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The Hitlergate Hearings

CJ Hopkins

OK, so, that was a close one. For a moment there, I was starting to worry that the Democrats weren’t going to take back the House and rescue us from “the brink of fascism.” Which, if that had happened, in addition to having to attend all those horrible stadium rallies and help the government mass murder the Jews, we would have been denied the next two years of Donald Trump-related congressional hearings and investigations that we can now look forward to … I’m going to go ahead and call them the Hitlergate Hearings.

Staging these hearings has always been a crucial part of the Resistance’s strategy. As history has proved, time and time again, when literal fascists take over your democracy, outlaw opposing political parties, and start shipping people off to concentration camps and revoking journalists’ White House access, the only effective way to defeat them is to form a whole buttload of congressional committees and investigate the living Hitler out of them. This is especially the case when the literal fascists who have commandeered your democracy are conspiring with a shifty-eyed Slavic dictator whose country you have essentially surrounded with your full-spectrum dominant military forces, and who your media have thoroughly demonized, but who is nevertheless able to brainwash your citizens into electing his fascist puppet president with a few thousand dollars worth of Facebook ads.

Once you’ve determined that has happened (which it obviously has), the gloves have to come off. No more prancing around in pussyhats, not with Russian Hitler in office! No, at that point, you really have no choice but to wait two years until your opposition party (which Hitler somehow forgot to ban) regains control of the House of Representatives (which Hitler somehow forgot to dissolve), wait another two months until they take office, and then immediately start issuing subpoenas, auditing Hitler’s financial records, and taking affidavits from former hookers. I realize that may sound extreme, but remember, we’re talking literal fascists, backed by literal Russian fascists, who are going around emboldening literal fascism, and making literal fascist hand gestures on television, and doing all kinds of other fascist stuff!

Now, OK, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering, if Trump is really a fascist, not to mention a Russian intelligence asset, why hasn’t the “Resistance” just assassinated him? Many of them are ex-CIA, after all, or are otherwise members of the Intelligence Community. Why bother with all these congressional hearings? Why not just go in there and kill him?

Well, the problem with that apparently is, they have to follow “the rule of law,” which prevents them from just assassinating people, and “regime-changing” governments that are not playing ball, and, you know, staging military coups, arming and training sadistic death squads, and sanctioning thousands of children to death. That kind of stuff is not just wrong, like, morally, or whatever, it is also illegal. So, even though a Russian agent, who is also literally Adolf Hitler, stole the election from Hillary Clinton, and is remaking America into a fascist dictatorship, the only recourse the “Resistance” has is to mount these congressional investigations and publicize them in excruciating detail until November 3, 2020, at which point all this “Fascism” hysteria will just disappear into the ether like the “War on Terror” hysteria did the moment Trump won the nomination.

But that’s two years from now, which is almost an eternity. In the meantime, the neoliberal “Resistance” has got some serious investigating to do! And not just Mueller’s investigation of Trump’s treasonous activities as a Russian agent. No, we’re talking congressional investigations of his tax returns, his Deutsche Bank statements, takeout receipts, dry cleaning tickets, his entire fascistic financial history! And then there’s that emoluments thing! And that Kavanaugh thing! And that security clearance thing! And that bimbo thing! And some other things! And, well, I think it’s pretty safe to assume we are on the road to Subpoena City!

The corporate media appear to agree. Scanning the post-election coverage, it looked like most “Resistance” journalists got the official press release. The Guardian started taking live bets on which investigations the House would launch first. The New York Times, in its ongoing efforts to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller from the fascistic “muzzling” its editorial staff are certain that Trump is about to subject him to in order to prevent him from presenting evidence of Trump’s formative years in the GRU (and possible links to the Skripal assassins), published a “roadmap” Mueller can follow to “send incriminating evidence directly to Congress,” bypassing the Nazified Justice Department!

