“9/11 Unmasked” – update & reminder to READ THIS BOOK


We’re returning to 9/11 this Sunday, partly because it’s still being debated BTL on our various 9/11 threads, and partly because – 9/11 matters, maybe more than any other single issue of the 21st century. What we are noticing is the same issues being raised again and again in comments and in emails we receive. Over and over we are told the government has explained what happened that day in NYC, that it was “the planes”, or “the fires”.

Repeatedly we are confronted by people who simply do not realise they have been conned – because the government has NOT explained what happened that day, nor has it even claimed to do so in scientific terms. What it has done, through its commissions and reports, is fudge and evade and elide on a scale so massive it’s hard to comprehend. It’s pulled a bait and switch on all of us. Claiming to offer proof and evidence and solid science, while in actuality it offers only guesswork, assumptions and weasel words.

With this in mind, we continue to recommend the new book 9/11 Unmasked for doing what NIST and the 911 Commission signally failed to do, in its scholarly presentation of the best evidence for what really happened that day.

As our readers may recall this book seemed to be going through some major availability issues on Amazon when it was first released (see also HERE). But our latest word from the authors and publishers last week is that it is shipping.

However we do note the shipping/availability dates continue to be delayed (Amazon.com is saying the book will be available “after October 16”, Amazon UK and Amazon.fr both say it “usually ships in 1-2 months”).

We understand the publishers have suggested this apparently strange situation may simply be due to high demand and stocks running out very quickly. We hope this is indeed the case!

As before, do please send us your experiences of trying to obtain this book through Amazon, whether successful or not!

You can also obtain it directly from the publisher HERE.

On a related note, we’re happy to say that, with the kind assistance of Graeme MacQueen, Kevin Ryan and others prominent in the 9/11 truth movement we’re going to be adding a 9/11 resources page on OffG in the next few weeks, which we hope will help our readers get information on the key issues surrounding the events of September 11, and avoid the endless and distracting diversionary pseudo-debates about long-debunked or irrelevant issues. Look out for our new section later this month.

In the meantime here is some Sunday viewing we think provide good information on some of the physics-related questions that have been discussed quite a lot BTL. We highly recommend exploring them when you have the time:


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