The Great Chinese Bat Flu Panic of 2020

CJ Hopkins

Photo credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Pray for me, my friends, because I have the flu. No, not the Chinese Bat Flu, or Pangolin Flu, or Covid-19, or Coronavirus, or whatever it’s called now … just the regular, annoying Winter flu that goes around Berlin every year during flu season.

It’s a particularly annoying flu this year. You get it, recover from it, then you get it again. All you want to do is crawl into bed, or sit around watching garbage on Netflix. When you get it a second time, and sometimes a third time, it’s kind of a low-grade version of itself, maybe because your immune system knows it … or something. I’m not sure how that works. I’m not a professional virologist or anything.

Or, I don’t know, maybe it is the Bat Flu. The more I read the corporate press, the more I’m beginning to suspect it is. My suspicion isn’t based on facts. I don’t have any of the Bat Flu symptoms. It’s just a feeling … like the feelings people had that Saddam had secret WMDs, and that Trump was a Russian intelligence asset, and that the world was going to end in the year 2012.

OK, those feelings turned out to be wrong, but this one feels like an accurate feeling, and not like just the result of being relentlessly bombarded with hysterical headlines, pictures of people in hazmat suits, and obsessively researching ever-changing, wildly-varying statistics on the Internet, which … I really need to stop doing that.

According to my latest Internet research, the Bat Flu will either subside by late April or will infect approximately 5 billion people (i.e., 60 percent of the world population). If my little Windows calculator is correct, at a death rate of 3.4 percent, that’s 157 million dead people, and at a 4 percent death rate (which I just saw somewhere), we’re talking 200 million dead people!

If you consider that the 14th Century “Black Death” killed 100 to 200 million people, nearly a quarter of the world population (because there weren’t as many people back then), and if you get hysterical and try to compare them (which I’m finding it increasingly difficult not to do), this Bat Flu plague could kill 2 billion people, or maybe 6 or 7 billion people, which is almost the entire human species … anything is possible, after all!

Plus, even if I just have the flu (i.e., the regular flu, not the Chinese Bat Flu), the statistics on that are pretty scary. I don’t know the numbers here in Germany, but, according to the CDC, since 2010, in the United States, the regular old garden variety flu has resulted in the following, annually:

  • 9 million – 45 million cases
  • 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations
  • 12,000 – 61,000 deaths

When you multiply all those numbers by 10 (because it’s been 10 years since 2010), you get:

  • 90 million – 450 million cases
  • 1,400,000 – 8,100,000 hospitalizations
  • 120,000 – 610,000 deaths

That’s 450 million possible cases and over half a million deaths, and that’s just in the United States! To make it concrete, if you stood all those dead people on top of each other, head to toe, so that everyone was standing on everyone’s head, and used them as an enormous ladder, you could climb to the moon and back four times … or once or twice at the very least.

And that’s nothing compared to this Covid-19!

No, according to The Guardian, Covid-19 is “about ten times more deadly than the seasonal flu,” so that’s 610,000 deaths just this year, and if the CDC tracks it for a full 10 years, that’s pretty close to 6 million dead people, which will make it just as bad as the Holocaust (although the Holocaust only lasted four years, so I’ll have to adjust my math for that).

And, remember, that’s just in the United States, which is only 4.25 percent of the total global population. So you multiply the Holocaust by 95 percent (you can round the numbers to make this easier) and you end up with 7 billion dead people, which is nearly every last person on Earth, except for 700 million people! Which, OK, that sounds like a lot of people (i.e., the 700 million, not the 7 billion), but it’s fewer than there were in the 14th Century, i.e., before the “Black Death” plague killed everybody!

Anyway, whatever I have, or don’t have, and regardless of the fact that I’m under 70 and in fairly good health as far as I know, and notwithstanding my algebraic skills, I’m thinking it’s time to take extreme measures. I recommend you do the same.

The first thing to do is to arm yourself and go out and load up on toilet paper. The epidemiologists are now predicting a worldwide toilet paper crisis more or less approaching the scale of the deadly Toilet Paper Crisis of 1813! This toilet paper crisis could continue for months, so you will want to purchase (or otherwise obtain) as much toilet paper as you possibly can, and then hoard it in your house or apartment, or your remotely-located toilet paper depot.

Be prepared to fight for your toilet paper. Things are getting rather ugly out there. Gangs of heavily-armed toilet paper bandits are roving through the streets of Hong Kong robbing people of their toilet paper. An Australian man was tasered by the police at the Big W store in Tamworth Shoppingworld after “becoming aggressive” over the lack of toilet paper.

In California, where a state of emergency is in effect (and presumably a full-scale lock-down is imminent), shoppers have been running amok at Costco, stripping the shelves of toilet paper, Kleenex, and feminine hygiene products.

New York has just declared a state of emergency (possibly toilet paper-related). Italy has locked down the region of Lombardy, although it isn’t clear exactly why, as they mostly use bidets in Italy … but that’s not really important at the moment.

Next, after you secure the toilet paper, you’ll want to load up on mineral water, hand sanitizer, those paper masks, MREs, protein bars, DVDs of the film Contagion, and other essential survival items. You will want to do this in a mindless frenzy of butt-puckering Chinese Bat Flu panic, ideally while wearing a full-face respirator, or a wearable anti-Bat Flu shield, or some sort of homemade hazmat suit. Don’t forget to bring along your favorite “modern sporting rifle” to mow down anyone who gets in your way … and anyone who might be infected, which at this point you have to assume is everyone!

