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Mass Arrests of Protesters: Outrageous in Russia, Barely Worth Mentioning in US

by Adam Johnson, July 13, 2017, FAIR Major media’s relative lack of interest in the mass arrests by Metro DC police on Inauguration Day is a fact noted by activists and journalists since the incident almost six months ago. One way to measure the dearth of coverage is to compare the attention paid to comparable protester arrests in Russia last month. On June 12, over 1,700 Russians throughout the country were arrested for “unauthorized protests” in opposition to President Vladimir Putin and government corruption. “Dozens”—including opposition leader Alexei Navalny—were kept in jail longer than a day, but the vast majority were let go immediately. (Navalny, as well as some others, got between 15–30 days in jail.) More than 200 Americans were arrested on January 20 after “rioting” broke out in downtown Washington, DC, in the hours leading up to and after President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Some were let go over the next few weeks, but the bulk of the 200+ still face 10–80 years in federal prison for “felony rioting.” It’s important to note at least two major differences …

VIDEO: WeAreChange: Baltimore Police Dispersing the Media

Reports and a video have emerged of the police in Baltimore shooting non-lethal dispersive material at the media and citizen journalists who’re covering the events there. Baltimore authorities seem to be deliberately attempting to disperse and censor coverage of police violence in the city. Commenting elsewhere on the events in Baltimore yesterday, I wrote that what’s happening there and has been happening in other cities and towns across the U.S. ever since the suppression of OccupyNow is proto-fascism, adding that I’m probably appending that “proto” because I’m myself still in a bit of denial about it all. Denial time over: this is how fascism operates. Not only are the police going after citizen journalists bearing witness to what’s occurring on the streets of Baltimore, but the mainstream press has, as usual, presented to the public an entirely distorted picture of the events there. For the news you didn’t see on your TV screens and in your newspapers, go here.