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The Skripal event and the Douma “gas attack” – two acts in the same drama?


The illegal air strikes on Syria by the coalition of the guilty (US, France, UK) have happened, to no one’s great surprise. As such things go all current indications are that they were more token than anything else. The Russians are saying around 100 missiles were fired at an unclear number of targets, of which around 70% were intercepted. Syrian General Staff are reporting 3 injuries and no deaths. Mattis was at pains to say this was a one-off, though adding the reckless caveat that any further evidence of chemical weapons usage by Assad might change that (thus giving every lunatic or CIA/neocon-controlled cell in Syria a pure gold motive for a false fag).

Compared to how bad this might have been, this is a fairly harmless result for the present.

We’ve resisted the temptation to do any kind of analysis of things so far, preferring to let them play out and to document developments and opinions. But maybe this is a good time to offer a tentative overview of what seems to have been going on in the past weeks.

1)the Douma “gas attack” was likely faked

The only evidence we have for any “gas attack” in Douma on April 7 is the video released on April 7-8, showing piles of corpses, mostly children, some with foam around their mouths. When, were or how the video was made is not verifiable. Who killed the children shown or how they died is not verifiable. Additionally we have images of an alleged “gas canister”, again without any sourcing or verification, and which have been widely suggested to be implausible. And there is Bellingcat (Eliot Higgins), contributing his usual brand of “comparisons” of images and Google maps, adding nothing that could be described even loosely as verification of the salient claims.

In opposition to this the Russians are claiming the event was staged. They allege their armed forces entered Douma shortly after the alleged attack and claim to have found no evidence of chemical weapons usage, no witnesses and no victims.

They have also released a video statements by two young men claiming to be doctors at the hospital. They describe people running in to the hospital screaming that there had been a chemical attack, inciting panic among the people there, and “unqualified” people administering to children, giving them “asthma inhalers.” However, he says, there were no victims of such a chemical treated there, only victims of smoke inhalation from recent shelling and subsequent fires.

There is also the notable reluctance by US Defense Secretary, James Mattis to fully endorse the reality of this narrative. Even on April 12, just hours before the air strikes were to be implemented, he was still publicly saying he had seen no evidence to show the gas attacks happened or who may have been responsible. Given his senior position on the Trump administration, and his previously gungho attitude to military adventurism, this is significant.

Of greatest potential significance is the claim by the Russian foreign ministry that they have evidence the UK government was directly involved in staging the fake attack or encouraging a false flag. So far they haven’t released this data, so we can’t comment further at this time. This might also tie in with vague rumours of British SAS troops being captured in Douma that briefly surfaced a week or so ago.

2) primarily UK initiative?

The neocon faction in the US is usually (and reasonably) regarded as the motivator behind much of the western aggression in the Middle East. Since at least 2001 and the launch of the “War on Terror” the US has led the way in finding or creating facile excuses to fight oil wars and hegemonic wars and proxy wars in the region. But this time the dynamics look a little different. This time it really looks as if the UK has been setting the pace of the “response”.

The fact (as stated above) that Mattis was apparently telegraphing his own private doubts a)about the verifiability of the attacks, and b)about the dangers of a military response suggests he was a far from enthusiastic partaker in this adventure. Trump’s attitude is harder to gauge. His tweets veered wildly between unhinged threats and apparent efforts at conciliation. But he must have known he would lose (and seemingly has lost) a great part of his natural voter base (who elected him on a no-more-war mandate) by an act of open aggression that threatened confrontation with Russia on the flimsiest of pretexts.

Granted the US has been looking for excuses to intervene ever more overtly in Syria since 2013, and in that sense this Douma “initiative” is a continuation of their longterm policy. It’s also true Russia was warning just such a false flag would be attempted in early March. But in the intervening month the situation on the ground has changed so radically that such an attempt no longer made any sense.

A false flag in early March, while pockets of the US proxy army were still holding ground in Ghouta would have enabled a possible offensive in their support which would prevent Ghouta falling entirely into government hands and thereby also maintain the pressure on Damascus. A false flag in early April is all but useless because the US proxy army in the region was completely vanquished and nothing would be gained by an offensive in that place at that time.

You can see why Mattis and others in the administration might be reluctant to take part in the false flag/punitive air strike narrative if they saw nothing currently to be gained to repay the risk. They may have preferred to wait for developments and plan for a more productive way of playing the R2P card in the future.

The US media has been similarly, and uncharacteristically divided and apparently unsure. Tucker Carlson railed against the stupidity of attacking Syria. Commentators on MSNBC were also expressing intense scepticism of the US intent and fear about possible escalation.

The UK govt and media on the other hand has been much more homogeneous in advocating for action. No doubts of the type expressed by Mattis have been heard from the lips of an UK government minister. Even May, a cowardly PM, has been (under how much pressure?) voicing sterling certitude in public that action HAD to be taken.

Couple this with the – as yet unverified – claims by Russia of direct UK involvement in arranging the Douma “attack”, and the claims by Syria that the perps are in their custody, and a tentative storyline emerges. It’s possible this time there were other considerations in the mix beside the usual need to “be seen to do something” and Trump’s perpetual requirement to appease the liberal Russiagaters and lunatic warmongers at home. Maybe this time it was also about helping the UK out of a sticky problem.

The Skripal consideration

Probably the only thing we can all broadly agree on about the Skripal narrative is that it manifestly did not go according to plan. However it was intended to play out, it wasn’t this way. Since some time in mid to late March it’s been clear the entire thing has become little more than an exercise in damage-limitation, leak-plugging and general containment.

The official story is a hot mess of proven falsehoods, contradictions, implausible conspiracy theories, more falsehoods and inexplicable silences were cricket chirps tell us all we need to know.

The UK government has lied and evaded on every key aspect.

1) It lied again and again about the information Porton Down had given it

2) Its lawyers all but lied to Mr Justice Robinson about whether or not the Skripals had relatives in Russia in an unscrupulous attempt to maintain total control of them, or at least of the narrative.

3) It is not publishing the OPCW report on the chemical analyses, and the summary of that report reads like an exercise in allusion and weasel-wording. Even the name of the “toxic substance” found in the Skripals’ blood is omitted, and the only thing tying it to the UK government’s public claims of “novichok” is association by inference and proximity. Indeed if current claims by Russian FM Lavrov turn out to be true, a “novichok” (whatever that precisely means in this case) may not have been the only substance found in those samples, and a compound called “BZ”, a non-lethal agent developed in Europe and America, has been discovered and suppressed in the OPCW report (more about that later).

None of the alleged victims of this alleged attack has been seen in public even in passing since the event. There is no film or photographs of DS Bailey leaving the hospital, no film or photographs of his wife or family members doing the same. No interviews with Bailey, no interviews with his wife, family, distant relatives, work colleagues.

The Skripals themselves were announced to be alive and out of danger mere days after claims they were all but certain to die. Yulia, soon thereafter, apparently called her cousin Viktoria only to subsequently announce, indirectly through the helpful agency of the Metropolitan Police, that she didn’t want to talk to her cousin – or anyone else – at all. She is now allegedly discharged from hospital and has “specially trained officers…helping to take care of” her in an undisclosed location. A form or words so creepily sinister it’s hard to imagine how they were ever permitted the light of day.

Very little of this bizarre, self-defeating, embarrassing, hysterical story makes any sense other than as a random narrative, snaking wildly in response to events the narrative-makers can’t completely control.

Why? What went wrong? Why has the UK government got itself into this mess? And how much did the Douma “gas attack” and subsequent drive for a concerted western “response” have to do with trying to fix that?

is this what happened?

If a false flag chemical attack had taken place in Syria at the time Russia predicted, just a week or two after the Skripal poisoning, a lot of the attention that’s been paid to the Skripals over the last month would likely have been diverted. Many of the questions being asked by Russia and in the alt media may never have been asked as the focus of the world turned to a possible superpower stand-off in the Middle East.

So, could it be the Skripal event was never intended to last so long in the public eye? Could it be that it was indeed a false flag, or a fake event, as many have alleged, planned as a sketchy prelude to, or warm up act for a bigger chemical attack in Syria, scheduled for a week or so later in mid-March – just around the time Russia was warning of such a possibility?

Could it be this planned event was unexpectedly canceled by the leading players in the drama (the US) when the Russians called them out and the rapid and unexpected fall of Ghouta meant any such intervention became pointless at least for the moment?

Did this cancelation leave the UK swinging in the wind, with a fantastical story that was never intended to withstand close scrutiny, and no second act for distraction?

So, did they push on with the now virtually useless “chemical attack”, botch it (again), leaving a clear evidence trail leading back to them? Did they then further insist on an allied “response” to their botched false flag in order to provide yet more distraction and hopefully destroy some of that evidence?

This would explain why the UK may have been pushing for the false flag to happen (as claimed by Russia) even after it could no longer serve much useful purpose on the ground, and why the Douma “attack” seems to have been so sketchily done by a gang on the run. The UK needed the second part to happen in order to distract from the first.

