The United States of Fascism Hysteria

CJ Hopkins

So it’s been an exciting few weeks for Antifa and the rest of the neoliberal Resistance. OK, they haven’t yet managed to overthrow the Putin-Nazi occupation government (hereinafter “POG”), but they’ve definitely got “the Fash” on the run.

“Fascism” hysteria is spreading like wildfire. Liberal Twitter mobs are out for blood. At this point, it’s only a matter of time until the sleeping giant of normality awakens and purges America of the fascist filth that have Putin-Nazified this once great nation.

Antifa has been at the vanguard of the fight, smashing the Fash on both East and West Coasts.

In Portland, where a gang of neo-fascist anti-masturbationists known as the “Proud Boys” had assembled for a self-promotional street fight they were billing as the “Battle of Portland 2,” Antifa militants positively identified and preventatively beat the living snot out of a journalist named Andy Ngo.

To prevent him from snitching to the fascist cops (who are allegedly working hand in hand with POG), they self-defensively robbed him, sprayed him with silly string, and pelted him with vegan milkshakes.

Now, before you get all up in arms about Antifa assaulting and robbing journalists, you need to know a couple of things.

First, according to Antifa spokespersons, and those bloodthirsty liberal Twitter mobs, Andy Ngo is a “fascist adjacent,” and possibly even a card-carrying fascist.

Antifa representative Alexander Reid Ross claims that Ngo is personally responsible for putting people’s names on a Nazi “kill-list” (or at least that Ngo’s writing has been published by Quillette, which published an article by someone else that some fascists read and copied people’s names from), so, basically, he deserves to die.

Also, assaulting and robbing Ngo was technically “preemptive self-defense” (you know, the same as when we invaded Iraq to defend ourselves from those WMDs). Despite their helmets and body armor, and the fact that Ngo is a doughy little gay guy, his presence among them on a public street was making Antifa feel “unsafe.”

So, they had no choice but to beat him senseless, steal his camera, and vegan milkshake him.

As Antifa expert Mark Bray explains, when you’re Antifa, “fighting back is always self-defense, even if [you] strike the first blow.

(This logic only applies to anti-fascists, of course, like Antifa and the U.S. military, and not to, you know, gangs of thugs, or the perpetrators of wars of aggression.)

Antifa’s self-defensive mugging of a journalist apparently scared the crap out of POG, because one week later, back in Washington, D.C., President Hitler called in the tanks, and the Luftwaffe, and announced that he was going to stage a reenactment of a Nuremberg Rally right in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

The liberal intelligentsia went apeshit. This was really it this time!

Putin had given Trump the green-light to declare martial law and pronounce himself Führer. The long-awaited Putin-Nazi Apocalypse was finally about to begin!

Unfortunately, Trump’s Fourth of July Jamboree turned out to be a rather tame affair. He even almost made it through his speech without making an ass of himself. This was extremely disappointing for liberals, who were hoping he would go full-Hitler, paint “death’s heads” on the turrets of the Bradleys and a Swastika on the tail of Air Force One, and order ICE to start rounding up the Jews.

The weekend wasn’t a total let-down, however. The Proud Boys (who are clearly gluttons for punishment), staged another self-promotional event, this one billed as “Defend Free Speech.” A few hundred people turned up to listen to speeches by a handful of alt-right clowns desperately trying to reignite their careers. They were outnumbered 2 to 1 by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, assorted drag queens, and an indigenous, two-spirited transperson of color, who reportedly “performed a spoken word” on the meaning of the term “latinx.”

The D.C. police (who are even more fascist than the Portland police who stood by and watched as Antifa beat up and robbed a journalist) fascistically prevented Antifa militants from storming into the Alt-right rally and beating the snot out of everyone in sight.

So, the anti-fascists had no choice but to preemptively attack a newspaper dispenser, which was presumably making them feel “unsafe,” or disseminating POG propaganda, or something.

One of them tried to burn a flag, but he couldn’t figure out how to operate his matches.

Assorted other hilarious acts of revolutionary direct action followed. Apparently, Antifa’s strategy was to smash the Fash by amusing them to death.

Meanwhile, militant Resistance actions against the POG “concentration camps” continue. New York City, San Francisco, and other liberal metropolitan areas have almost completely emptied out as liberals flock to the southern border to liberate the surviving prisoners.

Conditions in the camps are now beyond inhuman. According to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, migrants are being forced to drink out of toilets, and otherwise subjected to “systematic cruelty,” (so you can understand why liberals are physically putting their bodies on the line to bring an end to this horrifying sadism, and not just sitting around on the Internet shrieking about “concentration camps” as they travel to their summer holiday rentals on Martha’s Vineyard, or the Hamptons, or wherever).

