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Putin-Nazi Paranoia

CJ Hopkins

They’re out there. Trump-loving, Assad-apologist, Putin-Nazi sleeper agents, posing as regular normal Americans. They could be anyone. They could be your neighbors, the guys in the copy room, your Uber drivers, even some of your Twitter followers. They’re sitting there, right now, glued to their televisions, waiting for Jewish Nazi law clerks to perform a series of secret hand signs, blinks, hiccups, sneezes, coughs, and almost undetectable, low-frequency flatulence that will signal the launch of the “Attack on America.” It could come at any moment now.

Zina Bash is definitely one of them. Don’t let her Mexican-Jewish ancestry, or the fact that her grandparents were Holocaust survivors, fool you into thinking otherwise. She made that “OK” sign at the Kavanaugh hearings, which, all right, apparently wasn’t the cue for the millions of American Putin-Nazis to rip off their rubbery masks of normality and storm into the streets in their polo shirts singing Tomorrow Belongs to Me … but it was some kind of secret Nazi code.

Certainly, Alex Jones is one of them. Why else would patriotic global corporations like Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube suddenly ban him from all their platforms after allowing him to spew his bile there for years? It’s probably only a matter of time until Google’s “algorithms” unperson him entirely (at which point I’ll receive instructions to delete any reference to him in this essay, or risk being further deranked myself. I will, of course, comply immediately, as no one despises Alex Jones more than I, even though, oddly, I’ve never watched him. Thank God for that, as who knows how my mind could have been permanently warped by whatever Nazi content he’s been forcing less fortunate Americans to consume!)

And then, God help us, there’s Jeremy Corbyn and his genocidal communist Nazi Death Cult! If he isn’t one of them, no one is. If you haven’t been following the British media, the story is, basically, that Jeremy Corbyn is a terrorist-loving, anti-Semitic, conspiracy theorizing, racist traitor to everything the British ruling classes stand for, and has transformed the UK Labour Party into a homicidal mob of Jew-hating brownshirts. Gangs of slavering Corbyn-Nazis are roving the lanes of Kensington and Knightsbridge accusing Jews of lacking irony and saying mean things about the State of Israel. British Jews have been advised to flee the country or to shelter in place until the tabloids, The Guardian, the ruling classes, and Tony Blair can hound this Hitlerian devil out of office, which, the way things are going, should be any day now.

Meanwhile, the British soldier on under the imminent threat of Putin-Nazi Novichok perfume assassin hit squads, which Putin could send at any moment directly from Moscow to Gatwick Airport to incompetently attempt to murder their targets by spraying the deadliest nerve agent in existence onto the doorknobs of their suburban homes and then stroll around getting filmed by every CCTV camera in Britain. As far as I know, the British tabloids haven’t yet published surveillance photos of Corbyn welcoming the Skripal assassins at Gatwick with a wreath, or a bottle of Stoli (and wearing his Russian-stooge hat, of course), but I won’t be terribly shocked when they do.

And the Putin-Nazis are not just on the march in the United States and Great Britain. They’re coming out of the woodwork in Europe! As I’m sure you’re aware, here in Germany, in a city called Chemnitz in the Free State of Saxony, which has never had any kind of Nazi problems (except for the fact that the entire region has been infested with neo-Nazis for decades and is generally known here as Neo-Nazi Central), thousands of just regular foreigner-hating “Volk” joined a few hundred neo-Nazis in marching around with German flags, barking xenophobic slogans, heiling Hitler, harassing assorted “non-German-looking” human beings, and various other forms of “protest.” Such unprecedented eruptions of Nazism occur on a regular basis in Saxony, albeit on a smaller scale, so it was rather awkward for the corporate media to link the events in Chemnitz to Trump, but nevertheless they managed to sneak a few references to his “emboldenment” in. The best they could do to tie in to Putin was to publish a lot of photos of skinheads hanging around that humongous statue of Marx in the center of Chemnitz’s central square, because, you know, Putin, Trump, Marx, Stalin, Assad, Saddam, Gaddafi … whoever, they’re all just different brands of Hitler!

