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Mueller’s Sideshow Closes – But it has Served its Purpose

Kit Knightly

To state my position clearly – I never believed, for a second, that the Mueller investigation would find any evidence of “Russian collusion”. And not simply because there isn’t any. I mean, let’s be honest, the powers that be “find evidence” of things that never happened all the time.

They “found” photos of Lee Harvey Oswald holding a rifle, and they “found” Satam al-Suqami’s passport in the rubble of the World Trade Center. They produced “evidence” the Russians shot down MH17 and poisoned the Skripals. There is “evidence” Assad gassed his own people. There was “evidence” Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that could be here in 45 minutes. (Mueller himself testified to that).

The Deep State have made it more than clear that objective fact does not matter to them. When the CIA, the FBI or the Pentagon want the evidence, they invent find it.

No, I was sure they wouldn’t find Russian collusion, because they didn’t really want to.

Firstly, it’s dangerous. However mad many of the leaders of the US deep state are, there are some who recognise that going to war with Russia is a bad idea. Publicly stating that Russia performed a coup in your country could lead to an international incident, a civil war, or even a nuclear holocaust. That’s not good for business.

Secondly, it’s an admission of weakness. The bedrock of Imperial power has always been an unwillingness to admit its own limitations. Finding that Russia had installed Trump would be admitting to a major defeat. They can’t afford to lose that much face.

Thirdly, and most importantly, they can’t take down one of their own. Trump might be crude, unpredictable, politically incorrect and lacking class…but at the end of the day he’s a billionaire son of a millionaire. He has been mixing with the elites all his life. He’s one of them, and sending down a member of the in crowd for corruption (or anything else) sets too dangerous a precedent. Trump has to be exonerated, it’s simply a matter of the system’s immune response protecting itself. (Not to mention he’s been President of the United States for over two years now, you take him to trial and who knows what he might start saying).

No, Trump was never going to be charged, let alone convicted. Mueller’s investigation has ended the way it was always intended to end – with a whimper, not a bang.

Do NOT make the mistake of thinking this makes it a failure.

Think about how our reality has been shaped by this investigation.

One, it has established as a “certain fact” in the mainstream media, that “Russian interference” is a thing that happened, even though to this date there is NOT A SINGLE PIECE of publicly available evidence to support this. The often cited “Russian troll factory”, the Internet Research Agency, is a small viral marketing firm that published anti-Trump ads. The “experts” tracking Russian “influence operations” are small-time paranoiacs with nothing but homemade infographics to back up their theories. The “research fellows” of the Atlantic Council are reduced to pointing to real people – be they retirees from England or internationally renowned concert pianists – and claiming they are “Russian bots”, because they cannot find any real ones.

The idea that Russia “hacked” the election, or launched a “campaign in support of Trump” is not even close to being proven, but if we embrace the Mueller report, then we are tricked into accepting that version of reality.

Two, there is the very idea of “collusion”. “Collusion” has no meaning under US law. It simply is not a thing, and yet we’ve all been talking about it for years. Letting “collusion” stand as a concept is a big victory for the establishment. It has no meaning, which means it can have any meaning they want it to have. Tulsi Gabbard can have “colluded” with Assad or Modi by defending them on US TV. Jill Stein can commit “collusion” with Russia by attending a meeting. They have invented an imaginary crime, that can be used to tar anti-establishment figures whenever they want.

If we embrace the Mueller report, we hand the corporate media more power to smear any political candidate, independent journalist or an ordinary citizen.

Three, if we accept Mueller, then we accept the concomitant affirmation of the idea that US institutions are trustworthy, that the FBI is inherently honest, that “Gary Cooper types” like Robert Mueller are the beating heart of US democracy. The narrative is running now that an accusation was made, a special counsel investigated and got to the bottom of it.

If we embrace the Mueller report, we lend credibility to a US system that deserves none. We put our trust in a body that has betrayed the public trust a thousand different times, and we accept the lie that the system is working as intended.

Four, Mueller has been a tremendous distraction. Don’t underestimate the value of that. Most of you will be familiar with the Karl Rove quote: “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.”, but just as important is the less well-known end to that thought: “And while you’re studying that reality —judiciously, as you will— we’ll act again, creating other new realities.”.

“Russiagate” has consumed hundreds of hours of television, thousands of column inches. It has cost millions and returned nothing but sound and fury. It’s a chew toy, a scratching post. Something to get our claws and teeth into while our owners are busy.

And how busy they have been.

Think about all the issues knocked off the front-pages by “Russiagate” rumours and totally fictitious “smoking guns”. Venezuela inches closer to destruction every day. France is a couple of street clashes away from a second 1789. Trump has slashed infrastructure and welfare budgets, and increased military spending. Again. While every anchor in the country was talking about “the walls closing in”, the US has pulled out of an arms treaty and announced they have already built the weapons that the treaty banned. While the media hammer out the propaganda message that Trump is in Putin’s pocket, the US deep state has been winding the Doomsday clock up to 1 minute before midnight.

Finally, much like the “antisemitism crisis” in the Labour party, “Russian collusion” now exists as a concept that keeps everyone in check. Trump now can’t afford to meet with Putin, not without a chorus of “AHA!” from the punditry. Other political figures, those on the actual fringe (not the fake Trump fringe), have even more to lose. There’s no doubt that “Russian collusion”, or the like, will be used to file down a crowded Democrat primary field. Gabbard, Sanders, maybe even Warren, will doubtless face charges of being “soft on Putin” in one form or other. These McCarthyite smears force the Overton window closed. They control what people feel comfortable saying, even thinking.

All in all, Mueller has been very, very useful to the status quo. He’s a controlled reaction, like in a nuclear power plant, keeping public anger available as an energy to harness, whilst making sure it never boils over into a chaotic meltdown.

There is an understandable feeling of glee throughout the alternative media, emotions are high and “We told you so” always feels good to say. Those of us who have been dismissed as bots, Putin-apologists, useful idiots and “Trumptards” have been officially vindicated.

…but do we want vindication from a corrupt establishment? Should we take any value at all in an admission of “truth” from institutions who been shown to hold the very concept of truth in contempt?

The Mueller distraction has run its course, to the only the end it was ever going to reach. The Liberal cheerleaders who thought that OrangeManBad would be dragged out of the White House in chains might be tearful and angry, and in some ways that feels like a victory, but it’s only on the surface. Maddow and Harding et al might be temporarily humiliated, but their bosses are perfectly fine.

Every step of the way Mueller has been an exercise in narrative control, and every step of the way it has worked. And it is still working now.

They have reinforced convenient myths, stoked controversies from non-stories. Put “evidence” out into the public domain that was nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

They have shown that they have total control over the vast majority of public discourse. They can set the agenda. They can dictate terms. They can invent concepts, scenarios, even entire events, and we’ll happily argue over the details of something that never even happened.

“We’re an Empire now, and we act we create reality”. When we accept the Mueller report we are letting them create reality, we shouldn’t be tempted down that path because it feels like we scored some points for the little guy. If we buy into the hype around the announcement, if we let the myth survive that the US government has any interest in objective truth, then we’re playing their game.

I called the Mueller report a sideshow, and that’s just what it is. A fixed ring-toss game, with prizes that seem attainable but are always kept just out of reach. Hustlers always let you win the first one, to make the game look fair. Don’t fall for it. Pick up your money and walk away from the table.

It might FEEL like the good guys won, but that’s only because they let us. Next time they might not. The only real way to win is not to play.

Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.


  1. Baron says

    The great Mark Steyn summed up witch hunts of the Mueller kind beautifully: It’s the process that does the damage, the outcome seldom if ever matters.

    • Tim Jenkins says


      Somewhat amazingly, the Guardian actually briefly opened comments on the above nonsense & pie throwing for distraction, trying to make Madcow & MSNBC look like culprits.

      Check the comments: a truly stunning lack of awareness, where not even one person is aware, or dares to mention, that Mueller was made boss of the FBI on the 7th Sept. 2001 >>> logically, need I say more than “Bill Binney” & WTC 7 ! ?

      Yep Baron, yer’ right, the process has done the damage and the people’s SAS (short attention span) has been fully exploited and it has worked, seemingly @theFraudian.

      Mueller’s placement immediately prior to 9/11 and his obvious complete incompetence & inability to investigate controlled explosions in the centre of New York, confirms his corrupted Deep State nature, more than adequately and >>>

      The above opinion piece confirms the Guardian’s Rocker-Feller role today, of destroying any further logically essential investigation into the events of 9/11, conclusions that still deny the Laws of Physics, let alone any conventional criminal law & legal investigation & prosecution. The USA simply remains on hold, with zero respect from other nations, whilst the Guardian pretends to ignore global opinion, with Ross Barkan calling Trump ” a failed real estate mogul and reality TV star consumed with dubious deal-making” . . . >>>

      “Blinded by the Light” springs-teens to mind “Wrapped Up . . .” ! ?

      • Makropulos says

        “Check the comments”? You mean check the permitted comments.

  2. Rhys Jaggar says

    What has to happen now is a systematic exposure of all the ways that AIPAC controls candidates and election financing. Israel is the ultimate election thief but Americans are too big a bunch of wussies to deal with their Zionist masters.

    1. Why is it allowable for dual-citizen US-Israeli Zionists to become elected officers when they clearly have allegiances to Israel far too strong to make them loyal US citizens?

    They must make a single citizenship choice or not run for office, since 300 million plus US citizens are not Jews and have no interest being tethered to Eretz Yisrael.

