison the whole right side of the political hemisphere and trying to exclude from it those who are colored, gay or anything else that doesn’t fit your filthy extreme agenda.

        You are no different to your brothers the Antifa Trotskyists who are trying to poison and seize the whole of the left political hemisphere.

        Both of you Nazis and Trotskyists are vile extremists who should be locked up, or dumped together onto an uninhabited island in the middle of the ocean to fight it out between yourseves and leave the rest of us alone.

        Now scuttle off back into your dark hole you vermin.

        • milosevic says

          vile extremists

          — as opposed to the moderate, reasonable people who supported the Great Liberal Hope, Killary Klingon.

          Like you, I suppose.

      • Harry Stotle says

        Hi Lucas – you seem to have inadvertently posted on a site run and read by left wing internationalists.

        In any event I am unsure why you are explaining your ‘position’ because the limited horizons of jack boot polishers, a position determined by angry men with little capacity for real human relations is already well known.

        Unfortunately those with limited intellect often fail to understand who the real enemy is although the crimes of Manafort and Cohen might flick a switch on for even the dimmest right winger.
        In any event fellow US citizens are not the problem simply because of skin pigmentation or cultural background – that’s the kind of identity politics the alt-right accuse the PC brigade of all the time. I mean can’t you see the funny side when rabid members of the alt-right are pleading for a safe space for gun practice or burning crosses?

        Change is coming Lucas – in fact I hear there are even plans to build America’s biggest mosque in Arizona: can I get a whoop-whoop for that?

        • Anyone posting the kind of thing Lucas is posting and self-describing as ‘alt-right’ is almost certainly a state-dept troll. Best to ignore 🙂

          • Frankly Speaking says

            That thought came to my mind as well, however, I thought important to try and isolate the idiot or agent provacatuer or whatever he / she / it is.

          • Matt says

            Not sure if you’re being satirical or not, but if not, then you obviously don’t see the irony of this website bashing those who discuss the Russian trolls, while you go on about calling alt-right pinheads “state-dept trolls”.

            There is no evidence of “state-dept trolls” going to these websites and posing as alt-right weirdos. How quick you are to make evidence-free false accusations all the while calling those who discuss the Russian trolls “Russophobes” and caricaturing them as paranoid schizos. In other words, what you are practicing now is base anti-Americanism.

            Anyway, you clearly don’t spread enough time reading alt-right websites. If you did, you would know that there are many, many more people like Lucas who are far more vicious than him. Go ahead and visit the comments section of any Breitbart article if you don’t believe me.

        • notheonly1 says

          I can’t contain myself! And of course, I also favor design number 2. 😀

  4. Paul X says

    I don’t doubt that in the US the Nazis are more of a media creation than anything; what isn’t in that blighted country? But in Eastern Europe and especially Ukraine you will find real Nazis, many of them descendants of Nationalists under Bandera and those who fought with the SS and often enthusiastically led massacres of Jews (and Poles). They dug up their old uniforms and weapons in 2013 and are now an important part of the Kiev Government which itself is paid for by America and the EU. It’s clear these resurrected Nazis are as serious as they ever were back in the early 1940’s.

  5. The Nazis are, in fact, long dead.
    This is 2018, and groups of loonies simply call themselves whatever they want to, while the media also call them whatever they want to:
    National Liberation Front, Front of Liberal Nationals, Nationalists Without Liberal Fronts, or Liberals With No Fixed Abode.
    It’s all the same. The desired chaos has been achieved.

  6. Actually it was Hillary Clinton and Victoria Nuland who turned the Ukraine over to the Nazi element with their coup.

    • Paul X says

      It was Britain’s very own Never-elected to Anything Baroness Ashton, Blair’s protege and the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs that made the dawn announcement 22/2/14 that the EU recognised a new government in Kiev, one run by Ukrainian Nationalists who were hard line right wingers suitably anti Russian. It was like 1941 all over again. Disclosure of the The Baronesses phone showed calls through the night to Washington and she agreed she’d spoken to Obama before announcing the Coup d’etat to the World. She blamed the break down of law and order at the Maiden Protest. She didn’t go on to blame that breakdown on specialist snipers trained by the US in Poland; nearly 100 anti riot police were shot causing them to withdrew and leaving the city open. Although it cost the West billions of $’s they are happy; Europe’s bread basket is safely with them and ready whenever required to start pushing in the East. “Just give us the weapons”. they say (“Oh! And more money too please, we’ve run out, again!”)