Seriously, though, all comedy aside, I have to hand it to David Brock, or Jennifer Palmieri, or whoever it was that came up with the Putin-Nazi narrative. OK, granted, the Putin part hasn’t quite worked, except on die-hard Obama disciples, Hillary-worshippers, and other bull-goose loonies, but the Nazi stuff is going gangbusters … and not just with the liberal public (because that has always been an easy sell), but also with the more leftist left. It has taken a while, but we’ve arrived at the stage where even “hardcore anti-capitalist leftists” are dedicating most of their time and energy to calling Donald Trump a fascist, and likening him to Hitler, and so on, over and over, and over again, in increasingly exasperated tones. Why, in Marx’s name, these leftists want to know, won’t other leftists join the chorus of voices screaming, “TRUMP IS A FASCIST!” in all caps on a daily basis? How could these other leftists not see that this is not the time to attack the corporate media, the “intelligence community,” global corporations, or anyone other than DONALD TRUMP, who is LITERALLY ADOLF FUCKING HITLER?

Anthony DiMaggio’s recent essay in CounterPunch is a prime example of the effect the Putin-Nazi paranoia is having on leftists. According to DiMaggio, Donald Trump, by tweeting mean things about Attorney General Sessions and bombastically threatening The New York Times, is no longer just a normal fascist. He is now officially a “full-on fascist,” or a “real world fascist,” or a super duper fascist! DiMaggio doesn’t have any qualms about the deep state, or rather, the steady state, sabotaging an elected president (or at least pretending to be doing do so in print), because, well, you know, “the stakes are far higher” than mere democracy, what with Hitler in the White House. William Kristol would agree wholeheartedly.

But calling Trump a fascist again is just an overture for DiMaggio’s main theme, which is that it’s time to unite the left against the growing Putin-Nazi threat. See, the problem is not just the Putin-Nazis. It is also the fellow Putin-Nazi travellers, and the Assadists, and the Red-Brown infiltrators! Yes, you know who we are, do you not? Glenn Greenwald is our leader, naturally, but Caitlin Johnstone is second-in-command. We refer to her in our secret meetings as “Caity, Queen of the Putin-Nazis.” DiMaggio links to a helpful list of other traitorous Strasserist spies compiled by the crackpot Louis Proyect, folks like Norman Finkelstein, Mike Whitney, Diana Johnstone, Patrick Cockburn, Tom Engelhardt, and Michael Hudson, whose essays have been published in The Unz Review, which also publishes a lot of “alt-right,” racist, and anti-Semitic essays. (Full disclosure: Proyect contacted me, demanding to know how I can allow my work to appear on a Nazi website like Unz, but I ignored him, as I assumed he was just trolling me, again, but it appears he was fishing for incriminating comments for his groundbreaking piece of investigative journalism. In any event, I seem to have escaped inclusion on his Red-Brown blacklist. For the record, I’m with Norman Finkelstein. I don’t stop anyone from reposting my essays, no matter what I think of their other contributors. I wouldn’t even stop The New York Times from publishing my stuff, though, of course, they never would, and they publish actual mass murdering war criminals.)

Anyway, according to Anthony DiMaggio, “leftists who focus on the propagandistic nature of the corporate media, while shilling for the far right and failing to condemn right-wing fascism, provide comfort to the reactionary right’s efforts to suppress journalistic freedom.” Well, Jesus, I wouldn’t want to do anything like that. I hope DiMaggio will follow up with a breakdown of exactly how many times I need to call Donald Trump a fascist before I am allowed to criticize the propagandistic nature of the corporate media, or the global capitalist ruling classes, or any type of “full-on fascism” that doesn’t neatly fit into his simplistic category … like the type that seeks to impose a regime of anus-puckering ideological conformity on those it determines are members of its camp, and that gets off punishing deviations from its norms.