    2. Why is Israel alowed to manipulate US elections?

    Why does Rupert Murdoch promote such scandalous hypocrisy across his propaganda empire?

    3. Why must US Foreign policy be dominated by such a racist nation?

    Netanyahu behaving the way he does in Israel would see him imprisoned in the US for racist monstrosities no better than KKK lynchings back in the 1920s. Why is he even a US ally?

    4. Why did the US kill 3000 US residents to promote Israeli Middle Eastern policies?

    9/11 benefitted only Israel, Larry Silverstein and a few options traders. There is no US policy which benefits US citizens. Why not?

    Etc etc.

    Americans have one final chance to extricate themselves from their evil Deep State and become a law-abiding nation.

    If they launch WWIII, it will be fought on their mainland. The world has already made that decision. Americans will not be spared this time.

    Americans need to realise that and refuse to file tax returns in their hundreds of millions, thus bankrupting the US State.

    They must be clear that complete cessation of global warmongering and complete gutting of the Deep State is a precondition of any of them filing another tax return.

    150 million people cannot all be convicted, the power lies with the people.

    They all just have to realise that, overthrow the Deep State and start again.

    • Tim Jenkins says

      Well said Rhys, but the Mueller report was designed primarily to distract from Al-Jazeera’s “The Lobby”,
      coz’ the Russians Dunnit’, sits better in a Congress of trainers Seals, than the Israelis Dunnit’, see?
      So, i seriously doubt we’ll be seeing much change anywhere momentarily, now that Trump has simultaneously announced with the release of Mueller’s report, the UNILATERAL recognition of Israel’s divine rights to the Golan Heights . . .

      It is now up to the international community to expose the absurdity of this announcement and Rupert Murdoch’s interest in Genie Energy Oil & Gas on the Golan Heights,

      Along with Cheney’s, Rothschild’s & ex-CIA boss James Woolsey’s interests, in Genie Energy on the Golan >>> all well documented, so much so, for so many years, i’m fed up with repeating myself about the matter and the cowardice of the U.N. SG Guterres to address the most simple of matters, that still daily involves the theft of Syria’s & Dr.Assad’s resources, that could help fund the consequences of the CIA, Mossad & NATO backed terrorist damages, throughout Syria: Refugees & Rebuild, all waiting for the UN to step up finally and end the Corporate Dictatorship to Sovereign Military forces >>>

      Europe need only declare NOT ONE MORE REFUGEE ACCEPTED ! ! !

      All refugees will be delivered to the Golan >>> Simples !

      Think about it: The U.N. are on site to regulate, hell they even repair & medically service ISIS combatants on the Golan, free of charge, so no need for refugees to worry, surely 😉 and the Genie Murdoch has the energy supply and probably plenty of viagra , if Jerry hasn’t fucked his brain dead already . . . 🙂

  3. hi mark, I think by “Deranged Left” you really mean “Deranged Liberals.” The actual Left–lol to the extent that there is one–never bought into Russiagate for some of the very reasons you cite. I realize that we’re all bombarded by propaganda that tells you that mainstream DC Democrat liberals are the “left,” and so it follows that you, as a supporter of Trump, end up believing that the “Left” is the enemy. You may or may not agree with the kind of social democratic economic positions and non-interventionist foreign policy that constitutes a truly Left politics; but hey, we can argue about those things. All I want to point out is just as some of my conservative friends–crunchy con, Wendell Berry types–hate when the media refers to the crazy neoliberal ideas of the Republican establishment as “conservative,” when in fact they are anything but, so members of the Left deservedly want to push back against being categorized alongside DC establishment liberals. In many ways, these liberals represent a more effective guard against the Left in the U.S. than anything that is truly conservative. Peace out!

    • mark says

      Dear WJ,
      I think these labels are becoming increasingly meaningless, but I take your point. Deranged Left/ Liberals to me are the demented social justice warriors going down the Identity Politics rabbit hole. There isn’t any real Left any more. They abandoned the working class years ago, whom they despise, just like the Blairite Labour Party in the UK. There aren’t any real conservatives either any more, except maybe Ron Paul Libertarians. I’m not a supporter of Trump. I think his record at home and abroad has been absolutely appalling. Bloated military spending, ballooning debt and deficits, aggressive confrontation with Russia/ China/ Iran/ Venezuela/ Cuba, Jerusalem and now Golan Heights, austerity and welfare cuts, crumbling infrastructure and non existent healthcare, generally crudely offensive and thuggish behaviour, there isn’t a lot to admire. It wouldn’t particularly bother me if he was the victim of this regime change conspiracy – it’s only the same as his regime of war criminals, chancers, conmen, halfwits and superannuated generals are currently doing to other countries, after all. All I would say in his favour is that Clinton would probably have been even worse. And he has at least called out the MSM for what it is.
      What passes for the Left, Democrats, should have been galvanised by their defeat, and after a period of introspection found a worthwhile leader and some meaningful policies that resonate with ordinary people in obvious areas like healthcare and education. But instead they chose to chase Russian phantoms of their own invention. It should have been relatively easy to unseat Trump next year, he lost by 3 million votes after all. But their performance has been so abysmal Trump may well win another term in office.

      • Gezzah Potts says

        Mark: fully agree with you that there isn’t any Real (anti capitalist) Left anymore in the West. They’ve been completely neutered by Identity Politics, and also agree with your assessment of the UK Labour Party, which occurred to every Labour type Party thruout the West – think Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Socialist Parties in both France & Spain, and of course Syriza in Greece. All became adherents of Neoliberalist policies. And some on the ‘Left’ still thought Syriza were the bees knees – even After their epic betrayal of the Greek people.

      • John Ervin says

        You speak of “relatively easy to unseat” but it is the contention of many in the election reform knowledgeable community that US “elections” have become occulted by those who run them through software-based counting, all private corporations that now count ALL the vote, and are thoroughly unverifiable and, basically, worthless.

        Nota Bene: I mean that word: “worthless”. (Well, unless you are one of those profiting from them, then I guess worth becomes a relative concept, and on a sliding scale dependent on ownership of machines, or their customers.)

        The world at large has not really been watching as the Military-Media-Plutocracy-Walmart-Koch Complex has completely subverted the voting process and only left up the minimal stage props, such as the thrilling “I Voted” oval stickers they give you to affix to your forehead when you have done something as essentially silly as vote in an American Election (the electoral equivalent of watching her Mockingbird News Channels).

        Lynn Landes who has been a pioneer in this matter, and mostly mute now since a dozen years ago when she, and most of us, saw the futility of trying to save election process here stateside, made the pertinent comment at her websites, that the election machine companies tell us that we can’t prove that fraud has occured, but far more importantly, they can’t prove that it hasn’t.

        A logical conclusion like that is something she has been very good at, and was behind her case in Pennsylvania to ban voting machines based on the constitutional language, “One man, one vote.” And no mention of intermeditate gizmos and machinery. It should have appealed to a “strict constructionist” like Supreme Court (in)Justice Scalia.

        But he was the actual member of the court who dismissed it for “lack of standing”. I wrote about it to Lynn at the time, as a mutual friend of ours had asked me if I was interested in submitting amicus curiae arguments on behalf of the case, and I could think of a dozen very good ones (which I offered up, being used to making a spectacle of myself for far less, on many causes throughout the last twenty years of American misrule). She had shepherded the case from the local level to SCOTUS, and expressed dismay that they had given standing to other similar cases with far less reason.

        She at that time, about 12 years ago or so, still had a realist concept of the courts, that it was against their foundations and dangerous to one and all to give precedent to shaky opinions.

        But, as we saw with Citizens United, not to mention Bush v. Gore 2000, that is a now a relatively quaint notion, when you have John Roberts as the Chief, there, or the ruling on the 2000 Florida debacle which Barry Richards, the counsel for Bush in the Florida phase, mind you, called the worst decision in the history of the Court.

        Some lawyer friend I mentioned this to, as we walked on the streets of Orange County 5 years ago, flinched at that and said, no, Dred Scott held their Olympic Gold for miscarriage, in that regard.

        Well, we shall not quibble.

        The important takeaway is that Bush’s OWN CHIEF COUNSEL in Florida protested Scalia’s intrusion, so it’s no shock that he would not counter Landes’ case directly in any way, but simply dismiss it on “lack of standing.” With past as prologue, he had essentially dismissed the entire 2000 Election, and the last 20 years of our regrettable history, on a Sunday, in emergency session, as Gore had steadily inched throughout the day in the Presidential Derby/Recount in position to win by a nose ~a big enough nose~ at the wire. (I was watching live on C-Span and have the curious memory of seeing Frank Leahy ~the only ROV unelected appointee by Jeb Bush, to Dade County/Miami, inner city and heavy Gore territory~ pump his fists as he was talking to a circle of cohorts in a Florida public library, where they were recounting, when the news suddenly flashed on their monitors that Scalia had suddenly quashed the entire affair, effectively handing the pResidency to W. Leahy and his two election co-supervisors made the front page above the fold of just about every newspaper in the world, a few weeks before when, on Thanksgiving Eve, he cancelled THEIR recount in Miami Dade, due to the holiday? The most important count of its electoral kind, maybe in history, and sorry portal to 9/11, and they couldn’t take a few hours away from the Thanksgiving meal to recount? Even the leading Italian Communist newspaper had it as a front page, with a picture of the traditional meal and all the fixings, with the headling, “The Turkey Won!”. In the days thereafter, just to review, the steps of the building, where five years before I had lived next door, was the scene of “The Brooks Brothers Riot” referencing the Ivy League clothier, where a gaggle of protesters, all dressed to the nines with top of the line placards, pre-printed, and slogans like “Sore/Loserman”, stormed the Bastille of the backroom of ballots upstairs. What many don’t know, is that (now Chief Justice) John Roberts was part of that well-heeled melee, flown in to rabble-rouse on his own nickel. How surreal that he now heads the most important judicial body in the world, in terms of clout and decisive power. Also, if you bring up Youtube footage of some of those Florida recounts, as I did, not expecting to find anything new, but you will find some curious Republican “observers” sitting shoulder to shoulder with ROV John Burton in Broward County, and elsewhere nearby: Christie Whitman, soon-to-be head of EPA, and John Bolton, both future villains, then doing grunt duty as “just plain folks” as they “observed” the counting of the ballots. Reality TV doesn’t get any better than that, not by a long shot, or more laughable.