According to CNN (a dissident samizdat owned by the Turner Broadcasting division of Warner Media, LLC, which, in turn, is owned by AT&T, a multinational conglomerate holding company), “House Democrats are preparing to unleash the full force of their oversight powers on the Trump administration” in series of “high-octane Democratic-controlled hearings,” which Jim Acosta will be covering live, if he has to take out every jackbooted Nazi intern on the Hill to do it! I could go on, but you get the picture. And for anyone who doesn’t, here it is…

The next two years will be a demonstration of the power of the global capitalist empire and its predominant propaganda machine the likes of which the world has never witnessed. By November 3, 2020, they will need to have brainwashed enough Americans into voting for whatever global capitalist puppet the Democrats end up nominating to defeat Donald Trump in the general election, which isn’t going to be a cakewalk. To do this, they will need to foment such an atmosphere of mindless hysteria, emotional exhaustion, and paranoia that anyone to the left of Mussolini will stagger to the polls on election day and vote for the Democrat just to make it stop.

In addition to the Hitlergate Hearings, each and every excruciating moment of which will be broadcast live and then milked to death by the corporate media’s experts and pundits, they will continue to subject us to a torrent of messaging designed to convince us that Donald Trump is simultaneously Hitler and a Russian operative, and that America is literally “on the brink of fascism,” and that anyone who questions this narrative is a Putin-loving Trumpian fascist, and a hate criminal, and probably a “domestic terrorist.”

None of this messaging will need to make sense. The goal of the “Resistance” is not to present a credible case that Donald Trump is literally a fascist or a Russian operative, or that global capitalism is in any real danger of being torn asunder by literal fascism (whatever your definition of fascism is). The goal of the “Resistance” is to make it unmistakably clear who is really running things, and what happens to annoying billionaire ass clowns who get elected president without their permission, and to the ignorant rabble who elect such ass clowns, or who vote to leave the European Union (which, of course, they will never allow to happen, except perhaps in some nominal sense).

In other words, the global capitalist ruling classes are about to teach the world a lesson. It is the same basic lesson they have been teaching the world since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. They taught it in the former Yugoslavia. They taught it in Greece, and Iraq, and Libya. They have taught it throughout the Middle East. They are about to teach it throughout the West. The lesson is, resistance to global capitalism is not just futile, it is suicidal. The lesson is, play with identity politics and all that “cultural wars” stuff to your heart’s content, but fuck with global capitalism and we will squash you like a tomato bug.

The Hitlergate Hearings, the fascism hysteria, the Russian mind control paranoia, and the rest of the concerted propaganda campaign we have been subjected to since 2016 (and are about to experience the full force of) are all just parts of a broader effort, not just to crush the “populist” insurgency that began in the West with the Brexit referendum, continued with Trump, and then spread throughout Europe, but to crush all hope for any future rebellions against global capitalism and its ideology, regardless of whether they stem from the Left or Right. (If you think they’re just focused on the neo-nationalists, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to the ongoing demonization of Corbyn, Mélenchon, Sahra Wagenknecht, and assorted other “populist” leftists.)

In the old days, this was the part where the king would mount the usurper’s head on a spike to remind everybody who was boss. Nowadays, of course, we do it on television, or the Internet, like when we hung Saddam, or sodomized Gaddafi with a bayonet. They’re not going to do anything like that to Trump, who is, after all, an American usurper, but they are going to make an example of him.

So, get out your popcorn, and your pitchforks, and so on, and get ready to cheer them on as they do. The future of democracy hangs in the balance! And, if you’re on the Twitter, make sure you fulfill your daily Calling-Trump-a-Fascist and Feeding-the-Fascism-Hysteria quotas. And Putin, of course. Don’t forget Putin…and whatever other mindless hysteria the capitalist ruling classes need us to parrot. Trust me, in about two years, when the post-Putin-Nazi celebrations begin, and people are running around in the streets burning effigies, hooting vuvuzelas, and hunting down anyone wearing the wrong hat, you’re not going to want to be mistaken for having been on the “populist” side of history.

C J Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Broadway Play Publishing (USA). His debut novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. He can be reached at cjhopkins.com or consentfactory.org

Feel free to come find him in Berlin and buy him a beer. He’s been known to frequent an assortment of extremely suspicious RUSSIAN establishments in Kreuzberg.


