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Thank you, Saudi Arabia

by Vladimir Golstein

Thank you, Saudi Arabia for exposing the utter hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of British and American gangsta press and equally gangsta establishment.

You’ve been at it for a very long time. And it seems that finally you’ve got it right.

When you chopped the heads of your own dissidents or women raped by your spoiled brats, the western media and its politicians said they respect your traditions.

When you treated your own women like shit, forcing them to be dressed as Halloween ghosts during the hottest days of summer, the west said that it is our moral duty to accept diverse cultures.

When you decimated civilians in Yemen, the west looked another way and sold you more arms to decimate more people in Yemen.

When you sponsored all kinds of violent thugs all over Balkans, Middle East, Europe and Africa, and encouraged them to take over giant patches of land, the west looked the other way, as long as the oil was flowing.

Finally, some of your sexually repressed thugs flew the plane into American buildings and killed a lot of people in the hope of getting some heavenly virgins. Still, the west decided to attack Afghanistan and Iraq, but not you, in response.

I understand that you began to feel more and more desperate. You sided with Israel against Iran and Syria, and the rest of the world said that it is a moral thing to do and put you on the UN human rights board.

Well, finally, you hit the right chord. Killing innocent people and abusing your moneyed power by buying newspapers, hotels, city districts or think tanks, was not enough to produce an outrage in the West, but when you whacked another cynical morally corrupt journalist, that proved too much for the cynical and morally corrupt western press. They decided to stand up for one of their own.

Now you are going to witness a lot of chest beating and finger pointing. But don’t worry. Morally corrupt press would never demand sanctions, let alone military actions against you. You are not a threat to western establishment, and your petty rapes and equally petty murders would never make it act. But you surely deserve a Nobel Prize for exposing hypocrisy. Provided hypocritical Swedes or Norwegians finally establish one, which they should, unless Brits will beat them to it.

Of course, you probably don’t need their millions. But you can always give them to some sort of charity, like White Helmets, for example.  Which, of course, will bring you another Nobel Prize. The world does owe you big, and will continue to reward you in the years to come.

Photo: Bandar Algaloud

Co-founding editor of OffGuardian. Academic. Lives in Canada.

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  1. War on Terror says

    Haha ….
    The war on terror turned out to be:

    The War On Countries That Don’t Buy Military Equipment From The US.

    What more evidence you need?
    Do you want it any clearer??

  2. Jacqueline dillon says

    how fantastically written and to the point it’s nice when you’ve got somebody telling it how it really is because at the end of the day they’re all for cos they’re all the elites and they are are enemies at the end of the day and they want us fighting and killing each other over religion over other discrepancies they want us killing each other and for once somebody stood up and wrote an article that is to the points and expressively true by using their bloody wit and humour to put it all in finite detail !!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️well done perfectly written !!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎

    • milosevic says

      Consider increasing your usage of punctuation. I hear that periods and commas can be obtained cheaply from China, these days. You could probably get several for the price of a single heart or smiley-face.

    • David Blackall says

      Trouble is, Saudis didn’t fly those planes into the Twin Towers. Ten of them sued the US for saying so because they were still alive and trying to live their usual lives, or trying to, including air travel. But it is true the Saudis are butchers, at the high end government level. They waged a war on Syria, bought arms from the US and the UK and the rest of their little mates, they do terrible things to women, and all sorts of people who deserve better.

      • matty says

        Take the next step…if saudis did not fly the planes….????

  3. RUss says

    Vladimir your are so full of shit … i bet you love pumping that cheap saudi gas into your tank … and you buy plenty of plastic packaging like the rest of us … guess how your groceries were delivered to the store ? and our military that protects doesn’t run on Russian Vodka … wake up and smell the coffee .. try looking out the window once in a while … you hypocritical dumb ass …

  4. rilme says

    Thank Nod people have stopped blaming “israel” for once.

    • matty says

      Sorry…. but… Saudis are deep deep cover Israels…. yeah I know..your brain hurts upon hearing this.

  5. Lupulco says

    Fair dinkum October 19, 2018

    Psychopaths come in all colours, creeds and sexual orientations.

    Just about sums it all up.

    Then again [back to the article] maybe the MSM who do the bidding of their masters are now thinking who will be next. They are just getting in their retaliatory blow early?

  6. I don’t think the journalists are “standing up for their own”. They’re standing up for their American controllers, who have probably manufactured this whole event.

  7. Ilya G Poimandres says

    Ooooh, I feel they have read Candice, and thought the world’s individuals still think that rape is of little consequence compared to greater horrors! (Maybe it just is that way for them! :p )

  8. Elizabeth Woodworth says

    Regarding the 9/11 attacks mentioned in this article:

    As co-founder (along with Dr. David Ray Griffin) of the 9/11 Consensus Panel, I point out that this international consensus panel of academics, physicists and engineers has developed 51 points of peer-reviewed evidence against 51 official claims about the 9/11 attacks.

    The peer-reviewing process involved 23 Panel Members using a standard best-evidence model. The work took seven years to complete and has just been published in a new book, “9/11 Unmasked: An International Review Panel Investigation.” (

    Elizabeth Woodworth, Co-author

  9. Denis Hehir says

    You forgot beating rent boys to death in London hotels.

