A Russiagate Requiem

CJ Hopkins

So the Mueller report is finally in, and it appears that hundreds of millions of Americans have, once again, been woefully bamboozled. Weird, how this just keeps on happening. At this point, Americans have to be the most frequently woefully bamboozled people in the entire history of woeful bamboozlement. If you didn’t know better, you’d think we were all a bunch of hopelessly credulous imbeciles that you could con into believing almost anything, or that our brains had been bombarded with so much propaganda from the time we were born that we couldn’t really even think anymore.

That’s right, as I’m sure you’re aware by now, it turns out President Donald Trump, a pompous former reality TV star who can barely string three sentences together without totally losing his train of thought and barking like an elephant seal, is not, in fact, a secret agent conspiring with the Russian intelligence services to destroy the fabric of Western democracy. After two long years of bug-eyed hysteria, Inspector Mueller came up with squat. Zip. Zero. Nichts. Nada. Or, all right, he indicted a bunch of Russians that will never see the inside of a courtroom, and a few of Trump’s professional sleazebags for lying and assorted other sleazebag activities (so I guess that was worth the $25 million of taxpayers’ money that was spent on this circus).

Notwithstanding those historic accomplishments, the entire Mueller investigation now appears to have been another wild goose chase (like the “search” for those non-existent WMDs that we invaded and destabilized the Middle East and murdered hundreds of thousands of people pretending to conduct in 2003). Paranoid collusion-obsessives will continue to obsess about redactions and cover-ups, but the long and short of the matter is, there will be no perp walks for any of the Trumps. No treason tribunals. No televised hangings. No detachment of Secret Service agents marching Hillary into the White House.

The jig, as they say, is up.

But let’s try to look on the bright side, shall we? Disgraceful as this Russiagate fiasco has been, at least it was all just an honest mistake, and not any kind of plot, or conspiracy, or anything as disturbing as that. It’s not like the majority of the corporate media perpetrated a massive, coordinated, intelligence agency-initiated psyop on the Western public for two and half years. No, they just “got it wrong,” again … like they did with those Iraqi WMDs.

The corporate media, after all, are comprised of dedicated, professional journalists, who maintain the highest ethical standards, and who would never knowingly bombard the masses with hysterical McCarthyite propaganda based on absolutely nothing but the word of a bunch of deep state types who were trying to force a president out of office and delegitimize a populist backlash against the spread of global neoliberalism.

Plus, there is no “deep state.” Not really. That’s just one of those right-wing conspiracy theories that only Trump-loving fascists believe in. I mean, it’s not as if elements of the FBI, the DOJ, and the DNC paid a former MI6 spook working for a Washington PR firm contracted by a Washington law firm contracted by the Clinton campaign to fabricate a “dossier” alleging that “the Russian regime [sic] has been cultivating, supporting, and assisting Trump for at least five years” in order “to sow discord” within the Transatlantic Alliance, and then fed that fabricated dossier to their contacts in the corporate media, who used it to generate mass hysteria, which the Congress then used to justify the appointment of a special prosecutor, whose investigation of the allegations contained in the fabricated dossier the corporate media and deep state types used to generate even more mass hysteria … and so on, until hundreds of millions of people actually believed that Donald Trump was some kind of Russian intelligence asset, and was going to be impeached and tried for treason.

Now, that would be scary, if that had happened!

Another thing that (thank Christ!) didn’t happen was when the corporate media hired a bunch of ex-intelligence agency officials to appear on their “news” shows every other night disseminating Russiagate propaganda while at the same time effectively banning journalists with dissenting views from challenging their lies. Well, and OK, to the degree they did that (and they certainly did it to some degree), they didn’t do it intentionally, or knowingly, or with malice aforethought or criminal intent. They probably just misplaced the telephone numbers (and the email addresses and Twitter handles) of Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, Aaron Mate, and other infamous “collusion rejectionists,” so they had no choice but to bring in the spooks.