Look, the truth is, I don’t like Donald Trump. I haven’t liked him for about thirty years. I have no problem whatsoever with leftists like DiMaggio calling him names until they’re blue in the face if that makes them happy. What I do find problematic is the growing atmosphere of neo-McCarthyite paranoia which has been gradually spreading into leftist quarters, and the witch-hunting, and the Putin-Nazi-baiting, and the compiling and distributing of pseudo-blacklists, and the cheering on of global corporations as they ideologically sterilize the Internet. We get enough of that from the corporate media. So how about we lighten up on the paranoia, let the global capitalist ruling classes finish destroying Donald Trump, and maybe think about what the left has to offer as an alternative to the global-corporate, post-“fascist,” neo-feudal future. While it might not feel like it at the moment, it’s coming … we’ll be there before you know it.

C J Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Broadway Play Publishing (USA). His debut novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. He can be reached at cjhopkins.com or consentfactory.org

Feel free to come find him in Berlin and buy him a beer. He’s been known to frequent an assortment of extremely suspicious RUSSIAN establishments in Kreuzberg.


  1. The Left have for many years been used to serve the agenda of the extremists running the show. They helped UKIP stop Labour being elected in 2015; they got Brexit over the line by falling for the idea the priority was to give the establishment a kicking over the country’s future in Europe; they allowed the military to keep up Bush’s war strategy under the disguise of a grinning stooge spouting meaningless platitudes in the form of Obama…The campaign against Trump is precisely because he is not the warmongering Hitler that the American military and bankers feel they need to keep plundering other nations. Whatever his rhetoric, the fact is there is nothing that Trump has actually done that is anything like as bad as what George W Bush and Obama did, neither of whom faced any suggestion of impeachment – indeed, their crimes were covered up by the American establishment and their client media.

  2. DunGroanin says

    What happened to my post last night ?
    A statement appeared saying i was posting too fast and my comment will appear later…sunday pm now.

    • Admin says

      Sorry, DG, we don’t have your missing comment. This happens sometimes. It’s a WP/comment software issue and there’s nothing we can do until we (finally) upgrade the site. Sometimes comments just disappear.

      We tell everyone to keep copies of longer comments and to repost if they don’t see their comment appear within five or ten mins.

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  3. King Kong says

    Well , you do wonder…
    I was born in 1957, and I can not remmember Russophobia being at higher levels than it is now. Even during the cold war it never had the focus of the media as today. The 1968 invasion and the 1979 invasion , did never spark the levels of Russophobia, that we we see today.
    On the other hand, then we had a independent press, nowadays we have a press globally controlled by 5-9 corporations, all controlled by the Fascist Apartheid Zionist State. The one that must not and cannot be criticized. I say F. them, Israel is a cancerous abscess on the globe.

  4. rilme says

    “in Germany, in a city called Chemnitz in the Free State of Saxony, which has never had any kind of Nazi problems”

    I bet you five dollars Chemnitz has had Ashkenazi problems.

    • Ashkenazi problems? Just the sort of thing I’ve heard on UNZ Review but the comment would be more straightforward: “Jew problems”.

  5. flamingosarepink says

    Thank you CJ, amen to all of that. May your day be free of parasitic poseurs, fake left journalism and looney scribblers. Bravo!

  6. Makropulos says

    Also nice to see that little weasel Louis Proyect getting called out. Unrepentant Marxist my arse!

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Reading the loathsome Proyect induces ‘proyectile’ vomiting.

      • rilme says

        I’m just anti the whole Yect thing already.

  7. Makropulos says

    Excellent article. You see – the trouble for our concerned liberal shock troops is that so many on the left – and indeed so many in general – are getting bored with throwing rotten fruit at the designated enemy on the showbiz stage. Folk are starting to take note of the script writers in the background.

  8. Gary Weglarz says

    I much appreciate CJ Hopkin’s work. Thanks for sharing it here. Writing effective political satire in an age when daily MSM news already “looks like” some bizarre combination of political satire meets theatre of the absurd is no small feat.

    PS – Too bad a troll boy was given so much undeserved attention in the comments section. His posts are just another example of the standard techniques right out of the government’s own troll manual designed to derail intelligent online discussion:

    “The 4 D’s: Deny, Disrupt, Degrade, Deceive”

    Ironically, this troll manual material was published in an article by, who else, Glenn Greenwald at, you guessed it, The Intercept.

