WATCH: Robert Newman’s History of Oil

Philip Roddis

The best comedians are the cleverest people on the planet. I’m grateful to a BTL comment on OffGuardian, below a piece of mine on Venezuela, for linking to this forty-five minute video. It has Robert Newman saying exactly what I try to say, but with vastly greater wit and panache, on the history of oil and, more generally, a materialist perspective on history.

Performed in 2006, it could have been yesterday given the clueless way we insist on viewing each “pro-democracy” intervention – Iraq, Libya, Syria and now Venezuela – on a case by case basis.

Given too the criminal way ‘our’ media ignore the material drivers of war. In both my two posts this week on Venezuela, I described corporate media as having “abdicated a core duty in their refusal to explore motives that cast a very different light on Western interventions sold to us as humanitarian”.

Newman treads the same ground but here too – damn the man – he does it better.


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Kerry F
Kerry F
Feb 6, 2019 9:08 PM

Wonderful thank you,
I had no idea that WW1 started in Iraq but i was always thought the official reasoning was plainly ridiculous.

Feb 7, 2019 9:41 AM
Reply to  Kerry F

Kerry, that info comes from “A Century of War” by William Engdahl, a real eye opener. The British Army’s first task of WW1 was to secure the oilfields of Mesopotamia for “Dear Lord Rothschild”. It’s final task of WW1 was to secure Palestine as A National Home for the same “Dear Lord” of the infamous Balfour regime, under which “six million men were mobilised, and of those just over 700,000 were killed” until those 2 objectives of Balfour’s “Dear Lord” had been achieved. That war continues to this day.

“I never knew a war my sons did not like”. — Mama Rothschild.

“The best time to make money is when there is blood on the streets”. — David Rockefeller, another Rothschild puppet.

“I care not who runs a country so long as I control the currency”. — Lord Rothschild.

Because control of the currency means control of the politicians — most of them can be bribed. For example New Labour prime ministers B.Liar and Brownstuff, promoted to Directors of Rothschild companies after sending the British Army to Iraq.

Feb 7, 2019 10:57 AM
Reply to  Kerry F

By started, you mean the first official action I take it rather than causing it.
Corbett’s recent documentaries on the WW! conspiracy include some new information (to me) – particularly about Hoover routing food through Belgium to prolong the war.


Feb 6, 2019 5:18 PM

Thank you so much for digging this up. I saw it on Channel 4 (UK) back in the day, then once on sale on DVD, then it sank without trace. A brilliant, erudite summary on the subject and a perfect introduction for the potential convert…

Feb 6, 2019 2:13 PM

If you haven’t watched Corbett’s recent documentaries on oil. I hold them worthy of watching.
Note that the energy cartels – which branched into many others – became disproportionately powerful and therefore significantly unchecked and unaccountable to a true governance under the law. Unlike the ‘personality caricatures’ of nation states and their principle actors, a large part of Corporate power operates in the shadows or behind obfuscations, fronting organisations and institutions, targeted PR and of course key networks of influence – ‘by the usual means’.

Mercantile endeavour, as plunder or trade – or plunder masking as trade, was the basis of The British Empire – I was going to say ‘and any Empire’ – but perhaps there are exceptions.
One could suggest it was the basis of the nation state – where does one find a ‘line’?

Possession defends against being dispossessed. Possession of private property writ corporate requires defence – but the means of defence of course are also the means of taking possession from others by subjection. The East India Trading company traded with various Indian principalities for a long time before a series of events brought about war for rule though nominal puppet regimes. And ran as a corporate endeavour before a growing antipathy to despotic behaviour led to the transfer to the Crown. None of what I say here is ‘apologising’ for or seeking to justify anyone’s actions or negligence. But a prompting to beware of the simple and appealing narratives that essentially serve a self-reinforcement without really connecting to anything but cherry picked history – that may of course itself be a distortion. Fake news is nothing new.

I don’t see the point of claiming moral high ground over history – or other cultural expressions – in fact I feel integrity rests in not putting others down as if to become ‘better’. People act as an expression of their ‘terrain; the context of their times and their unique individual timing or personality traits – as do we now. Bringing the ‘terrain’ into awareness enables less of a stumble in the dark and of course the human ‘terrain’ is a psychic-emotional-physical experience – in which the first two are framed or packaged in the last – as if the forms of things have built in meanings. And so now we have ‘narrative war’ seeking to dominate the ‘officially accepted, settled and consensus meanings’ that we are to think and act out for social credit – or mitigation of legally structured existential guilt.