  7. James Connolly says

    These clowns’ antics are accorded so many headlines by liberal media. But when is the threat they allegedly pose to minority communities ever juxtaposed with the very real human catastrophe visited upon those communities by liberal icons over the past several decades.

    Consider, for example, the impact of Bill Clinton, “America’s first black president,” on black America. Between 92 and 2000, Clinton oversaw the most significant reduction of the welfare state in US history, a “deficit-reduction” policy that disproportionately hammered communities of color. And his criminal justice reforms have produced a situation today where more black people are imprisoned in the USA than were held in bondage there on the eve of the Civil War. A clue as to whether this disproportionate impact on minority communities was intended/regretted came to light during the 2008 Democratic nomination race, when Clinton told Teddy Kennedy that Barack Obama was unworthy of support because he was a guy who “used to carry our bags for us.”

    As for Obama himself, his Wall Street-led handling of the foreclosure crisis resulted in the biggest drop in black wealth in US history..

    So whenever liberals are heard fulminating about a march by some motley band of racist halfwits, it’s worth reflecting on the relative real-life impact of that march on black people .. as compared to federal laws that have been ruthlessly pursued and enacted by the most highly vaunted liberal champions of Black America.

    And why that comparison is never heard..

  8. Somewhere I read the other day that ‘Russiagate is a Brennan project’.
    I read about that frog in Greer:
    [read the other parts for context]
    He seems to buy into the Republicrat pantomime, a false premise.
    I see no ‘changer’ in Trump, no obstruction to ‘the privatisation of everything’, no real brake on the Neocon machine (NB Bolton…..Iran….). Clinton announced the censorship war as a response to Trump victory (via cranky voting machines).
    Problem, reaction, solution.

    Hillarious article, seeing the hysteria all in one shows just how absurd it is, we all are.

    • Wally says

      He certainly is a change to the decades long careerist, dynastic, professional politicians. As Nukulur-Bush exclaimed at Trumps inauguration speech ‘that was some weird shit!

      History will judge no doubt. In the meantime I can’t help but delight in the eviserations at the top of the 3 lettered agencies that daily practice the psyops described above. I expect this presidency will have delivered more change than the change-dude and undo some of the shit of the comeback-kid and their masters. I hope.

  9. BigB says

    Where have all the Nazis gone?

    We all know that it was Soros who was paying the ‘Resistance’: so why the dissipation. Simple, Trump paid them off. Let me qualify that: the American aristocracy that was behind the Resistance got their men from Goldman $uchs -Mnuchin and Ross – to pay them a $5tn bribe (in the form of tax cuts – to be funded by the peoples MediCare and the like). Then they got their man in the Fed – Powell – to raise the rates: which has sucked the $$$$$ out of the submerging markets and into US Gilts (bonds). This allows them to extend the ridiculous deficit to further fund the war machine budget by $80bn …let’s round it up to a trillion (it’s actually more than that).

    So, not that they would admit it publicly, they are all better off – so Trump ain’t such a bad guy: hence the token Resistance? 😉

  10. Harry Stotle says

    While in Britain, of course we have Tommy Robinson.
    Where on earth would we be without hourly media bulletins documenting Robinson’s latest threat to civilisation, or the nefarious activities or 5 men in Stoke (i.e the EDL).

    Britain is being systematically asset stripped so that it is only a matter of time before famished zombies are ravaging the few remaining solvent citizens – yet what keeps the likes of the Guardian up at night, Tommy bloody Robinson.

    Don’t these muppets not realise the international banking cartel will not be brought down by a Scottish comedian teaching his dog how to do nazi salutes?