Look, I don’t want to beat this to death. The important thing is that we can all be grateful that none of that stuff I just mentioned happened, and, basically, just shut up and get back to work. This is not the time to remind everybody how totally insane and hysterical things got, and how they ran around like headless chickens squawking about “Russians” coming out of the woodwork, accusing anyone they disagreed with of being “Kremlin agents” or “Russian bots,” and begging corporations to censor the Internet.

No, it’s time to, you know, let bygones be bygones, and just forget about all this “Russiagate” business, and the FBI, and that made-up dossier, and how respected publications like The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian, and others published completely fabricated stories about secret meetings that never took place, power grid hackings that never happened, Russia-linked servers that never existed, imaginary Russian propaganda peddlers, and … well, too many other examples to list.

Talking about all that is just a distraction (as my former colleagues on what has recently become the radical Rooskie-hunting Left wasted no time in advising everyone). Worse, it only helps Donald Trump, who, OK, maybe isn’t a Russian intelligence asset anymore, but is still almost literally Adolf Hitler … or at least some sort of inhuman monster that bears no resemblance whatsoever to Obama or any other normal president, and who is certainly going to declare martial law, proclaim himself Führer, and unleash his underground white supremacist army on us, or something more or less along those lines.

And as for the non-existent deep state, and the Democrats, and the corporate media, and the millions of Americans they accidentally bamboozled … well, I imagine they’re feeling pretty silly right now. So this is not the time to demand a full accounting from the patriots in the intelligence community, or to compare the professionals in the corporate media to the keys of an enormous Goebbelsian piano mechanically hammering out whatever tune the ruling classes decide to play. Yes, they made a few mistakes, and got a little carried away, but they’re only human, after all. I’m sure they’re all very, very sorry, and will never, ever, do it again.

CJ Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Broadway Play Publishing (USA). His debut novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. He can be reached at cjhopkins.com or consentfactory.org

Feel free to come find him in Berlin and buy him a beer. He’s been known to frequent an assortment of extremely suspicious RUSSIAN establishments in Kreuzberg.

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CJ Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Broadway Play Publishing (USA). His debut novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. He can be reached at cjhopkins.com or consentfactory.org Feel free to come find him in Berlin and buy him a beer. He’s been known to frequent an assortment of extremely suspicious RUSSIAN establishments in Kreuzberg.

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Kathleen Lowrey
Kathleen Lowrey

but on the CBC this morning they told me it is “very significant” that “questions are being asked” about what might still be in the full unredacted Mueller report. So I’ll be outside with my blankie still waiting for the Great Pumpkin, the passive voice insinuations of the respected journalists at the CBC are enough for me.

Kalmar Emeric
Kalmar Emeric

The Russiagate served its purpose:

From what I see, the end of Russiagate it is not a victory for those who elected Donald Trump for President. Remember that phrase in Trump’s electoral video: “They don’t have your good in mind”. They don’t. Neither the media and the politicians, nor Trump.

Eventually, the skewed mouthed, hate frothing, 7 million dollar earning, ugly face, crazy eyes got what they wanted. Trump is doing what they wanted all along. As Hillary Clinton would have done it, but he put yet an other shovel on the heap, to prove that he is not colluding with Russia.

Instead off the promised peace and prosperity, he gives to the USA and to all of the world, war and budget cuts for people in need.

Trump didn’t build the wall. He didn’t improved the relations with Russia. Instead of being the promised builder and peace maker, he is a bigger bomber than Obama. He is killing a lot of people with drones and now is hiding it too. He didn’t want that his grandchildren to find out how many.

Being at the receiving end of the Great American Exceptionalism, for 17 years and counting, it is not so easy. Just ask the parents of the headless children from Afghanistan.

When a bomb falls, it will blow off the heads of the little children. Imagine a crying mother searching for the head of her child in the rubble. Just imagine. “The mother of all bombs” was dropped for a President to brag. Bombs kill innocent civilians too.

Trump destroyed every agreement the preceding Presidents made. Those agreements were the result of decades long, hard and concerted diplomatic efforts of real politicians, from the USA, Russia and EU.

The IMF treaty is gone, the IRAN deal is gone. No international law is respected anymore. As the Russians said it: The USA is non agreement capable. Every new US government braked the promises made by the previous one.