Or, I don’t know, maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe I just have the flu. I mean, what if this whole Corona thing is just nature doing what nature does and not the end of civilization? Look, I don’t want to sound paranoid, but I can’t help wondering whether this virus warrants all the mass hysteria that the corporate media have been pumping out at us, relentlessly, for the last two months, and the states of emergency that are being declared, and the quarantines that are going into effect, and the curfews, and banning of public gatherings, and whatever other “emergency measures” are going to be imposed in the coming weeks and months.

It all seems a little out of proportion to the actual threat we’re facing here, not to mention rather conveniently timed, in light of what’s happening around the world, politically, what with the global capitalist empire right in the thick of a War on Populism, and the American election season underway, and the protests in France, and the general mood of public discontent (or unbridled rage) with global capitalism throughout the West.

Or, I don’t know, perhaps this Bat Flu panic stems from a deeper ideological source. Maybe it has less to do with politics, and more to do with our fascistic pursuit of “perfect health” and “perfect bodies,” and our fear and hatred of ageing and dying, and our narcissistic obsession with ourselves, and our total disconnection from the cycle of life.

OK, take this with a grain of salt, because it’s probably just my fever talking, but sometimes I get this crazy notion that we human beings aren’t actually the Primary Purpose of the Entire Universe, or the Apotheosis of Creation, or whatever, and that it’s natural for some of us to get sick and die, and that every last single disease and health threat doesn’t need to be utterly eradicated, and life doesn’t need to be rendered “safe.” Because maybe sickness and death are, sure, things to be avoided whenever possible, but not at the cost of conditioning everyone to believe we are supposed to live forever, and never get sick or injured by anything, and to believe that things like sickness and death are “enemies,” like hostile aliens, or the sadistic whims of a God who hates us, or errors in the code of creation … which human beings are able to correct.

We’ve been doing a bang-up job of that so far, correcting nature’s (or God’s) mistakes. Haven’t we? I mean, look around. And we have only been at it for a few hundred years. Give us just a little more time, and we will get this whole ugly mess cleaned up, under control, and functioning smoothly if we have to lock down, quarantine, and genetically-correct every sentient creature and particle of matter in the universe to do it! What is the alternative, after all … to just let nature take it’s course, and let people die, like a bunch of savages?

Sorry, I think I’m getting delirious. It’s the fever. It makes me all philosophical. I’d better sign off and get back to Netflix. Good luck surviving the Chinese Bat Flu, and the collapse of Western civilization. And don’t forget to wash your hands!

C.J. Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and political satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing and Broadway Play Publishing, Inc. His dystopian novel, Zone 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. Volume I of his Consent Factory Essays is published by Consent Factory Publishing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amalgamated Content, Inc. He can be reached at cjhopkins.com or consentfactory.org.

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Tim Drayton

I needed a badly swollen insect bite on one of my fingers looking at here in Limassol, Cyprus today. First I phoned a private hospital which I know to have a casualty department where you can just turn up and be seen fairly quickly and asked if I could come in with this. To my asonishment, I was told I couldn’t come to the hospital because of the corona virus. I found a doctor who could see me instead. He lanced the swelling, which had become infected, and prescribed antibiotics. Then, to my surprise, he told me that as of Monday all doctors’ surgeries and clinics in Cyprus will be closed due to the virus and it will only be possible to get advice over the phone or on the internet. I noticed a big increase in numbers of people wearing masks on the street compared to two days ago when I was also in town. I haven’t heard of panic buying of toilet paper here yet!


Friday the 13th – brings chaos just as it did in December with the rigged election to let in the new baby caesar to deliver the hard brexit from the Treaty of Rome. Lol.

1. In London GP surgeries sent out texts and phone calls
“From Monday 16th March your GP surgery will be operating a telephone triage only. Do not go to the surgery, please call or use e-consult until further notice.”

2. Supermarkets were rammed ALL day full of everyone loading their trolleys full of stuff they will nevet use in six months nevet mind 16 days.
I’ve never seen xmas shopping crowds like this – and there was no music playing in the store – so it resembled zombies on subways with full trollies of panic shopping – like the idiots who bought their fruit and veg first andthan crushed it with massive packs of detergents/ uht milk/ water/ pasta/ tinned goods etc
– it made me laugh.
No bog rolls no paracetamols!
Watching old couples going into environments from which they will definitely pick up infections which they are trying to avoid.
Felt sorry for the store workers.

3. City firms have arranged to have home working from next week – purchasing thousands of lap tops, big screens and kit so their ‘important’ staff can attempt to work from home.
Many companies who work in the conference industry are faced with doom as all their functions are cancelled for months.
All the freelancers and ancillary staff face losing their incomes totally.

4. In the meantime Chinese early action has meant that the epidemic was isolated to one region and one city and new cases are near zero – they are worried foreigners bringing it back in. Same for south Korea.

5. Europeans are the main super spreaders as they traveled through the regions for their winter escapes.

So Friday 13th will this weekend turn into the Ides of March – all the modern Caesars will be troubled.
Good. The Tories OWN this shotfest completely and the masses will finally see they were fooled by Bozo and the Brexit drum and Corbyn was right.


God doesn’t make mistakes.


Which one doesn’t make which mistakes?


Australian PM had address to the nation. Current world total number: 133 100. His message: 240 000+.



Thomas paine
Thomas paine

Tin foil hat anyone?

George Mc
George Mc

Patently obvious troll anyone?

Bal S
Bal S

I’ve forgotten the words to ‘Happy Birthday’. That’s me f*cked then….