  1. Good article, if only you could convince the “right-on” lefty types over at the Guardian to tear the blinkers from their eyes, and see themselves for the rampant neoliberals they are. 40 years of Thatcherite brainwashing didn’t do the job, it was giving away council houses that done it. They despair over Brexit because house prices might fall, the buy to let might not turn out to be the golden calf and they might have to pay for medical treatment when they retire to the villa in France/Spain………Still, they wrote anti-Thatcher comments for 40 years and derided Capitalism, and as you rightly say, as long as they have identity politics and personalities to support they’ll be happy…as soon as they’ve had enough referendums to get the result they want.

    • Gezzah Potts says

      Lundiel: you hit the nail squarely on the head. Those ‘lefty liberal’ types have been ‘pickled in the formaldehyde of identity politics’ to quote John Pilger. And despite all their radical rhetoric, they are Neoliberalism’s offspring. Especially the Hipster brigade.

    • flamingosarepink says

      Thanks Lundiel but the guardian does not speak to or for lefty types. It is an establishment rag and a very dumb one at that. Lefty types abandoned that rag many years ago.

      More immediately though: THANK YOU CJ HOPKINS. If I were in Germany the land of the free I would buy you a beer. The vassal states that continue to lick yankee boots are in for a bad innings it seems. At least some of their newspapers permit comments so we can still go there and post provocative remarks unlike the guardian and many others.

  2. I don’t think the Hitlergate Hearings will be complete until we send in George Galloway to slice and dice the US Congress Inquisitors like he did in 2005.

    • Gary Weglarz says

      Thanks for sharing this. It did my heart a great deal of good to watch Galloway destroy the neocon idiots in Congress.

    • flamingosarepink says

      Thank you, I watched it yet again just the other day for therapy and it is such a great take down. George exposed both those senatorial scumbags brilliantly. My only wish was he could have spent more time on the second senator who too gutless to go further. I wonder if they ever delivered an original of their fake document for him to peruse? Curse their eyes and damn their blood those senators are evil.

      • mark says

        George G took a tremendous risk when he sued the MSM over its smears that he profited from oil trades under Saddam Hussein. Libel cases can go either way, and leave you with a legal bill of millions as Andrew Mitchell found out. He would have had to give up his parliamentary seat if he was left bankrupt. But he won several libel cases against the lying scumbag Zionist media and got damages of several million.

  3. The Tinsel Town resistance and Hacks and Hacketts of the MSM seem unable to get their heads around the facts as they are known. The resurgence of fascism has not been enabled by Trump any more than Obama and Clinton who helped midwife it in Ukraine with the direct intervention of Pyatt, Brennan and Nuland.

    You see the white supremacists in the USA seem to be taking their lead not particularly from Trump as much as Svoboda and the neo-Nazis in Ukraine who were brought to power during the Democratic administration. Wholly supported by Obama, Clinton et al.

    Now don’t get me wrong I hold no candle for Trump, but what I do see is the media airbrushing out the true narrative of the rise of fascism and its real geopolitical support in the echelons of global capitalism in crisis. A dangerous and delusional game. All the while twisting the narrative to the tune of their masters. A Russo-phobic mindset based on a simple fact – the Russian state which refuses to be cowed into the usual client status model. A coup which the US almost pulled off in the Yeltsin years.

    The problem is fake news, unfortunately the MSM are not up to the job any more. And with fact they have been rumbled by alternative sites and platforms, they look increasingly like the amateurish shills they really are, while pursuing the false narratives handed down to them.

  4. John A says

    Just yesterday, Shaun Wanker, the erstwhile Moscow correspondent of the Graun, had another article in which he described Magnitsky as Browder’s ‘lawyer’. It has been proven beyond any doubt that Magnitsky was an accountant, not a lawyer. Surely Wanker must know this to be a fact by now. So either it is yet another deliberate lie by the Graun, or he is an incredibly dumb and sloppy fact checker.

    • Frank says

      That’d be Shorn of any credibility Wanker, I presume?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      And today the Fraudian runs an anti-Putin hate-spew by uber-parasite and oligarch thief, Khodorkovsky.

      • mark says

        The BBC just did another puff piece on John McCain today, and what a great statesman and all round good egg he was.

        • flamingosarepink says

          Well, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez thinks so! When she need not have said anything, she defied logic and praised the turd. Oh dear the next few years are looking a tad bleak, but no worse than the last few. Still waiting for Trump to bust the Awan family spy network after the DOJ chickened out.