It would explain why the US has been less than enthused by the idea of reprisals. Because while killing Syrians to further geo-strategic interests is not a problem, killing Syrians (and risking escalation with Russia) in order to rescue an embarrassed UK government is less appealing.

And it would explain why the “reprisals” when they came were so half-hearted

If this is true, Theresa May and her cabinet are currently way out on a limb even by cynical UK standards. Not only have they lied about the Skripal event, but in order to cover up that lie they have promoted a false flag in Syria, and “responded” to it by a flagrant breach of international and domestic law. Worst of all, if the Russians aren’t bluffing, they have some evidence to prove some of the most egregious parts of this.

This is very bad.

But even if some or all of our speculation proves false,and even if the Russian claims of UK collusion with terrorist in Syria prove unfounded, May is still guilty of multiple lies and has still waged war without parliamentary approval.

This is a major issue. She and her government should resign. But it’s unlikely that will happen. So what next? There is a sense this is a watershed for many of the parties involved and for the citizens of the countries drawn into this.

Will the usual suspects try to avoid paying for their crimes and misadventures by more rhetoric, more false flags, more “reprisals”? Or will this signal some other change in direction?

We’ll all know soon enough.


  1. Old Pepper says

    The situation today is very similar to that which was before the second world war. Then the USA and Britain strongly pushed the United Europe to war against the USSR. Yes, it was not Germany, but Europe, United by the monster Hitler .
    Before the second world war the British press constantly poured dirt on the USSR, preparing public opinion to what with Russians need to end. At the same time, England conspired with Germany (Munich), contributing to the conquest of Hitler and its strengthening in order to incite him to Russia. All this ended in a great slaughter and destruction in Europe. By the way, there are many documents on the financing of Hitler before the war by the United States.
    The same Britons, but together with the United States are trying to do now. They began with a careful stuffing of the media in the first trial balloons about “total Russian doping”, then hyped this issue to exclusion of Russia from the Olympics at the ABSOLUTE LACK of EVIDENCE. On the prepared ground Russophobia also without any evidence went fakes about Russian interference in the presidential election of the United States (for a long time American experts pointed out that the server of the democratic party was not hacked, and there was a download of information to an external storage device). Next-recent events-clumsy and brazen Anglo-American chemical provocations in Salisbury and the Duma. The tension is growing, but the initiators of provocations do not stop and continue the insane pressure.
    Please note that before launching an information attack on Russia, the United Kingdom hastened to leave the European Union. The US and Britain once again, as in the 40-ies of the 20th century want to make in Europe with the slaughter complete destruction of potential competitors. Judging by their actions they hope as in the 20th century to step aside and sit out of the sea. And what should we, the Europeans, who are in this situation between the hammer and the anvil?

  2. Brup says

    This is a Shame. White Helmets are coordinated by MI5 and MI6 and create False Flags.
    Trump, May and Macron are puppets of The Cabal.

  3. MichaelK says

    May herself has made a direct link between Salisbury and Syria, where, she claims chemical weapons were used against innocent civilians and the Russians enabled both attacks.

    As the ‘rebels’ have been comprehensively thrashed in Syria, what happens now? What was the point of attacking Syria like this? To punish Assad and Russia? But Assad’s a ‘monster’ and Russia is ruled by ‘Hitler’, is the argument that such men listen to reason or care about being ‘slapped’ by the US world sheriff? What happens when Assad attacks innocent men, women and children again? Apparently we attack again and again. But as our proxy Islamic army has lost the war, what’s the point? We can’t bomb Syria into submission or bomb the Syrian Arab Army to pieces.

    This Syria thing seems like part of a wider process, a front in a far larger conflict with Russia, where they are increasingly demonized and outlawed for almost everything, including sport. The cycle of provocations isn’t over. Are we going to see another one closer to the World Cup?

    • Thomas Peterson says

      Oh yes. For one thing I bet the JIT announces some MH17 ‘suspects’ and starts asking for extradition just prior to the World Cup.

    • tecumseh remembers says

      MichaelK asks: “What was the point of attacking Syria like this? ” – it is an interesting question, but is it really all about regime change or wealth in minerals…..not for me, I would only need look at what have we seen before, and now in Iraq and Libya and Syria – the extinction or displacement of peoples/tribes….and decimation of its infrastructure….those untamed obstacles that stand in the way of that noisy lie called democracy and the spreading of its hate filled and power hungry agenda of control – at any cost….and bring them in line – to produce consume and follow.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Of course we will see further false-flags and provocations before the FIFA World Cup is cancelled. NOTHING seems to me more certain. The forces assailing Russia, the Zionists led by Bibi, insanely furious that the Oded Yinon Plan to vivisect Syria has been thwarted, the Ukronazis intent on murdering as many ‘Moskali’ as possible, just like the good old days of WW2, the blood-sucking parasites intent on repeating the 90s and looting Russia again, the Imperial storm-troopers intent on protecting the USA’s global ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ over humanity by destroying the last recalcitrants, Iran, Russia and China, are all Evil, insane, and literally diabolical. One feature they all share is rage and hatred, that cannot be slaked. They were always the force that would drive humanity to self-destruction, in their psychopathic greed, aggression and hatred of others, and here we are. Putin has no hope of repelling them because they are driven by literally Satanic forces. ‘Hell is empty-the devils are all here’.

      • Who D. Who says

        Mulga! We’ve been missing you at TruthDig! Were you banned or something? We need you back!

    • We sure will see more provocations, the cycle is going to continue until it in fact escalates into war in the Middle East… the battle for resources aside, what sits at the core of the saga in the Middle East is the establishment of Greater Israel… the implementation of the Yinon Plan. So yeah… we will not see this coming to an end anytime soon I guess… maybe just a temporary respite of some form…

    • Old Pepper says

      Highly likely US&UK will not stop at only two provocations, you are right

  4. Ivan says

    While I am quite sure Russia did not try to poison Skripals with “Novichok”, and that the allegations that Assad used chemical weapons in Douma are based on fabricated evidence, the Russian response was lacking in some respects.

    First, instead of immediately linking Skripal’s case and the planned false attack in Syria, Russia started to speak of the football world cup as the main target. Now even I made the connection between the “first chemical attack on european soil since WWI” and “Macron’s” warnings that using chemical weapons in Syria by Assad is a red line. Especially after Gerasimov said there is an evidence such an attack was being prepared. But only lately there had been Russian voices which linked the two items and were sufficiently loud.

    Second, Russia insists that it never produced what US called Novichok, but then doesn’t attack the credibility of Mirzayanov who sustains that it was (or so I understand). Either you sustain that he lies or, if he does not and it hurts Russia’s position, you refuse to comment on what he sustains. One thing you cannot do is to suggest that two contradictory statements are both true.

    And there was time to get prepared to talk on Mirzayanov issue, it did not come out yesterday.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      That Mirzayanov is the ‘President’ of some neo-conservative pet ‘Republic of Tatarstan in Exile’ project, to foment social strife and secession in Russia’s Tatarstan Republic tells you he is a US intelligence ‘asset’. ‘Nuff said, really. I can’t understand why Luke Harding, that monument to personal integrity and ‘journalistic ethics’ hasn’t mentioned it.

    • Sergei says

      Actually, Russian journalists and state representatives did question Mirzayanov’s credibility, multiple times. They have stressed that Mirzayanov was not a research chemist at GosNIIOKhT; he was the head of the counter-intelligence department. In fact, some Russian sources claim that the very term “Novichok” was a deliberate disinfo planted by higher-ups to find out who was leaking information to the West; turned out, it was Mirzayanov, whereupon he was fired from GosNIIOKhT. The true name of the program was “Foliant”.

  5. Old pepper says

    A single chain of provocations, aimed at portraying Russia as a terrible chemical monster from the depths (copyright for Nikki Haley) except for fakes about chemical attacks on Skripals and in the Syrian Duma, includes a fabricated under the leadership of special services and WADA-performed Pro-gangster show called “Russian doping”.
    In conditions of total control over the masses of media is a very pragmatic project based on fake drive in the consciousness of the layman idea of Russia as a country-exile.
    Did it in 90-e years against Yugoslavia, the preparation of an attack on this country.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the red clown, the old oath and the Rothschild Fagot arrange the following chemical provocation in Donbass.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Obama NEVER intended honouring the lies he uttered in order to fool the patsies into voting for him. Never in a million years.

  6. Francis Lee says

    The bald fact is that the AZ-Empire is at war with Russia and Russia’s allies. The latest incident was a probing attack to test Russia’s/Syria’s resolve and defences. We can say with some confidence that there will be more. After all it is relatively easy to stage a false flag attack. Everyone – including the Americans – know that the whole Douma gas attack was concocted, but hey, so was the sinking of the Lusitania, The Gulf of Tonkin incident, the Iraq WMDs and this latest incident. The whole thing follows a standard procedure. A child could see through the methodology, but the child-like ingenue of the masses unfortunately lends itself to this cheap propaganda.