He is stirring up the conflicts in Ukraine, giving support, arms and money to the criminal nazi regime, and is even attacking the Russian Orthodox Church helping the schismatic actions against a Christian Church.

And Georgia, the former Soviet Republic, the birthplace of Stalin, with an USA bio-weapon factory built right near the Russian border, is preparing to join NATO. Speaking about the NATO inch.

He is giving more money for the military and for the future wars, than any President before him. And in the same time, is cutting the funding for every program helping the poor in the USA and around the world.

The people who voted for Trump were deceived by a self serving, spineless man. Now that he is exonerated from the Russian collusion, he can blame the Russians for failing his electoral promises.

Yet not the Russians are responsible for the poverty in the richest country in the world. How it is possible that 80% of the USA population is living from paycheck to paycheck? And how it is possible that the USA don’t have free healthcare and free education as every western country has? While the 1% became richer and richer, 70% of the taxpayers money goes into the coffers of the war-profiteers.

With over $20 000 000 000 000 (trillion) in debt? How it’s possible?

If we want World Peace, we should open a debtors’ prison for the debt countries. That would be nice. Until they pay their debt, by rebuilding those countries which they previously destroyed, they will be forbidden to wage wars against peaceful nations.

As Venezuela



I was once called a ”paid pro-Putin troll” on the Guardian’s comment threads. Preposterous! While I plead guilty to being pro-Putin and a troll, I wasn’t getting PAID for it…


Me, too.

A Comey headline and a few words by him made it so very clear today: Adversaries who want to harm the United States …..
No, people do not set out to harm the United States, but people are concerned to prevent a power monopoly of the United States.

Whipping up animosity is very profitable for the war industry – and that’s what they do. They behave like a pompous arrogant Emperor; the other side has to counter that and on comes the rivalry which makes money.

Putin is a passing phenomenon.


Just seen the story about BRITISH troops in Afghanistan using an image of JEREMY CORBYN’S HEAD as a target during shooting practice. Oh wow, this is a new low. Speechless. Just shows what kind of rotten culture exists among the military. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRqLSGbicsU


Standard plywood targets used to be a nondescript uniformed and helmeted figure in two sizes. They were deliberately not representations of any particular army or nationality.

But our spook organisations are now openly meddling in politics, so why not the army.

harry stotle
harry stotle

Yes, I saw that – but unlike the US such homicidal fantasies have not translated into actual deeds, at least not yet (although members of our right wing establishment might be willing to break their duck should Corbyn prevail).

Shady figures in the US intelligence, or military community can take out prominent political figures up to and including the president or devastate nation after nation yet the liberal media will always fail to notice how such events are connected to a long-term pattern of intimidation and violence (events in Venezuela being just the latest example) – on the other hand if a celebrity expresses an idea that strays beyond a certain sort of group-think the MSM go absolutely nuts.

Obviously its hard not to despise everything they stand for, especially the way they turn on whistleblowers or political analysts who lift up a stone to expose the kind of corruption the MSM is wilfully blind to – by that I mean REAL corruption, and not just manufactured lies designed to whip up public anger against targets that fail to comply with US economic or geopolitical demands.


Second only to the incomparable, genius African-American musicians and songwriters, the USA’s finest export was always Bill Hicks, the greatest ever comedian. We need George for sure, but we need Bill more.
Here he is shining some light on the US presidency – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIiCjhCBDaM
Bill Hicks On Magic Mushrooms and the Arms Industry – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXwAU6LVb8Q&list=OLAK5uy_mPdLVcbPx48s-c-87KfaBKWTJDcBojOlc&index=8
Magic Mushrooms can connect us with/show us/help us to experience God, which is why the satanic UK government has made them Class A, despite the fact that they grow in the ground all over the country


Don’t know if you’ll be aware of this but shrooms don’t grow as much as they used to. In the sat few years arse I’ve noticed not just a lack of birds and insects but a lack of fungi too of all varieties


