UK gov’t (finally) admits Covid statistics are inaccurate

The health secretary has apparently just realised something that’s been obvious to many of us for months

Kit Knightly

The UK’s Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, has announced an “urgent review” of procedure for recording Covid19 deaths.

It turns out the British government may have been over-reporting deaths from Covid19.

Who knew, right?

This follows the “news” that Public Health England (PHE) have been recording Covid19 as the cause of death for anyone who has ever tested positive for the virus.

PHE released a statement admitting as much:

This potentially includes people who were asymptomatic, people who had the disease and then recovered and people who never had the disease at all but received a false positive from the incredibly unreliable PCR tests.

In short, as one government insider is quoted in the Evening Standard:

It turns out you could have been tested positive in February, recovered, then hit by a bus in July and you’d be recorded as a covid death.”

Of course, none of this is news for people who have been paying attention – OffG and many others have been reporting this could be happening for months.

Essentially, when the changed rules for registering deaths were passed with the Coronavirus Bill back in March, the over-reporting of Covid deaths became almost inevitable. Indeed, the situation could almost have been designed for that purpose.

Since then anecdotal evidence has also been piling up.

It’s not unique to England either, countries all around the world are doing the same.

Globally, as we have reported, the Covid19 statistics are wide open to mistaken or dishonest reporting, and potentially total nonsense.

So, the question really isn’t whether or not the Covid death statistics are massively inaccurate – we know they almost certainly are. The question is why the government and mainstream media have suddenly decided to admit it.

Or half admit it, anyway.

There’s still no discussion of the “clinical diagnosis” of “likely” covid19, or of the “unlawful” DNRs being forced on elderly or vulnerable people – all of whom would potentially be included in the inaccurate Covid stats. Or of the potential financial incentives for hospitals based on diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Now that the government are admitting, and the media are reporting, that the Covid death statistics are inaccurate, will they start to investigate why conditions for this were seemingly deliberately created?

I wouldn’t hold your breath.

In a way, this perfectly fits with the peculiar trend of this pandemic, where on the one hand government officials have been perfectly open and honest about the danger – underlining, again and again, that the vast majority of people are in no danger – whilst on the other hand stoking hysteria and public panic that is totally at odds with the admitted reality.

Is this the beginning of a roll-back or climb down? Or just another phase in the global gaslighting that the coronavirus “pandemic” has become?


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