          • mark says

            It looks like Cortez has now joined the ranks of the well trained seals, falling into line and singing from the AIPAC hymn sheet, although she’s only been elected 5 minutes. Like the rest of the Oh-So-Radical Faux Left. Though I should apologise to the seals. I once worked at a circus that had trained seals and they were charming and fascinating creatures. You couldn’t really say the same about Cortez.

  5. Antonym says

    “The War on Terror”: now I finally understand what it means: go after those we (Bush & co) tell you (=everybody except KSA and its vasal Pakistan, specially go after Iran ).

    The Bush family (+ CIA) was inseparable from the Bin Laden’s: why let them off the hook by blaming the Zionists or the FBI etc?

  6. @Mulga; “Just why the vast majority of people simply REFUSE to recognise the ….”.

    Isn’t that what psychiatrists call, Being in Denial?

    As when in the Lab I once heard a smash and a tinkling of glass as the flash containing a product hit the floor, and the Lab Assistant crying out to his boss, No! No! Tell me it isn’t true.

  7. Is it impossible that Iran. Iraq. Syria will merge. the united states of Arabia USA? More confusion is needed?

    • flamingosarepink says

      Yes fustermuster it is impossible because they might be on the same landmass but they are very different peoples with mighty different motivators. For a start Syria is a secular state while Iraq much less so and Iran definitely not secular and is Persian NOT Arab.

      They are approaching joint development and economic collaboration but I would not expect that to grow any further that an affinity based on dislike for the USA and a few other semitic occupants of the middle east.

  8. Badger Down says

    I don’t know what issuing subpoenas are, or what taking affidavits from former hookers means, but it sure sounds dirty.

    • King Kong says

      imagine being subpoena’d and taking affidavits at the same time… I think I saw it in a German movie way back in the seventies, the actress said something about ” geil” i think…

  9. Brilliant, CJ. Thanks for pointing out the absurdity of politics in USAmerica today and keeping us focussed on the greatest threat to sentient beings: global capitalism.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Capitalism is a form of cancer, and it has nearly finished off its host. The prime metastases, the ‘business’ types and the increasingly deranged pig-thugs of the Right, are our bitterest enemies.

      • Gezzah Potts says

        Mulga Mumblebrain: totally agree Mulga. Stumbled across an obscure site few days ago, Google: ‘Neoliberalism Softpanorama’. Just heaps and heaps of info, think about 1650 pages, lots of sub sections, and hundreds of linked articles, incl scholarly studies, and various blogs. Basically everything you wanted to know about the warped ideology of Neoliberalism…. Its on that site. A few of the sections deal with the role the presstitute slime play in propagating Neoliberalism to the unwashed masses. Worth checking out.

  10. tonyopmoc says

    I can’t compete with CJ Hopkins. He is a Master of his Art. He makes me laugh and cry, both at the same time.

    So, like him, I am trying to make some sense of what is going on. I wish I could write like him.

    BREXIT and This Salisbury Nonsense in The UK, is simply a diversion, intended to control mainly British public opinion, with the help of The BBC, for more War, but from what I can gather, absolutely no one I meet is the slightest bit interested. They think they are making it up as they go along as if they are a dying beast, best ignored. They are not in control of us. They are not in control of themselves, and they long ago, stopped making sense.

    Just suppose, something completely unexpectedly happened, which almost completely cut off trade and almost all communications between The British Islands and The Rest of The World – could be a natural disaster, or someone in Europe has seriously annoyed both The Russians and The Americans at the same time. Putin and Trump are on the phone together… British or French??

    Assuming we really were cut off from The Rest of The World????

    I reckon We would all get on well, and work together to make the future better for our kids.

    We in Europe, should choose our own Destinies for our Children and Grandchildren, and not be dictated to by Foreign Powers.

    That is what Democracy is all about.

    Or do you like being told what to do by some idiot in a uniform?