The liberal idea has changed to become some sort of ‘we should be nice – as a corruption of a hopeful belief in rational ways to organise society and international affairs – (if not our personal lives), But a pseudo-rationalism or war or loveless intent, masking as rational ideas, works ideological – and now identity mind-capture – as a different path to dominion than stealing kingdoms. This is reflected in armies of lawyers drafting out complex and generally secret legislation for global ‘adoption’ through concerted networks of preparing the mind-scape and incentivising uptake. This is the ‘sustainable’ private agenda masking as global ‘protections’.

Are governments effectively acquired assets to an array of powers they cannot hold to account?

The undermining of the British Empire came as much from within Britain – as a result of changes in the way people saw themselves and the world – as from attrition of resistance or rivalry. But the British grew such an influence in rivalry with other powers, and for various reasons became the dominant sea-power where corporate and state operated hand in hand, as well as corporate piracy. The Industrial Revolution gave Britain temporary advantage in the suppression of rivals and breaking of obstacles to developing that power.

It was Churchill who made the then huge decision to switch from a coal fired navy (Britain was abundant in coal) to oil fired ships. (Pre North Sea discovery Britain had no oil resource). The significance of that one fact as the need to secure oil supply from abroad – casts a shadow that has trodden on the faces of many. The nuances of the way history unfolds are multilayered. I didn’t mention financial advantage of funding for war.
But the nature of undue dependence on external support and supply is addiction and subjection. The banker and the dealer start to rig the game – of course. Its a devil’s pact.

We are to a very large extent corporate assets through our dependency of being managed and supplied with commodities to consume. The idea of central banks operating the ability to let flow or choke off credit supply as a leverage that then does not care what form of government runs – because it can be trained or undone and replaced, is similar to identity management of technocratic system control. It doesn’t matter what we think or say, because we can be trained to think and say – using our own beliefs to operate as an asset or system entry.

At the very root of all of this is the very idea of possession, as taking or getting for oneself FROM others and at expense of whole – that is therefore no longer whole and simply a resource to exploit. The moment we invest in the idea of subjecting life or others to a loveless will (no matter how it is mind-masked) – is the moment of becoming subject to and possessed of that intent. But in the pride of self-inflation we do not want to know or even believe in consequences. Everyone protects their investment – but a negative investment multiplied debt.

Some illusions are held to and fought for much more deeply and therefore viciously than others. But that does not make them true. It means we desperately want them to be true.
Necessity is the mother of invented lies. The ideas we have accepted and embodied are ‘working out’ their consequences, in unexpected and disempowering ways.

George Carlin ‘revealed’ a front row seat in an insane asylum. But what function did that serve? People take from anything according to their wants or needs – where ‘wants’ can be artificial substitutes for need. Seeking outside our self for love, power, peace, or joy – and becoming addicted to substitute or fake reality driven by necessity of what is actually a self-evasion.

The technocratic world order is of energy control – along with any other necessity – such as water – and induced necessity such as drugs – but also seeds to grow food and access to land.
The Environmental movement is a key vector for the mind-capture – and oil guilt a key element.

To a manipulator finding out your hidden fear and guilt is like discovering oil. We are thus not only loaded, but can be used as batteries and recharged. The manipulator is always manipulated – but while in the power of a self-inflation, does not want to know. The greedy are the useful dogs of their master – they are unleashed to order. Unnatural appetites are considered honesty by those who share them.

So is the ‘pathogen’ the primary factor, or is the ‘terrain’?
We have it backwards.
‘Clear up your (own) room’ is a start.

“Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality”. Michael Ellner

For another ‘oil perspective’ that doesn’t paint within the presumptions of the political narrative
Look up “nujol Rockefeller”. One among many finds was http://transmissionsmedia.com/skeletons-in-the-closet-rockefeller-history/

The means to power (over others) is nothing in itself but for what it useful for. A principle scam is to induce or take opportunity of fear to offer support and protection against the feared. The protection then further weakens and makes dependent. Those who fear to feel and face their fears WANT an external power to save them, and can be induced to fight for their subjection and sickness against those who seek and share in healing. Such is the power of the belief in the protection – as a hiding of a greater fear.