Take this very seriously. Normal flu about 0.1% fatality and not so many critical cases, this one about 4% so about 40 times worse that ‘normal’ but the kicker is about 20% require hospitalisation. Lombardy’s hospitals bed are 80% occupied by corona cases.
BTW, seems the source was the USA, not China at all, but the USA health system (and I guess government in general) is so degraded and chaotic that the CDC just completely missed this and ignorant hubris meant they refused to even consider the possibility. They were not testing at all until a week or so ago, so many of the unusually tough flu season deaths may have been undiagnosed corona cases.
Did Tom Hanks visit China? I don’t think so…

Dave Hansell
Dave Hansell

Well said that man. That must be at least three of us who are paying attention.


Our Chief Medical officer: Chris Whitty, is one of those who believes it will prove to be 1% or lower…

Dave Hansell
Dave Hansell

Give or take 1% of the UK population would be around 650,000 cases.


The above Kings Fund link puts the number of NHS beds at 142,000.

The number of available beds in the private sector are unlikely to make little difference.

Perhaps we could get the Chinese to build us some more facilities over the next few days given the observed 33% daily increase in cases:


Or we could rely on the noblese oblige of our feudal overlords:


Talking of herds I’m going with the alternative of following the herd (because this week I am self identifying as a sheep) by sticking my head under a reinforced pillow of sand and pretending this does not exist; that it is not real; that it is a figment of the imagination; that it is all made up; that no one has actually died; that it is in fact a made up fiction by the PTB as some sort of weird social experiment.🙊🙉🙈

It beats having to climb all the way to the top of the stairs and throw yourself onto the spiked railings.


There are many Chinese medical staff who are now expert at dealing with thousands of patients and may have already even been infected and now recovered – we should be recruiting and flying them into hotspot areas to help the staff of our depleted NHS

And to think that but for vote rigging and the dirtiest election ever Labour would be into its third month having already reversed the understaffing and cuts in the NHS!

Dave Hansell
Dave Hansell


Instead, after the failure due to incompetency of not putting in place basic common sense containment protocols in ports of entry (resulting in obvious outcomes such as the closure of a GP surgery in the city I live this week following someone who tested positive for this apparent and alleged non existent, fictional, made up virus visiting the surgery rather than phoning in ahead, putting further strain on the system – which in typical fashion we have become used to has been addressed after the event by putting in place a phone in system for those with symptoms being sent to a testing facility which for obvious reasons is not made public) we get this:


Two years of extra powers which lower further still the already shoddy standards in care homes and forces schools to stay open so that the herd can be more rapidly infected to cull the Coffin Dodgers.

Eugenics anyone?

Does anyone seriously think this will last only two years rather than be extended? That the local elections will actually take place next year?

Aided and abetted by HM’s “loyal opposition”:


Apparently, the bog roll panic is about having enough tissue paper to blow noses rather than wipe arses. Which is funny as a runny nose is not a symptom of this fictional, non existent, made up virus (have to keep putting that in to avoid the same BTL fate of comments in the Guardian) .

And, to an extent it’s possible to comprehend the rational of stocking up when there exits reasonable grounds to anticipate disruptions to supply chains based on fragile insufficiently robust JiT systems. Yet most of the same people engaging in this have, and will, fail to carry out the same rational action when it comes to the far worse supply chain disruptions arising from a Brexit negotiated and run by BoJo the clown, Britain’s answer to the birth pill.

Because, let’s face it, does anyone with an operational brain cell really believe this bunch from the fourth form remove who couldn’t run a pantomime – who don’t do detail or science because it hurts their heads – have the capacity, ability and wherewithal to apply such powers in anywhere near a competent and practical manner?

We don’t have enough cells. Or hospital beds. Or police constables. They are not even capable of instigating basic common sense containment protocols in posts of entry.

Not that this will slow things down as there will be plenty of people from within the herd more than willing to police their own communities and neighborhoods. For those with the little englander mindset amongst us this will be the nearest thing they will get to to have their Dunkirk moment, and many will doff their caps and tug their forelocks all the way to the crematorium queue.

What is a safe bet is there will be no sensible solutions along the lines you have suggested.

John Ervin
John Ervin

Ha! Vote rigging. That’s the far scarier global pandemic, trust me. Talk about toilet paper, just gather the ballots if there’s a TP shortage.

John Ervin
John Ervin

Well, if there’s a beds shortage, maybe they can rest in their own.

That’s what I do when I get a killer flu, several times in 50 years, and it seems to have worked, since I’m typing this.

I had one in Paris ’74, that left me unable to bend anything in my body for days.

But I’m all better now. I seem to have survived.

Dave Hansell
Dave Hansell

The relevant data in this piece:


details that of known cases of this (fictional made up) virusjust under 81%of cases can be treated at home. That takes just under 526,000 of those cases from needing hospital beds.

Leaving 13.8%/just over 109,000 requiring hospital beds plus a further 4.7%/just over 30,500 requiring intensive care beds.

With a 1% infection rate amongst the population requiring around 139,000 of those 142,000 beds the maths then has to model those numbers on a time frame rate of change. They are not all going to occur simultaneously.

However, given the statistics available for modelling we already have available, we do know that the rate is going to be exponential – it’s going to start off relatively low and then rise at an increasingly rapid rate until the spread is contained (assuming that is an objective).

Of course, the above is based on a 1% infection rate. A higher rate will produce bigger numbers.

And at this stage, given the timeline of events and other relevant and valuable data in Chart 7 from the above link and the non existent containment protocols at UK ports of entry over the past month, we do know that the official known number of cases will at present be a fraction of the true number of cases already existing.

However, Bunter Johnson and his fourth form chums from Eton have come up with a wizard wheeze in which no hospital beds will be required. Reports are circulating that as part of what passes for responsible planning all over 70’s will be isolated at home for up to four months.