    • King Kong says

      “The Salisbury Nonsense” … I like it, I really do. A five parter from the Beeb, set in picturesque Engeland, with an unbelievable plot and poisoned tea… Oh well leave ot the tea, has been used. But you get the drift, amirite 🙂

      • mark says

        The “intrepid Sergeant Nick Bailey” has just surfaced, with a propaganda piece from the BBC to be expected over the next couple of days. Probably with minor supporting roles from Urban, Christopher Steele, Pablo Miller, and if we’re lucky, Bill Browder and Luke Harding.

  11. Lloyd says

    The perfect next move for House Democrats would be to seat Maxine Waters as Speaker. That way they could accuse Drumpf of being a white supremacist every time he said she was low IQ.

    There is a chance this could backfire: With her in the limelight the public might decide that she really is low IQ.

  12. Gezzah Potts says

    Excellent again CJ. A weekly dose of your medicine is fine by me! In my humble, and modest opinion….. F**k the ‘Resistance’ F**k Identity Politics, and F**k dipwads like Michael Moore, and all the other little dipwads running round in funny hats. While all this hot air bumfluff continues, as you point out, those who really rule continue their pillage and plunder of the Planet, and any country that gets in the way of that is bombed, invaded, or has its Govt overthrown. And ask ‘The Resistance’ what they think about the slaughter in Yemen, Libya, Syria; the pillaging of Haiti, and all the other countries the West has pillaged, their eyes glaze over, and they don’t want to know. They just want to hyperventilate about how evil Trump & Putin are. They are almost like trained seals. Sigh.

    • Stonky says

      Your comment is an unwarranted slur on seals. Seals can jump out of the water and catch a fish in their mouths. These people aren’t nearly as smart as seals.

      • Gezzah Potts says

        Stonky: Sorry stonky…. How about ‘trained hyena’s then? Its almost scary, no actually, it IS scary how a whole mass of people can become so brainwashed, and believe all this garbage. Much of the time feel like I’m living inside the pages of 1984…

  13. John2o2o says

    Indeed CJ.

    The United States is suffering from a severe psychotic episode. What a very sick country.

    • frank says

      I fear it’s not going to be just an episode. This is now the new normal.

      16 Democrats vow to block Pelosi from retaking House Speaker throne
      Alleged woman-beater Avenatti gets hit with restraining order – report
      ‘You give him all day!’ Pelosi is irritated that press ‘loves’ MSM-bashing Trump
      The biggest bang: Record-breaking mega-orgy planned for Denver
      Downtown Denver shooting: 1 dead, 4 wounded, suspect at large
      US judge temporarily blocks Trump’s order refusing asylum to illegal migrants from Mexico
      Liberals cry hypocrisy after reports of Ivanka’s private email use, but it’s not the same as Hillary
      CNN victory or press defeat? White House restores Acosta’s pass but imposes conduct rules
      4 killed in shooting at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital
      What democracy? 70% of ‘not free’ countries get US military aid
      Indiana police chief keeps promoting dodgy & investigated senior officers
      Ocasio-Cortez mocked for ‘3 chambers of Congress’ gaffe, hits back at critics
      ‘Little Schitt’: Twitter explodes as Trump twists Democrat Schiff’s name in fiery post
      Officer accuses Nashville police of vengeance for her reporting discrimination & rape by colleague
      New York Times under fire for asking if ‘Jared & Ivanka are good for Jews’
      Florida margin: Former governor Scott beats Democrat Nelson by 0.12 percent in Senate race
      ‘It’s a suffering tape’: Sensitive Trump says he won’t listen to audio record of Khashoggi killing
      Viral clip sees Chipotle manager fired for accusing black diners of wanting to dine-and-dash
      ‘Rest in paradise’: Shot police dog given bagpipe funeral
      Live police bust overshadowed by porn blaring on TV
      Stan Lee fans outraged after HBO host claims Trump could only get elected in comic-loving country
      WWII-era fighter plane crashes in Texas during re-enactment show
      ‘Slap on the wrist’: Drug dealer who raped dying schoolgirl gets less than 3yrs in jail
      ‘Total devastation’: Trump visits California as wildfire death toll jumps to 76, with 1,276 missing
      Premature but possible? Trump awaits ‘full report’ on Khashoggi murder after CIA implicates MbS
      White Commissioner under fire after ‘master race’ remarks

      It’s a lunatic asylum alright.