        Al Capone was not invited, only due to his unavailability. I read online in New York Times that when they then later packed the Miami ballots for shipment to Sanders Sauls’ court at the Tallahassee capitol, that the packing was overseen by “Frank Leahy and two Republican observers. No Democratic observers were present.”
        Due to the Excitable Gene in my family DNA, I got worked up and was going to print it out, but thought, not to worry, I’m getting the hard copy of the NYT thrown over my garden wall at 4am by Francisco, a reliable man.
        And he was: it came, I opened, I saw, the story was verbatim to what I had seen online, but the end sentence “Leahy and two Republican observers. No Democratic observers were present….” had been snipped, never to reappear, online or elsewhere.

        Aint’ Democracy grand? As the dearly departed William Blum, a personal hero, titled one book, “Freeing the World to Death”.

        But this is just a small sample of the kind of things that went on, BEFORE the mass invasion of coast to coast voting machines, etc.

        It is more than opinion, it is my strong conviction, that Trump was handed the election. Supposedly he won by small margins in key swing states, electoral College-wise, but the fact is, they can fabricate votes out of thin air, and only made the margins seem small so as to gain the cover of plausibility. The actual margin is irrelevant. ALL the states he won have been on our watchlist of notorious vote-scamming and fraud, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and all the rest are regular pretenders to the throne and festering seats of corruption of all kinds, like this.

        So whether it’s a million for Trump, or two, or three, or four or twenty, there is no realistic way of knowing that those votes weren’t manufactured.

        And they were. Or, rather, the victory was.

        Long before Trump ran, but was rumored to plan to, I walked into my gym in Huntington Beach CA, and there were TV screens with different channels, about twenty in all throughout the room, and Trump was on every one.
        I thought, they couldn’t have tuned ALL of them to Fox News.

        But no, there were over a half dozen channels involved, but Trump was on every one. AT THE SAME TIME.
        He was even on ESPN, involved with some real estate related to a stadium or other, trudging alone through the snow in a mohair coat. Incredibly surreal.

        I told a number of people that very hour, and ever since, “Take a look at the next President. It’s a fait accompli. It’s a Mockingbird Magic Act where ALL of the News, ALL of the time, is going to give the fast track, and most of the tracks to the Donald.” Free Face Time, in the billions of dollars, easily. Like, they had a reason? Well, they found one, didn’t they?

        And like Mockingbird Magic, which it “literally” was, it played out exactly as yours truly predicted. In early November a year later, I was laughing myself to tears when local college professors (of political science) were telling me that Hillary had it in the bag.

        Our elections are not only worthless, but in the truest sense, far far less than worthless. At least as “elections”.



        When Tesla was found dead in dress clothes on his unslept bed January 7, 1943, in Rm. 3327 (a number charged and overcharged with Freemasonry significance, 33, then 3 to the power of 3, a Masonic calling card, not a coincidence theory, like Tesla being under, for decades, what in GB is called “Virtual House Arrest” or I call VHA) of the New Yorker Hotel, his papers were seized by the FBI (illegally, he’d been a citizen for 52 years, but they used the pretext of not wanting any of his gadgets falling into enemy hands) and given to:

        Dr. John G. Trump. Of MIT. Custodian of Office of Alien Property, OAP.

        He looked at them for three days, then handed them over to Uncle “Sam” (the “c” that I note after the “S” is conventionally not pronounced, but that’s nationalism for you, and I leave it out only as a cautious courtesy to my ubiquitous countrymen) with the comment that there was “nothing new” really, and the rumored Death Ray was really just some ancient gadgetry of his, in a meaningless box.

        Dr. Trump, only brother of Donald’s father Fred. The Donald’s Uncle John.


        Did I already use the word “surreal”? Well, then.

        And here is some very interesting input, FWIW:


        Cf. that to these bare bones of an emaciated death (starved out) without vouching for its “volunteer” editors:

        Death of Tesla:

        In the fall of 1937 at the age of 81, after midnight one night, Tesla left the Hotel New Yorker to make his regular commute to the cathedral and the library to feed the pigeons. While crossing a street a couple of blocks from the hotel, Tesla was unable to dodge a moving taxicab and was thrown to the ground. His back was severely wrenched and three of his ribs were broken in the accident. The full extent of his injuries were never known; Tesla refused to consult a doctor, an almost lifelong custom, and never fully recovered.[33][217]

        On 7 January 1943, at the age of 86, Tesla died alone in Room 3327 of the New Yorker Hotel. His body was later found by maid Alice Monaghan after she had entered Tesla’s room, ignoring the “do not disturb” sign that Tesla had placed on his door two days earlier. Assistant medical examiner H.W. Wembley examined the body and ruled that the cause of death had been coronary thrombosis.[24]

        Two days later the Federal Bureau of Investigation ordered the Alien Property Custodian to seize Tesla’s belongings.[24] John G. Trump, a professor at M.I.T. and a well-known electrical engineer [NB: excuse me, should read: “Tesla-like genius, co-inventor of the van de Graaf Generator and many other like marvels”] serving as a technical aide to the National Defense Research Committee, was called in to analyze the Tesla items, which were being held in custody.[24] After a three-day investigation, Trump’s report concluded that there was nothing which would constitute a hazard in unfriendly hands, stating:

        [Tesla’s] thoughts and efforts during at least the past 15 years were primarily of a speculative, philosophical, and somewhat promotional character often concerned with the production and wireless transmission of power; but did not include new, sound, workable principles or methods for realizing such results.[218]

        In a box purported to contain a part of Tesla’s “death ray”, Trump found a 45-year-old multidecade resistance box.[219]

        There was a show on Pacifica Radio, late night, about 30 years ago, which I carefully filed away in my long term memory for future reference: aboutTesla inviting guests to dinner at his residence, where attendees recount eating on an immense stainless steel table. One of them, curious, looked under the table-cloth and noted that there were no legs: Tesla had discovered the means of levitating a huge metal object and suspending it rock solid in space, stable. Several years after Tesla’s death, the first “modern” sightings of UFOs became to populate the folk histories, many in the area of the largest cache of Project/Operation Paperclip abductees/Nazi scientists: New Mexico? And nothing new was noted by Dr. John. Of MIT. And NY real estate empire. Originally the only partner of Fred Trump in the family “development” business, before he begged out and Donald’s father bankrolled all his studies at Columbia and MIT.

        Just sayin’

      • Mark,
        Thanks for this. We are in basic agreement on all substantive issues. When I say “Left” I mean precisely the working class politics you rightly note have been expunged from both Labour and the Democrats. Really, we are all up against the oligarchy, and the sooner the working people, whether they consider themselves on the “left” or the “right” by social-cultural predilection, recognize that the *real enemy* is the oligarchy as a class, the more dangerous the people become. I suspect that this is what is happening in the yellow vest movement, which is why it’s so hard to categorize along standard ideological lines. It’s actually the first nationwide *class* movement to have emerged since the early 20th century. My desire is to see the material conditions for all working people, whatever else their disagreements, improve.

  4. mark says

    Nothing has changed.
    The MSM, the Deep State and the Deranged Left will continue with this nonsensical canard of Russian meddling, if only as a pretext for censorship of alternate media and on line opposition generally.
    Most people were totally uninterested in this hoax from the outset and have largely ignored it.
    Some, like Madcow, believe or pretend to believe, that Trump is a Kremlin Agent as an article of faith. If he obliterated Russia in a nuclear holocaust, their beliefs would remain unshaken.
    Others are equally unshakeable in their support for Trump. If he stood up and said he WAS a Kremlin Agent, they simply wouldn’t care.

  5. Roberto says

    First, it should be stated that the ‘Russiagate Hoax’ was not a McCarthyite-like campaign. Pretty well all that McCarthy claimed was true, except for minor differences, e.g. a figure of 192 may have been actually 190, things like that. This was proven by the release of the Venona transcripts. The only individual unjustly destroyed in the whole mess was McCarthy. The guilty offenders were just reshuffled to another department to cover up the complicity of their superiors.
    The Russiagate Hoax, the spying on the Trump campaign, the effort to destroy his presidency and destroy the hope of cordial and productive relations with Russia, perhaps even impeach Trump because certain people didn’t like the result of the election, the libel, the demonisation of Putin, all based on deliberate lies disseminated by a compliant media, was a plan by the so-called Deep State and/or Friends of Hillary is what is exposed by the Mueller Report, a report that was created by the use of Stalinist-era methods (albeit without the use of physical torture, only financial/psychological torture), and which failed to find anything after 2 years of investigations involving 2800 interviews of 500 individuals by an army of partisan haters of Trump declared to be ‘independent investigators’.
    Hopefully, out of this mess, the pursuit and prosecution of the actual enablers and instigators of this sedition will now take place.
    Disclosure: I am not a big Trump fan, but if this coup would have succeeded, it would have been the end of the Republic. As things stand, perhaps it will last for a few more years. And I really wish he would act on the most important of his campaign ‘promises’, e.g. stop interfering in other countries, develop a cordial relationship with Russia, and bring the troops home.