As the data from China details the 70-80 age group have an 8% mortality rate it’s not quantum mechanics to know that this will be the group who require the most hospital beds and critical care facilities. Plus of course there the added incentive of culling all those ‘economically inactive” pensioners for both the state and the companies they used to work for. Saving a shed load of money.

Of course the fatal flaw in this cunning sub Baldrick level plan is implementation. Because you don’t need any weapons whatsoever to flout any of these measures. Given there is not enough protective kit to go around even for the security services all one needs to do to about their business unhindered by the busys (as they are known in Scouseland) is start coughing in front of them and they will back off.

John Ervin
John Ervin

“There are lies. There are damned lies. Then there are statistics.” ~Mark Twain (Probably a double agent, as in: Mark (my) Twin: double agent, doppelganger, note he attached himself to Nikola Tesla from 1890s on).

Be that as it may, I am here in a blue collar Walmart south of LA, and there are people competing furiously for toilet paper.

Just like our “elected” officials. (They have a 200 year head start, though.)

And all the above are $**t out of luck. Or, as FEMA would notate it, S.O.L.

I am wizened enough to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, and not since then have I seen all this as such. My old man built a 40 foot deep bomb shelter, over night, in our driveway, and was featured on L.A. local CBS (See: BS) news. Even that made more sense than any of all this.

Our thanks to Herr Hopkins for channeling mostly all our inner voices, or those ones of more choice or sarcastic origins.

“This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.” ~ T.S.E.

All that’s needed is a worldwide change of attitude.

Sanity, for example.

Don’t hold your breath. That won’t keep out the viruses, anyway.

Dave Hansell
Dave Hansell

Follow the money. If it was not this it would be something else pricking the financial bubble which is bursting around us as we speak.

Another $1.5 trillion printed out of thin air in a Country with a $22 trillion debt which has just committed approaching another $1 trillion for “defence” (read occupying military bases on most of the nation States of the planet).

This, on top of the largesse given in 2008 and since to Wall Street with Main Street left to pick up the tab.

We have not just a supply side problem but also a demand side problem as even national airlines look set to go under whilst the fairly sold “oil war” between SA and Russia will not only see the never made a dime $280 billion in debt Shale industry funded by junk pension bonds and oil industry public subsidies go under (so much for ‘energy independence) but put the final nail in the petro dollar scam leaving the US Dollar not only crashing in value but tanking an over in debted economy.

Stock up on supplies John, it’s going to get rough.

John Ervin
John Ervin

Thanks for adding some of the background economics, which illuminate.

As I always say, whenever channeling my anemic American side, “When the roughage gets going, the going gets rough!”

And, as my man the late great Joe Bageant, self-described “left-neck” from Winchester, Virginia (needless to say, one of a kind) wrote before his untimely exit Stage Left in 2011: “And don’t look now, but we’re into the Chinese loan shark for a wad.”

Agreed: stock up. It’s not only American asses, but The Fan itself that soon will be all brown.

And all the TP in the world won’t save us, though it will be worth more than the paper our money’s printed on!


John Ervin
John Ervin

Thanks for adding some of the background economics, which illuminate, Dave.

As I always say, when channeling my anemic American side, “When the roughage gets going, the going gets rough!”

And, as my man the late great Joe Bageant, self-described “left-neck” from Winchester, Virginia (needless to say, one of a kind) wrote before his untimely exit Stage Left in 2011: “And don’t look now, but we’re into the Chinese loan shark for a wad.”

Agreed: stock up. It’s not only American asses, but The Fan itself that soon will be all brown.

And all the TP in the world won’t save us, though it will be worth more than the paper our money’s printed on!

Then …

John Ervin
John Ervin

As CJH and others have noted at this outlet, that 4% is pretty clearly spiked, like cheap punch.

Once you get past all the goosing, tweaking, and spiking of the stats, and filter them for über-geriatric demise, you’ll see that it’s just one more flu on the world’s pile, maybe a little more alarming than “the garden variety”, but nothing to collapse the global economy over, as your best option, or most hysterical.

John Ervin
John Ervin

Not that i want one, but I’ll take my chances any day of March (or April) with bat flu, over world “leadership” gone batty. Hear me, people?


You should really stop watching Netflix CJ unless it’s some family oriented series such as reruns of the Sons of Anarchy 🙂

Dave Hansell
Dave Hansell

There was an old Andy Capp cartoon strip many years back which had Andy stood at the bar once again trying his self perceived charms on yet another young lady.

After bragging about his prowess in such matters the young lady came back with a devastating put down in the form of “Oh aye pet. Would that be talking about it or thinking about it.”

And that, I would suggest, is what we have here.

Because whilst every point made on this subject in offguardian is spot on, 100% accurate, totally valid etc the fundamental point is being missed that the amount of bullshit talk and induced panic is in inverse proportion to the practical action being carried out to deal with the issue. At least in the UK.

Firstly, the point needs to be made, and accepted, that the key practical issue here (at least for those concerned with practicalities rather than talking theory in an echo chamber) is not the number of cases in terms of a proportion of the population but the number of cases in terms of the the facilities available to deal with those cases.

This point is illustrated and put into sharp focus in this report from front line medical professionals in Italy:


See also the Twitter thread rolled out in his link:


It’s also worth emphasising the point made in this report that the impact is not limited to the implied “coffin dodgers” who are being dismissed as a mere unfortunate statistic in this current narrative.