  11. Where have all the Nazis gone?

    Last time I looked they emerged and took power in Ukraine under the supervision of Nuland, McCain and Brennan. Sponsored by NED under the banner of US democracy in the making…

  12. Robbobbobin says

    The only racisms and fascisms usefully worth combatting are the rascisms and fascisms within, born of all the psychlogical ambiguities that arise when primaeval barriers of speciation – indistinct, amorphous and ever-changing as the tree of life eternally branches to meet the constantly varying ground of the material world – are set against the urgent need for each single generation individual to find a foundation solid enough on which to nest and conceive and nurture their unique contribution to the next. Individual rejection of the transient, hallucinatory social fears posited as necessary for achieving that is the most difficult but only way to combat racism and its irrational analogue, xenophobia, the pre-political manifestation of presumed to be disruptive “others”, the outcome not the cause. Nazism uses political demonstrations because, short of individual Nazi penetration of the abyss, it is immune to them.

    Fish <i>gotta</i> swim, birds <i>gotta</i> fly,
    I gotta love one man till I die,
    Can't help lovin' dat man o' mine.

    That's it...

    Tell me he's lazy, tell me he's slow,
    Tell me I'm crazy - maybe, I know -
    Can't help lovin' dat man o' mine.

    <b>How come y'all know dat song?</b>

    It’s all in the primordial psyche, Stupid.

    • Robbobbobin says

      As a text/html editor, this WordPress thing sure has a bunch of problems.

  13. C.J. Hopkins has given readers a hilarious, much appreciated satirical look at these ultimately stupid, irrelevant goings-on. Thank you, Mr. Hopkins.

  14. Antonyl says

    “global capitalism”? No, it an unregulated, unsupervised survival of the fittest. PR China with their 100% state enabled industry is winning till now through dumping (also of environmental and labourer considerations), apart from the 1% that own Apple, Google etc. It’s a lawless shark eats shark pool.

    • BigB says

      China deregulated and liberalised while you weren’t looking. The SOEs are in “mixed ownership”, a euphemism for part- or wholly privatised. After 30 years of reforms, they now have a large private sector. The situation is confused by the fact that the ‘state owned’ giants such as China National Petroleum Corps has a publicly listed division – Petro-China – and is going through a “mandatory mixed-ownership” process. Smaller SOEs have been recently opened up to 51% foreign ownership (in certain sectors). Then there are the subsidiarys of the American TNCs that operate in designated “Special Economic Zones” that are effectively foreign. Suffice to say, definitely not “state enabled industry”: and definitely not “100%” …witness the capital flight problem which is the downside of foreign investment.

      • BigB says

        BTW: this was not a voluntary process, many of the SOEs had to be dragged kicking and screaming all the way to being floated on the stock market. Many of the poorly performing didn’t make it and became obsolete and are now defunct (liquidated). There were plenty of advantages to being state owned – and bribery was rampant. Now they have a “triple bubble” economy (including in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges that they are trying to contain the contagion from) and the PBOC is ‘printing’ like mad to keep the Yuan in their desired exchange ‘band’.

        It pays dearly to globalise: they may come to rue the day that they decided to liberalise to allow FDI in (and relax capital controls to let flight capital out) …they should have kept it “in house” and “100% state enabled” – using only Yuan to develop. But then many of their analysts and economists were trained at Harvard and interned with Goldman $uchs …neoliberalism: America’s secret weapon!

      • Antonyl says

        How come foreign companies trying to own production in China complain & ~all domestic industries around the globe complain about Chinese dumping produce?
        Are Chinese courts neutral to foreigners? Chinese government subsidies or favours too?

        • BigB says

          China dumping is actually a complex global problem. Ostensibly it is a simple matter of overcapacity, overproduction, and the need to stave off unemployment leading to social unrest. The problem is that Chinese firms are not the only ones overproducing: and they have been accused of selling below the cost of production. The third problem is under-consumption in their target markets, particularly the US and W Europe. This, I would say, is due to everyone’s credit cards being maxed out. I wouldn’t believe a single official government statistic: labour participation, productivity, and real wage growth have been declining for 40 years. McBullshit jobs don’t count as full employment. Debt-ridden Zombie economies can only pay so much for their commodities.

