DISCUSS: Inauguration Day

Joe Biden’s big day is finally here. He’s had to work hard for it, sucking a lot of fingers, burbling a lot of nonsense, berating a lot of factory workers, fixing thousands of votes, but he’s finally going to be President.

This particular inauguration is going to look a lot different from all the others – the twin bogus narratives of coronavirus and the “attempted coup” on January 6th have forced, FORCED, capitol city into an almost Martial Law-like standing.

Joe Biden’s inauguration will look a lot less like this…

And a lot more like this…

A heavy troop presence as your leader is sworn in is one of the hallmarks of legitimacy, you understand. And not even slightly a sign of power being seized illegitimately.

That said, Biden will technically be “President”, so it’s time to ask ourselves – what kind of world are we in for?

For one thing, it’s possible they are preparing to sideline the covid “pandemic” narrative, as the mayor of Chicago and governor of New York have both said that lockdowns need to end, and a report has been published saying lockdowns don’t work.

Internationally it’s likely to be business as usual. If you look at his cabinet choices, from Victoria Nuland to Samantha power, we have a LOT of warmongers who bleat about America’s “responsibility to protect”. While politicians and pundits are already rebuking Trump & Johnson for failing in US/UK’s “moral leadership” of the world, or praising Biden for his plans to “counter Russian disinformation”.

If not for the “new normal” we 100% would guarantee a new war – or a restarted old war – within a year. As it stands, we’re only 60% sure they’ll be some kind of military intervention sometime soon (Venezuela wouldn’t be a surprise).

The real crackdowns are going to be domestic. There is a huge push to take “domestic terrorism” seriously, and that will go hand-in-hand with increased purges of social media (again with “Russian disinformation” playing a major role).

The big question is whether the inauguration will go off smoothly, or they’ll try another manufactured incident to sell that agenda.

How do you think President Creepy Uncle Joe is going to shape our world? How long before, for whatever reason, Kamala Harris replaces him? Will the pandemic be “solved”? Will we have a new war? Discuss below.


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