    • Makropulos says

      The Venona transcripts are – to say the least – a matter of dispute. Try this article here:


      It refers to one “Harvey Klehr, a professor of politics and history at Emory University. Prof. Klehr traveled in 1992 to the former Soviet Union, where he got access to Soviet spy archives.” Klehr says:

      “[V]irtually none of the people that McCarthy claimed or alleged were Soviet agents turn up in Venona. He did identify a few small fry who we now know were spies but only a few. And there is little evidence that those he fingered were among the unidentified spies of Venona. Many of his claims were wildly inaccurate; his charges filled with errors of fact, misjudgments of organizations and innuendoes disguised as evidence. He failed to recognize or understand the differences among genuine liberals, fellow-traveling liberals, Communist dupes, Communists and spies — distinctions that were important to make. The new information from Russian and American archives does not vindicate McCarthy. He remains a demagogue, whose wild charges actually made the fight against Communist subversion more difficult.”

      • Roberto says

        McCarthy is the poster boy for the investigations and the demonization by the press which has been condensed to the epithet ‘McCarthyism’ today, but his was just the last of the investigations. The Dies Committee, which was formed in 1938 and ran for about 6 years actually brought awareness to the severity of the situation.
        The Venona transcripts were decrypted messages gathered by the US Signal Intelligence Agency at source. From the other side, the Mitrokhen archive is especially useful, and comprehensive.
        There is not ‘little information’ but a wealth of undisputed information. Virtually all, not none, of the spies and their activities are identified. The US government had been totally infiltrated from the White House and the State Department all the way down, not just in terms of information gathering but in actual policy formation.
        No wonder when Truman hinted to Stalin at Potsdam that the US had a ‘terrible weapon’ that Stalin simply made an innocuous comment. He knew more about the project than Truman, and in real time, from the early stages of its formation, and that the Soviets were developing the same project (ENORMOZ) in parallel, with help from friends in the UK when problems arose. Pavel Sudoplatov, who ran the Manhattan espionage program has much to say about just this subject alone, and names names. If someone in authority wasn’t actually an agent, he would be a useful idiot who looked the other way.

        • Makropulos says

          “There is not ‘little information’ but a wealth of undisputed information.”

          I presume by “little information” you are referring to this:

          “…. there is little evidence that those he fingered were among the unidentified spies of Venona.”

          In which case, this is a complete misnomer. There may be “a wealth of” information but there is little evidence. Which completely contradicts that “undisputed”.

          • Roberto says

            I agree completely; my error was to conflate the descriptive narrative and the evidence to the single term ‘information’. Corrected accordingly: ‘There is not little evidence, but a wealth of undisputed evidence’.

            • Makropulos says

              Wrong again. The evidence – such that it is – is most certainly not undisputed. For one thing professor Harvey Klehr disputes it.

            • Makropulos says

              In any case when you say “Virtually all, not none, of the spies and their activities are identified” you are issuing a (deliberately?) misleading statement. The lack of a subject is a giveaway. (Identified by whom?) What Klehr actually said was “[V]irtually none of the people that McCarthy claimed or alleged were Soviet agents turn up in Venona.” – a completely different matter. To be sure Klehr is not disputing Venona but is claiming that, far from Venona vindicating McCarthy, it shows him up to be a bullshitter.

    • Trump is either the Obama of the right (and so a fraud from the get go) or is so blackmailed by the Israelis that you can give up on your fantasy of a noninterventionist Trump. I agree it’s an attractive fantasy btw.

    • John Ervin says

      With all due respect, this sounds troll-esque, if only in the sense there are many distinguished individuals, including my granny’s nephew, Roman Bohnen, who were essentially assassinated by McCarthy, without any basis. True, Bohnen founded the Actor’s Laboratory in Hollywood, which included many fine actors from the “Left” and so on. But, in a country where the business of America is business, Bohnen died, “methodically” (like Francis Gary Powers, Oswald, and so many others) just before he, like FGP, was to testify to HUAC of an apparent heart attack. At 44 (wiki is off several years about that age date, their interesting placement of his death at an age closer to 50). Wiki fails to mention that Actors Lab, which members like Lee J. Cobb and Marilyn Monroe had voted to rename “Roman Bohnen Actors Lab”, burned to the ground and was missing its safe shortly thereafter, thus forcing the closure of the political moonlighting and hotbed of activism theater.

      To try to revisit Tailgunner Joe and the dubious Nixon-led and Cohn-pimped HUAC of McCarthy and give it a cleaner bill of historical health, is sketchy in the extreme. Revisionism at its worst.

      Maybe you’re not a troll, or perhaps you contribute elsewhere in other more credible ways, but from the years I’ve spent hot on this trail, thought never as a scholar but only a student, a lot of this comment of yours comes off that way. And whatever the glamour or lack thereof of your other comments, this kind of thing throws all of it into question, since there are many agents provocateurs from our lovely US and US-allied Intel “communities” that will spew volcanoes of truth just to insert a few very misleading, intentionally misleading, russian-red herrings. Not to mix metaphors.

      Just saying

      [NB: also note that it’s been pretty well vindicated by a number of real authorities and historians, such as William F. Pepper, current head of Sirhan’s defense, and Oxford prof, etc., that it was not really Joe McCarthy that screwed up, but the very ticklish agenda of his as to go after CIA, specifically Cord Meyer, and the pink past of his youth, and who was as an agent far too important to Allen Dulles and Co. to be sacrificed to the “gods” of the Red Scare. It was not Welch, or TV, or anything else that brought him down, but a direct plan from the assassin-in-chief of JFK: Allen Dulles. This is also fairly well-kept in-house disinfo of CIA et al, and the very mention of it in such terms casts a long shadow of suspicion from this thread. You know?]

  6. Tim jenkins says

    From the United States department of Justice:-

    “Attorney General Barr,

    As FBI Boss, from 7th Sept. 2001 onwards, let me assure you that WTC 7 did NOT implode in FreeFall, in its’ own footprint, in 10 seconds flat, as a result of controlled explosions, despite video evidence announced by the Psychic BBC, well in advance of collapse & in denial of all Laws of Physics,

    A Fire dunnit’ , OK ?
    Are we all clear now ?

    Yours sincerely & faithfully believing in divine intervention,
    or, We’re all fuck’d . . . seriously!

    Best wishes,

    Oh, & P.s. Attorney General Barr,

    There was no collusion at all, whatsoever.


    Bob’ d’Mule

  7. Tim Jenkins says

    SQUiRREL MUELLER see ? >>>he went that way>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<meanwhile, Trump declares ISRAELI Golan Heights<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. . . nothing to see ? ? ?

    despite, USS LIBERTY !

    • Tim Jenkins says

      Bob d’Mule’s been real busy
      so, Trump declares unilaterally,

      Golan Heights 2be Israeli,

      all’s good for Genie O&G,

      hip hop OffG, nothing to see ?
      & just forget that USS Liberty ?

      & any international judiciary ?

      Thanks, to Kit Knightly,
      a better focus, rightly,

      never fund the sh[r]-ill BBC,
      out of pure common decency 🙂

      support just objective commentary.

  8. David Eire says

    Good analysis Kit Knightly. The Washington Regime has achieved many ends with the Mueller Gang witch hunt. They have corralled and tamed Trump and they have re-invented the Russian threat.

    • John Ervin says

      I suspect that Russia, like US, will once again have to reinvent itself, and there will be endless iterations. I have heard credible theories that USSR never actually “collapsed” but simply, like certain kinds of bankruptcy (lite), re-organized and rebranded.

      In any case, Putin like Chavez talks about programs for the majority of his people, and then implements many of them, so unlike US. I mean, socialized university education, or medicare for all, THAT’S SOCIALISM.

      But not police departments, or fire departments, or military etc. Those are all Reich-loved institutions, so suddenly any general institutionalism for them is okay, that’s socialism on the right. That’s OK. And then they all get freeways named after them here, if they are killed on one of their media feeding-frenzy cop car chases. Not that they don’t often deserve some honor.

      But no street name changes, or freeway name changes, as in Bolivarian countries, for poets or thinkers or musicians, etc. Those CAN’T be mass culture heroes. Not muscular enough for a freeway sign. Here in Southern California, I drive the L.A. to San Diego corridor all the time, and there are countless signs honoring nearly unknown cops who died in crashes, but not one for an icon of culture who will be remembered for aeons, like Gershwin, or Copland. Not one. Steinbeck has a library named after him in Salinas. That pinko! Whoooopeee. They crucified many times over Paul Robeson, then the U.S. Post Office released a stamp in his honor twenty years ago, not that many years after his death. That’s biblical: torture the hell out of them while alive, then erect monuments once they’re gone, like King. Very convincing cultural meme.

      What an ideological farce they play.


      “Apparently in Washington, terrorism is only terrorism when it comes from the Left.”

