OffG’s Quick Take: “Patriot Front”

Yesterday, the group calling themselves “Patriot Front” marched on Washington DC. They wore perfectly coordinated uniforms, carried shields and batons, and were masked up to make Tony Fauci proud.

Perhaps you saw the “chilling footage”.

Nobody is quite sure why they were there, or what they wanted. Then they packed their gear into a U-haul, got on the subway and left.

A lot of this went “viral”, including the “heroes” standing up to them, and the “leaked footage” of them praising Hitler. While the handful of “Patriots” who got arrested were allowed to keep their masks on by the considerate DC police.

It’s an interesting bit of timing, since just the day before Joe Biden had called white supremacy “the most dangerous threat to our homeland” in a speech at Howard University. A sentiment echoed by Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of Homeland Security on TV the next day, adding a specific warning against “anti-government sentiment” and “false narratives”.

Meanwhile, Zero Hedge is reporting leaked documents that teach people “how to spot a radicalised conservative”.

It’s all a very familiar “domestic terrorism” narrative.

Basically, as we said on Twitter, Patriot Front are what you get if you type “1000 Federal Agents trying to start a civil war” into an AI art program.


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