Reading this piece makes clear the impact on both the health system – cancelled operations affect the lives and quality of life of all age groups affected, from child leukemia treatment through to middle aged heart surgery – and the individual health professionals (along with their families) dealing with this.

To set some context I have seen claims that the number of Critical Care Beds in Italy exceeds that of the NHS. However, I’m unable to find whether this appertains to the NHS in England alone or whether it also includes Scotland, Wales and NI.

Point being that there is another equally valid narrative to this which argues that, as with the recent flooding problems in the UK, the PTB are not only totally incompetent and ill equipped to handle the multiple impacts of any outbreak they are also showing every sign of being totally sanguine (ie couldn’t give a shit) about that fact.

Like Andy Capp in the cartoon there is a lot of talking and thinking about it but little sign of practical effective action.

Leaving aside the point made in the above skwakbox article – which observes that less than twenty years ago the Cheltenham festival was cancelled due to the foot and mouth outbreak demonstrating the reality that as far as the PTB are concerned livestock are more valuable than voters – is it really too much to ask that consideration be given to the criminally incompetent and irresponsible attitude displayed by Johnson on behalf of the PTB?

No comment on the “don’t worry just take it on the chin” attitude? Or does that not fit a narrative?

For sure, as this link notes:


Johnson and the UK PTB are not averse to using this to their advantage – whether it’s burying other bad news issues or misusing power. However, that’s not the whole picture/story nor the only aspect of available narratives.

Watching yesterday’s news Conference:


Does not exactly inspire confidence. Johnson looks shifty and way out of his depth here. Like Norman Wisdom trying to play the Godfather he looks more like Corporal Jones every day. A living example of the Peter Principle.

The underlying message of complete and utter ineptness was not just depressing it was scary. The point being made by the resident expert about making the right intervention at the right time was the exact opposite of the reality on the ground. As pointed out in the more recent offguardian article about the Spanish flu pandemic statistics the 500 million figure of affected populations is impossible to verify because there was no way to test everyone, or even sample for modelling purposes to obtain an extrapolated figure. It’s just conjured out of thin air and as a result all stats associated with it are effectively meaningless in terms of comparisons.

Point being that it’s all very well saying, as stated in the above clip of the press conference, just because someone has a sniffle does not mean they have the virus. That’s true as far as it goes. However, it’s also true that just because someone has a sniffle does not mean they don’t have the virus. You don’t know until you test. It’s calld science.

What this told us, or to be frank verified for us, is that the PTB have been negligently asleep at the wheel and have missed an opportunity to properly contain the spread of the virus.

Jonothan Arnott, who to be honest I’ve little time for, makes a valid point in a recent RT piece about the dilitory absence of practical effective protocols at UK airports over the past two weeks.

I can vouch for this as I was part of a Party of 38 people who landed at Heathrow on an Airbus at the begining of last week from a tour of India to find no checks whatsoever. People from multiple flights all over the world mingling en masse around the luggage bags who could have been carrying anything.

Well, I say could have. Because the concern was whether or not we would actually get back in the country given that some of us had cold like symptoms. I’ve been stuck indoors most of the past eight or nine days with a chesty cough and running nose whichcould be either a chest infection or the impact of the poor air quality?

Point being containment measures have been non existent and this matters because

A. there is no way of knowing how many carriers have got through.

B. Whether it fits any particular narrative or not; whether anyone likes it or not; even if only 1% of the population are affected there will be wider disruption. There are already staff shortages in the NHS as a result of the incompetence of the PTB running the Country. You don’t have to contract the virus to be affected either directly or indirectly as a family member from cancelled operations to free up beds.

Ditto for the overworked, under staffed and under funded health sector workers on any front lines along with their families.

Ditto for workers, many already on low paid zero hours or self employed franchise jobs who are already struggling financially as employers send them home on low or no sick pay. Yes, it might well be a panic reaction ( or not?) but that impact still exists. And those impacts exist as a direct result of incompetence.

Ditto in terms of knock on effects from disruption of supply chains dealing with everything from food to machine parts. Yes, the JIT Globalised capitalist system is insufficiently robust in such circumstances.

However, basic practical competency is about mitigating and minimising such disruptions to systems. And I’m afraid at least in the UK all the talk and panic is masking the reality that the PTB are not up to the job.

All talk, little in the way of practical effective action.

It would seem reasonable to observe that the narrative needs to focus more on what the headless chicken is failing to do rather than what it is skwaking about.


the PTB are not only incompetent and ill equipped to handle the multiple impacts of any outbreak they are also showing every sign of being totally sanguine (i.e. couldn’t give a shit)about that fact.


Could it be that their ‘laissez faire’ attitude is because their backs are covered whatever happens? Allow me to quote the following extracts from the UK’s flu pandemic contingency document which is the basis for their handling of a Covid19 pandemic.

Ethical principles of pandemic preparations [page 30]

3.17 In preparation for, and responding to, an [influenza] pandemic, governments, organisations and individuals will face difficult decisions and choices that may impact on the freedom, health and in some cases prospects of survival of individuals. Decisions will be needed on how to make the fairest use of resources and capacity, in proportion to the demands of the pandemic alongside other pressures that may be in place at the same time, in order to minimise the harm caused by the pandemic as a whole.

3.18 Given the potential level of additional demand, capacity limitations, staffing constraints and potential shortages of essential medical material, including medicines, hard choices and compromises may be particularly necessary in the fields of health and social care.

The document cross-refers to an ethical framework document which also contains provisions paving the way for the government to act in as ruthless or ‘sanguine’ way as it sees fit, clearly allowing them to quote chapter and verse from this document when they are asked in the future to justify their totally immoral stance in condemning some patients to an unnecessarily early death.