    • reduced sodium says

      The level of vile, cretinous, right wing patriotic idiocy to support Bush over Iraq is too much to ignore. Greenwald is a rabid, right wing nut. Exactly like Edward Snowden funnily enough. Like Snowden he is too stupid to change his mind even if he doesn’t fancy torture.

      “Greenwald has written that, in 2003, he trusted Bush about Iraq: “I accepted his judgment that American security would be enhanced by the invasion of this sovereign country.” That trust was soon lost. And by 2005, when Greenwald started his blog, he wrote as a critic of U.S. torture and rendition policies, and of legal theories defending them.


      Notice how to put forward an argument rather than just spew insults at your opponent?

      • Admin says

        Might be simpler if you state who you believe ISN’T a shill. Please don’t clutter the thread with any more repeat-posts of this nature.

  9. F***ThePowers says

    McAskill of the Daily Groan is ‘retiring’. Another rat from a sinking ship? pushed? Jumped?

    “What has been the Guardian’s greatest moments during your time here?
    Alan looks benign but he took on every part of the establishment and presided over a great run of stories: WikiLeaks, phone-hacking and Snowden. Since Kath took over, the stories have kept on coming: Milly Gentleman on immigration; Carole Cadwalladr on Cambridge Analytica; Juliette Garside and her team on the Panama and Paradise Papers; and Martin Chulov on Islamic State.

    What have you been proudest of?
    One of the best things about the Guardian is the morning conference. Unlike other news organisations, it is open to all staff, everyone free to speak. It is part post-mortem, part a look forward. Sometimes passionate. Occasionally heated. At its best, it throws up good story ideas. Over the last few weeks, knowing I was leaving, I have looked around at the faces, thinking ‘I am so glad I was part of this. I am glad I was one of you’. There has never been a day I was not proud to be part of the Guardian.”

    So aside from Gentleman and Cadwalladr – which sort of counts as investigative – i am not convinced by Carols latest piece.

    The Panama papers fell into their lap and have disappeared as a recurrant theme, why?

    As for Chulov! Lol the Syria Campaign PR mouthpiece and shill. Oh boy Ewen!

    “Never a day not proud” ah Ewen you disappoint me – Never??

    ‘No regrets’ McAskill, ah well go enjoy your pension. – “One of the reasons the Guardian gained popularity in the US was its opposition to the Iraq war. How did you come to write about that?”. – you lying, lying…

    • Admin says

      We’re prepared to state categorically NO investigative reporting comes out of the Graun any more. They fired or phased out all their real journalists and brought in a collection of style mag fourth wave faux feminists, state-sponsored fake Lefties/Greens and peppered the mix with a few war-crazed lunatics. They are at this point completely divorced from reality, their daily meetings and their output focused on discussing events that either never happened or happened in a completely different way from the one they claim, and ‘issues’ no one but they care about. If you were sitting in it would be like watching a bunch of delusional psych patients discussing their shared fantasies. Disturbing and tragic. No exaggeration.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Chulov is MOSSAD, a creep who moves in and out of takfiri butcher controlled areas with ease.

  10. ‘reduced sodium’ is a straw man for ‘………..’ [fill blank]

  11. Antonyl says

    Can’t find that Time cover above: fake picture ?!

  12. George Cornell says

    So Harvey Weinstein is a Bill Clinton confidante? What could they possibly have in common?

    • Since you mentioned it, it occurs to me that I find myself wondering if Harvey’s name ever appeared on any of Jeffry Epstein’s “Lolita Express” flight manifests.

  13. reduced sodium says

    Glenn Greenwald is the shilliest, little shill in Shilltown. He sold out to NSA connected, Ukraine revolution sponsor and ebay billionaire Pierre Omidyar for $250 million to set up a shill media organisation called ‘The Intercept’ .


    It doesn’t matter what he says to make himself look like a genuine activist, he isn’t.