      ~Graham Greene, 1963 (?) Preface to his “Our Man in Havana”

  9. crank says

    So much of what drives conspiracy theorizing is the questioning of dual loyalty (or concealed loyalty) – and I don’t think this is unwarranted or irrational necessarily. It is a matter of evidence.
    One thing that Kit has not mentioned in this article is that the establishment focus on allegations that Trump is loyal to Russia have acted as a huge distraction from the fact that the US political class as a whole are loyal to Israel as much as, or more than, they are loyal to the people of the US.

    Russiagate ends at the same time that the West reaches a fork in the road with regard to Israel. Pompeo makes clear that the administration will ‘relentlessly fight anti-zionism’. The Trump administration could not be closer to Tel Aviv. Anti-zionist voices and opinions are being silenced everywhere. Israel becomes more religiously zealous, more brazenly racist and brutal, yet at the same time seeks further ‘integration’, more exceptional status and fealty from the rest of the world.

    Israelgate is real, and its going on now. It is a fire burning in Gaza today. It is yet another coup planned at the JLM. It is the relentless whipping of war with Iran. It is Elliot Abrams, Bolsonaro, Azov, Adelson, Kushner, Kushner, Kushner…

    “Simply put, the [Israeli] people are the problem… There are those who have hated Arabs long before Netanyahu. There are those who despise blacks, detest foreigners, exploit the weak and look down their noses at the whole world – and not because of Netanyahu. There are those who believe they are the chosen people and therefore deserve everything.”

    – Quote from article by Gideon Levy (Haaretz) in article by G Atzmon:


    How can this end well? Anyone ?

    • mark says

      The Talmudic Racist Supremacists are trained to hate the rest of humanity from birth. To them, gentiles are just insects, or at best donkeys. They are motivated by pure hatred for all humanity. There will be no peace or justice in the world so long as we are ruled over by them and their 30 shekel goy whores – the Orange Baboon himself, Pence, Pompeo, Bolton, Haley, Clinton, Cameron, May, Macron, Merkel, who spend their whole lives grovelling on their bellies before the Chosen People. They foment endless wars and leech off the rest of humanity like poisonous maggots.

      • BigB says


        Charming, thus speaks the new Mandela. So, gas them? Is that your final solution?

        Oh, no wait: you can’t. It was a ‘so called’ 1940s “holocaust”. One that was “pretty trivial by comparison” with real holocausts. In the artificial league table of holocaust relativism.

        Now I fully comprehend what “pretty trivial by comparison” really means.

        • mark says

          No, the solution is to stop constantly giving them hundreds of billions in tribute to sponsor racism, genocide and terror.
          To stop giving them unlimited quantities of free weapons, including a huge illegal nuclear arsenal and sniper rifles and dum dum bullets to gun down kids in Gaza, and spread mayhem throughout the region, for which we pick up the bill.
          To stop fighting endless multitrillion illegal wars for them, destroying entire countries and slaughtering and starving untold millions.
          To stop permitting endless Zionist terrorist atrocities throughout the planet and hold the perpetrators liable for their crimes, from the USS Liberty to 9/11.
          To stop shielding the bloodthirsty genocidal Zionist Regime from accountability for its actions.
          To clamp down on Zionist bribery, blackmail, subversion and smear campaigns undermining our democracy, and to free our institutions of poisonous Zionist influence.
          To stop requiring our citizens to take loyalty oaths to this evil regime, and persecuting them for failure to do so.
          To stop criminalising any criticism of this regime with 20 years imprisonment and $250,000 fines.
          To deal with this Regime as a pariah state outside the pale of civilised nations.
          To impose comprehensive, crippling sanctions until it observes basic human rights and civilised standards.

          • BigB says


            So you de-Zionise and de-Judaise the American culture politically and non-violently. So you get back to an ideologically pure Americanist imperialism: which by your own admission perpetrated THE holocaust …or multiple holocausts against indigenous folk everywhere …not just the Americas. It seems to me that the cult of scientifically individuated Americanism is in itself constitutionally racist and we are no further forward. Or anywhere near getting to the roots of the problem. Why do people become exceptionalist: because we know have at least two cultures that thrive on ethnocentric exceptionalism. So it is not specific to reading the Talmud. How about the Bible? Are they “Chosen” people and “poisonous maggots” too? There are plenty of Unpeople worldwide who would no doubt answer ‘yes’. Who is going to change their attitude. if not us?

            • mark says

              THE holocaust was perpetrated by Spain, Portugal, France, Britain and America. Not just America. And parts of the Bible are as vile as the Talmud. They are fruit of the same poisoned tree. I wouldn’t particularly want to gas anyone. Though you could make an exception for Pompeo. And the Orange Baboon, apart from the animal cruelty element.

              • BigB says

                Exceptionalism isn’t specifically Judaised then? Nor is Jewishness exceptionally ethnocentric. Christian Zionism is extremised: but it is not exceptionally exceptionalist. Other races, empires, and nation states have become ethnocentric exceptionalists at other times too. History is a never ending chronicle of wars where at least one side is exceptionalist and imperialist. So we are looking for a common cause outside of the Talmud and Bible: something a bit more fundamental to the human condition that can arise at any time, in any place. If we can address that, we might put an end to ALL needless oppressions. Once and for all.

                • mark says

                  The problem is the anti human ideology, spiritual beliefs themselves, however bizarre, can often be no more than a relatively harmless personal eccentricity.

                  Cannibalism and incest were once normalised and universal, but those things have been left behind us. Similar phenomena like Talmudic Racist Supremacism might reasonably be expected to have gone the same way and have become no more than barbaric relics of historical interest. But the reverse is the case. And it is steadily extending its stranglehold over the entire planet, squeezing the life out of humanity like some monstrous giant python.

                  • BigB says

                    The entire ethos of capitalist modernity is an anti-human ideology: and the consensus reality that it elicits and makes complicit. It makes automatic subjects of us all: based on the Cartesian Error. But with better self-education: we can come to terms with and heal that rift on a person by person basis. As soon as we stop offloading personal responsibility. We can learn to regain our power as co-creative and co-evolutionary agents.

                    Or I can just go sit in the corner and bang my head against the wall until people start to collectively realise that we have the power to evolve. I fear I shall be dead by then.

                    Sorry Mark, at least I know I am raving. You honestly believe that what you said makes sense. It doesn’t.

      • crank says

        To them, gentiles are just insects, or at best donkeys.


        They…leech off the rest of humanity like poisonous maggots.

        Mark, do you not see a problem with these two comments appearing in the same paragraph?

        To my reading, it’s just racist hypocrisy.

  10. Yarkob says

    But, but, but….Luke Harding said…

    where is the old bullshitter-in-Chief when you need him?

    Surely the Graun will roll him out for a retrospective, now? Like one of those awful social networking montages of the past year…

    • Gezzah Potts says

      Yarkob: Luke Harding…. NOOOOOOOO!!! If that creature had one slightest whiff of a conscience, he would apologise. But he dosn’t, so he won’t. None of them will. Can you imagine someone like Madcow or Colbert in front of a camera, looking all humble and contrite going…. ‘I’m so sorry that I mislead you all and because of my repeated hysterics of Russian evil doing, bought the World dangerously close to the brink of catastrophe’. They’re probably cooking up the next fake bombshell right now…

      • mark says

        They will just move on to the next hoax, whatever it is. Maybe another Skripal or another Syrian Gas Attack hoax, or another Corbyn anti semitism hoax, or a false flag with Iran. Nothing ever changes. They have been doing this for decades. Maybe it will be something really big like another holocaust hoax. There is zero accountability for all these people. Iraq makes that point adequately. The Hardings and the Freedlands and the Millers and the Madcows will just parrot whatever lies they are given to disseminate.

      • IntergenerationalTrauma says

        Gezzah Potts – such a coincidence that you mentioned Rachel Maddow. I have some breaking news to share Gezzah, regarding this beloved celebrity journalist.

        It appears that Ms. Maddow has recently been removed from the set of her show by the proverbial “men in white jackets.” Yes, sadly it appears that Ms. Maddow has fallen victim to a particularly pernicious and virulent form of rapid onset – Tourette’s Syndrome! Witnesses say Ms. Maddow quite suddenly appeared be incapable of normal speech, and apparently can now only loudly and emphatically repeat the following very limited words and phrases: “f#@king Muller, f@#k that f@#king Muller, f@#k, f@#k, f@#fing Muller, Muller that f@#king Muller, f . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

        The poor thing!

        • Gezzah Potts says

          Intergenerationaltrauma: ha ha ha ha…. good one. Seriously tho, these cretins have pushed tensions with Russia dangerously high, with zero thought for potential consequences. Yes, I know they’re all just fully fledged presstitutes….

  11. Makropulos says

    ““Russiagate” has consumed hundreds of hours of television, thousands of column inches. It has cost millions and returned nothing but sound and fury. It’s a chew toy, a scratching post. Something to get our claws and teeth into while our owners are busy.”

    This is what always astonishes me. A tenth of what is being spent could be directed to improving everyone’s life and ultimately making everything better – even for the rulers. But the rulers are prepared to throw seemingly endless sums at gaining a slight advantage while plunging everyone else into misery in an interminable game where ultimately everyone loses.

    • John Ervin says

      Brilliant, I was just musing, when I scrolled to your own kudo.