          The whole world economy is contracting, yet every economy is compelled to grow exponentially: this leads to a potentially fatal contradiction. The result is financial engineering (monetising and leveraging debt): but spending borrowed money is unsustainable. The result of QE and ZIRP policies is too much capital seeking too few (risk free) opportunities. Essentially, capitalism is cannibalising capitalism: further exacerbating the overproduction and under-consumption scenario.

          To look into the underlying reasons: the energy cost of energy would have to be taken into consideration. Suffice to say the cost of oil (the real cost: not the highly subsidised cost per barrel) is becoming an increasing drag on the world economy (ditto the cost of other resources). This is piling up the debt and exacerbating the contradiction.

          So overcapacity, underconsumption, the 2008 debt hangover (China built its way out of succumbing to the global GFC), a contracting world economy, surpassing biophysical limits, all combine to leave China with too much stuff it has to get rid of to keep everyone employed to maintain the ‘Mandate of Heaven’ social contract of continual prosperity.

          I don’t know about Chinese courts, except that formerly they were closed to foreigners and very secretive. This has been relaxed. There’s a Chinalawblog if you are interested.

          • Antonyl says

            Wise words from a commenter on that Chinalawblog:
            From my history with manufacturers operating in mainland China with significant ownership based in Hong Kong, we generally name Hong Kong as the jurisdiction in which to hold mediation, arbitration and / or legal proceedings. Disputes can and do happen regularly but I have never seen it go to formal mediation, arbitration or the civil court system. From my experience we point to contracts as guidelines only and do not depend on them to fully protect us or resolve all disputes. My guiding compass in dispute has always been to follow the old way of China business, assume there is no contract or legal system to protect you, maintain leverage such that the manufacturer has incentives to deliver mutual success. Once you loose leverage, all bets are off, tight contract or not.

  15. Trump’s “army” was never those people anyways. No matter how many liars say it, it will never be true. I’m a perfect example of one of Trump’s more loyal supporters & I’ve been opposed to racism mt while life. Still am, which is why I support him (not a racist) & why I oppose Democrats these days (even though I used to be one, I left the party in 2015 when they demonstrated THEY were the corrupt ones, they were the bigots, & they were on the same side (and bigger players) than the corrupt elements that were (until Trump ran & won) running the GOP.

    • @Sutter. Largely agree re reasons for backing Trumpeter vs Killary. The same “deplorable” grass roots reaction which propelled our Jeremy into Leadership position. Trump is no FDR, and Corbyn is no Attlee, but the media — owned by a ‘mighty handful’ of Anglo Zio Capitalists — are gunning for Trump and Corbyn as though these two were reincarnations of ‘the Capitalist’s dread spectre’ — Karl Marx.

  16. The Nazis are still there… They are called ‘Antifas’ now. They wave red and black flags, as well as Palestinian ones and even hammers and sickles, but they are Nazis and nobody can be fooled. They are the shock Nazi troops of leftism, that is, Feminazis, Black Supremacists, Islamist Supremacists and other Minoritymongers, bent on subverting the spirit of the laws, while pretending uphold the letter.

    • Antonyl says

      You can recognize totalitarians by their actions. They accumulate in many an organization “too big to fail” or those let loose by them. No respect for any law, violent, lying easily, plenty of money to play with.
      Example the CIA with their ISIS.

    • frank says

      My Father flew fighters for the RAF during WW2. He was “antifa”

  17. Anthony Enos Wicher says

    The author does not mention that among that gang of “Nazis” at Charlottesville and Lafayette Square was not doubt a couple of FBI agents leading the demonstration, and that the cops had instructions to allow a confrontation.

  18. Thanks for this highly entertaining piss take, I was laughing so much I kept losing my place on the page, I’ll just have to reblog it.


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