People’s choices about their treatment and care are very important. This does not mean that they are entitled to have treatment that those caring for them consider would not work or is not suitable for them. It may not be possible to provide all the treatment that people would like and that might benefit them. [my emphasis in case you missed this bit!]

Equal concern and respect is the fundamental principle that underpins the ethical framework. This means that:
everyone matters equally – but this does not mean that everyone is treated the same.

During a pandemic, the urgency of the situation may mean that it is not possible to consult widely (or indeed at all)

But treating people with respect means keeping them informed about what is happening and what is going to happen, as much as possible.

So there you have it. The government is justifying itself in advance of all the unnecessary and wilful deaths that might occur in a pandemic as a result of misappropriated funding and poor emergency preparedness. But, as long as the condemned patients and their families are informed of the decision to deny any treatment or care, that makes it ethically acceptable.


Dave Hansell
Dave Hansell

Thanks for that JudyJ. At least someone else out there is actually paying attention rather than ignoring the underlying practical details in favour of click bait echo chamber narratives.

There were absolutely no protocols in place when we landed at Heathrow after a nine and half hour flight which would have provided an ideal incubator for spreading even a basic cold. And there were a few who were, let’s say, feeling and looking ‘under the weather’ as we say up North.

No checks, no tests, no separation. Zilch. People mingling together from flights all over the world with no systems in place to to deal with containment. Allowing onward travel and spread of a contagian throughout the country. Little wonder the fat owl of the Remove looked shifty at that press conference. He knows the containment phase has failed as a direct result of deliberate Government decisions and inaction.

Inaction which is likely to impact more severely on his own voter base. Expect Britain to grand slam the Darwin Awards for the forseeable future.

Anyone with a working brain cell does not need some fatuous talking head from the MSM to tell them to panic. You only have to look at the kind of detail you have provided or/and observe the absence of anywhere near adequate basic protocols never mind systems wide responses to know things are going to go pear shaped for the average citizen/subject.

As you aptly and succinctly demonstrate the devil is always in the detail. A fact which some people need to wake up to and smell the coffee rather than being complacent.

In the words of Moist Von-Lipwig “you have to keep running. You never know whose catching up.”

Richard Le Sarc
Richard Le Sarc

‘Norman Wisdom trying to play The Godfather’ is priceless. The PTB in the Glorious West are only up to the jobs of killing, looting and lying.

John Ervin
John Ervin

Yep, that would seem to be the most apt job description, more and more so.

This has been a cautionary tale from God or fate to expose the weak links in their privilege.

They have to breathe, too, unless they are vampires, which has not been ruled out, like some mere mortal flu.

John Ervin
John Ervin

Amen to that too. They print these banner headlines like so many rugs under which the real issues are swept and ignored.

“Not reporting the key issues is another word for lying.” ~Michael Parenti


Ha ha ha it’s all just funny, a hoaxed up, ramped up hysteria like all the others…right ?

Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe

The “2020 panic paper pandemic” originating in China, but whose original origins is still mysterious happens to be one crisis not blamed on Putin, a highly suspicious phenomena in itself. China, however, provides a more convincing source to initiate a contagion. A society veiled in secrecy where “strange strains” can grow unchecked.

Nevertheless, the actual virulent strain in question is not actually biological, but sociological in nature.

It hasn’t just been Marxists analyzing worldwide social unrest, the intelligence agencies are also assessing this mess. It doesn’t take a virologist nor a microscope to know three decades of neoliberalism is responsible for this “Oh No!”

What to do; what to do — how to cure the incurable. It’s obvious– design a biological remedy. IARPA consulted DARPA and the panic paper pandemic was just what the doctors ordered.

The prescription is precise–create controlled panic. Demographically test its limits,
see how far it can be taken. Intensify the panic by tightening the screws a bit more each day. Deploy the reliable Goebbel mainstream media operatives–there’s nothing more effective then well-trained thespians. They should never be underrated.

What a boom to test billions. It’s unimaginable what can be gleaned. In any event, it’ll be two more weeks before the full impact of the panic paper pandemic hits the US shitfan.

Smartphone detards never experienced a panic paper pandemic. Can these dunces cope? Will they passively use water bottles to clean their butts. A true test of social control.

Stay tuned for more hysteria, it’s far from over. The test has only just begun.


“Original origins”? So this is satire?
Surely, “a highly suspicious phenomenon in itself…

Charlotte Ruse
Charlotte Ruse

The most serious things are said in jest.

John Ervin
John Ervin

Nice. Your overview makes the most sense of any I’ve read, all things being equal, it all rings true.

Gary Weglarz
Gary Weglarz

(“perhaps this Bat Flu panic stems from a deeper ideological source. Maybe it has less to do with politics, and more to do with our fascistic pursuit of “perfect health” and “perfect bodies,” and our fear and hatred of ageing and dying, and our narcissistic obsession with ourselves, and our total disconnection from the cycle of life.”)

– that is so uncomfortably close to the truth C.J. that it makes me want to go out and frantically buy more toilet paper to hoard!


Yep. There’s an ugly rumor going around: we all eventually die! Don’t know who started it but when I catch him he’s dead!


He’s probably hiding out in an Airstream Trailer on the Mohave 🙂

John Ervin
John Ervin

You’re too late. We got it ALL. And we’ll defend it with our lives.

Martin Usher
Martin Usher

Even if the disease isn’t that serious and its danger is much overblown its still can teach us a lot about how we detect, track and manage epidemics. We’ve tended to treat this subject — and public health in general — as ‘someone else’s problem’, out of sight and out of mind until some specific outbreak bothers us. The result is a patchwork of different levels of reaction with a country’s specific response more rooted in prejudice and politics than science. We’ll learn a lot form this and maybe use the information to forward plan for other problems — epidemics, certainly, but maybe even issues such as global warming and resource depletion.


