No, it’s not OK when China does it

Justifying lockdowns and endorsing the “threat” of Covid is doing the establishment’s work for it.


According to the worst kind of special pleading we have seen in the alternative media recently it’s actually ok to lock up your citizenry 24/7 to the point of mental and physical torture if you really REALLY think there’s an uber-scary virus out there.

Well, it is in China anyway. Where “DEFCON something” just rewrites the ethical rule book.

Because China’s government can be trusted to put their citizens first. Even to the point of locking them up and throwing away the key.

Couple of basic points these people need to remember since they have apparently been dozing for two years…

  1. No. It is NOT ok to lock up healthy innocent people. Even in China.
  2. Lockdowns DON’T WORK to contain infections. Even in China.
  3. The “pandemic” is a lie. “COVID” is just a rebrand of normal seasonal flu-like illness plus meaningless PCR. Also true in China btw.
  4. China is not an innocent bystander. It launched the entire fake “pandemic” scenario back in 2020, with help from the WHO.
  5. And most important – Saying “but bio labs!” is dangerous exceptionalism you are being encouraged to promote.

The bio labs excuse is exactly why the “COVID was made in a lab” story was allowed to remain in the mainstream narrative almost from day one, even while being officially ‘denied’.

💢 Exactly why those Fauci ’emails’ were ‘leaked’.

💢 Exactly why Russia ‘found’ a zillion ‘bio labs’ in Ukraine.

💢 Exactly why Nuland “admitted” those labs were real

💢 Exactly why Hunter’s laptop was suddenly a headline in the mainstream media and all about his involvement with “bio labs”

All to build the exact narrative this article sells, so that it can be used to justify something like Shanghai.

The only part of the official COVID narrative that has ever really mattered is that COVID is NEW, DEADLY and SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT IT.

Resistance grew when people began to realize this was not true.

Resistance will therefore likely diminish if people can be freshly convinced it IS true – eg by new waves of stories about “bio labs”

So when you write justifying stuff about China has no choice blah blah, you are not just promoting known and proven falsehoods about the effectiveness of lockdowns and the reality of the “pandemic”, you’re also helping to promote the new wave of justifying fear porn.

Well done!


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