      Granted, I was first drawn in by his voicing of my same “contrarian” position that Mueller would have nothing more than a whole mouthful of the stuff from Day 1 (I have never found anyone locally who gets that far) but Mr. Knightly goes on to hit all the right notes in the right way at the right time and nails his arguments by the most admirable means and method.

      Such as, but not limited to, the history of “collusion” in its American concept. You ever hear that word in reference to Big Business of USA INC. and you know you’re going to be waterboarded for months or decades by some made for TV spectacle like Russiagate (or that reality TV original, Watergate).

      Better than Will Rivers Pitt, who writes with verve (or as JFK was wont to say, “vim and vigor”) but, at last read, still seemed to believe the “evidence” that there was some “evidence”, and that Russiagate had something to do with Russia.

      Like Kit Knightly, I never did, “for a second”.

      And I exuberated to find someone to confirm that conviction, and so bitingly well.

      • Tim Jenkins says

        & “… who knows what he might start saying.”

        For example,

        “There is no way I’m leaving the White House unless Hillary is prosecuted,
        before me: time for the true Patriot to BEAR ARMS FINALLY , with me ! ”

        It should never be forgotten, that Robert Mercer, before backing Trump, commissioned a private Poll. The result of which, confirmed to him that the U$A was teetering on Civil War. Mercer was so shocked at the result of this Poll, that he sent the guy back, after paying him, and instructed him to REPEAT the Poll of privately held beliefs and paid him AGAIN, to do a Fresh Poll, urgently. The results came back IDENTICAL, after which, both Mercer & Rupert Murdoch began to back Trump and Megyn Kelly was told to shut d’ f**k up and on the first Sunday after the Brexit vote, Trump met Murdoch on his golf course, in Scotland. What was discussed in the de-bugged golf buggy, almost nobody knows, but you can be sure that Trump knows who owns Genie Energy Oil & Gas (Murdoch, Cheney, Rothschild & Woolsey, ex CIA boss, amongst other highly dubious Deep State characters like Summers &&&), to cut a long story short, Genie Energy’s interests both in the USA & the GOLAN Heights of human avarice, are well documented, as is the statement of Trump, last week, regarding his decision to

        UNILATERALLY & wholly illegally declare the Golan Heights as Israeli territory >>> thus, the two fingers waved directly at the UN and ICC by Pompeo & Bolton and this was why Irina Bokova under NO circumstance was allowed to become Secretary General of the UN, despite being obviously by FAR the most qualified person for the job. Her position on such an issue as the Golan Heights, that were stolen under false pretext, (ostensibly for Water & Strategic reasons, as admitted openly to a journalist by the then dying Gen. Moshe Dyan), an action that involved the pre-meditated cold blooded IAF/IDF MURDER of 34 US Navy Personnel in international waters, aboard the USS Liberty, simultaneously with the attack on the Golan; one would expect the Secretary General of the UN to have some kind of formal official opinion and ROLE to play, so we must ask ourselves,

        WHERE D’FUCK is GUTERRES and why has he remained SILENT, as usual, on any political matter that involves DEEP STATE CORPORATE DICTATORSHIP to SOVEREIGN MILITARY forces, for commercial gain ! and why were NATO so unsuccessful against ISIS ? when Putin had zero problem resolving the problems & isolating the NATO & Mossad backed terrorists, as demonstrated from 2015 onwards >>>

        Europe should refuse to accept one single refugee, with IMMEDIATE EFFECT and the UN SG Guterres should finally stand up and tell the US where to get off the bus Gus & Don the cap of transparency & accountability for the charade over Syria, ISIS, the Phoney War on Terror, Libya, Iraq , Afghanistan, Pakistan, Venezuela, WTC 7 & of course we can list nations where the USA itself, has committed EXACTLY what Trump & Russia were falsely accused of, by the FAKESTREAM media, until the cows come home …

        But, my point is that either the UN stands up NOW, or the UN has no future & it can be immediately finally disregarded forever, signing its’ own death warrant, as Corporatists’ tool, as Russia & China assume the old role, that Five Eyes has dominated for far too long. NATO, needless to say, is looking more & more like a bunch of TERRORISTS, sponsoring terrorists, with fake stream mainstream media news focussed on terror and propagating an atmosphere of FEAR, worthy of 1984, all with the approval & initiation of the Ashkenazi Khazarian Zionist agenda & recipe for Chaos & Confusion, via Fake News, from the BBC to CNN and the rest of their club corporatists at Reuters AP & AFP, who determine the timeline of all the staged events, from ChCh NZ, to Charlie Hebdo & le Bataclan and dating all the way back to 1946 at the King David Hotel Bombing of British Military Intelligence, in Jerusalem . . . the irony of that name, the USS LIBERTY, can never escape me.

        Are the Brits. so scared of the Ashkenazi, since 1946, or do they have a will & opinion of their own, independent from Israel and the Zionists, coz’ after the USS LIBERTY & Murdoch, the Brits. and the Yanks look like a right bunch of pussies, that are too afraid to even put reality up for public discussion >>> World View Warfare played by 5Eyes, has nothing to do with Sovereign politics, it has become purely a corporatist agenda to brainwash the masses and cull any dissent, with the ole’ MI6 Wahhabi style of Governance, both home & abroad …

        Pure unadulterated WELTANSCHAUUNGSKRIEG, for Corporate Sociopaths ! !

        E.g. Rupert Murdoch !

        • Tim Jenkins says

          Q: for the Secretary General Guterres of the U.N.

          Did WTC 7, collapse as a result of a fire or controlled explosions ?

          And if he cannot answer the question, scientifically & objectively, perhaps someone at the UN might like to ask ANY demolition expert for his/her professional opinion and then refer the question to >>>

          Irina Bokova, who not only managed to cut the budget of UNESCO, but also she managed to change fundamental LAW @ the U.N. , whereby now,

          the Destruction of Any Culture is considered a Terrorist Act !

          WTF is GUTERRES ! !

          Where, who & what d’f**k is Guterres >>> just another Pedophile Puppet of PERPS ?

  12. Michael Cromer says

    Where are Mulder & Scully when you need them?

    • John Ervin says

      I feel you.

      When my hero, the X Phile main man, Chris Carter (“I made this!”) announced the return of his indelible creation, he said, “Think of the last 13 years as an extended commercial break. The good news is that things have got that much stranger since then.”

      And then, this!

      And “straight outta Quantico” no less.

  13. Repeat after me, the Russians did it, the Russians did it, the Russians did it… I will then count backwards from 3 and when you awake everything will seem perfectly normal again, Luke. Putin will still be your Nemesis and the Steel Dossier will be a regular Wikipeadia entry..and the Guardian will be finally free of comments from that bad, bad world.

  14. Antonym says

    My conclusions: the NYT and WAPO are bought and sold, so are CNN, Fox etc.
    The FBI is doing no better today than during J. Edgar Hoover.
    The CIA is as bad as ever, possibly worse.
    The NSA has proven to be a useless recording studio, not serving any American voter. Their material didn’t show up pro or contra.
    Congress and the House of Reps. have been shown as toothless lions, not even respected by FBI etc.

    • Wilmers31 says

      The WSJ changed hands well over the odds to have a propaganda outlet owned by a reliable agent of empire. (Like the Times and Sunday Times in the UK)

      Skripal was recruited in 1995 I read. But at the time the West ruled through Yeltsin by the IMF – why did the British taxpayer spend money on Skripal (plus 300 guys he took down with them?). Albion cannot help himself.

    • Tim Jenkins says

      Yuuuussss Agent Ant.

      Just as long as nobody is discussing Trump’s ‘hushed’ announcement on the laughable notion of an >>>
      “Israeli Golan” & Genie Energy Oil & Gas & Water or the USS Liberty . . . or Murdoch & Co.

      First class effort at stating the absobleedin’lutely obvious, from the mighty ant.ithesis of anal-ysis, bravo,

      More projection & Transference & distraction, 4shekels well earned.

      Tell yer’ boss yer learning,


      Now whadya’ reckon about the Golan ?

      & UNSG Guterres ?

      Don’t you think that an extra dose of explosive terror is well over due, from 5 Eyes, given their highly apparent & well evidenced sponsorship of the phoney ‘War on Terror’, that they financed & supplied, via Transit hubs like Azerbaijan ? with CNN Corresponding & Dilyana Gaytandzhieva.

      After witnessing personally NATO’s appalling endeavours, and their associated societal & cultural consequences, before, during & after taking control of Regime Change, too many times, Antonym,
      i must ask you,

      D’ya know what a ‘Bodkin’ is ?

  15. SO. says

    You know… something’s been bugging me and it’s very simple.

    I can’t find the origin of the term ‘kompromat’.

    It LOOKS like it’s russian.. but it’s not actually a russian word so where did it come from?

      • SO. says

        Ta. Thought as much. It’s an english boomerang.

        • Igor says

          Where does “English” come into it?



          The term kompromat is a borrowing of the Russian KGB slang term компромат from the Stalin era, which is short for “compromising material” (Russian: компрометирующий материал, translit. komprometiruyushchy material). It refers to disparaging information that can be collected, stored, traded, or used strategically across all domains: political, electoral, legal, professional, judicial, media, and business. The origins of the term trace back to 1930s secret police jargon.[6]

          • That in itself is a loan from. English, like many other Russian words. For instance the Russian term for train station is Vokzal. Doesn’t sound English in origin, does it? It’s a straightforward Russification of the very English “Vauxhall”.

          • Ray Raven says

            So, you are telling us that there is no native Russian words for “compromising” or “material” that do not sound like Russified Anglo words?