      • Denis O'hAichir says

        He was an indentured sex slave, I think his master also met his maker on arrival back to the desert.

  10. Kuldip Singh Lamba says

    The end result of all these skirmishes would be that the Islamic cult would be a winner one day and decimate all other religions to establish a single Faith for the Humanity. All the Religious Philosophies will vanish, sending the Human Race once again to STONE AGE. NOW it is the right time, either the Islamic threat is revised to Human friendly stance, curtailing all the Threats to Humanity and every Muslim is at liberty to remain a Muslim or change his Religion at his own free will, OR THE FOLLOWERS OF OTHER WORLD RELIGIONS THINK OUT WAYS TO HARNESS THEIR DANGEROUS AGENDA. It will be imperative that no Religion follow Expansion and be content with present followers, and look to live in PEACE with other Faiths, and do not become a danger to other Religious Factions. This will SAVE THE HUMANITY, TO LIVE TILL ETERNITY, SAFE, PEACEFUL, CONTENDED AND HAPPY.

  11. LadyDi says

    After so much excellent work on the unanswered questions of 9/11 why is OffG publishing a piece that claims 19 Islamic extremists flew planes into buildings that day?

    • Admin says

      Because we try to include a broad range of views, especially on more controversial subjects.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Can we expect a tract from the Society for Man-Boy Love, next?

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            No, I rather enjoy your preposterous self-conceit, particularly as you attack humanity’s future by supporting the most pig ignorant anthropogenic climate destabilisation denialism in the name of ‘Free Speech’.

            • Catte says

              The ugly irony of using our free speech policy to complain about our free speech policy is probably lost on you, so let’s keep it simple – don’t post empty ad hom and DON’T abuse the hardworking people who keep this site open for you. Trolling or spam is the only thing we DO censor, any more examples of this will be treated as such.

              • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                I imagine that I will NEVER criticise anything you publish, because I find it excellent, but your occasional deluded and destructive support for anthropogenic climate destabilisation denialism, the greatest moral Evil conceivable.

    • Baron says

      Both sides are backed by expert opinions, LadyDi, both presented cases seem plausible, both explanations appear rational, the best a layman can do is wait until, hopefully, the two camps get together, come to what may be if not the whole truth than at least something close to it, no?

      • mantra says

        What expert opinion has offered an explanation for WTC7 falling at free fall due to “office fires”? If you look you will find there is no explanation offered because there is literally no explanation within physical laws that doesn’t involve controlled demolition of some kind.

        You literally can’t have a building fall at free fall and symmetrically for any number of seconds without all its support structure being removed at once. Can’t do that without explosives. Certainly can’t do it with office fires.

        That’s why NIST refused to explain the collapse and stopped its summary at initiation. The scientists on the panel knew they simply could not make any explanation work that didn’t involve explosives so they just shut up.

  12. vexarb says

    This article is penned in vinegar, mustard and salt. Very tasty.

      • Racism and ignorance? Are you one of those who having read Swift’s Modest Proposal, accused him in cannibalism? Get a life for God’s sake.

        • LadyDi says

          Did you mean the dismissive comment about “Halloween ghosts” as irony? If so I apologize. I thought it was a cheap racial or religious slur.

          Do you really believe the official story of 9/11 involving religious fundamentalists (seen drinking and carousing the day before) flying jets they could not possibly have flown into buildings they could not possibly have hit at speeds the planes could not possibly have reached?

          • I don’t think 9/11 was the focus of this article. As someone wise Brit observed, you can ruin any joke if you refuse to understand it.
            Debating the relative merits of 9/11 theories would be doing exactly that.

      • It wasn’t “ignorance,” LadyDi. V. Golstein knows exactly what he’s saying and how it “plays” with reality. But, yes, all Zionists are racists.

  13. Rhisiart Gwilym says

    Finally, some of your sexually repressed thugs flew the plane into American buildings and killed a lot of people in the hope of getting some heavenly virgins.

    Are you really still that far behind the reality-accepting curve, Vladi? Or are you, more sophisticatedly, just being ironic when you seem to take that laughable idea at face value? 🙂 The Saudis amongst the ’19 jihadis of 11/9′ were just patsies, like all of them. Though what actually happened to them is still an open question, since one or two appear to have turned up alive after the event, and there’s no proven certainty that any of them were actually aboard the commercial airliners that were hijacked and then disappeared by – someone.* Two commercial-airliner-sized aircraft appear to have hit the Twin Towers, though without any established certainty that they were in fact the commercial airliners they were alleged to be. Something seems to have hit the Pentagon (which was also pre-loaded with explosives, like at least three of the WTC buildings), but there’s no established certainty what it was; pretty certainly, though, it wasn’t the commercial-airliner that it’s alleged to have been, because that – even had it had an actually-competent pilot in control – was physically incapable of performing the manoeuvres that it was seen to perform. There was also some jiggery-pokery at Shanksville, which may – or may not – have involved a commercial-airliner, or similar aircraft. But there’s no well-established clarity yet about what really happened there.