Yes I’ve heard this, nowhere near as abundant. Fungi seem to hold all sorts of secrets which could help us in our evolution/medicine, but at the rate we are going we’ll never know what their potential really is. So very sad, what these assholes are doing to our world


Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

One of my all time favourite comic clips 🙂 “Garbage in, garbage out…”

“The public sucks, fuck hope …”

“The only difference is, when i get finished masturbating,
i’m gonna’ have a lil’ something to show for it, folks …”

Ideal Carlin logic, for anybody who feels guilty of voting “Garbage in” …

Gezzah Potts
Gezzah Potts

CJ… In my humble opinion, you, sir, are a genius! Slightly puzzled tho by your assertion that the Corporate Media are comprised of ‘dedicated, professional journalists, who maintain the highest ethical standards’. And there’s a photo of Maddow at the top of your story…. In describing our esteemed journalists right thruout the West, I personally would have used the term: Presstitute Slime. But that’s just me. Also echo the sentiment its a pity George Carlin wasn’t still around. I can picture him on stage having an absolute field day with Russiagate. Hopefully tho, a lot more people will have woken up to what these media outfits really are – and turned them off permanently.


Cj please excuse my editing, but this looks about right to me:

“… President Donald Trump, a pompous former reality TV star who can barely string three sentences together without totally losing his train of thought and barking like an elephant seal … the fabric of Western democracy.”

Think yourselves lucky Yanks, we have Theresa “brokesit” May.

As regards the requiem for Muellergate – please chuck the fetid corpse in the Potomac!

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

If you wish to clarify the miraculous implosion of WTC 7, along with FBI, CIA, NSA compound failures, indeed all 17 GovernMental Security Agencies, to honestly recognise the laws of Physics and investigative procedure of everything-everything, … you might wanna’ wait at least a while, and just lock Bob d’Mule Mueller up and subject him to torturous temporal treatment, Täglich in Gitmo !

Just a thought . . . Death seems tepid ! I wanna’ see the live stream of misery, on these ‘mothers’ faces, as penance for the misery of corporate military deep state sovereign seizure of control, via central banks &&& you surely know 😉 Better than Hollywood & soap operas, serious reality TV 😉

No pain, No SHAME, no gain 😉 against institutionalised Weltanschauungskrieg,
Morally/Financially Bankrupted Governance, & Media.

Mueller was head of the FBI, from the 7th Sept. 2001, onwards, for a very long time: his testimony?
invaluable, in quantifying the weight of the chain of command, in Deep State Corporate Corruption.

SquirrelMueller was a pawn sacrifice & distraction from Trump, who simultaneously announced unilaterally, that the Golan Heights are to be recognised ‘legally,’ as Israeli territory, and “hey, fuck the UN & ICC and Syria & Assad’s legitimate rights” and claims to the Resources of the Golan Water & Genie Energy thieving oil & gas daily on behalf of Murdoch, Cheney, Woolsey (ex-CIA boss) & Rothschild,
with “the dodgiest drilling licenses in the history of oil & gas” Business insider . . .

Sold by Israelis 😉


And just as with Sadam’s WMD’s and the Banksters no one will be held accountable for this corrupt fiction-fest. Not Madcow or Harding or the whole bunch of highly paid stenographers and chuck buckets in neo-liberal lala land.

But it is mission accomplished! There will be no rolling back of the gold standard in internet censorship cos that has been established. Zuckerburg will not be losing any sleep as he rolls over the freedoms of his customers to please the spooks who set this whole show in motion.

WE WILL TELL YOU WHAT IS REALITY! From Belling Cat to the White Helmets

While the likes of Harding can bank their loot for totally fictitious books and articles there will be no apologies from him or Viner for the lies they have perpetrated in the name of promoting freedom of speech [irony alert!] Talking Truth to Power [double irony overload!]

No unfortunately we are now in the post apocalypse internet trolling twilight – the zone where real news is fake news and fake news is reality. Cue Magic Roundabout music ad infinitum…


I use the term apocalypse to mean the great unveiling or revealing of us to ourselves.
So I understand this is associated with catastrophic world ending disaster – that humans have become self-sufficient in enacting without the need for gods or a God, and so we are.