The sickening sketch – (I also heard ‘stench’) of secrets and lies breaking through a wishful reality – is the opportunity to dissociate from that which dissociates by coming back into a true possession of having and being. Guilt and fear – and their progeny – dispossess and usurp a true governance within – which is not imposition of control over feared chaos – but unified purpose – in which the nature of what arises is revealed rather than concealed.

Feb 6, 2019 1:57 PM

There’s enough oil in the Orinoco Belt to supply the world for thirty years, at current rates of consumption. Hooray!!! We don’t have to worry about the collapse of industrial society (just yet)! Hooray!!! Hooray!!!

In that time: there will be no economic boost at all – that’s not at all – and all available profit will be distributed (first come first served) to the Carbon Aristocracy …who will invest it in themselves …and in more wars to conquer the Arctic.

That doesn’t sound too good. That can’t be right – oil means prosperity, right? Wrong. Oil oppresses us all.

Oil means prosperity only to a rarified supranational superstrata – the Carbon Elite. What do we get in return? The law of diminishing returns: and the externalised bill = permanent decline in living standards …in order to maintain the standards of the Carbon Elite. No, you’re wrong?

I’ve already outlined “net energy decline” (Rob’s phrase) below. If you don’t understand EROI or ‘net energy economics’ – you soon will. It is the common denominator for all conflict everywhere. EROI: as the quality (not the quantity) of cheap available oil declines – there is less and less available net energy – that means money – available for us. Plenty for them. None for us.

Austerity and (military and paramilitary) enforced pauperisation will be the economic norm for us. Oil: no matter how much tar, kerogen, shale, etc, we find – has ceased to be an economically viable resource for us. Nuclear is not an option (Hitachi and Toshiba have just proved that it is not economically viable to build new nuclear without heavy subsidisation – also by us). All the time – the bottom is falling out of the renewables market …nothing can compete. The solution is obvious. It’s only the wrongthink of populations: following the lead of the cognitive elite and thought-managers for the 0.7% – that are resistant to the transition. All the time: the spectrum of possibility is diminishing at exactly the same rate of decline as the EROI.

How much has it declined in the last twelve years since Rob made this? In the UK: the current ratio is 5.6:1 (2012) – just above break even (or the ‘Seneca Cliff’ of 5:1 – the onset of collapse). How long can we monetise debt to create the illusion of a prosperity that has already gone? How long can we put off the inevitable by not thinking about it?


[This government report says there is nothing to worry about – after collating a very good survey of the available data. See what the ‘energy cliff’ looks like on page 73 (PDF page number: not document). See what societal ‘energetic needs’ look like on page 135. However, it does not survey the UK (are we immune?). You can extrapolate by looking for a LIC with an EROIsoc of 5.6:1. You might well wonder why we have no mitigation policy (or is there under the Civil Contingencies Act (Thanks, Tony!)). I am.]


harry stotle
harry stotle
Feb 6, 2019 1:11 PM

Newman sets it all out in a marvellously constructed piece that skips effortlessly between comedy, theatre, and education.

I would go as far to say that Rob squeezes more geopolitical insight into those magical 45minutes than the Guardian has managed in the last 20 years.

I haven’t come across anything quite like it but would love to hear from Off-G regulars if they have any other recommendations.

Paul Carline
Paul Carline
Feb 6, 2019 11:29 AM

Quite brilliant and appropriately hard-hitting. Just a shame that Newman was/is wrong about both ‘peak oil’ (as a global phenomenon) and ‘climate change’. Several oil-producing countries have certainly ‘peaked’ – but Venezuela is not one of them: precisely the reason for the almost unbelievably crude attempt to remove Maduro.

None of which should be taken in any way as an absence of concern about the pollution and other negative effects our addiction to the internal combustion engine as the primary means of locomotion continues to cause. People should if possible (it’s not always possible if alternative transport options are non-existent and city-centre living becomes simply too expensive for most) try to reduce their car usage – but not for the wrong reason.

Feb 6, 2019 12:09 PM
Reply to  Paul Carline

Peak Oil is not a quantity issue – it’s a quality issue. Apart from the Middle East: every other oil producer has peaked and entered decline. Russia, I believe, is on the cusp. Without checking, I expect that Venezuela did peak in 2002 – as stated.