    “Edmonds further stated that Greenwald had confirmed Omidyar’s long-running partnership with the CIA and other government agencies on Twitter during a heated exchange between the two in 2013.

    Omidyar is also well-connected to Snowden’s former employer Booz Allen Hamilton, a major government contractor known as the “world’s most profitable spy organization,” whose former executives include James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, and Michael McConnell, former Director of the NSA. Omidyar’s Ulupono Initiative, a venture capital fund that operates in his home state of Hawaii, cosponsors one of the Pentagon’s most important contractor expos, in which Booz Allen Hamilton – and the Department of Defense – have a major stake. In addition, a former Booz Allen Hamilton vice president, Kyle Datta, is General Partner of Omidyar’s Ulupono Initiative.


  14. reduced sodium says

    Jeremy Corbyn is a straw man for left wing politics. He comes from a very well off family, is a lifetime maverick who has opposed his party leadership on countless occasions and used his position as an MP to promote extreme causes like the IRA, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Sandinistas, Chavez and all the rest. He is absolutely the wrong man to be the leader of any political party. He’s exactly the kind of politician ordinary working class people despise.

    I have no problem with him but he will never win an election no matter who cool you think he is. How was he elected leader ? I don’t know.

    • Admin says

      Real question – Are the Sandinistas, Chavez, Hezbollah etc more extreme than the austerity/war ‘centrists’?

      Extremely what?

      • reduced sodium says

        What you and I think is irrelevant. What matters is what the BBC (and other establishment media) tells the voters and what the voters believe.

          • reduced sodium says

            Extremist meaning outside the mainstream in this context. These were extreme left wing, revolutionary organisations in the 1980s.

            There is no resemblance to the vast military industrial juggernaut destroying the middle east and surrounding Russia today who are indeed more extreme in their destructiveness as you imply.

            • bevin says

              Neither Hezbollah nor Hamas can be called ‘left wing. Nor were they in the ’80s.
              Hezbollah is a Lebanese Resistance movement which arose to resist the Israeli invaders of their land and to fight back against an invasion that was criminal and vicious. They were and are exemplary citizens and are, rightly, widely admired by the downtrodden.
              Hamas had its origins in an Israeli government ploy to build a rival to the PLO among Palestinians. It was one of the first of the new generation of Sunni, salalfi militias organised to weaken socialist movements in the muslim world. It has since evolved considerably.
              The history of the IRA ( and I presume that you are referring to the Provisional wing) is widely known. Suffice it to say that, in the context of the 1980s, it was concerned with protecting Catholic communities in Ireland from Orange terrorists, often sponsored by the British government.

              • reduced sodium says

                Thanks. Yes, that’s all true. I was using shortcuts for public/media perception of these organisations which they disapproved of but the extreme left approved of . The provisional IRA definitely saw itself as left wing. Both sides were massively infiltrated by MI5 and other branches of British military intelligence..

                “The man believed to have been one of Britain’s most important agents inside the IRA, “Stakeknife”, has been released on bail after being questioned by detectives investigating 18 murders during the Northern Ireland Troubles.


              • mark says

                Israel created Hamas. They gave it money – they even gave it guns. Part of a bog standard dirty colonial game of divide and rule. Not the first time that murderous Zionist scheming has blown up in their faces. Our Zionist chums would probably give anything to have the PLO back in Lebanon instead of Hezbollah. Or a servile, cringing stooge like Abbas instead of Hamas. Or to have left Assad in peace in a terrorist-free Syria rather than have Iran and Hezbollah there.

          • reduced sodium says

            I am a big fan of Mr Hopkins and most of this article.

      • bevin says

        Glenn Greenwald today at The Intercept reviews the latest Michael Moore movie and is surprised by its quality.

        Low Sodium is clearly a troll, or auditioning to be accepted as one. I think that he will have to tone it down a bit to have any impact on sites like this but nobody, in these dark economic rimes, can be faulted for looking for work.

        • reduced sodium says

          This human being (Reality Winner) handed over classified material to the Intercept and was quickly arrested by the FBI. She’s a distraught human being not some piece of ex Guardian corporate trash like Greenwald and Scahill. .