    It would appear that the Takfiri’s have got themselves an airforce, just as they did in Libya. So where will the next incident occur, and will there be an escalation. Anyone’s guess really. Quite possibly in Ukraine. Or something to wreck the Football (Soccer) World Cup about the be staged in Russia.

    NATO has a collective GDP almost 20 times that of Russia, and manpower advantage of 4 to 1 and a massive US nuclear arsenal. Sounds impressive but bear in mind the US military is massively overstretched, dispersed on multiple fronts, and the quality and resolve of the Europeans is decidedly problematic. Germany certainly doesn’t want a fight, and Macron is all talk. Moreover, what exactly do Portugal, Montenegro and now Turkey bringing to NATO. As for Scandinavia, forget it. Oh, the Baltics, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, well they have a combined population which is less than London. The only ‘loyal’ elements are likely to be Poland and the UK. Moreover, Russia has powerful allies and a nuclear capacity to outgun the US.

    So it’s game on.

    • It wasn’t even a probing attack. You don’t get on the phone with Russia and spend hours negotiating the safest targets, launch just 100 missiles that don’t even engage the Russia air defenses and strike only empty or sparsely occupied buildings if you’re doing a probing attack. That’s what you do when you’re doing a symbolic attack for show.

      Not to say they won’t do anything more at a later date when they see some real advantage, but this was not much more than theatre., to save face, stop Trump being called a colluder for a while and – as we suggest- try to get May off the hook .

      • Absolutely. So it was a piece of theatre, a pretend attack on Syria in response to a chemical attack false flagged to Syria.

        I think I’m going to assume everything in the political sphere is theatre from now on, unless there is convincing evidence to suggest otherwise.

        Beam me up Scotty.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          The Gadarenes in the fakestream media sty are already predicting new ‘gas attacks’ in Idlib etc, where the gallant ‘rebel’ takfiri child-crucifiers that the Western presstitute vermin so admire, are holed up. I just had a wicked idea-could it be possible to convince some takfiri butchers that the Western fakestream media sold them out. Then, when foreign killers return home to the West, they might be diverted from attacking innocents in the streets, concerts and restaurants, and focus on other targets instead.

      • The comments made in pubic from Trump and Putin don’t match the image of a “backdoor safeline” that Trump said exists, where they discuss the strike in advance, permitting Russia to ensure no Russian personel, assets and resources are hit. It feels like pantomime on one level. But I do think that the whipping up of Russiaphobia is real and intentional – this is really a smouldering conflict between the US and western allies and Russia/China/Iran.

  7. Chemical facts show how The Joker has become more bumbling as he becomes more homicidal with age: Anonymous BTL Saker on April 15, 2018 · at 2:26 am UTC

    There is a huge difference between chemical agents and chemical weapons. It is almost impossible to create mass killing using chemical agents in the open. Regarding Chlorine German used it once at WW1 but they only had some success using simultaneously hundred of 80CF cylinders loaded with chlorine, in a favorable wind. The cylinder displayed as evidence in Duma has a capacity of a couple of gallons, and cannot kill anybody unless they are locked up in a small container filled with chlorine gas from this cylinder. For Chlorine Concentrations of about 400 ppm and beyond are generally fatal over 30 minutes, and at 1,000 ppm and above, fatality ensues within only a few minutes.1000 ppm means 1 liter chlorine gas per one cubic meter volume of air. So it is almost impossible to kill people using gallon cylinders of chlorine in the open. Using chemical weapon of WW2 era, tabun, soman, sarin it is a different story. A lethal dose of sarin is about 0.5 milligrams; it is approximately 500 times more deadly than cyanide.
    If Duma had been attacked with tabun, soman, sarin the fatalities would have been by hundreds. We are not talking for VX, which is considered to be much more toxic by entry through the skin and somewhat more toxic by inhalation. It is possible that any visible VX liquid contact on the skin, unless washed off immediately, would be lethal.

    • AntonyI says

      Imagine, Adolf Hitler himself was temporarily blinded during a WWI mustard gas attack (foo or friend?) near Ypres in 1918, which put him off chemical weapon usage on the battle field during WW II. On imprisoned civilian Jews etc. he had no scruples.

  8. King Kong says

    Whether the Skripal incident was connected to the Syrian CW incident remains yet to be proved.
    Of the Skripal incident:
    Since the incident, there has been no verified communication with anyone involved. Not the Skripals, not the policeman, not Dr. Davies, not any of the first responders, none of the clean up crew, firefighters, no one at all. No one at all. Complete blackout of all and any information from the involved.
    If this is not indication of Government involvement and heavy handed clampdown, I am not me and this is not 2018, and T.May is not PM. When a government resorts to this type of clampdown, it is usually coined “Damage control”. “Damage control” is an situation a Government reverts to, when Governments risks falling or could be damaged irreparably.
    And yes, they have the Legalese to do that, including ruining your life and handing out 30 year sentences all under some “Secrets Act”.

    The Syrian CW incidents so far have all been marred by very questionable occurrences. Either side in the Syrian war is using social media for propaganda purposes, the rebel side most heavily. What I find suspicious though is that the purported victims almost always are children. Never young women and never the “Rebels” themselves; meaning that the narrative I am supposed to accept is that the Government forces in the midst of a raging battle finds time to launch a single CW shell or two, at complete different target than minutes before, just to terror bomb some hapless civilians into submission ? Risking the wrath of the world? It makes no sense at all.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Let’s face it-murderous, psychopathic, thugs who think that crucifying children is a hoot, and that gibbering ‘Allahu Akbhar’ over and over again is intellectual discourse, are not likely to fake a mass atrocity convincingly. But when the audience is the assembled vermin imbeciles of the Western fakestream media, who know that even a scintilla of deviation from Imperial Groupthink would end their careers, then you can get away with anything.

    • Thomas Peterson says

      My thinking is that the White Helmets have 2 kinds of staged ‘chemical incident’.

      The run of the mill one with some chlorine canisters and people coughing in hospital which is mostly ignored by Western media.

      And the ‘spectacular’, where they murder some child hostages and present the bodies on video. Spectaculars often result in military action.

      • lucdevincke says

        No need to kill children. You bring them under a kind of narcose and they are ready to play in a spectaculair propaganda movie. You can drag their bodies around, put needles into their arms, smear make-up, blood and dust on their faces, put some soap air bubbles into their mouths, give them some scratches etc. Once awaken again they don’t even remember they were part of a movie, so they can’t even testify because they were uncounscious !

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      That has been long known, as were US efforts to blame Iran for Halabja. Saddam was lynched quickly before any trial over Halabja may have embarrassed his erstwhile US friends.

  9. OMG says

    There have been a number of theories (conspiratorial or not) about the Shripal affair, the subsequent false-flag gassing in Douma, and Trump’s theatrical response.

    I would like to add another – deeper – motive for consideration: it was to “get” Trump. Since his response, he appears to have lost much of his right-wing support (see for example Alex Jones and ). This could have been, and likely was, anticipated.

    Anticipated too, especially, by “ex” MI6 officer, Christopher Steele and colleagues who authored the anti-Trump dossier on the ‘Russian connection’ and who was also Shripal’s handler. His mate in Salisbury, still in touch with Shripal, and the convenience of Porton Down nearby would enable the rest, especially since the Swiss have shown that the toxin used was manufactured in the UK.

    Whether knowingly or not, ex Home Secretary May continued to fan the flames with the denouement that we now see.

  10. Re BZ (British Zyklon?) and Skripal’s activity as middleman for chemical weapons between UK and Ukrainian regimes, Penny BTL SyrPer remembers that BZ was also found in the Syrian False Flags, and discounted at that time:


    It’s seems that BZ appeared in two ‘chemical attacks’ in Syria. One in Ghouta- One in Homs. If as Lavrov is saying this chemical weapon was employed against the Skripals- and is only in the hands of US/UK- then it’s two appearances in Syria connect it to the US/UK backed ‘rebels’. The state department under Victoria Nuland admitted that Syria did NOT have BZ– which was why they discounted the information that pointed to BZ intoxication
    It didn’t fit the narrative- I’ve added a bunch more information to the original post here

  11. Whoops! A torrent of comment on yesterday’s game BTL Syrper. I have selected commentators from the real world first, then for comic relief switched to poor old Alex trapped in North Carolina with Fox News, who means well but still doesn’t know who to believe “on both sides”; the only one to get negative votes:


    Staged in the sense that they were not offered many targets without retribution. UK jets shot from outside Cyprus air space. So at extreme range and none of them hit. No missile entered Russian zones. To prevent Syria from striking US bases inside Syria no military targets could be hit.

    So more like a controlled bombing to not escalate it into a wide scale war since some missiles were fired from Tanif. Syrian firing tochka missiles into US bases would have ended up with hundreds of dead.

