DISCUSS: Worldwide Rally for Freedom

Today marks the Worldwide Rally for Freedom, where anti-Lockdown protests take place in different countries all around the world.

The march is taking the usual route in London (live stream embedded above or on Facebook here).

Tens-of-thousands of people have marched in Germany, where protesters also raised this column attempting to put the Covid “pandemic” in some perspective:

In France, where Macron has just announced a new lockdown of the capital, furious protests are expected all weekend.

The mainstream coverage of the protests veers from non-existent to predictable partisan dishonesty and fearmongering. The Guardian, for example, has no mention of the protests at all. While DW.com reports that protests “despite rising infections”.

The Local, translating Swedish sources, says Stockholm’s police are “bracing for violence”.

Numerous protests are expected in cities across the United States as well. The US press has gone out its way to paint them as “far right” or “MAGA” or “QAnon” related. Liberally using the word “extremist”, as you’d imagine. (There’s a good discussion of this on New World Nextweek, with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato).

Other protests taking place today included rallies in Bucharest, Zagreb Cape Town and Amsterdam.

If you have links to videos or social media concerning any protests around the world, paste them in the comments and we’ll try to add them to our list.

You can tweet about these events using the hashtag #WeWillALLBeThere.


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