What lies beneath the terror symbols that gargoyle and rule out the mind to separate self seeking?

Post apocalyptic movies project the current fear-separation-conflict into an imagined future.
Methinks you come to soon with post apocalyptic commentary.

The mind that tells Reality what it should be as if to Lord It over, is the logical outcome of giving power to judgements and suffering them as real.

Struggle within the frame of the mind of judgement is divide and rule out a true discernment – rather than letting a true discernment rule THROUGH a relational appreciation.

An alien will or mind set over and against Life itself – as if to make it in its own image – is given all the power of truth and all the protection due unto truth – by the use of a phishing ruse within which we are deeply and emotionally invested as a sense of survival and capacity to face, cope or manage our life, reality, existence. I use the term phishing because it is the mistaken identity that operates a stolen or lost identity to run in its stead.

As everything breaks to reveal a madness – where is true Sanity to be found?
Where it always is – and where it has never left – but to recognise truth we have to know that we WANT it – having already SET the mind or conditions that WANTED something ELSE – into which truth was NOT welcome but feared.

In this sense are we given a choice that is outside the framing of any manipulative appeal or persuasion of the mind, to choose to align in truth BECAUSE it is true and not in order to serve a hidden or private agenda – a secret self of fantasy given power. It isn’t power that corrupts, but rather the corrupting of power to a private sense of possession and control that we ‘take’ as our self. But taking the bait is the mind that comes too soon and ‘runs off’ in its own spin.
The vibrating will of a true desire is then denied and burdened with guilt and inadequacy as the cause of failure for the bringing forth of an ungrounded fantasy that fails to be still and listen, feel and know its true direction. Not least under the belief it already KNOWS.

Balance rising from stillness is not imposed upon imbalance as a further layer of suppression and control. But this is a stillness of invested identity in conflict and not a suppressive correctness to a static idol. Life is Always Already Movement – and while we can dissociate, we cannot have and share being in fantasy displacements of a past that cannot resolve or find release in self-illusion – regardless how great its conforming ‘expert consensus’ or how settled or set apart from question and challenge, are the ‘facts’.

Very simply – ‘what is it being used for?’ belies any claim to credentials when serving a personal or private agenda under cover of mask of justification or acceptance.
To frame a ruse in terms set against an evil is the signature of the manipulative deceit – and of a mind set over and against its fears and thus subject to being framed by its own denials or judgements.

John Ervin
John Ervin

I really like best Hopkins’ bit about the “Goebbelsian piano hammering out” our collective Reality du Jour. It’s become a very well-oiled 111 key Bösendorfer.


Americans and Americanised idiots throughout the world are the dumbest bastards around I’d personally have them all locked up and worked to death


It is curious how people can choose to lock themselves into a deathwish under tyranny in exchange for a sense of personal gratification.
However, the fact that we can so elect is the key to our own freedom from slavery.
Personal gratification in ‘justified’ dump of self-hate onto ‘others’ rather than a recognition of another in ourself is never a way to undo it – but buys time in ways that then have to ‘do time’.

The idea of insanity holds out some sense of what it covers over or hides so as to pass off as real in the mind of its belief. The idea that there is a basis for sanity in others is also the opening to the same in our self. But the assertion of sanity OVER and against those judged insane, is an attempt to use truth or sanity as a weapon instead of as the basis for the undoing of self-conflicted reality.

Then not only are we locked into conflict AS truth, sanity or reality, but deprived of the power of truth that has been thus ruled out. And so we are worked by conflict to the very death – or inability and unwillingness to bear such an insane sacrifice of being to a personal sense of defended vindication.

Be careful what you wish for – or better – be conscious as to where we give willingness in life.


Now, in now particular order maybe an investigation should take place into.

1. Trumps and various other politicians being under the influence of Corporate Money or
2. Trumps and various other politicians being under the influence of the Pro Israeli Lobby.

Yeah, cry all you want about point 2. I’m a proud Type 2 Anti-Semite.


