16 Memes to Get You Through the Day – Part 24

Slightly delayed memes this week, due to technical difficulties and/or accidentally typing the wrong date. Nevertheless sit back and enjoy your Tuesday Memes (Tuesday Temes? Muesday Memes?)


It’s been a hard two weeks for the most vulnerable people in society…perhaps you heard about the plight of the 2nd generation millionaire Hollywood actress


Or even worse, how tough things are in Martha’s Vineyard.


Still, you’ll be pleased to know the government has its priorities in order.


Fences, generators and wells get you on a government watchlist these days.


In the event of fire, simply wrap yourself in the nearest Saudi Arabian identity document and await rescue.


Gender age gap.


Literally the only country this joke would work on.


See also: “Science’s messenger”, “democracy’s messenger” and most especially “climate’s messenger”.


…speak of the devil.


Is it flu season again already? Whips: For when you’re SERIOUS about social distancing.


“Four jabs good, two jabs baaaad…”


Also works for work colleagues and strangers at the bus stop.


Robocop, Demotion Man, The Hunger Games…dystopias everywhere suddenly seem attainable.


And you were there, and you were there, and you were there…


The duality of trolls…


It’s a perfectly healthy coping mechanism. Shut up.

And finally…

Not a meme, but by far my favourite parody social media post of the year…

Looked everywhere for the original account, but no luck sadly. If you know post it in the comments and we’ll add the credit.

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