    Ziad Fadel

    It had to be for this operation to resonate so loudly in the Western Press while accomplishing absolutely nothing. Hilarious. Ziad


    Yes. I believe it was a controlled test with US and RF militaries comparing capabilities, rather like a couple of young men comparing the lengths of their tools. Whoever won this test will eventually gain dominance in W. Asia and more. Whoever lost sees that their weapons are not up to snuff and will be on the defensive for at least a decade, perhaps more if it leads to economic and/or imperial collapse. We will know for sure within the year, but my bet is RF won and this is a severe reality check for the Pentagon.


    How can a false flag attack put on by both the U.S. and Russia be a severe reality check? The joke is on us.


    This was very interesting in the fact that Russian Navy kept the FUKZUSA Navy backed up.
    Thanks Ziad and other real commenters.


    The big loser will be the key one that hatched the plan to destroy Syria to work, that is Israhell. Today, Iran and Hizballah are way stronger than 7 years ago, and Syria, though severely impacted by the war of aggression, has a much more modern army, and soon to have many state of the art weapons. For Israhell it now is hell, and honestly they deserved a much worse result after what they planned against Syria. This is ain’t over yet, the US and Turk forces will have to be kicked out of Syria and then comes Golan Heights, time to get it back.
    Israhell is the big loser, UK, US, France and other countries are only going down as their power drains with defeat after defeat, rather pathetic.


    A dangerous game indeed. The gullible public of the West have once again seen their governments attack on the pretext of a chemical weapons attack. The MSM triumphulism only validates their lies and is not good for the future. OPCW must inspect the terrorists claims and prove this was a lie.

    Alex in North Carolina

    Here in North Carolina we understand from Fox News that the attack was a huge success. In the little town next to us the US flags are flying this afternoon on Main St. and tomorrow in the Baptist church prayers will be offered for the sons of two town’s folk who are serving in the Fifth Fleet out of Norfolk NC.

    Obviously I do not know what the rockets hit or if there was gas there or not. and it probably will be twenty years before the truth of it is learned. I am tired of lies and deception by all sides to this eight year ongoing disaster.

    Greg Gutfeld a Fox commentator said the other night that If you see John Bolton’s mustache enter the room you know that John cannot be far behind. .If you non Americans can pick up Fox news, he is very funny and perceptive…

    • Oops! the joke’s on me. Apologies, Alex. MD replies BTL Syrper:

      Muslim Dude

      I think this ‘Alex from North Carolina’ is a parody account: supposedly of some conservative American ‘redneck’ (to use a pejorative term), I suspect the purpose of that persona is to wittily illustrate the naivete of ‘simple folk’ from a – no offence – backwater state like North Carolina i.e. a lot of ‘redneck America’.

      It’s also satire on how the US people have been lied to and deceived by a plutocracy and their media and fed a diet of lies about the ostensibly ethical motives of US foreign policy, lightened by comedy presenters.

      ‘Alex from North Carolina’ probably won’t say that directly as it would spoil the joke but I’m sure he is hoping that the sharper and more discerning members of Syrper realise this and enjoy the joke.

  12. DomesticExtremist says

    Well I don’t believe in coincidences and do think the Skripal affair was a pitch rolling exercise to soften us up for the Douma false flag and ease the use of humanitarian bombing. Of course May was never going to risk taking it to Parliament, not after the humiliation visited on Cameron and the fact that the effect of the emotional outrage seems to diminish in duration each time it is invoked.
    It was rumoured that the French had some hand in the identification of “novichok” and also swung the decision on Douma when Macron said “we ave preuf” – it turns out the declassified ‘proof’ was nothing more than stuff they saw on the interwebs padded out with lots of “they look the sort” circumstantials.
    From the day Trump issued his “get ready Russia” tweet my working hypothesis is that he knows the anglo-french are making stuff up and trying to bounce the US, and Trump in particular, into restarting the Syria mess. His sudden enthusiasm is, IMO, designed to run May and Macron over the cliff edge to have them pull back and tell the truth. That didn’t happen (May looked utterly terrified when announcing the strikes), but the OPCW may well come back with a “no dice” result and then things could get very, very interesting for anglo-french/US relations.

  13. So what’s the next “phase” for the West after we pass through th current – “post-reality”- period?
    I fear we and the planet may all be cinders if we don’t stop these heavily armed amoral sociopathic idiots parading and stumbling about the halls of Western governments like vaudeville clowns in some slapstick comedy. One would like to be able to laugh at the absurdity of it all, but unfortunately there is nothing humorous about our circumstances.

  14. There is a Russian claim on April 13 that operatives from either UK, US, or France were involved in the production of the fake attack. (I am betting these operatives are UK–either SAS or MI6 field agents). (But it is probable there are also US operatives there–likely CIA.)
    There have been several to my knowledge unconfirmed reports fromMarch 8 through April 12 that UK, Israeli, and Jordanian[!] operatives embedded with Jaysh al-Islam in Ghouta were captured by the SAA.

    There is an older late-March report of a UK led conspiracy to directly attack Damascus in mid-March in the hopes of overturning the Syria government. The attack was to be coordinated with the Skripal poisoning in the UK and would involve a false-flag chemical attack; ostensibly followed by the US/NATO decapitation of Damascus from the air.

    That comes from Thierry Meysann here:

    On February 18 the Syrian campaign against Ghouta began with full intensity. The campaign was presented as a human rights disaster by all Western media outlets. Esp. Guardian.
    On March 17 Russia announced its awareness of at least two planned false-flag chemical attacks: one in Eastern Ghouta involved “American instructors [who] have trained several groups of insurgents near al-Tanfa in order to hold provocations with chemical weapons in the south of Syria.”

    Putting it all together:

    If you compare Thierry Meysann’s theory from mid-March with the April 12 unconfirmed report of captured UK operatives in Ghouta you will note that the big picture is generally consistent although each contains different but possibly complementary details:

    Meysann presents the plot as involving the coordination of Skripal’s poisoning with a false flag chemical attack in Ghouta, leading to the US/NATO led bombing of Damascus.

    Sputnik presents the plot as involving a “ground assault in Damascus” led by UK, Israeli, and Jordanian operatives supported by massive air support from US/NATO.

    One possibility, then, is something like this: the coordinated false-flag chemical attacks of the Skripals in Salisbury and the al-Islam Syrian prisoners in Ghouta was to be immediately followed by another “Syrian” citizen-led mini uprising in Damascus against the Assad regime: This “Syrian” uprising, which would really be led by UK/US/Israel/Jordanian operatives who could pass as Syrians, would aim to infiltrate Damascus from Ghouta and blow a couple things up; meanwhile, the Skripal attack plus the false flag chemical attack plus the false “Syrian” citizen ground-resistance in Damascus would propel the world to call for US/NATO/Israeli decapitation of the “regime”. Assad would be bombed. Damascus destroyed, etc.

    This–or something like it–is perhaps what Russia discovered was afoot, and why Russia and the SAA so zealously sought to clear out Ghouta from February 18 onward. Russia was aware that by clearing out Ghouta quickly enough, the full ground attack on Damascus could be thwarted in time; but there was still the possibility that a chemical attack—real or fake—might be staged nonetheless. Hence their announcement on March 17. This effectively told the UK/US that their larger plan had been discovered and was not going to happen. It left the Skripal op from early March hung out to dry. The chemical attack planned for mid to late March, which was to catalyze a coordinated ground attack upon Damascus with heavy aerial bombardment from US/NATO, never happened. And so the staged chemical attack of April 8–just as the battle for Ghouta had concluded—was simply a rushed improvisatory attempt to make the best of a now basically defunct plan.

  15. chris says

    I think someone at The Guardian is subtly rattling the bars of the cage, check these quotes out, They’re hilarious – “…we can make quotes up can we? OK I’ll fkn make some up …”

    Some supporters of the anti-Assad opposition said they were disappointed that the strikes had been limited. “We had high hopes,” said Hussam, 40, who opposes the regime. “Unfortunately the only thing reverberating among us is disappointment. It wasn’t as intense as they’re making it sound. We have no more faith in the international community. Trump has been saying he will bomb for days now, like he’s warning Bashar ahead of time to be safe. If I am coming to murder someone, will I tell him beforehand? It’s ridiculous, it’s nonsense. They are laughing at us.”

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      It’s amazing just how much the Fraudian, stuffed to the gills with Identity Politics elite ‘feminists’, supports the viciously misogynistic jihadists, takfiris and salafists assailing Syria. I really think that ‘hypocrisy’ nowhere near does it justice.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Having once worked in a creche where there was an outbreak of giardia, I find your allusion fitting indeed. Stinking diarrhoea-the Giardian to the life!

      • milosevic says

        “Feminism” (as opposed to sex-equality), as is by now quite obvious, is a career vehicle for upper-middle-class white women. Regime-change propaganda is a growing industry, full of opportunities for ambitious functionaries of the neoliberal order. Feminism teaches that women can perform that role just as well as, if not better than men.