Rob clearly referenced “declining net energy” – without actually referencing Energy Returned On (Energy) Investment (EROI: EROEI – there is a difference, but it’s academic). The difference between the two (calculated by the cost of the oil divided by GDP – expressed as a ratio) determines the amount of energy available for society. I’ve been researching the Orinoco Belt extra heavy crude: but can’t find a direct reference for it’s EROI. However, it’s sulphorous bitumen and likely to be in the 4:1 to 3:1 range of other bitumens and shales (unconventional oil: 4.5:1 is the ratio given foor Canadian tar in the report below). Anything below 5:1 is technically economically unrecoverable as it is a negative asset – the cost of recovery and the boost to GDP cancel each other out. That is, there is negligible net energy gain for society. And yet they seem to be ready to go to war for tar? That vindicates every single word Rob said.

[Donning imaginary Devils horns: deepening my voice] –
“There’s no way out”


BTW: how is the transition away from oil dependency going since 2006?

Simon Hodges
Simon Hodges
Feb 7, 2019 5:33 PM
Reply to  BigB

Hi BigB

The transition away was compromised by the advent of shale oil in the US. This had a number of effects. Before the GFC and before Shale Oil, peak oil looked on the cards and you could tell the US took it seriously because it dictated the necessity for the invasion of Iraq and the 6 other countries on General Wesley Clarke’s infamous list to be conquered in 5 years. The discovery of shale oil obviously changed the timetable for those regime changes as the US began to see itself as oil independent once again.

In many ways the opportunities for regime change in Libya and Syria kind of fell into the Neocon’s laps as a side effect of the GFC. QE and numerous other economic forces coupled with droughts and environmental problems in key agricultural areas around the world led to high increase in prices in staples such a bread particularly in the Middle East which led to economic protests. These economic protests were hijacked and reconstituted by the CIA as democratic protests in order to win the support of the liberals. This was mainly achieved through a process of the ‘amplification’ of a few genuine moderate voices in the region by use of CIA and other intelligence agencies of sock puppet social media accounts to amplify and boost the image of the ME as a hot bed of western liberals just waiting to be liberated. It was too good an opportunity for the Neocons to miss once the Euston Manifesto had handily rewritten the PNAC for them and made regime change Neoliberal imperialism an acceptable liberal pursuit.

Unfortunately the Shale Oil phenomenon in the US has been a complete Ponzi scam from the start. US producers only cite OPEX or operating expenditure in their accounts and marginalise the CAPEX costs of actually drilling the wells which deplete rapidly – hence these assets only show up in the accounts as impairments and such. This is why people are continually scratching their heads as to why these companies claim to be able to produce oil at $30 a barrel but always declare huge losses year after year.

These companies have literally burned through $500 billion dollars in losing money trying to get as much shale oil out of the ground as possible and only succeeded in flooding the market with oil that was not required and hence drove the price down and made their financial position even more unsustainable. They really needed an oil price of at least $150 to cover their drilling and debt servicing costs and boy do they have a lot of debt.

Maybe the US government has finally wised up to the shale scam and that is why the sudden interest in Venezuela but as you say we don’t really know if the cost of extraction there is any lower or not.

Peak oil has been reached but what has happened is that the high costs of extracting what is left is being hidden by Non-GAAP accounting practices and worse

Like any Ponzi investors and governments fall for it because they want and desperately need it to be true hence the UK government’s devotion to the bountiful narratives that Caudrilla etc. roll out in search of never ending requests for funding. Its happening all over the world on a grand scale, particularly on the UK AIM market which is chock full of shitty oil companies ripping off investors with promises of jam tomorrow. The scale of the fraud is quite amazing and the amount of money that is being mis-allocated and mal-invested is off the charts. One thing that is striking is how routine fraud and corruption has become in markets. Its almost as if there has been a single fraudulent handbook distributed and they all follow it to the letter with the same mantras about maximizing shareholder value etc. – while consistently losing millions every year. The investors themselves are also just as corrupt as the management and you would not believe the lengths they go to to deceive themselves about the nature of their investments.



PsyBorg (@PsyBorg)
PsyBorg (@PsyBorg)
Feb 6, 2019 12:48 PM
Reply to  Paul Carline

Peak Oil happened in 2005/6 exactly as predicted.
Peak Oil never referred to the total amount of oil only to the peak production of conventional oil.
The production of Conventional Oil that is relatively easy and cheap to produce has peaked.

Now we have more spend more to produce oil, there are smaller fields and less new quality discoveries in relation to consumption and cost of extraction and we have fracking etc. which does not make money but costs money to produce.