          Did the Intercept Betray Its NSA Source?

          The third, and most glaring, is that the Intercept provided a copy of the report itself to the NSA on May 30. It’s unclear if the Intercept gave the NSA a scanned copy of the printed material it had received, or a retyped or otherwise altered version, but the NSA then turned the report over to the FBI for further investigation.


          In fact the printer was traced immediately by the NSA. Either the Intercept has no idea that printers can be traced (ludicrous) or it’s a front for the NSA (which is exactly what funder Pierre Omidyar is).

          “That gave the government the idea that the classified report was had been printed out and stolen from its facility. The officials then used “microdots” (nearly invisible yellow dots) on the printout to identify the exact printer where the document was printed.


          • Are you conflating “The Intercept”, a publication, and “Glenn Greenwald”’, an employee, because the two are not one and the same. Moreover, Greenwald’s involvement in the Reality Winner debacle was precisely zero, as far as we know.

        • Greenwald writes:

          Knowing that no political work can be commercially successful on a large-scale without affirming Resistance clichés, Moore dutifully complies, but only with the most cursory and fleeting gestures: literally 5 seconds in the film are devoted to assigning blame for Hillary’s loss to Putin and Comey. With that duty discharged, he sets his sights on his real targets: the U.S. political establishment that is ensconced within both parties, along with the financial elites who own and control both of them for their own ends.

          Those of us who see the Trump phenonenon as largely (or even primarily) about ‘offshoring’ the process of closing down liberal democracy in the USA (through demonisation of Russia/Putin) would make more of this token mention. The Trump years have all but been defined in the media by the relentless allegation that he is an agent of Putin, so if you are going to make a film about him, include more than 5 mins on this aspect.
          Moore, though clearly drinks the Russiagate koolaid. He gave Hillary his endorsement. He tweets:

          Michael Moore
          Trump is asked, Who are you going to believe—the Russians or your own officers? And he refused to choose! Do you support your troops or Putin — and he wouldn’t choose! So my first thought goes out to those who serve this country— I’m so sorry the Commander-in-Chief is a traitor.

          The story that needs telling in big budget cinema, is about Israel.
          Then again, I stopped reading The Intercept regularly when they ran a series of articles giving cover for the Banderans.
          This is fake Left reviewing fake Left.

          • mark says

            Michael Moore is worth over $100 million.
            He is typical of the Polly Toynbee/ Luke Harding/ Freedland/ Cohen/ Amy Goodman Faux Left who present themselves as the oh so brave “Resistance” but are just Establishment/ Deep State shills and Russia Haters cheerleading the latest wars and sanctions and lies of the powers that be.

    • George Cornell says

      Maybe he got the most votes. And who decides who is electable? You? His political opponents?
      And what makes you think you can speak for working class people? Are you saying you don’t like him?

    • Francis Lee says

      ”How was he (Corbyn) elected leader? I don’t know?”

      You know, I think it might have something to do with the fact that more people voted for him than his opponents – twice.

      That’s the way its usually works – except in EU referenda of course.

      • reduced sodium says

        As was said of the 1983 Michael Foot manifesto ‘the longest suicide note in history’. Corbyn is simply Michael Foot II, 40 years too late .

        • Admin says

          Its fundamentally dishonest of the establishment to devote all its energy to discrediting a political leader and then claim the resulting electoral defeat proves how bad their policies were, when all it proves is the power of the establishment to control outcomes. It’s even more fundamentally stupid of individuals to parrot such claims.

          • reduced sodium says

            It really doesn’t matter why Foot lost, it was 100% predictable that he would. It is fundamentally dumb to think you are the good guys and you ‘should’ have won. It is 100% predictable that Corbyn will lose every election he ever contests. Even the Guardian attacks him at every opportunity.

            I was literally too militant to join Militant back when Foot was a leader. I don’t need any lessons in radical politics.

            I have no time for naive us vs them politics, defending Alex Jones removal from social media when he is a 100% shill and straw man who is being used to justify attacks on real alternative media. That’s what my post were about.

