Nobels and Knighthoods for “Vaccine” Shills

Kit Knightly

Last week the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to two people for inventing a vaccine that doesn’t work against a disease that doesn’t exist.

Not since Barack Obama’s Nobel Prize has the ceremony been rendered so ridiculous.

Obama was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize after less than two weeks in office and went on to be at war with at least two nations for every single day of his eight years as President.

…and, even so, this is still more of a joke. That’s how ludicrous it is.

It parallels the treatment of AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot – sorry that should be Sir Pascal Soriot. After all, he was handed a knighthood by the British royal family. One of the few global institutions more obviously corrupt than the Nobel Prize Committee.

The knighthood was a “well done” for AZ’s own Covid “vaccine”.

…that would be the one multiple countries no longer administer because it causes blood clots.

It’s unclear if Weissman and Karikó are amongst the 40 new billionaires created by the “pandemic”, but the patents they licensed to BioNTech and Moderna certainly make it theoretically possible. Soriot is without doubt a millionaire and, patents or no, the other two will be joining him thanks to the Nobel prize fund.

As Tom Lehrer observed after Kissinger won his own Nobel Peace Prize, “political satire has become obsolete”. But at least it serves as a reminder of the nature of “The ScienceTM” and the rules of the game.

In late July, in my piece on why ‘you should NEVER “Trust the Science”’, I wrote the following:

“The ScienceTM” is a self-sustaining industry of academics who need jobs and owe favours. An ongoing quid pro quo relationship between the researchers – who want honors and knighthoods…and the corporations, governments and “charitable foundations” who have all of those things in their gift.

…and the world wasted almost no time in proving my point.


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