Rhisiart Gwilym
Rhisiart Gwilym
Feb 8, 2019 11:15 PM

The non-dodgeable physics of EROEI* realities insist that despite everything that’s happened since, the world’s oil production did in fact peak in ’05, though at that time only in SLEG: sweet, light, easy-get crude. Since then SLEG production has bumpy-plateau-ed – but it hasn’t increased. Nor has the aggregate, planet-wide energy-density of all the various stuffs which are now bundled together under the deceptive single syllable of ‘oil’. That – the mean energy density – has declined. Yes, there are more barrels per year being raised – temporarily – since ’05, but barrels of what; with what mean energy density; and with what absolutely-critical mean EROEI?

Why has net, aggregate global economicgrowthforever (honestly reckoned; crucial proviso!) virtually ceased in the intervening decade-plus since ’05…

Remember that all economic activity depends absolutely on energy available in the right form (electricity is often not – and never will be – the right form), and **at a supportable price;** the fracking ponzi being a glaring example of a scam which never made that essential equation, and never will, before it whistles down the wind into the scrap bin of history’s comprehensively-failed ideas.

Don’t be suckered by the current briefly-fashionable idea that peak oil is a yesterday’s panic that has now been safely disproved. Keep in mind that – contrary to Hollyshite’s universal fairytale meme that catastrophes happen in a weekend, and lead to a new-hope denouement by the following Monday – real global processes work at their own historical, geophysically-mediated pace, usually taking years rather than the more satisfying short period that our human attention-span can manage. But they still happen. Global peak oil, and the decline of high-energy-demanding, hitech industrial ‘civilisation’ which it absolutely mandates, has already begun, and is proceeding at its own innate pace, indifferent to the shallow wishes of the Hollyshite mindset.

So the Northern empire and the Eastern empire are now rising – temporarily – whilst the Western empire and all its vassalage are clearly in trouble and heading for a deep crash. Dramatic, innit! Positively hypnotic to watch and to chatter about. But meanwhile, what is happening to global net energy availability, and at what mean EROEI? And above all where is that global mean EROEI trending, even as this really rather irrelevant imperial dominance-switch rolls forward?

* Make a clear distinction between EROEI/EROI: Energy Returned On ENERGY Invested; and ERO(C)I: Energy Returned On (Capital, money) Invested. They’re not the same thing, though they are siamese twins. When EROEI sinks below about roughly 5 to1, other actually-essential parts of a hitech economy have to start getting cannibalised just to keep enough energy available to use for continued energy-getting. A process which John Michael Greer characterises as ‘Catabolic Collapse’. You have to start eating away at – for example – health care, or social security generally, and at the general level of prosperity of all. Sound familiar? Lately it’s been euphemised as ‘austerity’…

See JMGreer’s pdf here: https://www.ecoshock.org/transcripts/greer_on_collapse.pdf

Feb 9, 2019 1:21 AM

Well I’m a sucker for the idea it (peak oil) was a psyop.
And it served its purpose, while there are always new ways to keep the show on the road.
Perhaps the way I look at things is their leverage value in serving private agenda.
Peak population is another one.
And Peak CO2.
Do you remember Peak horses?
But then the automobile came through.
Maybe the prayer groups around the issue were a PR stunt to prepare the ground for a new market. Hadn’t thought that but it isn’t impossible.

You could say people are addicted to drama and others are opportunistic to feed it to them.
So dram is also a sleight of mind in diversion while something else is being rolled out.

Cartel monopolies control their market.
With a Global system.

Self protection is built in to anything we have bought into.

All the costs of extraction and etc of course have their place just as costs of testing and developing new pharma. But if something unpatented or cheaply available threatens the regulated captive revenue stream – do you think they’ll roll over and downsize – maybe shrink back to selling Nujol? They not only have a strong interest in preserving the money flow, but the power that has come with it to spread into a broad spectrum dominance. Birds of a feather flock together.

Scarcity leveraging – which includes glut cycles of free or cheap sweeties – is the name of the game.
Of course we live our lives in such times as we do – as people have through whatever has transpired for them, including all kinds of hardship or misery until of course, releasing the roles and the focus of a lifetime. Some facets of scarcity are built into the physical experience – but then the physical experience is – bottom line – what we choose to make of it – when we recognize we are beings of choice and not simply framed and conditioned strategies.