        As for people in the third-world colonies — they’re people in the third-world colonies. What’s that got to do with upwardly-mobile career-women in the UK and US?

        Everything is working as intended.

  16. If it is one thing I hate, it is being treated like an ignorant fool by government, any government. That is what is happening here. Lies, lies and more lies and we are supposed to lap it up, no questions asked. I already distrust government from the get go and I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

  17. Harry Law says

    If as reported a factory which stockpiled chemical weapons was hit.
    1/ Why was this alleged chemical weapons storage facility targeted when the resulting distribution of those chemicals could have killed thousands?
    2/ Because the US coalition knew about those stockpiled chemicals they were legally obliged to inform the OPCW, who in the event were to be in Syria several hour after the attack to investigate the Douma incident.
    What a crock.

    • Harry, if you read SyrPer you will find out what was really hit, and why. No need to worry about hypothetical CW stockpiles in the non-existent MSM CW factory.

      By the way, I have been re-reading Russel on existential predicates: Russel famously asked, In what manner can an MSM CW Factory be said to exist? Especially if the MSM now say it has been destroyed. On which an Oxford philosopher has just writtern a short piece on Much Ado about Missing Non-Existent Object.

      • Big B says

        I’ve just been re-reading Baudrillard on the intentional difference between reality and the representation of reality in the media ‘simulacra’. His three short essays on “Why the Iraq war did not take place” are still pertinent. They were co-published by the Guardian, when it was a paper with some repute (back in 1991). Can’t find the articles: but his obit gives a flavour. We live in a third order media simulacrum: where the simulation precedes the representation: and objective reality vanishes. Or something like that!

        • ´´The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. “That’s not the way the world really works anymore.” He continued “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”
          Suskind, Ron (2004-10-17). Faith, Certainty and the Presidency of George W. Bush. The New York Times Magazine.

          • Big B says

            Funnily enough, I used that very quote just yesterday, in reply to JudyJ. The media simulacra and the blurring of reality and the representation of reality are definitely cogent analysis. Those of us who have not ‘fallen through the Looking Glass screen’ into the media simulacrum are innocent bystanders; trying to retain at least a modicum of objectivity.

    • The dignified Bashar Ja’afari at the UNSC yesterday rhetorically asked the ‘Western allies’ how it was that they claimed to have known for years about chemical weapons factories/stockpiles in Syria but didn’t report the fact to the OPCW. Unfortunately it seems that in the UN forum there is no obligation to answer such questions …shame because I would have liked to see them squirm and reveal themselves.

    • DavidKNZ says

      If Lavrov is correct – and he is an experienced diplomat who takes some care to separate fact from interpretation – it would seem that he is suggesting the Skirpals were exposed initially to BZ, and subsequently hi grade, volatile A-234 were added to the site to overpower the presence of BZ. Who, I wonder would have the motivation and the means to ADD the A-234 ??

      • DomesticExtremist says

        The OPCW summary report omitted to name the substance involved, merely stating (paraphrased) what OPCW swabbed up in Salisbury matched what Porton Down had swabbed up.
        Also, they made the seemingly inocuous comment thet the substance was of high purity, and had almost no impurities.
        The significance of that latter statement is expounded comprehensively here.
        It is highly significant.

      • According to the Spiez website, there is no doubt about the British assessment, check their website:

        “In der Krise um den Giftanschlag von Salisbury greift Moskau die Glaubwürdigkeit des britischen Befunds an. Der Fachbereich Chemie des Labor Spiez hat jedoch keine Zweifel daran, dass die Briten den eingesetzten Kampfstoff richtig identifizierten und es sich um den Nervenkampfstoff Nowitschok handelt.”


        Novichok in Salisbury
        In the crisis surrounding the Salisbury poison attack, Moscow attacks the credibility of the British findings. The Chemistry Department of the Spiez Laboratory, however, has no doubt that the British correctly identified the agent used and that it is Nowichok, the nerve agent.

        From the second article in linked above (translated):

        “The Swiss experts discovered not only the substance A-234, which belongs to the group of Soviet Nowitschok poisons, BUT ALSO THE WARFARE AGENT BZ (3-quinuclidinylbenzilate), which has been proven during the Cold War IN THE CHEMICAL WEAPONS ARSENALS OF THE UNITED STATES camped, but apparently NOT IN RUSSIA.” (Caps, mine)

        Additionally,: “At the same time he [Lavrov] criticized that this information in the OPCW communication from last Thursday to Salisbury findings HAD BEEN COMPLETELY UNMENTIONED.” (Caps, mine)

        And more: “Could it be that the Salisbury attack was actually committed with BZ? Labor Spiez does not comment on this question.”

        But all that, of course, does not rule out the highly likely (sorry!) possibility of the A-234 having been added to the samples to mask the BZ.

  18. Leslie Campbell says

    There is a U.K. Story. Jeremy Corbyn is a mainstream social democrat with policies that are pretty much the norm throughout Europe. The Labour Party has always been influenced by the Fabian society, the wolf in sheep’s clothes organisation, with close links to Chatham house and the CFR. Since Corbyn was elected leader the Labour Zionist MP’s have launched wave after wave of smear campaigns, all based on accusations and allegations keenly reported as fact by the BBC and the entire corporate press. Where he is portrayed as Marxist, ultra hard left, loony, nutter, misogynist, sexist, racist, antisemitic, Jew hater, unelectable, Nazi storm trooper, Stalinist, Putins puppet, Socialist, dictatator, responsible for Brexit, Assad apologist, traitor, weak, National security risk, Russian spy, terrorist supporter….. etc etc. This mainly from his own members of Parliament.

    Now in January Corbyn was well ahead in the opinion polls. Elections to Labours governing bodies were in his favour and the old Blairite Neoliberal warmongering globalists and Labour Zionists launched another attack, again totally supported by the corporate media and especially the BBC.
    First he was accused of spying for Soviet Union. Then the BBC ran endless attacks on him personally because he recognised the democratic vote to leave the EU. Labours position was effectively “you cannot be a member of the single market if you are going to leave the EU” Blair and Soros have been scheming since EUref to create a new centrist party essentially to stay in EU.
    Then Skripal happens Corbyn calls for cooperation with Russia, questions what evidence there is to blame Russia, wants international conventions observed. The Labour and Tories and corporate media launch a vile abusive and xenophobic campaign against him.
    When cracks start to appear in the Government narrative the Labour Zionists, in tandem with Israeli press, dig up a Facebook post from 2012 where Corbyn appears to question why a mural depicting caricatures of the banking elites should be removed. He says the artist was in good company because another was removed because it had a caricature of Lenin. Weeks of accusations and calls for him to resign follow. He is summoned by Jewish Chronicle to plead his case. The verdict is he is responsible for the grossest act of antisemitism since Hitler in WW2.
    Now U.K. are behind the attack on Syria. MI6 and Boris Johnson and the Labour Zionists are heavily invested in the continuous war on terror. They, all of them have funded, enabled and protected the recruitment of Wahhabi jihadists in U.K. to fight Israel’s wars in the Middle East.
    In short. The goal is May falls on her own sword. She has decimated Britain’s public services, everything is up for sale to the lowest bidder.
    Jeremy Corbyn becomes the enemy within a traitor and Soviet spy prepared to betray the realm our intelligence services and military. And he is an antisemitic Nazi apologist whose supporters should be treated as extremists and terrorists.
    The stage is set for the Phoenix to rise. A British Macron. A leader so perfect and moderate to lead Britain, in the National interest, into a reformed Europe and a uniform normal global rules based system. The Fusion Doctrine where dissenters are suffocated at birth through predictive artificial intelligence and common purpose. The future is hopeful resistance is futile.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Corbyn a ‘British Micron’? I fear you may be correct. The hard Right, class-hating, neo-liberal, Israel First thug Micron is a creation of the French Zionist elite and answers to them. Corbyn may turn out the same, or he WILL be destroyed-one way or another. On re-reading, I think I’ve misunderstood. The ‘British Micron’ is another, of course, once Corbyn has been terminated with extreme prejudice. David Milliband, of course. So acceptable to the Chief Rabbi et al.

      • Leslie Campbell says

        David Miliband does keep trying but he’s so vacuous and corrupt he managed to lose the leadership contest to his younger brother. For example after the humanitarian intervention by U.K. to liberate the stockpiles of chemical weapons of mass destruction secretly squirrelled away out of sight of the OPCW inspectors. David called for humanitarian intervention in Syria to alleviate the horrors caused by the humanitarian intervention of 103 cruise missiles. I asked him what it meant if no toxic gas cloud was released from the destruction of the proven stockpiles of chemical weapons in Syria. Nothing not even a block.
        I think we’re stuck with Treasonous May until 2022 then the Son of Dracula Euan Blair, having impregnated himself, will announce he is the messiah

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Do you think that Labour and the electorate will really accept a situation where the Zionist elite have a veto over who and which party can be voted to power in the UK?