“2.Trumps and various other politicians being under the influence of the Pro Israeli Lobby.
Yeah, cry all you want about point 2. I’m a proud Type 2 Anti-Semite.”

Nobody in his right mind could honestly suggest that your, uncontroversial, point is anti-semitic. But you appear to believe that it is. Why is that?

Some Random Passer-by
Some Random Passer-by

No, not think. We know.

Many moons ago, after the recent arrival of twins, my partner and I were walking home from visiting her parents.

We bumped into two American couples on holiday. The conversation immediately started (baby twins are a magnet…). My wife engaged the ladies, which left me with the two men.

It was awkward, as previously military encounters taught me the average septic was thick…

The one says “I bet my twins could beat up you twins!”

“Pardon?” Said Me, looking down at my 4 month old sons “What do you mean?”

“I bet my twins can beat up your twins”

I should have just walked away, but for some reason I asked their age. “Nineteen” was the reply…


When millions of Americans continue to be “bamboozled” by fake news with no evidence from the corporate media you need to question their sanity.


Narrative reality control or lying distortions, (as a functional defence and assertion of a sense of threatened existence), is normal to identity set over and against ‘others’.
When the framework of belief that sets the evil, is used to justify deceitful means to defeat or contain it, then it is not seen by its perpetrators and supporters as an evil.

A captured identity is one that gets what it believes it wants or is induced to fear that it needs, for the price that it willingly pays.

Once a defence invokes the experience of being attacked, it feels justified in escalating its defence against its attackers with attack being seen as the best form of defence.

identification in such frameworks of mutual hate are the price that the many are willing to pay for their ongoing separation or insulation from penalty or loss associated with their own sense of threatened existence.

The invention and promotion of the lie is targeting of selected others as the recipient of a hate-worthy and fear-threat status by ‘hacking the narrative.

By astro-turfing a false narrative through multiple channels at once, the ‘group think’ of acceptable society is established regardless of truth or lies – because the penalties of not complying or conforming become the ‘truth’ against which to protect oneself.

People have antennae operating as to threat and safety that operate largely automatically or by default along the lines of an already accepted ‘identity in defence’ – or masking strategy.

I paused to consider and write this – as I feel the article fails to free itself from the gloat of a personal gratification seeking reinforcement. I don’t know that parody and satire that appeals to a presumed moral superiority serve a true sense of the cost being paid by society as a whole to ‘identity’ conflict as breakdown of communication – which is an insanity.

I have every sense of Trump operating with, or as an extension of foreign power. It is ‘hidden’ in plain sight. However the nature of politics as the owned asset or proxy of transnational interest is more the norm in a world that has used its cultural identity as a mask for private agenda. Or to being used in return for mitigating of pain or the conditional privilege under such power.

The issue of power as the assertion and protection of a masking identity, is that of giving truth to lies – that must then give the lie to truth. In this dilemma, truth is feared, love is weak, and hate is power. Welcome to the world of your own election!

Ben Trovata
Ben Trovata

Without question,satire intends to hurt.There’s no getting around that! However,the weapons of satire are many,and some –like ridicule –are *especially* effective in puncturing the offender,and releasing the expression of his warm,smelly air.


Oh I think satire can simply illuminate an absurdity – but there is a ‘post truth’ tactic that sends ITSELF up and pushes it out as if a currency of communication. I don’t believe such people are ‘hurt’ by moral shaming but rather pleased to be generating the kind of attention that keeps their meme in the public mind.

I think the desire to hurt is the revealing of already being hurt and seeking to get revenge or teach a lesson.
But the intent to provoke others into emotional reaction may be a cold and calculated targeting of their sacred cows and secret fears or hidden hates.

The gist of psyops is that they ‘work’ in regard to their intended effect BECAUSE emotional reaction is so reliably predictable – at least in aggregate.

They also work in was or for reasons that can be more than one bird from one stone. Smokescreens and diversions included.

But in whatever way, I see people being ‘worked’ instead of any open process of communication – and I see that those who engage and support this reveal their own lack of substance – by which they are effecting their own loss of credibility and worthiness for support or allegiance. It speaks of desperate measures rather than actual power or it wouldn’t have to resort to such insane deceits.