  14. mark says

    What the Clinton News Network/ Hollywood “Resistance”/ Snowflakes In Ski Masks don’t realise is that Trump is playing them like a violin.
    Some Resistance Hero like Taylor “Che Guevara” Swift or Meryl “Che Guevara” Streep threatens to assassinate Trump and blow up the White House.
    Trump responds by tweeting that Meryl Streep is a rubbish actress.
    Jim Acosta and Rachel Madcow and Megyn Smelly and the rest of the MSM spend the next fortnight hyperventilating that Trump is lying and Meryl Streep is a great actress.
    Trump tweets that maybe Streep isn’t that bad an actress.
    – See! We told you! Trump is lying again!!!

    In the meantime Trump has torn up another half dozen international treaties, threatened to bomb another dozen countries and appointed another half dozen relatives to senior positions without a word from the MSM.

    The Democrat Mid Terms “victory” in taking over the House of Representatives is the best thing that could have happened for Trump. Instead of finding a credible leader and coming up with some policies of relevance to the lives of ordinary people, the Democrats will revert to tribal Identity Politics and generally playing mud pies. The black and Hispanic factions with new people like Cortez will purge all the Democrat Old Guard, all the old white men and the old white women like Pelosi. Have to get rid of that White Privilege!!! Get some more black and brown faces in here! White people are evil! Maxine Waters for House Speaker! Impeach the Fascist Trump! No Trump! No KKK!! No Fascist USA!!!

    Back to back hearings follow into all of Trump’s porn star paramours over the past 40 years. The House repeatedly demand Trump’s tax returns. Trump repeatedly refuses. All his tax returns are eventually leaked just before the 2020 Election showing that Trump has paid the correct amount of tax. Trump wins the election by a landslide.

  15. Gary Weglarz says

    (“they will need to foment such an atmosphere of mindless hysteria, emotional exhaustion, and paranoia that anyone to the left of Mussolini will stagger to the polls on election day and vote for the Democrat just to make it stop.”)

    — I fear C.J. is all too accurate in this prediction. Let the countdown to the “Hitlergate” hearings begin. And no, I’m afraid there is nothing we can do – “to make it stop.”

      • Tom Dicanarry says

        All I get when I follow your link is a page begging for subscriptions to the Guardian. They have sunk so low that they can’t gain enough (paying) readers to generate enough revenue to operate.

        • Gary Weglarz says

          Sorry the link didn’t work. It is to an article in the Guardian (of all places) explaining how Mussolini was recruited and paid by MI5 before he rose to power in Italy as the face of fascism there. Probably searching for Mussolini & MI5 would bring up the article for you.

        • Maggie says

          Click the X to close down the request for donations, and the article is underneath.

        • Gogetem says

          You don’t need to pay – yet just hit the big x on the corner.
          Interesting to note how many commentators there are no longer posting.
          Even more interesting is a link to the Lobster.
          Wowzer – there were truth seekers in these decades – which puts todays journalism and sleight of hand merchants in the shade.

      • So Benito was on the MI5 payroll. I used to wonder why English writers from the early 1920s to the end of the 1930s were so very, very polite to _Herr_ Hit and _Signor_ Muss. Racist white suprematist scum the lot of them.

        • Warwhasitgoodfor. says

          On French payroll too, but mostly bankrolled by the shipbuilder/military industrialist Perrone of Ansaldo steel and shipbuilding concern, who wanted Italy to get into the war for obvious reasons (their share capital increased from 30 to 500 million lire from 1914-1918).

    • Gezzah Potts says

      Gary Weglarz: well…. we could always try moving to Easter Island. Or hide under a rock or something? I try not to watch TV News, and certainly don’t read the mainstream newspapers in Aussie. Most of them are Murdoch muck anyway. Do go on ABC News Facebook, to make futile comments to the deaf and blind who comment on that site – its like trying to reason with people in a cult; but in short try and avoid establishment media as much as possible.

