Nordstream 2: Seymour Hersh feeds the fake binary

Falling into the us/them dynamic is willfully forgetting the lessons Covid taught us.

Kit Knightly

Back in October 2022, when the Nordstream 2 sabotage was first hitting the headlines, I predicted the following:

The “official story” will never prove who bombed the pipeline one way or the other and is not intended to. Resolution is not desired. Instead, Team A will encourage us to blame Team B, and vice versa. The MSM will report evidence implicating Russia, while other evidence suggesting NATO were responsible will be “leaked”. Both narratives will be fed just enough to keep the argument going for as long as required and in any direction chosen.”

Fast forward to now, and the big story over the last couple of days – at least in alternate media circles – has been Seymour Hersh’s publication of a new article for the first time in quite a while.

The article, based entirely on “leaked” information from one anonymous “insider” source, claims that the United States military sabotaged the Nordstream 2 pipeline, and had been planning to do it since before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Forgive me but, how is this news?

After all, Joe Biden said “if Russia invades, there will be no Nordstream 2”. Victoria Nuland, speaking more plainly, stated on January 27th:

If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another, Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.”

The phrase “one way or another” is barely ambiguous there. Obviously, if the pipe was sabotaged, the Americans did it. That was never in question, really.

But that’s the real question isn’t? Was the pipe sabotaged?

Sure, both sides say the pipe was sabotaged. But both sides said Covid was a real threat, and both sides said masks worked, and both sides said their vaccines were safe.

All they’ve done, for the past 3 years, is lie. About everything. Most importantly, both sides have told the exact same lies.

So, why should we go back to reporting the news on their terms?

Let’s have a reality check, shall we? Here’s what we actually know about the Nordstream 2 situation:

  • It is not currently transporting gas.
  • The “sabotage” has driven up the cost of energy all across Europe.
  • Reducing the use and increasing the cost of fossil fuels is a major part of the “Great Reset” agenda.
  • Both NATO and Russia are willful participants in that agenda.

That’s it. That’s all we know. Based on that, we can’t rule out the possibility Nordstream 2 was “sabotaged” in full agreement from both sides.

We don’t even know it was “sabotaged” at all. Because all we’ve been allowed to see is some bubbles. An image you could create in a few seconds by going to OpenArt and typing “bubbles on surface of ocean”.

Whatever actually happened, all we know is that it’s off, and our gas is more expensive. Again.

Hersh’s story seems to be an exercise in a special kind of journalism – telling people what they already know, or suspect, under the guise of providing new information.

“Revelations” from “former” insiders that actually reinforce the underlying assumptions of the mainstream narrative by supplying a controlled “alternative” point of view.

The official mainstream position is that Russia blew up their own pipeline. There is no evidence to support this, it is simply stated.

Now, Hersh has supplied the official alternative position – that the US did it – with a narrative of their own. There is no evidence to support this counter-narrative either, it is likewise simply stated.

Say it with me: It’s a fake binary. One I actually exactly predicted back in October.

Two apparently conflicting faith-based positions, both built on scant drip-fed evidence and both selling the same line: That the “sabotage” of Nordstream 2 was the result of international conflicts which accidentally furthered the great reset agenda.

But given what we’ve all seen over the last three years, isn’t the alternative more likely? That it was an act designed to further the great reset, camouflaged behind potentially performative international conflict?

Arguing over whether Putin or Biden blew up Nordstream 2 is living in a fake reality built on false assumptions supplied by proven liars.

The one silver lining of Covid is that it forced so many people to wake up and live in the real world. Let’s go back there, shall we?


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