“use the information to forward plan for other problems”
Probably you mean, plans to prevent and deal with new arising problems but rest assured .. those actors with unlimited budget (a trillion a year?) are in a permanent mode of learning, planning and executing plans for creating new problems .. and .. making it look it is not their problem!


Weinstein has just got 23 years for rape.
Maybe they’ve got a spare cell for Randy Andy.
Have to see if Alex Salmond gets off.


— the same way we had to see if Julian Assange got off?

Craig Murray — The Alex Salmond Trial

So here we have four women, Women H, G, J, and A, all of their identities kept secret because they are all accusers of Alex Salmond, all of them in very close circle within the current SNP leadership. They are in touch with each other and with Ian McCann. Woman H has given the SNP details of a serious criminal allegation against Alex Salmond with the stated intention that it should be used in vetting to prevent him being an SNP candidate again. She is discussing with some or all of the others how they can make allegations and stay anonymous. The official response from SNP HQ is that they will hold on to the allegations hoping they will “not need to deploy them.”

Witness H is specifically asked against what eventuality the party was sitting on the allegation, and she replied explicitly for vetting – ie to prevent Alex Salmond standing for parliament again. Sitting on allegations of an extremely serious criminal offence, in case you have to deploy them – why? for the political purpose of preventing an Alex Salmond comeback – is a very strange way indeed to deal with a criminal matter. Attempted rape is far more serious than that. If it is true, this is a gross insult to victims of sexual violence everywhere.

I repeat again, in the interests of my not going to jail. None of this in any way reflects on the truth or otherwise of the alleged assault itself. The above is all perfectly possible if based on a real, or based on a fabricated assault. I am not commenting on Ms H’s credibility. That would be illegal. I am commenting on the interesting fact of the SNP staff and the accusers sitting on allegations with the intention of deploying them, specifically only if necessary, to end Alex Salmond’s political career. The idea that attempted rape could be an insurance against an Alex Salmond comeback – an idea into which SNP HQ were fully bought in. Indeed it was SNP HQ who expressed it that way.

Richard Le Sarc
Richard Le Sarc

The feminazis are such sweet-hearts, aren’t they.


Worse than the climate cultists. 🙂 Sorry Richard, just having a chuckle.


I don’t know if old Alex is a sex fiend or not.
Obviously some cases are genuine.
Hopefully, unlike Julian Assange, he’ll get a fair trial.
But it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that these were Assange style sex allegations to sabotage Scottish independence.

Metoo excesses may work against the interests of women.
Some of the leading lights of that movement said they didn’t mind if men’s lives were ruined by false allegations. They were just collateral damage for the greater good. And they were only men, after all, and all men are rapists anyway.

But even men are some woman’s son, brother, or husband.

And many men, at risk of losing their job for “looking at someone in a sexist way” or “coughing in a sexist way”, are understandably reluctant to sign up for Hermione’s agenda.
To the extent of not wanting to work with women, train women, mentor women, talk to women, or even look at women, because it just isn’t worth it.


Fabulous! Thanks for a great piece and a good laugh. I especially loved the paragraph

OK, take this with a grain of salt, because it’s probably just my fever talking, but sometimes I get this crazy notion that we human beings aren’t actually the Primary Purpose of the Entire Universe, or the Apotheosis of Creation, or whatever, and that it’s natural for some of us to get sick and die, and that every last single disease and health threat doesn’t need to be utterly eradicated, and life doesn’t need to be rendered “safe.”

Exactly who do we think we are? we destroy the earth, try to make everything linear and controllable– what could go wrong? Brilliant🥰


Who said this?

So I think one of the – what I’ve always believed – one of the strongest ways to change mindset and be able to raise consciousness and be able to create self-awareness among people, is to challenge the media and say you have a responsibility and you are accountable for everything you are feeding people because you are brainwashing people

– Henry Windsor a.k.a. Prince Harry.

If this is what he believes, and he is saying he always believed that .. then he should stand together with Roger Waters in the fight against the media on various issues and in supporting Julian Assange.


A nice thought that he might support Assange. His family would never want to see him again, of course, but that would probably be a win/win situation for him – and maybe us.
Some extremely naughty children do grow up into truly inspiring adults. Perhaps Harry is one of them.
It will be no surprise to my colleagues here that I am not holding my breath.


“His family would never want to see him again”

There is an impossibility about this proposition as he is plastered on the front pages in the media almost daily.


“Chinese webizens are turning to ever more inventive methods to evade online censorship and spread the first-hand account of a Wuhan physician on the frontline of tackling Covid-19, writing it backwards, translating it into English, and even producing a Braille Version”
“and then moved on to more inventive ways of obfuscating the text, including translations into Braille, Morse Code, English and Emoji.”


Maybe we could try that in the Guardian’s comments?


It all seems a little out of proportion to the actual threat we’re facing here, not to mention rather conveniently timed, in light of what’s happening around the world, politically, what with…”

Unfortunately, it’s not. Despite all the favourite whatifs of this echochamber. But it’s “not” in a way that finds no favour in these parts, so just sayin’.


“It’s a particularly annoying flu this year. You get it, recover from it, then you get it again. All you want to do is crawl into bed, or sit around watching garbage on Netflix.”

It’s an ill wind that blows no good. Getting the worst flu I’ve ever had, then–several decades ago– or since, is what gave me the long break I needed to stop smoking: just couldn’t for a whole couple of weeks. Eight years of false starts consummated.

