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Who is Fancy Bear and Who Are They Working for?

by George Eliason, Donbass Just one other thing…. Have you heard of Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear? Of course, you have. And we’ve heard time and again that these Russian groups are hacking us like there is no tomorrow. It’s like they invented the Internet or live in the Matrix or something. And we know who the hackers are except we can’t figure out if it’s them or not. If we could, they would be arrested, wouldn’t they? After all this fuss and commotion, after setting the expectation so high, after telling the world that these hackers are so dangerous to Democracy (with a capital D) and having in-vest-i-gations, can we rest while they run around like free-range chickens? Dimitry Alperovich and Crowdstrike told us making an identification is as easy as putting a Ruskie sounding label on the hackers and taking a $100,000,000 (100 million) investment in the company from Google. They can’t be wrong, just Google it. Except, the whole point of having a cool sounding hacker kind of nickname is nobody knows …

Why the Evidence Mueller Has for the Indicting 13 Russian Nationals is Fraudulent

It’s almost a shame that a headline like that won’t spark anything more than casual curiosity when you consider the charges Richard Mueller is looking into. The Russian company Concord Management decided to answer is charges in early May, which threw a wrench into Mueller’s strategy.