    • Gezzah Potts says

      Gary Weglarz: well…. we could always move to Easter Island. Or hide under a rock. Or something. I avoid Establishment mainstream media as much as possible – almost zero TV News, not reading any mainstream newspapers; most of whom are owned by Herr Murdoch in Aussie anyway. I go on ABC News Facebook to make completely futile comments to the people who comment on that site; the vast majority either fully fledged members of….’The Resistance’ or Far Right troll’s. Think my other reply to you went missing?

  16. DunGroanin says

    Great stuff CJ, the ball is in the court of the grass roots Democratic party, they need to play it well to unseat the beasty boys and girls of their congressional representatives.
    Starting with not electing Pelosi as Speaker.

  17. RealPeter says

    Nice one, CJ.

    What I’m really looking forward to, though, is Melania in an SS uniform (and Ivanka!). Jackboot heaven. Hilary just wouldn’t have cut that one.

  18. Trump Trump Trump, Trump Trump Trmp Trump Trump. Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump? Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump, Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump…
    1) Trump
    1a) Trump
    3) Trump
    Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump!

    • Maggie says

      You cannot imagine how close to the truth you are Frank. Politicians are chosen, exactly as leading men are chosen to star in a film. They are employed by ‘the board’ and obliged to read the script provided, as became obvious when they ‘elected’ Ronald Reagan.. Hiding in plain sight comes to mind?
      And it could not have been clearer than when the imbecile Bush was elected ..dragging behind him his ‘bosom buddy’ Saudi Prince Bandar who was the prime shaker and mover, go between, for the cabals…Hiding in plain sight – again -.funnelling USAID funding and wmd’s to John le Mesurier’s mercenaries/terrorists.

      He hade the mistake of telling Putin the truth though, when he threatened to would send in ”his rebels” to the Sochi Olympics if Russia didn’t quit supporting Syria. Lol..

      I think that was the beginning of the end for Bandar who was recalled by his handlers, and hasn’t been seen since. (Kashoggi spring to mind?)

      Bush could not even string a sentence together never mind stick to the script.. But who cared? Well they did, because he was beginning to give the game away, but still the seals clapped..

      They were on to a winner with Obama who was the perfect leading man, but he wasn’t coping very well with the backlash after 911, Iraq and Libya et al. ”They” wanted someone more robust with a big profile and an even bigger mouth who could stick it to all the baddies, to deflect attention from what they were actually doing on the side. . Problem is, he keeps ad-libbing which is causing quite a few problems.. so ‘they’ have decided to try and get rid of him, by digging dirt about his predilection for prostitutes and showers, but he rode that storm so now they are attempting to turn the people against him by accusing him of being a Soviet plant? Like that’s going to work?

      John Bolton controlled Bush, and now he has been brought back to control Trump.

      It is important that we all share as much information as we can with one another. Believe it or not, our little pawns can check their king every step. There are more of us than them..

  19. Paul says

    The Spooks have ruled America for over 70 years now. It’s enough to make you feel sorry for Trump who doesn’t seem to stand a chance. Take the murder in Istanbul; the Crown Prince with 40-50 years of Absolute Rule in front of him was too powerful for Erdoghan’s liking and too close to Trump and Kushner for the real rulers in the US who now brand him a Kingpin rather than King to be. Trump loses power in the ME; America stays on in Syria; Assad will one day GO; nothing changes. Presidents come and go but the CIA is always with you.

    • DunGroanin says

      @ paul
      They are on as much of a back foot as they have ever been. They are actively briefing against the WhiteHouse, which as CJ points out will not go down well with the Trump supporters. It is an arm wrestle to keep their foreign policy making powers, against a potus who believes they are making the world a bad place for hotels and golf courses!

    • Loverat says

      Assad may yet go but considering the number of western politicians etc who said the words ‘Assad must go’ who are now on the political scrapheap, I sense there is a god. Don’t bet against Assad outliving all these people – including the CIA.

      It’s called the ‘Assad Curse’

      Let’s remain positive that Assad will triumph over pure evil. History usually produces a hero to change events and thinking..

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      ’40-50 years of absolute rule…’. No chance. In 40 years there will be no Sordid Barbaria, no UK, no USA, no any human ‘civilization’ of any kind, and probably no human beings at all. Just why the vast majority of people simply REFUSE to recognise the ecological Holocaust that will wipe the planetary slate clean is beyond my comprehension.


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