Gezzah Potts

I’m sorry you have the flu CJ, and despite this, you got out another fine peice of writing for us to ponder.
Again, today, I witnessed the dunny paper madness descend.
I was outside a supermarket in a suburban Melbourne shopping centre flogging the mag, and word came thru this supermarket had received another shipment of toilet paper.
People came from all directions – some even went back to their car with one lot, put on a different coloured top, and went back into the supermarket for a second lot of loo paper.
For over half an hour, every single person that left that supermarket had an 8 pack of toilet paper. As I said, I saw people go in again for a second lot.
My exasperated ‘it’s made in Australia for gods sakes’ and ‘how much do you need’ were studiously ignored. I felt both exasperation and despair at what I was witnessing, and left.
As I said a few days ago – what will these same people do when the economic crash comes? How will they get their toilet paper or cereal or bread then?
It’ll be every man and woman for themselves. With violence dished out if needs be. Just like in the video you posted, also here in Australia.
Italy is now in lockdown. I wonder how long it’ll be before much of Australia is in lockdown also? Or the United States?
For your flu, have you tried 2 shots of whiskey warmed up with the juice of a lemon and a dessertspoon of honey? Mix well. It may help…

Alan Tench
Alan Tench

But you won’t have a problem is Aus – it’s summer! Seems like most of your cases are people who came from places like Italy and Iran. At least, that’s what Wikipedia says, haha.

Gezzah Potts

Hmmm, Where’s that Wikipedia article from a few ago? Disinformation operation something.
Noted your interesting comments on that article Alan. I only look at Wikipedia if it’s things like food or geographical regions or sports or dog breeds, etc.
Things to do with politics or history, I don’t go there. Period.
It’s actually autumn in Aussie now, and winter is coming….

Alan Tench
Alan Tench

Well, summer until 20th March, then a whole three months of autumn – let’s think positive 🙂 It’s interesting to look at the infection rates per country (sorry, Wikipedia again). There’s very little in the Southern Hemisphere.

Richard Le Sarc
Richard Le Sarc

The seasons are different here. The blackfellas reckon on six to eight, depending on where you live, but that was before the climate started rapidly destabilising. Now, no two succeeding years are alike.


Exactly– Wikipedia is just another arm of narrative control. Never trust it except (and heh this may change) for things like you gave as examples.


It has to be said that is damn good for some things.
I looked up “vibrato” in a musical context recently, and Wp was extremely informative and thorough. But it’s like everything else today, and what used to be a gentleman’s agreement when I was younger (“never discuss politics, religion or sex in polite company”) is rapidly becoming the law…


I habitually buy toilet paper 32 rolls at a time. It’s bulky, relatively light and even just one pack crowds out a shopping basket when it has become an urgent necessity and you’re trying to get through the weekly shop in one hit. So the interim answer is to do a bulk run on toilet paper alone whenever it’s low and the moment is oppotune. Even though the real answer is a bidet. Dreamt of having a bidet from when it was perfectly possible until now when the thought of having all those half bare butts wandering around in muddy boots and tearing up floorboards is a nightmare. Current plan is a toilet paper lined casket.

Gezzah Potts

Casket? Biodegradable? Well, you’ll be doing your bit to help the environment Rob… But, have you considered how desperate people will become?
You know, graverobbers?



Toilet paper!

I have just come back from my routine fortnightly supermarket spree. Top of my shopping list, which I started to compile immediately after my last shopping trip, coincidentally happened to be toilet rolls. The mega big supermarket had seriously bare shelves where toilet rolls, tinned tomatoes, bread flour (I didn’t think to check the yeast!), oven bake bread rolls, rice, pasta and cleaning products used to be. Of surprise to me, from my random observations, was that baked beans, cereals, wine and toothpaste didn’t appear to have been on the radar for panic buyers.

But I digress. Back to toilet rolls. There were a couple of solitary 24 packs which had presumably been put there this morning by store staff in an effort to discourage stockpiling but without suggesting that they had no supplies…probably stacks of the stuff hidden away somewhere. But, you know what. Even though it was on my shopping list, I could not bring myself to lay claim to one of these packs. I looked furtively at the remaining packs but my self-pride and principles forbade it. Don’t get the wrong idea, I, thankfully, do still have enough to get by. But the last thing I wanted was to be perceived as a panic buyer by fellow shoppers and shop staff when that wasn’t my motive.

There are other items which are undoubtedly more embarrassing to be seen picking up but who would have thought the day would come when toilet rolls were on that list? So I walked away with my head held high, and knowing that I could get back to the car without being mugged. I may of course live to regret that decision. 😀


Gezzah Potts

I have 2 rolls at home. And I’m certainly not panicking! In fact, trying to ignore any media reports on Covid19 (except for the story on Italy yesterday)
Plenty of food in my cupboards including sardines, baked beans, pasta, and, er, chocolate! ( this also can be used as an anti depressant!)
But observing other people, and how they’re reacting to this deluge of fear porn, and started thinking yesterday:
How many of these same people have wilfully turned their backs on Julian Assange and denounce him as a rapist or ‘traitor’ whenever someone mentions his name? Groupthink en masse.
Cheers Judy…

Richard Le Sarc
Richard Le Sarc

Stone (a pebble, of course) plus water, like the Indians do. Then wash hands. Simples.


How will they get their toilet paper when the crash comes?
Could always recycle the Guardian if it’s still being printed.

Gezzah Potts

I’ve been thinking the same thing myself… About what it deserves, either that or kitty litter.