    Following Catte’s lucidly-argued piece from yesterday (was it?) about the extreme fluidity and constant changeability which now characterises the Western lamestream ‘news’ version of ‘facts’ and ‘truth’, none of it tethered at all closely to actual reality, I suggest that it’s incautious to assume that there’s any truth at all into the widely-disseminated false memes with which we’ve all been gavaged in recent times – especially about 11/9. It pays to vomit up the mind-toxic gavaging periodically, and also, at the same time, to keep one’s own carefully-independent grasp on reality…

    For what seems to me to be a carefully-evidenced, long-developed line of first-quality investigative journalism of who was really behind the 11/9 atrocities, and why, I’d say that Chris Bollyn is a leader in the field. Mind you, since he’s breaching one of the absolute prime taboos of our time – speaking ill of the zioentity-in-Palestine, and the deep-dyed criminals who run it – he’s still seen as just about untouchable, even still by many in the 11/9 truth-seeking community (imagine that! :). All the same, he makes a cogent, reality-conforming argument:

    • V. Golstein will never criticize or implicate his beloved Zionist and murderous apartheid state, Izrahell. He’s a total shill. I say “total shill,” because NO ONE is capable of maintaining that much sincere cognitive dissonance without their head exploding from all the pressure of pre-packaged lies and distortions. No one. No matter how much of it they ingested in good faith. Not even a neocon. And especially a Zionist.

      • Gee, James. And my Zionism is based on what? My last name? What a great detective work. And “beloved apartheid state”? Any articles of mine to that effect? Or you, require now every Jew to pronounce his allegiance to the anglo-saxon murderous empire before anything else, other wise their words are taken as “shill” pronouncements?
        Don’t camouflage your ignorance and hatred with the aura of truth seeking. You are a truth seeker in your own mind only.

        • Nice try. I’ve read your stuff over an extended period of time. You’re not a victim of “anti-Semitism.” You’re a master disseminator of hasbara. By the way… that should be “Anglo-Zionist-Wahhabist.”

          • Admin says

            Fair criticism of an author’s work is welcome. This is just personal abuse. Another example will be deleted. And stop repeat-posting the same video.

  14. MLS says

    This article isn’t up to the standard of Catte’s previous analysis. It comes over as a bit of an uninformed and slightly racist, or at any rate bigoted, rant.

    ”Sexually repressed thugs” flew planes into the WTC on 9/11? That’s just not worthy of a site this good. Will Mr Golstein step up to defend such creaky and cowardly acceptance of a completely discredited narrative?

    • Dear MLS. I am sorry to disappoint you for writing on the subject that is different from your 9/11 obsession. However, let me assure you that there are plenty of sites that peddle the information exactly to your liking. Or do you want everyone, no matter what they discuss, make a required signalling that they indeed follow some party line established by some loony fringe obsessed with some currently fashionable conspiracy theories?

      • Catte says

        Vladimir – I appreciate MLS was pretty rude and had no call to be. But to the mainstream media the idea the Skripals weren’t poisoned by Putin is “loony fringe”. Everything is relative here. You know how it feels to be brushed off so dismissively and I know you’re too generous to do that other than in a spirit of momentary irritation.

        We have a regular contributor on OffG named Philip Roddis who was open-minded enough to revise his ideas about 9/11 after reading some of the scholarly analysis done by various physicists, architects etc on the anomalies that are still unexplained about that day. I’m going to link to a review he wrote for us and you’re welcome to see if anything there chimes for you.

        Also see the comment here from the author of the book Philip was reviewing

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      It’s hasbara. Everyone knows that the MOSSAD did 9/11, in league with US sayanim and elements of the US ruling elites, but THAT truth must NEVER be allowed to emerge from the shadows. Why they have even arranged for one stooge ‘judge’ to blame Iran for the atrocity.

  15. Fair dinkum says

    Psychopaths come in all colours, creeds and sexual orientations.

  16. DunGroanin says

    The incompetent poxy proxies have reached their peak-Saudi fuck wittery.

    As happens with all such proxies the bankers will send in their useful idiot ‘western’ boots in the ground to finish the job.

  17. Re Philpot’s comment above, it would be interesting to have a bit more detail on why the West is rounding on Saudi Arabia now -why this particular incident has provoked them when all the others, listed in the piece above, haven’t.

    • George Cornell says

      A very good question. The chronic human rights abuses were not enough, the rampant hypocrisy of the Saudi Royals insufficient etc. British Aerospace profits are down? Saudi is talking to Russia? We all know how dangerous that is. Of one thing you can be certain, that it will not be out of maudlin sentiment for those who have suffered from the Saudi policies outlined by Vaska. The main threat to the West posed by Saudi is that they will stop buying arms from the US and UK. And what a loyal customer they have been! But those arms are so necessary to prevent the seething civil unrest in the Kingdom, which will inevitably boil over eventually.

  18. Philpot says

    No argument with the list of crimes but yesterday’s analysis that this is not some waking conscience of western MSM but a slap down by the American empire was more convincing.

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