          • Big B says

            They won’t know: simple as that. I wrote about this in reply over on the “Corbyn Putin-Nazi” thread. Apart from Electronic Intifada (particularly Asa Winstanley) and Tony Greenstein. no one is covering the Anglo-Zionist coup on the Labour party. Both of these are easily discreditable sources, as is my comment, because of the implied anti-semitism. Imply anti-semitism and you do not need to engage with the content, because it is inherently racist. This includes the new “left anti-semitism”; which is any criticism of banking cartels, elite conspiracies, control of the media, etc. It is to be assumed that you imply that the bankers are Jewish (i.e. Mear One and the “Rothschild Mural”); whether you express that directly or not. So, even to imply that there is an Anglo-Zionist coup on democracy in the UK, organised by the Israeli Embassy through the “Israeli lobby” (which does not exist; the al-Jazeera investigation has been memory-holed) is in itself anti-semitic, and to be dismissed.

            So, it is the perfect cover: fire a burning white phosphorous smokescreen of fake anti-semitism; then proceed openly behind the cover you have set up. No one can criticise you or imply that there is even a conspiracy afoot. Meanwhile, you take over the Labour party (by targeting the disciplinary process and making it answerable to the very organisations that orchestrated the fake anti-semitism ‘smokescreen’ {BOD/JLM + JLC}).

            And it is even more psychologically inimical than that. Anti-semitism is a thought-crime affecting the left (according to the Momentum diktat). It is an unconscious bias we do not even know we have when we condemn the (racist apartheid) Israeli government and its actions (like shooting largely peaceful demonstrators in the back). These conflations are to be remedied by voluntary (for the moment) “racial awareness training” …to inculcate the IHRA definition (plus all eleven wooly and weasel worded ‘working examples’) no doubt. [Jackie Walker fell foul of such “re-education” when she dared to question the definitions.]


            And finally, very few will acknowledge that Jeremy is not a victim of the recently invigorated manufactured anti-semitism witch hunt – his weak leadership and strategy of appeasement has enabled the coup. And it is a coup. Not one of these criticisms have been leveled against the Tory party, which is chock full of racists and bigots. But they are the right type of racists and bigots – they all love Israel.

            If the BOD/JLM; JLC; LFI; Momentum’s NCG (stripped of democratic responsibility by Lansman’s coup); and other fringe groups get their way; to set up an Ombudsman to oversee all anti-semitic related disciplinary matters (or corrupt or impose upon Jennie Formbie’s review of disciplinary procedures); and get those matters referred based upon the IHRA (already policy) definition, plus the conflation and confusion ‘working examples’ (which are in the process of being imposed): the Labour movement and democracy will be dead …under Zionist dog-whistle anti-semitism control.

            [And best of luck to anyone who wants to raise this issue within the CLP or Momentum meetings. It will lose you friends.]

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              I know the perfect man for the role of ‘Commissar for Rooting out Left Antisemitism’-Howard Jacobson. He has the pluperfect insight to sniff out ‘antisemitism’ wherever it lurks ie EVERYWHERE. Of course, these creatures know no self-restraint. Over and over again throughout their history, unless kept in line, and protected, by strong central authority, their innate arrogance, aggression and contempt for the goyim has ended in catastrophe. But there is some sort of mad impulse among certain members of ‘the tribe’ to ‘go too far’, over and over again.

              • milosevic says

                contempt for the goyim

                I think we should start a campaign to relabel “anti-semitism” as “anti-contempt-for-the-goyim-ism”.

                Trying to engage in the “I’m not anti-semitic, but…” argument is a guaranteed loss. They’ve designed it that way. The only viable strategy is a frontal assault, by investigating the Semitism that “anti-semitism” is opposed to.

                Gilad Atzmon (self-identified “ex-Jew”) has been hard at work on that for some time now:



                • Has it occurred to you (not just you Milosevic but all concerned in this discussion) that the more you talk about “Jews” in semi-derogratory or reductionist terms the easier you make it for those who want to label all dissent as antisemitic?

                  • Google Talpiot Program says

                    Who is talking about them in “self-derogatory” terms?

                  • milosevic says

                    The point is that since Yiddish became a (semi-)dead language, Jewishness is no longer a plausible ethnic category, and since 1945, the only people who consider it to be a “racial” category are the zionists. It obviously can’t be a religious category, or “non-religious Jews” would be incomprehensible.

                    What it is, is a political category, and the content of the politics is racism and ethnic supremacism, directed against everybody else. The overwhelming support for the fascist terror state of Israel, among people worldwide, who self-identify as “Jewish”, is incomprehensible on any other basis.

                    In Israel, they make no secret of this. It’s only in front of the stupid goyim, that pretensions to the contrary are maintained.

                    Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.

                    Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created.


                  • milosevic says

                    the easier you make it for those who want to label all dissent as antisemitic

                    They’re going to do that anyway; they already are. See Corbyn. And then when you criticize anything specifically Jewish, like the fascist terror state of Israel, as you must in order to be a consistent leftist instead of a smarmy hypocrite, they claim that this proves their point. See Corbyn.

                    The only effective defence against this strategy is to expose the actual content of the Semitism that “anti-semitism” is opposed to. If it weren’t actually an ethnic-supremacist cult, they wouldn’t all be so hot for Israel. How many ethnic Russians do you see defending the historic crimes of the Russian state?

                    Once Semitism is exposed for what it really is, then accusations of “anti-semitism” will carry about the same weight and stigma as accusations of “anti-nazism”. They’re actually the same ideology, if you make the appropriate ethnic substitutions for the roles of Master Race and Goyim/Untermenschen.

                    Holocaust and Holodomor


                    • I’m taking the rare step of removing that middle link. That article is either a) frank and ignorant racism or b) an attempt to discredit the anti-imperialist position by attaching it to such stuff. There is plenty of room for a good analysis of zionism and how it uses antisemitism as a cover. That piece is NOT it.

                      UPDATE: I’m not removing the link. Because people here deserve to make up their own mind about it. Please don’t ever link to it again however.

    • Susan Cora says

      A perfect summation of the reality we are living in. To realise that our democracy is so very shambolic and undermined is truly frightening.

    • Personally I think Corbyn is controlled opposition. His stance with these hoax chem attacks, have been nothing short of limp, despite what the Tories etc have called him. In fact today(Sunday) he was on the Andrew marr show and was asked his view about ‘claims from the Russians that these chemical attacks were staged’. Alas he pulled a kind of face that implied(to me anyway) that the Russians claims were silly and meekly said that if Russia had proof of these claims then they should show the proof. He ignored and thus defended the elephant in the room I.e that the Brit state does indeed carry out black ops/false flags etc. As far as I am concerned he has been rolled out to be prime minister in order to maintain the union. The state are/were worried the depth of feeling for Scot independence would break up the union and even Labour were struggling to have an impact there due to mimicking of the Tories thus a guy like Corbyn is perfect yo reel in disaffected labour voters in scotland. He’s one to be watched.

      • Corbyn isn’t controlled opposition in the usual sense in that he’s not an intelligence plant or the like. The guy is a longterm grass roots old fashioned Brit Lefty who stumbled into leadership almost by chance.

        What makes him effectively “controlled opposition” is the fact he is a) naive on foreign policy b) harassed by the baying Blairites and clearly intmidated by them c) in thrall to an old-fashioned view of politics centred on the mainstream media which he also feels the need to appease.

        What’s needed is a person with Corbyn’s instincts of social fairness and decency but with a lot more savvy and an understanding of how ripe the situation is for a party leader to bypass the state/corporate media enclave and go straight to the people via social and alt media. He needs better advisors and a willingness to call things like he sees them.

        • Thomas Peterson says

          Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters got red pilled on Syria and the White Helmets:

          • Big B says

            Corbyn, the man, is genuine and authentic. But he is no match for the machine. He has become controlled by his very decency. Further than the Blairites, he has fallen foul of appeasing the overtly racist anti-racists of the BOD/JLM. He is at the mercy of faulty intelligence fed through to the Cabinet Office and JIC. And he has taken on the Browder/Navalny Magnitsky sanctions regime – instigated by MI6, as I have tried to show. It is the “rigged system” that has shaped him. It is difficult for me to see how the system can be unrigged when it has been inculcated that Parliament is a universal symbol for democracy. We have had an elected dictatorship for the entirety of this century. Any mass movement will have to be Chartist or constitutional in nature; and take back democracy for the people (the Demos). Not for the Few, but the Many?