It may also be that an insider ‘power class’ globally play out public roles for the degrading and reconfiguration of their own respective populations.

But on another level it may be that a higher power uses the contents of our mind and world to illustrate its incongruity and incoherence and so inspires a movement to an awakened responsibility for coherence rather than a conditioned reflex of self perpetuating futility.

We might use any psyop/deceit to educate ourselves as to our own vulnerabilities instead of being triggered into a frame that serves against our true interest.

Ben Trovata
Ben Trovata

Yes,I take your point.However,there is comedy that is more generous.Sir Richard Steele argued for this need. “Ridicule,as the etymology of the word indicates,is essentially laughing satire. –A. Pollard” The modes of satire can accommodate a *broad* range,from burlesque, to Irony!


I note that the (originals) of even the most disgusting of caricatured political cartoons are often bought by their subjects.
I also noted Portillo (I watched him on ‘politics stranger than fiction’ just after bwrecksit Ref), saying that in pre election, USA, Trump was always in the media and Clinton wasn’t.
So part of my feeling is that there is an aspect of identity that feeds on attention – even negative attention – when there is a context or a basis for not feeling an actual loss of power or status – but rather a ‘food-source’.
Likewise ‘post-truth’ manipulation simply repeats exposure to insert and identification that then operates in its host beneath their radar in ways that can be predicted and measured.

Thus I wonder about addressing the underlying thinking without giving undue attention to the personification of our reactions (moral indignation etc). Much less entertaining of course but a shared education in the underlying programming of the currently active ideas.

I find it somewhat incestuous to all gloat in a hatefest. I don’t find mutual ‘agreement’ empowering in such a case, but rather a sense of shared purpose in something worthy.
This not at all ‘at you’ but in conversation about how we report and discuss broad spectrum disinformation through channels that once had some capacity to question or challenge assertions or edicts of asserted power.

Ben Trovata
Ben Trovata

” Last week I saw a woman flayed,and you will hardly believe how much it altered her person for the worst.–Jonathan Swift” has very little to do the perp.We proletarians do poorly in untangling the deceptions and lies our betters pummel us with,and satire can pierce the sometimes brittle shell,and bring understanding to us.What the perpetrator gets out of it isn’t important.


“[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

It’s a little too early to be gloating. While Trump may be off the hook, the quote above from the Mueller Report via Barr’s summary still accuses Russia of interfering with the election. That means, the report says, happily for Trump, he is not a Russian agent but that we still need to be afraid of Russia. It’s saying Russian election interference is a thing, a done deal when it ain’t. The west still wants Crimea back. The Russians still poisoned the Skripals. My beef is that today Russiagate skeptics seem to be ignoring this point while slapping themselves on the back, joking around (CJ) and mocking the mainstream media. But now WE are getting the story wrong. Russiagate is not over. The report may exonerate Trump but Russia is on the same stupid hook it was on since just prior to the election interference scandal.

Ludmilla Pavlochenko

“The West still wants Crimea back” 😂😂😂


More satire in the comments section. What a treat!


Gloat all you want. Lets say SpartUSA finds Russian did meddle in their elections

Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting to say ‘Pot & Kettle’ & ‘Jog On!’?

I so hope its true.

It’s a damn shame William Blum, Aaron Russo and George Carlin aren’t available for comment. They’d have had a field day


The Skripal Case

Now lets say it turns out they did, who cares?

Do you not think you have more important work to do holding your own government to account for its greater crimes or do you just jump at the chance of being distracted, to look elsewhere.

Maybe getting your own house in order would be a better direction than being distracted.


FFS TFS Who are “they” and what are you suggesting “they” did? AND who are your comments directed at?


Britain poisoned the skripals you fucking shill cunt


One journalist who resolutely keeps his head deep in the sand even after Robert Mueller handed his report over to US Attorney General William Barr – the wonder is that Zakaria still hasn’t yet suffocated after two years.

Or maybe he has and his physical body typically refuses to accept the inevitable.