            • mark says

              Maybe that explains May’s landslide victory at the last election. The Deep State, the MSM, the City, the Spooks, obviously have nothing to worry about, since Corbyn is such a joke.

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              ‘Even the Guardian attacks him at every opportunity’. That famous Zionazi sense of humour.

              • reduced sodium says

                P.S. Not one intelligent response to the article either. I wouldn’t allow you to publish it. No matter how desperate I was.

            • DunGroanin. says

              RS, given your generally correct take on the Intercept – i give it a miss for similar reasons – your perception on JC seems a bit skewed, so I offer you an alternative view to consider.

              Foots Labour ultimately lost because the secret Atlantist sleeper moles in Labour were forced to blow their cover and set up the SDP.

              They were able to split the Labour vote so that many seats became swing ones.

              This meant that the tories got an extra 60 odd seats while still polling some 700,000 votes FEWER then Thatchers first victory!

              That plan was set in motion very early on because of the failure of monetarism (which actually was what Callaghan/Healy started) and ensuing popularity of Foots Labour policy to reaffirm the postwar social democratic ideal.

              The SDP appeal was not working too well even with the remaining Atlantists working against Foot. So a tinpot war and unneccesary slaughter was purveyed to the populace. Along with reinvention of iron Maggie, new hair, new voice, scripted, PR advertising and MSM deployment were all proximate reasons for Foots loss.

              SDP2 is a non-starter, multiple groups have been setup, various leadership candidates, even Blair! But there is no traction with the membership and JC’s non stop campaign on the ground has by-passed the MSM to get the message directly to the public across the country. Imagine what he will do with actual oxygen of publicity!
              Which is what happens in an election period. It is unlikely that a war and martyred heroes will do the same for May.

              May’s gambit yesterday was nowt to do with the EU negotiation and everything to do with trying to keep the focus off Labours conference and policies – witness almost every story in the Groan is about brexit. They appear to have given up on AS as counter productive (that slur isn’t aimed at Jewish Labour voters but the majority of Corbyn supporters)

              It is not going to work as they will know and really having thrown the kitchen sink there is nothing left except perhaps executive action – some handy shiran shiran type working for an assassin state…

              By the way there is nothing wrong in making sure that local parties get to choose their candidates before EVERY election, is there?
              That is democracy after all. It should be mandatory for all candidates of all parties. Funny how the establishment suddenly hates democracy when they can’t rig the game in their favour.

              Please do consider this, all the best.

        • mark says

          Yep, that’s why they would never dream of wasting any time and energy and money running smear campaigns against him. Why bother, since he’s so unelectable.

        • JA139 says

          The Michael Foot election was a ‘khaki’ election, won by Thatcher on the back of ‘our boys’ beating up the ‘Argies’ in the South Atlantic. Before the Falklands war, Thatcher’s poll ratings were terrible.

    • How was he elected leader? By popular acclaim from members of the Labour Party. He is in fact an excellent campaigner and will likely win the next general election. and he doesnt come from ‘a very well-off’ family. Comfortable perhaps, but not well off. In fact he almost won the last general election despite hysterical opposition from the establishment including the BBC. Over all, your comments show little understanding of Corbyn, or of the disenchantment the electorate has with the present status quo.

    • Saltisgood says

      You need some salt urgently – looks like your blood has thickened dangerously and is stopping your mind and senses function – quick before your brain shrivels… oh too late, you poor poor gibbering wreck, so so sad.

      • reduced sodium says

        Corbyn is the best thing to happen to the Tories since they recruited the Duke of Wellington in 1806. A total disaster for Labour. How are you enjoying the anti semitism debate ? Does Jeremy hate the Jews ????


        • Makropulos says

          There is no “anti-Semitism debate”. Only an “anti-Semitism mantra” i.e. repeat repeat repeat the same noise until it sticks.