            • SuperCompetent Democracies, Dissolving Neoliberalism, Elitism and Managerialism.
              The New Book By Roy Madron
              Video series trailer.
              Without an ensemble of those very different Super-Competencies, the re-invention of democracy will fail because, “A revolution that is not more technically proficient and more effective than the regime it supplants is lost.”2 If however, democracy can be successfully re-invented, in a few decades we will see the emergence of a global network of complex, adaptive socio-technical-ecological systems that are,
              Enduring in purposes and principles
              Powered from the periphery, unified from the core
              Equitable in the distribution of power, rights, responsibilities, and rewards
              Linked by fluid webs of cooperation and competition
              Compatible with the human spirit and the biosphere
              The book will propose how Super-competent Democracies could be achieved. It comprises:
              Introduction: MEET THE COMBATANTS
              Part 2: THE DROPPING OF THE PENNIES

              We need a de-centralised and distributed network of local stakeholder groups Subsidiarity is the key to democracy ironically it is a mainstay of the EU constitutional make up, one that of course is honoured much more in the breach than the observance.

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              No hope when the Jewish elite have declared ‘Leftwing policies’ to be ‘antisemitic’, and they march on, unopposed, in their campaign to criminalise ‘antisemitism’.

              • milosevic says

                they march on, unopposed, in their campaign to criminalise ‘antisemitism’.

                Clearly, the only viable strategy is to expose “Semitism” as a right-wing, ethnic-supremacist cult (not particularly difficult, since they’re all so hot for the fascist terror state of Israel), upon which “anti-semitism” is revealed to be merely a specific application of the general principle of anti-racism.

                No other program has any chance of success, because in declining to investigate the actual content of Jewish identity (clearly neither racial nor religious, nor even ethnic, except for those few who still speak Yiddish), they concede 90% of the argument in advance.


        • Kathy says

          I agree. Corbyn comes across as a kindly and honorable human being and we sure need more of them in positions of power but he also needs to stand up to the bombardment of lies and deceit going on. This psychopathic monopoly can not be allowed to continue any longer. There is no time left to hope things will get better on there own. It would be good to know he is also prepared to call out the false narratives and to truly stand up to the media over their complicity and to take them on over all the nonsense that they are helping to spin.

        • The State/media often dismiss people as cranks and conspiracy theorists when they question their narrative. The recent chemical ‘attacks’ have been questioned by Russia and others but if you had seen Corbyns interview today he wasn’t going to give credence to the Russian claims at all. If he wants to right wrongs and expose the State ways then I wouldve thought it very important that he shines light on their dirty deeds I.e black ops etc? Btw, is it true that Labour were the main pushers of punishing Russia over skripal? If so then Labour is propping up the State narrative allthewhile the idiotic Tories take all the flak. Labour/Tory are two cheeks of the same ass as far as I can see I.e they won’t expose the State’s nefarious deeds despite all the rhetoric. Ruling by fooling.

          • milosevic says

            If he wants to right wrongs and expose the State ways then I wouldve thought it very important that he shines light on their dirty deeds I.e black ops etc?

            In fact, no other strategy has the slightest hope of success. The state can keep on manufacturing as many false-flag events as necessary to enact its program, unless and until the opposition begin publically identifying them as such, whereupon the entire ideological bubble of the Terror War, not to mention capitalism itself, will implode.

            However, it’s unreasonable to expect any such thing from the established “left”. Having spectacularly failed the 9/11 litmus test, they cannot now contradict themselves without losing all credibility. The ruling class need only continue manufacturing false-flag atrocities, real or imaginary (as in the current cases), in order to increase the incline of the slippery slope down which the respectable “left” is sliding, beyond all hope of recovery.

            As if that point hadn’t already been passed, long ago. The right time to object to the 9/11 hoax would have been prior to the invasion of Iraq, or for particularly dull-witted people, at least the destruction of Libya. Objecting now to the false-flag pretexts for the Syrian war will only succeed in making the fake left look as stupid, cowardly, and self-serving as they actually are.

        • Quite so, Admin. So the person we need to lead the Labour party is…(drum roll)…

          George Galloway!

          Well we can dream can’t we?

  19. One more thing. The results of a YouGov poll broadcast on Newsnight last night showed that 5% of the British public believed that “there was probably not an attack using chemical weapons and the claims are fabrications”.
    This poll itself is obviously a fabrication. 5% is a ridiculously low figure for the percentage of skeptics/disbelievers. The establishment has been well-and-truly trashing its own reputation in what can only be described as a rather stupid manner.

    • Ross Stanford says

      I think you are being optimistic. The vast majority of people do not go in search of the truth.

      • Susan Cora says

        Frighteningly true. Too many people are just happy to digest and accept as the truth the misinformation they are served daily.

  20. It appears that The White Helmets were pressurised into enacting the Douma False Flag lacking the advantage of having their own supply of chlorine around with which to credibly distress their “actors”. hence they rushed into another real medical emergency (though not a severe one) and shouted at the waiting patients that there was CW in the air before forcing the filmed ‘treatment’ upon them. This narrative actually makes sense in the light of Russia’s claim to have “prevented” 3 planned such attacks in the previous weeks (presumably by intercepting/finding and removing the chemicals).

    This whole thing is a nightmare for the UK government and it serves them right. Listening to LBC today the presenters were reeling from the public backlash. Andrew Castle whined to an MP who was interviewed during the public interactions, “Help me Toby [I think it was], I’m feeling bruised.”

    It is a very difficult thing to recover trust, once lost ….. and the loss of trust resulting in this double-debacle looks very serious … possibly terminal.


    • Susan Cora says

      Posted this on The Guardian earlier today only to have it moderated off!

      • Ross Stanford says

        Ha….I did exactly the same thing with the same result!

    • I sent an email to my MP expressing my disgust (as a follow up to a email I sent him on Monday) at 6.00 a.m. this morning. As I haven’t had an acknowledgement to my earlier communication I’m not holding my breath but it made me feel better. I also copied this morning’s email to the Embassy of the Russian Federation (info@ with a brief covering message.

    • John Marks says

      Excellent letter, Mr Goss.
      Another matter is why are we taking military action on behalf of a group of one of the most fanatical and barbarous jihadis (Jaysh-al-Islam) in the whole of the Middle East? They can be the only beneficiaries of our attacking the elected, recognized Syrian government.
      The sponsors of these dreadful jihadis is Saudi Arabia (aka Sadist Barbaria) and we have seen what they do in the Yemen. If May feels so compelled to illegally loose bombs on foreign capitals, most people would prefer she began with Riyadh.

  21. Paul says

    The deeper problem about the West lying so blatantly in order to attack a sovereign country is that International norms of behaviour are brought to dust. Whatever they say will naturally be treated with doubt and others might be tempted to try the same trick, stage an atrocity and attack. Like Mr Poroshenko.

  22. Paul says

    It’s remarkable how many ordinary people in the UK simply don’t believe either story. This must be a first for such a heavy Government story. Check out D Mail commenters. Ask people you meet. Extraordinary.

  23. Front page headline Sat April 14 “Assad apologists working in UK Universities”. Is that Murdoch rag trying to start a witch hunt? — “Are you now or have you ever been an Assad Apologist?”

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      I can assure you that the Murdoch media cancer has had a devastating effect here in Austfailure over the last forty years. Its vicious Rightwing thuggery, lying, hypocrisy, incessant hatred and fear-mongering against unions, teachers, Moslems, environmentalists, any Leftwing figure, welfare recipients, Aborigines etc, surely bears comparison to Die Sturmer, only the range of victims is greater and the endurance of the hate much longer. With no sign of any slackening off. And one specialty of the vile scum he employs is the vendetta, where the Murdochites pursue a public figure relentlessly, for years and years, because they represent something the Murdochites hate. Tim Flannery is one victim, for the crime of publicising anthropogenic climate destabilisation, denial of which the Murdoch cancer has been the leader in, for decades, to today. Indeed their denialism and hatred of renewable energy only seems to grow with time. Another vendetta, against the eminent historian Manning Clark, grinds on nearly thirty years after his death, with new scurrilous lies concocted every few years.

      • milosevic says

        Of course, nobody’s obliged to swallow this shit, or even smell it up close. A certain amount of blame must attach, in Australia and everywhere else, to those who are stupid and conformist enough to do so.