And so what I have uncovered in myself – who am nothing special – extends automatically to everyone rich or poor powerful or not as the world judges. Context – or the terrain – is the dominant factor of influence – not the ‘actor’ .
As technologists we are adept at applying this to situations outside ourself so as to advance our agenda, but as technologists – we become tools to a mind that fools us – though one can say – that for a time, we had our reward.
I think debts can be cancelled – but the basis of that is ‘release and be released’. Give in the measure that you would receive. But ‘Buy now pay later’ seems attractive to those who believe death cancels all and becomes ‘get now’ and let or get others to pay’.

Feb 6, 2019 11:13 AM

“Every jest is an earnest in the womb of time”. — John Bull’s Other Island


Vanessa Beeley: “This is a trailer for the film The Veto:

“During 2018 I was honoured and privileged to work on an investigative film that will expose the propaganda war waged against Syria since the beginning of the conflict. The fabrication was probably most effective and powerful in Baba Amr, Homs

I entered Baba Amr in January 2018 with extraordinary journalist and documentary maker Rafiq Lutf and so began our journey to review the events that “manufactured consent” for the “dirty war” against Syria…tracking the evolution from 2011 until today when much of the propaganda is produced by the NATO-member-state financed and promoted #WhiteHelmets – Al Qaeda’s auxiliary in Syria.

The film will be released in Europe on YouTube channels and if any media outlets would like to publish please feel free… I will be uploading to my own YT channel after the Steigan Conference in Olso, Norway this weekend (9th and 10th February) when the film will hopefully premiere and the events covered will be discussed at length. (link to event in comments)

The film exposes media outlets like CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC as the war lobby they really are and it raises serious questions over the recent Marie Colvin campaign to discredit and criminalise the Syrian government.

Thank you to Rafiq Lutf for this opportunity and for all your work early on in the conflict, exposing CNN and Al Jazeera, that did so much to turn the tide of disinformation even inside Syria.”

Feb 6, 2019 8:03 AM

I think OffGuardian and the alternative blogosphere hold in their hands the ability to shake MSM by the scruff of its neck. I think this is ONE of those unique videos that should be on the front page of every alternative media outlet, like RT, Wikileaks, TheCanary………

I was brought up on a diet of Georgre Carlin, Mark Thomas, Robert Newman and my particular favourite, Aaron Russo (Mad as Hell). These people have been ‘Canary in the Goldmine’, societies cancer alarm and no one really takes note. Why and how, have will still not managed to laddle off the scum that frequently rises to the top in our societies?

As we endure another ‘smash and grab’, sorry the Exportation of Democracy from the biggest Rogue State, SpartUSA, I can’t help feeling that now would be a time to see if the Butterfly Effect could be replicated digitally.

I think its safe to say, we are all aghast at SpartUSAs latest grab for someone elses’s ‘junk’. May I suggest talking in the ONLY language SpartUSA understands. Both Israel and Starbucks in the UK have recognised the threat when speaking in their language, framed in monetary terms, so why not do it will SpartUSA?

Change your search settings in your web browser to DuckDuckGo. Its a non-violent protest, I’m sure Ghandi/MLK would be proud.

Feb 6, 2019 10:16 AM
Reply to  TFS

Good idea. In the past there was a movement to express discontent with the established order by simple gestures, like putting postage stamps on envelopes upside down. Or wearing some item of clothing. The Regime Change Brigade, Soros etc. exploited this with things like trying to incite unrest in Hong Kong with people carrying umbrellas.

Feb 6, 2019 2:30 PM
Reply to  mark

One of the ways to disempower your ‘enemy’ is the claim their ‘territory’.
I think the yellow vest is a rare reciprocal gesture of a legal requirement (in car for event of breakdown) as repurposed backwash.

If enough whacko’s can be associated with a legitimate protest against denied responsibility – then feed them or makes some.

Its all about blocking communication and therefore shutting down or degrading consciousness. If you can no longer hide secrets and lies then make blind, deaf or dumb by multiple vectors. But this works both ways and I choose to take responsibility for my experience – and so I have to own what is then with me.

Temporary victories educate the ‘enemy’ as to how to better trap you in future.
The idea similar to a work to rule – may have merit. But the anger has to transform to resolve that aligns in integrity – rather than presuming the discharging of anger in any way gives us any.

Mr Mark Mills
Mr Mark Mills
Feb 6, 2019 6:17 AM


Feb 6, 2019 4:42 PM
Reply to  Mr Mark Mills

Yeah. This is absolutely amazing!

Feb 6, 2019 5:18 AM

Here’s another two and a half hours for you Philip. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zaLQA_p4jE4#dialog