          • ILLUSIONS OF EMPIRE says

            Victimization has become the essence of Israeli national identity, according to Idith Zertal, professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Israel has been transformed

            “into an ahistorical and apolitical twilight zone, where Auschwitz is not a past event but a threatening present and a constant option. By means of Auschwitz—which has become over the years Israel’s main reference in its relations with a world defined repeatedly as anti-Semitic and forever hostile—Israel rendered itself immune to criticism, and impervious to a rational dialogue with the world around her.”[19]

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Yes-the Zionazi stench of this lying vilifier grows ever stronger. Could it be Nick Cohen?

    • mark says

      Sorry, but I can’t remember Corbyn, Hezbollah, Chavez etc. invading Iraq and slaughtering two million people. Must have missed that one. Must have been playing cricket or something.

      Of course Corbyn could never win an election. Like Trump could never win an election and Brexit could never happen. It makes you wonder why the Daily Mail used its first 14 pages to slag him off. Or why the Deep State, spook organisations, MSM, the City and the rest put so much effort into smearing him as a Communist spy, an arch terrorist, with the Board of Deputies taking direct control to smear him as anti semitic. I don’t know why they bother – he’s obviously unelectable. You’d think our Great Leader May hadn’t won a landslide victory against him at the last election. Can’t understand it myself.

      How was he elected leader? Something called democracy, apparently, whatever that is.

      • reduced sodium says

        That’s what a straw man is. A person or argument designed to be easily attacked.


        “Sorry, but I can’t remember Corbyn, Hezbollah, Chavez etc. invading Iraq and slaughtering two million people.”

        That’s because they’re really cool, just like you. You wouldn’t kill 2 million people because you’re a good boy. A very good boy.

        Corbyn lost to the worst Tory election campaign and leader. Ever.

        For Labour to go from electing near Tories from Kinnock to Blair to Milliband then electing little Trotsky Corbyn is very strange indeed.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The stench of hasbara hatred is strong with this troll.

  15. You know if Hillary Clinton had been less of a Putin basher, I would have liked to vote for her. Too bad, but voting in potential warmongers is never a good idea. In that respect I wonder just how intelligent the current crop of Democratic Congressional members is.

  16. reduced sodium says

    Alex Jones is a straw man for alternative media.

    He runs around making a complete idiot of himself while promoting guns and hating Muslims in his mega expensive TV studio on his mega expensive website (paid for by ?) He’s an establishment shill who doesn’t need social media.

    Removing a nut like him justifies banning real activists. He appeared on BBC Newsnight behaving like a lunatic while Andrew Neil pulled faces to the camera. He’s a straw man.

    • mark says

      Jones is controlled opposition, just like Goodman’s Soros-funded Real News at the other end of the spectrum.
      He makes a good living for himself as a huckster for the Deep State.

      • Are you referring to Democracy Now? The Real News network has nothing to do with Soros or Amy Goodman.

  17. Thank you. This just about sums it all up so nicely – so comic and yet so tragic.

  18. reduced sodium says

    Donald Trump was a straw man for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Someone really easy to rip to pieces and beat in the election. That’s why the DNC promoted him.

    “How the Hillary Clinton campaign deliberately “elevated” Donald Trump with its “pied piper” strategy

    An email released by WikiLeaks shows how the Democratic Party purposefully “elevated” Trump to “leader of the pack”


    Donald is a close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    “Did Bill (Clinton) tell you that you should run?” I asked.

    “He didn’t say one way or the other,” Trump replied, over a plate of meatballs.


    “In 2012, Bill Clinton told Harvey Weinstein:

    “You know, Donald Trump has been uncommonly nice to Hillary and me. We’re all New Yorkers. And I like him. And I love playing golf with him.”


      • reduced sodium says

        This is the reality

        “Elevating Trump

        The New York Times estimates that two billion dollars worth of free media coverage was given to Trump. Half that would be astounding. The Trump campaign is a study in corporate welfare.

        Well, disasters like the election of 2016 have an overabundance of causes. But the Democrats desire to elevate Trump was part of the potion. And the media followed direction with gusto


        • mark says

          Maybe it was because the Deplorables didn’t want to vote for the most criminal, corrupt, dishonest candidate in US political history.

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