  24. Adrian E. says

    Of course, this is just a suspicion for now, but I think it is very plausible that the Skripal story and the alleged chemical attack in Syria are connected (of course, Theresa May also made such a connection, though in a different sense). Poisoning a former double agent years after he was released from prison and exchanged hardly makes sense for Russia. Obviously, the British government used the story for ramping up russophobia and bullying other countries into “solidarity” (evicting one or two diplomats without waiting for results of an investigation), but even that story rather looks odd, and I doubt that it looked very convincing to most of the Western public. Certainly, it again associated Russia with evil, and that does seems to work to some degree in some countries, but the story was too odd to have such prominence for such a long time. But that story makes perfect sense as a prelude to heart-wrenching videos about poisoned children that are used as a justification for an aggression against Syria. It was clear that Russia would not be idle and that there is a danger of a larger international war if the aggression by NATO countries goes too far. Therefore, in order to be able to use such videos as a basis for an illegal aggression and for ignoring the UN security council where Russia is most vocally agaist it, a demonization campaign against Russia is crucial. It seems plausible that the Skripal affair was just meant for priming the public to associate Russia with evil and with poison gas in order to weaken Russia’s ability to counter the NATO aggression in the media. Probably, the staged chemical attack in East Ghouta should have happened sooner after the Skripal poisoning – that way, the association would have been even stronger, fewer people would have started asking questions about oddities of the Skripal affair, and the Skripal affair could have faded more easily in the background. The main problem was probably that the Syrian army recaptured East Ghouta too quickly. Probably, the goal was to prevent the recapture of East Ghouta, and conducting such a fabrication when the area where is done is in the hands of the Syrian government and its Russian advisors who can discover evidence is quite risky. Perhaps, for that reason, there was disagreement among the organizers whether the Syrian part of the affair should not be called off. But on the other hand, the way the Skripal affair that was probably just planned as a small prelude turned out was not convenient, either, so, with some delay, the second part was still executed even though East Ghouta was definitively lost to the Jihadists and their British and US allies and the hurry may have led to the second part of the affair being executed in a botched way, as well. I hope more will be found out soon.

    The whole story seems to be unravelling. There are now reports that a Swiss laboratory has identified a different poison that would hardly be associated with Russia, but rather with the US and Britain, and there are witnesses who claim that they have seen how the chemical attack film was staged. The Syrian army and Russia may have gathered more evidence in East Ghouta.

    • I would suggest that, after the West’s objective to prevent the re-taking of E Ghouta was clearly failing and was overtaken by events, their focus then turned to quickly carrying out the ‘FF’ in what remained the last terrorist enclave in the area i.e.Douma, knowing full well that that area was about to be re-taken by the SAA. But by carrying out the ‘FF’ they would at least make progress towards achieving their two primary objectives of overthrowing Assad and continuing the Putin character assassination project (their conclusion being that 2 out of 3 isn’t a bad result). So I fully expect them to continue with these objectives knowing – for the time being – that they can get away with it seemingly without any challenge other than from Russia (whom they have completely discredited in the public’s perception) and without censure from the UN. I think the fact that more countries don’t stand up for the Russian and Syrian position says more about the bullying tactics of the West than the culpability of Russia and Syria. Just one more ‘FF’ will be all it takes for things to really kick off but that is what the West’s psycho leaders are more than happy to encourage. I fully expect it to happen …Mattis has already given the green light to this happening by warning something to the effect that “If it happens again we shall not hesitate to react appropriately”. Idlib province maybe?

      • Roger says

        The simple fact that you, and I, and so many others contest the West’s story here is proof that Russia is not, as you say, completely discredited in the public’s perception. Thank God. I did a little scan of 100 people in the small town in Italy where I live, about the coming attack on Syria. Apart from 9 young/very young people who didn’t know anything about it or couldn’t care less anyway, the remaining 91 were disgusted and contrary for various reasons. Anyway the so-called West represents only a little more than one 7th of the world’s population, if you include duped Australia and New Zealand as well.
        Note that no less 12 European countries have stood up to the pressure about expelling russian diplomats. Plus Italy would have done so if the pro-US pro-EU ex-government had not been hanging on in interim. Hung Parliament, you know. So look on the bright side!

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The evidences makes NO difference. The Western fakestream media lie-machine will just re-double its lying, anyone who cites the evidence will be vilified as a Putinbot, and the next false flag, as shambolic as they like, will be greeted with mock horror and outrage, while the carnage in Yemen, fully aided and abetted by the USA and UK, is totally ignored.

      • But chemical weapons are far worse than conventional weapons…according to rat face (well her first name is appropriately Nimrata, maybe that’s why she prefers ‘Nikki’) Haley yesterday. The troops in the first world war feared being gassed much more than being maimed or blown to smithereens according to her. She’s obviously cottoned on to the inconsistencies in their concern for ‘the chidren’. Naturally she made no mention whatsoever of the US use of chemical weapons. Although I gather the Russian envoy drew attention to the US’s hypocritical self-righteousness.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          In Gaza the children get obliterated by the Israelis using high explosives, DIME munitions, depleted uranium, cluster bomblets, flechettes, white phosphorus etc, and the Evil psychotic Haley is FINE with that. She’ll wield a veto to protect that carnage. And the Israelis have many other weapons in their brutal arsenal of child abuse. They enjoy flying at supersonic speed, setting of sonic booms, over Gaza, at dead of night, disturbing the caged ‘two-legged animals” sleep and terrorising children, so much so that the children of Gaza are known as the most psychologically traumatised group of children ever studied. That’s ‘Moral Purity’ for you.

  25. With regard to the UK being the main protagonists of the Douma false flag, Vassily Nebenzia stated at this afternoon’s UNSC that the people they got this information from are ‘currently under arrest and their statement to this effect was videoed’. My theory is that the information must have come from within the group of UK, US etc officers taken into custody during the evacuation of E Ghouta a couple of weeks ago. Watch this space.

    • As an additional thought, I wonder if there was within this group of men an informant. You will recall that ‘reliable sources’ had told the Syrians a couple of months ago that a false flag initiated by Western intelligence services was planned for mid March. This would also explain the Russian reluctance to divulge much in the way of concrete evidence…to protect the person concerned. If this is indeed the case, it would only be a matter of time before western security services work out who it is. So I am not sure where matters might go from here but I have confidence that the Russians will have it all in hand.

      • I think this is highly probable.

        There was also the boarding of the Aeroflot plane by British security at Heathrow which the Russians received an apology for from the British and they [the Russians] accepted without releasing any details of the actual reason the aircraft was boarded. Which struck me as perhaps connected with your speculations about the US and UK’s covert servicemen being captured in Syria and may be they are being used by the Russians to pressure behind the scenes negotiations.

      • I am also just wondering if beyond uk and whitehelmets connections…any more subversive links to various parties or groups that have or maybe are still trying to derail Astana proccess at all…such as the previous HNC ….Craig are you able to give us an update on the situation there….although I noted Stefan de Mistura a little while ago seemed highly delighted and confident of the Astana process….are there elements still wishing to bring this down?

  26. The whole focus is on the demonisation of Russia … this was an effort begun in the U.S. Presidential election and continued through whenever. The security of the money as a means of financial and political domination is just about over for the “West.” Along with this comes the efforts to make China (along with its client N. Korea) marginalised for much the same reason. We have known for YEARS that the trade imbalance with China would have deleterious effects on the way things have gone for the past 70 years. Barring the ability of the U.S. to maintain its superiority on the economic fronts, the only thing left is to use force. This is classic gangster mentality and activity, recalling the ways in which the various factions fight over turf. Of course, criminality is the last option available, total failure notwithstanding.

  27. My thoughts exactly. The Skripal affair was to lay the groundwork to whip up the already rabid Russophobia and Putinophobia, so as to make the fake gas attack in Douma appear to be true.

    However, an exponentially growing number of people, both in the USA, the UK and Europe, are not buying any of it.

    • bill says

      brilliant ! completey agree this scenario is the most likely after following these events closely to get a better handle just how low we likely have sunk- perfide Albion /thanks for helping codify the best speculation( as admitted) of the (so far) known facts

    • Totally agree. There was a time when such fake-prop theatre as the Skripal event wouldn’t have been considered by spooks and associated psychopaths – even they had a vague idea of how much fantasy the public could take.

      Did the “success” of 9/11 embolden them to ever more outrageous acts of deceit on a clearly gullible public?

    • I have posted elsewhere on the website that apparently BZ toxin is not intended to kill. It is applied by aerosol means and is designed to incapacitate by inducing cognitive dysfunction including delirium and hallucinations. The effects would only last for a few hours. Certainly seems a more likely explanation than Novichok.

  28. Harry Stotle says

    “So what next?” – Chilcot Mk II?

    Which will tell us mistakes were made, and lessons will be learned …….. not.

  29. Definitely time for long overdue regime change – in London.

    (PS Thank you – this is a good piece but needs a bit of proof-reading).

    • Ross Stanford says

      wow…if that really is the French justification that is unbelievable…laughable.

  30. The Third Act seems to be due after the intermission.
    Acts one and two were Amateur Night from MI% and MI6

    Act 3 will bring on the undisputed Pros in the Dark arts of False Flaggery The 9/11 Boys Mossad.

    Before and after this most recent and impotent strike on Syria, Israel has claimed of an impending Iranian attack on its territory. Such an attack would – again – serve only as a pretext for the US and its allies to intervene in Syria amid a war Syria and its Russian and Iranian allies have already won.

    Israel may stage an attack on its own forces – or an attack on US, British, or French forces in the region may be staged. Unlike an alleged or staged chemical attack on civilians, staging a military attack on Western forces and their regional allies would allow an immediate and much larger military response.

    On The French Claims to having evidence repeated at the Security Council at the UN today.

    French declassified intelligence report on Syria gas attacks

    5:52 PM – 14 Apr 2018

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