“Pro-Russia” does NOT mean anti-globalist

Russia is currently promoting the same Great Reset agenda as the West. It’s time for alt media to face this reality

Catte Black

For the first six years of our eight-year existence OffG was routinely described as “pro-Russian” by detractors and supporters alike. We were cited on RT and one editor was invited to work for them (they declined). We were classified semi-politely as “Russian disinfo” by certain fact-checkers, and condemned as “Russian trolls” who “found a home for their hate” by less scrupulous media.

There were repeat insinuations that we were controlled by the Russian government.

We weren’t, of course. And we aren’t now.

We were “pro-Russian” to the extent that we supported their eminently rational geopolitics over the crazy confrontationalism of the Washington neocons which seemed to be driving the world to war. We were “pro-Russian” in that this counter-propaganda struggle represented probably 90% of our output for our first five years.

We were “pro-Russia” on issues such as Ukraine, the Odessa Massacre, MH17, Syria, the Panama Papers, the Skripals, the Russiagate lies, Luke Harding’s nonsense, the Guardian’s sometimes hilarious Russophobia, and much much more

because being “pro-Russia” at that time meant being pro-peace, pro-rule of law, pro-truth.

But we were never “pro-Russian” to the extent of picking a side or feeling any sense of loyalty that transcends our independent ethical judgement. We were never funded to hold certain opinions, in fact we have never been funded by any benefactors or donors beyond the minuscule percentage of our readers (less than 0.05%) who are generous enough to send us a few tips in return for our free output. We struggle to survive in fact. Can’t afford to pay our wonderful contributors, who never complain about that.

So, why are you not “pro-Russia” at this time?

Well, let’s just remind ourselves of some hard facts.

* In 2020 the Russian leadership and its elites revealed themselves to be an integral part of the fake pandemic “coup”.

* They employed the same fear and deception tactics we saw in the West, in China, in fact in almost every country in the world.

* They initiated the same unnecessary and deeply anti-human isolation and lockdown policies.

* They initiated the same unnecessary and deeply damaging mask policies

* They initiated the same unnecessary and potentially genocidal “vaccine” policies, incentivising and coercing vast numbers of Russian people into getting an untested possibly very dangerous chemical brew injected into their bodies.

Should anyone be “pro” any of this?

But that was 2020, Russia no longer promotes the fake pandemic

A few people keep asserting this – but it’s simply not true. Russia not only continues to push the reality of the “pandemic”, it also promotes the entirely ludicrous “variants” and a slew of potentially toxic, completely unnecessary snake oil “vaccines“.

But isn’t Russia only pretending to go along with the scam?

Sorry, but that argument can only be taken seriously if Russia ever stops promoting the scam. Until they do, it’s QAnon-style hopium.

But they’re opposing globalism – everyone says so

Well, if you listen to a lot of our colleagues in alt media you would certainly get that impression.

Indeed it’s a lovely idea, to which I have only one objection –

Namely, that it doesn’t seem to be true.

Or at least there is very little evidence to support it. And too often our colleagues are “establishing” these claims by simply ignoring actual facts or even reversing the truth.

Even if you disregard their wholesale adoption of the “covid” lie, Russia’s ties with and promotion of the freshly emerging globalist agenda are easily accessible.

As in here and here and here.

However heroic his past, however much of a people’s champion he may once have been, Putin is now lying to his own people, just like Biden. He is selling them potentially deadly “vaccines” for completely made-up variants of a totally imaginary “new disease”. He is sucking up to the WEF and WHO and “dear Klaus” with just as much zeal as Macron or Sunak. And that much-vaunted “multipolarity” is arguably less a move toward a fairer world and more ‘the next phase in the construction of…the “New World Order”‘.

The only comprehensive counter-argument is to simply deny it point blank, or to claim “Russia don’t really mean it”, which steers us right back into blind hopium territory.

But that way madness lies.

So, we think the real question is – in this stark new post-2020 reality what does “pro-Russian” (or pro-American, or pro-any state anywhere) even mean any more?

What big moral questions divide them? What real options are we offered?

Being coerced into getting poisoned by SputnikV rather than Astra Zeneca?

– Being locked up and lied to by Biden as opposed to Putin?

– Getting Agenda 2030 served up via Moscow as opposed to DC or London?

– Having your CBDC in programable dollars as opposed to programable rubles?

Currently to be “pro-Russia” is to be pro-Globalism, pro-Agenda 2030, pro-phony pandemic legislation and pro-clot shots.

We absolutely are not pro any of those options.

Are you?

So are you NATO shills now?

Yes. Yes, we are.

Even though we have literally never endorsed a single action NATO has taken. Ever. Even though we have only ever pointed out NATO is, and always has been, a force for chaos and evil in this world

we are now “NATO shills”.

That’s the great function of the fake binary – it turns intelligent people into human on/off switches, blinded to nuance or free thought.

If you don’t side with Team A, then you must be siding with Team B. You have to pick a side even if the only difference between them seems to be the color of their jerseys. And if you refuse to pick a team someone will pick one for you and insist you are in it.

What we want to say to these people is this –

If you strip off your pre-2020 preconceptions, turn down the feel-good, psychologically manipulative speeches from beloved leaders – what government anywhere is currently working for a better world, or any world beyond the Great Reset, carbon-monitored Agenda 2030 New Normal hellscape?

I think the answer to that, dear binary-hugger, is – none of them.

This is where we are right now and why we are no longer saying things that can be defined as “pro-Russian”.

Our values haven’t changed. The situation has changed. The reality on the ground has changed.

But wait, I hear some of you cry, ok Putin may be shilling for covid and ok, he might be promoting the same globalist nightmare as every other major world leader..

but you can’t deny he’s fighting Nazis in Ukraine!

Surely this gives Russia back some small amount of moral ascendancy?

Well, in so far as Russia – or anyone – is genuinely fighting Nazis they will continue to have our support, which is why we were quick to point out last year the hypocrisy and deception of the Western media version of events in Ukraine.

But let’s not be hopelessly naive…

I mean that’s Propaganda 101 after all – if you want to quell dissent, divert attention from unpopular policies and rally faltering support – start a war.

Sorry, I mean a “special military operation”.

Do we agree Russia is suddenly absolved and suddenly a righteous cause again just because it moves some troops into Ukraine – while at the same time continuing the same anti-human agenda of lies and fear porn?

Well, surprisingly, no, we don’t. Any more than we think this is about Putin “defending humanity” against Schwab, Gates and the globalist hordes.

But we’ll be talking more about this curious, contradictory and puzzling “not-war” – and its stenographers and apologists amongst the alt media – very soon…


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