  16. alsdkfj says

    The faction of the Deep State – the strongest one – wants Trump in office as he is their absolute best bet regarding a President willing to be a diabolical autocrat, ruthless, one who embraces torture…..and to bring that against his “enemies” inside the borders of the US.

    Yes it has been a long road to this point, and Trump reflects the end game of oligarchy born of neoliberal economics and politics embraced by super wealthy individuals, large corporations, and Corporate Democrats and Republicans who service them.

    This Administration is the culmination of all of that stench, and as such absolutely is the most dangerous Administration in US history. He stokes hate for power, cites the press as “enemy of the people” (but of course not Fox News, or Sinclair Broadcasting………also, Trump is NOT arguing from a valid critical standpoint of MSM like some on the left have asserted), is stacking the courts with right wing Federalist Society acolytes, ramping up militarized police, private prison construction, and has declared a State of Emergency taking unto himself vast powers.

    For those who dismiss Trump, yet point their finger (as they should) at Obama, Hillary, Bill and the rest……need to ask themselves why they spend so little time and words documenting the unique danger of this Administration, much less doing anything to fight against it.

    Nope, that wouldn’t be politically correct. Another entirely vacuous term thrown around. Same with “identity politics”. As if right wingers aren’t steeped to the tops of their addled brains in identity politics and their own political correctness .

    • John Ervin says

      Lest we forget that late shadow that Mueller casts, it was on his watch at FBI 15 years or so ago that Sibel Edmonds was fired for -ahem- trumped up reasons, later disproved by an external investigation, which exonerated her.

      • Tim Jenkins says

        I have serious doubts about Sibel, for a wide variety of reasons, however, more pertinent about Mueller, is that he became the boss of the FBI on the 7th Sept 2001 . . .

        lest we forget his denial of all logic & insult to the science of Physics @WTC 7 !

  17. Gezzah Potts says

    Thanks Kit for your ongoing speaking truth to power. Yes, we were right. The whole Russiagate fraud was a pile of rubbish. But how many Joe and Jane Smith’s out there now view Putin as the devil incarnate, who is a grave threat to Western ‘democracy and freedom’? How many out there now view Russia as our arch enemy? And now Trump is free to pursue much more important things like, hours ago, signing a proclamation declaring the occupied Golan Heights as Israeli territory, pictured alongside the odious Netanyahu who looked most pleased with himself. Trump even gave Nuttyahoo the fecken pen and stated “give this to the Israeli people”!! This total, absolute disregard for international law and UN resolutions is breathtaking. The complete arrogance….. And li’l Jared Kushner was in the background looking most happy. Up is down and white is black. Wow…. Can these criminals actions get any more transparent? Madness.

    • John Ervin says

      We better hope they don’t. “Get more transparent”. That would be lights out?

      This was how they used Oswald’s legend and all the Cold War Reinhard Gehlen claptrap. Just trot out the same overused Roy Cohn dog and pony. (Recall, Trump called Cohn his “mentor”. Meh/Ugghh/Yecch.)

      And this is why Gore Vidal called US: the United States of Amnesia. It must be systemic.

      Fearsome Ignorance of our dark history.

      And that is “Why”.

    • mark says

      Jerusalem, Occupied Syria, next the West Bank.
      Then the whole of the region from the Nile to the Euphrates, with all the 30 shekel whores in Israel’s Amen Corner applauding like trained seals.

      • Tim Jenkins says

        ahhhh yes , the trained seals, me half expecting Milosevic’s epic highlights ‘upube’ video of crazy seals in congress, bobbin’ up&down, like Stormy, when Bibi NetanYahoo calls to visit & promote vomit, ‘peace’, his pre-election self & … clap & roar for the harmony of Pace in Apartheid , with overture no. 61 🙂 coming up,

        in memory of Gen. Moshe Dyan, Yahoodi’s Menu for

        ‘Ancient Israeli Olive Groves on the Golan’,
        (Genie’s Geneticology)

        ‘Simply d’Best’ muse & cultural misappropriation of Hollow-woody musical movements (patent & copyright pending) BS societal science from Bush & Obama’s bunch of crims. in… , chains pulled by Cheney, Murdoch & Kissinger & Co. for fRoth&Rockers interests, but hey, there again Richard Branson could organise a festival, on the Border with Galilee and in Jordan, to offer aid to all refugees from Syria, on & from the Golan :-),

        Party on ! coz’ i tell you one thing, any intelligent European, imho, would be mad to accept one more refugee, when the Golan has all they fuckin’ well need for refugees and future income, in law, belonging to Syria anyway, not Israeli or their Genie Capone Corporatists, & as the Golan is recognised by the UN as Syrian, lol, where is the UN & ICC and what is their position on the Chilcot Report (un-redacted) Blair & Bush & should we all just head on down to the foothills of the Golan for the Summer hols and Party on with Branson, coz’ surely Sir Richard understands the inherent value of virgin nature, water and the Genie within the Golan and whilst we’re at it, invading the Golan peacefully for a Festival in Support of Dr.Assad & the Refugees of ISIS & NATO & MOSSAD, on Syrian Territorry, against the phoney War on Terror, like

        …5 Eyes could test yours & Gwyn’s idea for an Anti-Sem-Pandem detector, calibrated in Corbyns, and scan the fuckin’ lot of ’em, inc. me, you & all NATO & UN Operatives . . . on the Golan, as well as the Ashkenazi & Mossad brothers in arms, who’ve been saving the lives of ISIS operatives, medically speaking: unless yer’ bonkers, you could be forgiven for thinking that all refugees of NATO & Israeli Bombings in Syria, could happily hangout with mossad & google on the Golan and i’m sure they’d get free wifi, too … as well as medical treatment !

        Plenty of water, for the Summer , mark, i swear 🙂 and Europe’s got enough problems to resolve, so, “UNTIL we know what the hell is going on , ban all refugees, migrants”, & lockdown, as Trump would say . . . 🙂 coz’ we don’t need to build a wall coz’ Israel’s already gonan’dunnit’ innit’. 😉

        Seems to me that Trump is revelling in putting pigeons in holes n’ corners, all hairstyles ruffled, fluffed up & half baked from the spotlight, after the softener …

        Dr. Assad & ‘d’Feelgood re.Fugees Freestyle General Schwarzkpof & Dyan Festival4Golan Genies-R-US Solutions to the EU immigration crisis.

        Opening track: Killing me softly by proxy, droning fading tones followed by
        M.O.A.B. & d’Mad Mullahs

        I can’t see Murdoch promoting it, but there again, it could be an highly explosive event, errrr . . . hang on a moment, I just wanna’ consult my legal advisor … 🙂 all rights reserved ?

        Maybe we could get Mick Jagger to dedicate a number to Jerry Hall …
        (Rupert’s last ever honkey tonk woman)

        “I met a gin-soaked, bar-room queen in Memphis . . .”

        Seriously, if Jerry doesn’t fuck Rupert Bear’s brains out in the next few weeks, we’re all fucked 🙂 with a Summer in the Sun, on the Golan . . .

  18. Brian harry says

    The fact that Americans still have faith in their ‘favourite MSM Network’ allows the Deep State to feed them whatever the latest “Crisis” is. One Australian politician some years ago called his daily talks to the Media as “Feeding the Chooks”.
    The Networks in the USA not only “Parrot” the latest News, but they have been shown to use exactly the same script when doing so. And Americans still believe the ‘Tripe’ the Networks feed them.

    The Russian Collusion has been very successful in diverting their attention away from the total dominance that the “AIPAC Gang” hold over the American political system, but if you mention that in the USA you are immediately howled down by the “Anti-Semitic” charge…..They’ve got all angles covered.

  19. Stay tuned for the next Mueller Bombshell, presumably to be announced just prior to the 2020 election. Or for that matter, you can Google his last bombshell report, released in June of 2018. It’s all the Democrats have left to sell.

    • John Ervin says

      TOO TRUE.

      But Americans will keep on with their habitual dangerous game of “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” à la The Wizard of Oz, because it is so much comfier than doing their homework.

      The power of the CIA MOCKINGBIRD of a project “press” that we suffer by hour after excruciating hour here, nowhere presents so monolithically as in the Orwellian attitude of almost everyone I know, and even most online “progressive” sites, that SURELY there must be truth in this Russian canard. I hear it from lawyers at my Y, Doctors at my exams, university professors (of “leftist” political sheepskin, mind you)

      Putin told Oliver Stone some months ago quite bluntly, “That’s an internal affair of yours.”

      And folks here think that Dumber and Dumberer is a movie.

      No, welcome to Life Here, American Style.

      42 years ago, Francis Gary Powers, the snakebit U2 pilot shot down over Moscow in 1960 on the eve of a hopeful peace conference between Kruschev and then President Eisenhower, that was summarily cancelled because of “our” meddling, was subpoenaed to testify to the HSCA, 1977, House Select Committee on Assassinations. HSCA knew that he had named a (then) obscure Marine Radar Operator, Lee Harvey Oswald, as the party responsible for getting him shot down. In NINETEEN SIXTY.

      Hélas, FGP never made that date, and the congressional microphones, because the newschopper he flew then for KNBC 4 in L.A. crashed, killing him, some days before.

      Thank God for Wikipedia, though. Right?
      They let us in on all that.

      Well, except all the info about the HSCA summons. The “volunteer” editors leave that out though.

      The Wiki bio says it was a misread new fuel gauge.