In Zakaria’s mind, it’s just one delusional fantasy after another. How does he manage to survive in reality?



Just checked it out. I spend alot of time thinking about this. I have a very intelligent friend who I have conversations with and he is still convinced ‘RussiaGate’ was collusion etc etc. It’s probably 2 years of solid indoctrination in his case. And at Zakaria’s and other media level and above, a mixture of paranoid delusion, deliberate lying and dangerous psychopathic tendencies.

One of the replies in the feed told him to stop warmongering before it caused a nuclear war. These people simply have no idea how close we were and how close we are to that danger. That’s the message we need to focus on in the aftermath of yet another disgraceful hoax. These people don’t resign or admit their mistakes – they therefore need to be forced to – and then locked up to protect all humanity.

Gezzah Potts
Gezzah Potts

Loverat: completely agree with your comment as well. They are incredibly dangerous war propagandists – and the filth they keep spewing imperils all of us. How long will Russia tolerate being poked and provoked and pushed into a corner?


Perhaps it is skilfully and compassionately negotiating a cornered madman – compassionately because the bait to hate is the seeking of a weakness to exploit a first action to which it will then react.

The narrative reality is the ‘mind-bait’.
Learning to read what lies beneath is different from engaging in deceit and thereby reclaims awareness and attention from reactive self destruction.

If as is generally noticed here, the narrative is hacked, usurped or made up to operate a psyop in place of relational communication, then it does not serve us to invest in reaction, but to stay our mind in the uncovering and abiding in the true – as it reveals itself.


Fareed is a member of the cfr and other such twatful organisations

Gezzah Potts
Gezzah Potts

Jen: FFS…. Zakaria can go and fecken shove his head in an oven for all I care. He is a deranged loon who is trying his best to start WW3 – along with all the other liberaloid zombies like Maddow, Colbert, Michael multi millionaire Moore. These loons keep pushing and pushing all this crap.

Fair dinkum
Fair dinkum

The fiendishly undereducated Americans (insert your nationality here) know stuff.
They know about the Kardashians, they know about the latest Marvel superhero, they know about their football teams and they know America is the centre of the Universe.
Really, what else do you need to know?


Every narrative illusion posits itself as the central character or hero of its dream.
The lure of self-specialness is a primary inducement to discard truth in the cultivation of a self-inflation. The defences that then arise to protect a feared sense of nakedness before the truth are then serving that which feeds and clothes such an orphaned powerlessness with superhero dreams of escape, vindication and retribution.
One could marvel at the power to deceive in terms of its ingenuity.
But treating life so, is becoming the thing one hates in the acting out of private fantasy upon the bodies of others. In other words, deceit must operate upon the one who THINKS to gain power thereby.
Use and be used.
Sowing as we reap.


“If you didn’t know better”? Guess what? I don’t know better!

Brian harry
Brian harry

Look, when the top layer of the American government is comprised mainly of Dual Passport Holders(USA/Israel) who control the Congress with their Bribes, er, I mean Donations, and even write new legislation which simply needs Congress’s rubber stamp, you need diversions from reality to keep the Plebs confused(and Frightened that “The Russians are coming”).
It works a treat in the USA, always has, always will. Such is the Hold that Israel has over the USA. And, nobody seems to have noticed…….

Simple Simon
Simple Simon

Israelgate is long, long overdue.


IsrUs operates an asserted imposition over life that then operates as survival under threat of extinction – and outsources this identity to its hosts.

The identification in self-specialness and fear-driven survival is a key foundation to the predicate of the human psyche – that the USE of identity politic or mind-capture under deceits, can bring into the light of a true awareness IF we do not react in like kind.

Killing the messenger has never but protected the error from correction.
The nature of being deceived needs to become educational – rather than blind hatred fed to vengeful self vindication. Or we simply become the thing we hate unawares and are fitted and set to defend remaining unaware by giving worth and identity to hate as power that saves us.

Hate of deceit is the call to release it from our mind but the wish to put that hate onto other minds and attack it there is to remain in the frame of the wish of such a power.