      The pilot had at one time held the highest pilot rating on earth. Oh, and witnesses on the ground, never called, spoke of a mid-air “explosion”.

      I find Wikipedia immensely valuable, in noting just all the solid facts it leaves out. It is almost their pedagogical position: revelation by omission. As good, these days, as the smokiest smoking gun.

      One day these perps are going to go to their Russian well once too many, and find that even that same same 99% of the American “Public” knows it’s bone dry.

      As totally uncomfortable as that revelation may 1 day be.


      “America…. just a nation of 200 million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns, and no qualms about killing anyone else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable.”

      -Hunter S. Thompson

      “Like Texas Oil. You know, kinda CRUDE.”


      • Hugh O'Neill says

        To John Ervin. Many thanks for highlighting the Francis Gary Powers story. I read the excruciatingly awful book “Mayday” by Michael Beschloss (see my 1-star review on Amazon) and by its many omissions, half-truths and deliberate dissembling, one can easily read between the lines and glimpse the truth. I suspect that LHO had a long career as a CIA Patsy, and was set-up as explanation if anyone chose to ask Allen Dulles how the Soviets had managed to down the U2. Likewise, FGP was also a Patsy, in that his U2 had to come down in order to destroy the Paris Peace Talks. FGP spoke of an explosion, but by remarkable flying managed to retain a measure of control and then eject.
        Whenever Tom Hanks is in a film, I immediately suspect CIA disinformation, and sure enough, “Bridge of Spies” spreads yet more lies. Compare the harsh treatment FGP suffered on his return with that accorded his supposed betrayer LHO. Furthermore, Beschloss implies that LHO murdered a fellow marine guard, just to remind us that LHO was a ruthless killer, though somehow he was never prosecuted.
        FGP also wrote books on his experiences which may have hastened his demise. Bell Helicopters also connects LHO and FGP in the personage of Ruth Paine, whose husband worked for Bell and her sister was in the CIA.
        Understanding the planning, execution and subsequent management of the JFK Assassination is fundamental to understanding the state of the world today: truth, honesty, decency, integrity, kindness and compassion are all anathema to the PTB. But that is how we will win. Venceremos.

        • John Ervin says

          To Hugh O’Neill

          Likewise thanks for highlighting the Beschloss prefabrications of convenient truths.

          Like Gerald Posner, he ought to sport endorsement sticker ovals on his apparel, like Nascar drivers.

          I read a chapter of his on Hitler history and it failed the sniff test.

          Another streetwalker ploy of oligarch media (isn’t nearly all of it?).

          Thanks for all the other info, especially the all important perspective that all roads lead to Rome but go through Dallas. I believe, strongly, that it was the connectivity of cabals within Freemasonry that were at the root of roots in the JFK murder. And his brother.

          The Freemasons are sworn to do all in their considerable power and connections to destroy Rome in its Vatican See, because of Her huge wealth: like Judaism, nothing at all to do with theological considerations.

          JFK was in deep dealing with St. (Pope) John XXIII to broker a peace with Kruschev.

          All 3 were out of power within a year or so.

          I wish more would examine this Masonic perspective.

          From clues I have seen, I suspect it is one of those “all-important” aspects in all this.

          Intriguing how seldom that motive is considered or discussed………………?

      • Rhisiart Gwilym says

        Just a quick interjection here to affirm that the only right thing to do with JWales’s lying and distortion machine, Wikideceivia, is TOTAL, PERMANENT BOYCOTT. That’s what I do. There are plenty of other – actually somewhat reliable – sources of honest reality-reporting, without volunteering to immerse yourself in the JWales cesspit. And yes, yes, obviously there are plenty of true statements to be fished out of that cesspit, sure. But why burden yourself with the extra time-consuming and very nasty task of sorting the truth from the ubiquitous shite in Wikideceivia; shite which any unexamined schmuck can insert any time at all, so long as JWales and cronies like them? People (or troll-farms) like the obsessively reality-challenged ‘Philip Cross’, for example; the Eliot Smeggins of Wikideceivia. https://www.rt.com/uk/427359-phillip-cross-wikipedia-anti-left/ And anyway, even realworld truths fished from that source are always going to come up contaminated with its all-encomassing mind-sewage. Boycott Wikideceivia, totally, like me! As long as it gives houseroom to outfits like ‘Philip Cross’, it’s not there for your good, clearly.

        • John Ervin says

          Well, you certainly have a point about JWales beast, the dangers and vagaries of cross-contamination, and all the rest, but I read it for its unwitting “geiger counter” rock solid gauge in directing me to hidden truths and glaring gaps I would often never guess. It is a one stop shop of revelatory omissions.

          But you may be right, the downside may well outweigh the up.

        • Yarkob says

          I’ve not used it in years. If the Phillip Cross affair didn’t put people off it, then they deserve to get Wikipedia good and hard (apologies to HL Mencken)

          • George Cornell says

            I don’t agree. May I suggest you take another look. Select three or four contentious issues and see if it seems fair. They can’t possibly get it all right, they cover an extraordinary amount of material. I would look up Snowden, Assange, UNvetoes, and Clintons.

  20. MICHAEL LEIGH says

    There is a cute logic behind Kit Knightly anti-social comment, ” the only way to win ” is not to play in someones else game, but, however the failure not to respond in the others game, is also an invitation to choose a nullification?

    Hardly progressive in my humble view?

    • John Ervin says

      He makes it abundantly clear, through link by logical link, that the preferred response to all this nonsense is to absent oneself from THEIR game, not Life.

      Otherwise, you enable them to run the game ad infinitum, like the sorry dog and pony show of the last 70+ years.

      Endless (slight) variations on a theme by Paganini (an inside joke: a RUSSIAN work).

      Or like the same game that sad little homeboy Mueller has run his whole career. It’s treads show in the creases of his circus face. Just look for once, at it. Where did they put the white powder and red paint! Hurry, get some.

      • John Ervin says

        Pennywise, without the clown paint. (See: header photo.)

        Am I on to something, people?


  21. George Cornell says

    Kit, would you consider editing the new Wiki entry on Russian interference in the last election? It does go on and on but sounds very dubious. The first paragraph states flatly that the Russians interfered without any reservation or caveat. There is lots in the rest that is blood-boiling, caveats are scarce and it generally fails to distinguish among fact, supposition, parroted innuendo and wishful thinking. Many of the references are to secondary or even tertiary sources. It could have been written by the NSA/FBI/…..

    • Robyn says

      Safest just to lump Wikipedia in with the MSM bs factories where it belongs, and boycott them – there are plenty of reliable sources. But how to get the masses off the teat of all this cheap and dirty free media/’encyclopedia’ is another question entirely.

      • George Cornell says

        It is variable but highly dependent on the contributors. In case of drugs, it is hard to avoid the influence of Big Pharma or their paid consultants. For other things the entries are thoughtful and fair. It is dependent on you and me.

        • Jen says

          The problem though is if Kit did edit the Wiki article in the way it should be edited or as you suggest, the Wikipedia head honcho Jimmy Wales will return the article (or find someone else to do it) back to how it was before Kit’s changes.

          • George Cornell says

            But that would be great fodder for an article here, fully documented. In fact such an in depth analysis is almost impossible to find for an issue like this, anywhere.

            I am more optimistic Jen. I find Wiki is fairly good and often comes up with inconvenient truths for the bad guys. But worth a test on this topical and polarizing issue, now subjected to in depth analysis with all the forces at play. What a great mineshaft canary for the American system, if there were any such canaries left. You and I know they are not needed.

            The general public does need the double exposure of Wiki, and a critical look at the Mueller report. It will never come from within the US. I know Wiki is an iterative process but Kit seems to know a lot about this one. I am unsettled by hearing TV pundits talk about “Bob Mueller” in first name terms, which is unusual.

            • Tim Jenkins says

              George, the only useful thing about wikipedia, is that it serves as an official record of the BS touted by 5 Eyes & Mossad’s Weltanschauungskrieg >>>

              constantly & consistently … a reminder of their generated & engineered positions.

              As a joke a few days ago on Gab.ai I linked some wiki ‘crapola’ and the guy to whom I was responding, for a moment thought that i believed the ‘crapola’ and was on the verge of muting me permanently, until i explained that i have more faith in the Vatican Bank and their Chief Treasurer Cardinal Sinner George D’Pedo PELL,

              than Wikipedia 🙂

              Needless to say he was much relieved almost instantaneously 😉

              • George Cornell says

                I take your point but compared to what? I am not a gullible naïf. Read their entry on Operation Northwoods.

                • John Ervin says

                  Yeah, they give just incredibly bad copy for the most nefarious CIA black ops. Just incredibly disinformative. Might as well be generated by in-house based AI at Langley. It’s automatic writing from the ghost of Allen Dulles. Hideous. That’s why I read it. With popcorn.

                  • George Cornell says

                    Could you be more specific? As in, what is wrong with the Northwoods entry?

        • George Cornell says

          See my reply to Yarkob and report back if you have time.

    • John Ervin says

      You mean, it ISN’T?!

      I’m shocked. SHOCKED. I visit Wiki mostly for CLUES about CIA & its allies, as (Lt. Col.) Fletcher Prouty called that “clustered flock” of bad actors.

      I mean, that is a great service it performs…

      You’re suggesting their adversaries can input?

      Now, that’s shocking.

      More shocking to my one good nerve than “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!”

      One if by land, two if by sea, three if by nuke.

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