No, these Putin-Nazi “concentration camps” are nothing at all like the “detention facilities” the Obama administration operated, even though they look exactly the same. Sure, thousands of migrant children were separated from their parents, in cages, and there were tens of thousands of incidents of rape, sexual abuse, beatings, and so on, but, otherwise, these Obama “detention facilities” were more like great big 2-star hotels, or like student dorms at a state university, so there was no need for liberals to get all worked up and start comparing them to places like Dachau and Buchenwald.

Plus, here’s a picture of dead people! Look at this picture! These people are dead! So just shut up about Obama already!

Enough with history, and critical thinking, and the practical aspects of immigration policy! It’s time to abolish all national borders, issue everyone a U.S. passport, and transcend the whole concept of national sovereignty … or at least to provide the capitalist ruling classes with an endless supply of cheap, undocumented, extremely compliant unskilled labor.

Those Bel Air lawns aren’t going to mow themselves!

Jesus, I can’t believe I just wrote that. Concentration camps and dead people are nothing to joke about.

It’s OK, however, to cynically use them to whip people up into a paroxysm of manufactured mass fascism hysteria. Not that the neoliberal ruling classes and the corporate media would ever do that.

No, they would never repeatedly attempt to evoke our hatred of the actual Nazis (and their actual concentration camps … which people were dragged out of their homes, loaded onto trains, and shipped away to, and which you could not voluntarily depart) in order to short circuit our critical thinking, or otherwise emotionally manipulate us into supporting their War on Populism.

No, the Putin-Nazi occupation government is not just manufactured mass hysteria concocted by the neoliberal ruling classes. Donald Trump is really a Nazi. There’s a portrait of Hitler in the Oval Office. Putin really controls America. Putin, and his cabal of Russian Nazis. They’re everywhere. They own the banks. They control the media. They control elections. They are the “International Invisible Government.” (Is any of this sounding vaguely familiar?) They are devising the Final Solution to the Immigrant Problem right this minute. They are doing this at Mar-a-Lago, where Trump has had a big “Black Sun” etched into the marble floor.

So, if you’re serious about your anti-fascism, now’s the time to load up on silly string, ski goggles, masks, hard knuckle gloves, and whatever you make those milkshakes with.

POG might be on the run at the moment, but there’s an election season coming up, so we need to be prepared for anything. The important thing is to remain hysterical, and to be ready to respond to whatever emotional stimuli the ruling classes wave in our faces. The fate of democracy hangs in the balance.

Oh, and watch out for those fascist newspaper dispensers!

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Fight nonsense
Fight nonsense

The hysteria of Trump’s base against Mexicans and Syrians is not a type of hysteria, it would seem. But when Trump’s opponents note how Trump deliberately whips up hysteria against Mexicans and Syrians in a style that is entirely reminiscent of fascist movements in Europe in the 20th century, and when these supporters gush with delighted glee at the news of children dying in hell-holes under the auspices of the state, it’s the opponents who are engaging in “hysteria” for pointing out these fascistic trends. It’s Antifa, with its body count of zero, which is responsible for the “real” fascism, not Trump.


So ..FN, is this first article you have ever read by CJ? Have you read others by him?

In fact is this the first satirical article you have ever read?

It seems that you have arrived here late and not only decided to drop a lot of incoherence in your splurge but followed up on my post and others.

Ever heard of a sense of humour?

Ever heard of press freedom?

Do you think reporters should be silenced? Harrased? Imprisoned?

Most of us here don’t. Many of us are here because we have been silenced on the Guardian.

If you have understood what CJ wrote and disagree – you can at least try and be methodical about it. Then I and others may take time to explain. If you ask.

Cheer up, we actually don’t like fascists. But we also don’t approve of agent provocateurs who play into the fascists hands.

Fight nonsense
Fight nonsense

“So ..FN, is this first article you have ever read by CJ? Have you read others by him?

In fact is this the first satirical article you have ever read?”

Of course I know that this article is satirical. The point is that the purport of his satire is to trivialize the fascist tendencies of Trump and his rhetoric, the way he plays to the lowest common denominator in whipping up a white nativist frenzy against outsiders, and the cruel, open disregard for human life (including that of children) that he fans among his followers.

“It seems that you have arrived here late and not only decided to drop a lot of incoherence in your splurge but followed up on my post and others.”

You can’t point to any incoherence.

“Ever heard of a sense of humour?” Ah,, the typical meat-head response of someone who thinks that trivializing fascism is “funny”.

“Ever heard of press freedom?” What has that to do with what I wrote?

“Do you think reporters should be silenced? Harrased? Imprisoned?” Unlike many of Trumps followers, I don’t.

“Most of us here don’t. Many of us are here because we have been silenced on the Guardian.”

Oh yes, that weird hang-up of this weirdly named website. “The Guardian censored me. Now I’m going to get back at them!” I’m not against getting back at people who have wronged you, but you have to admit that this website’s name is weirdly specific. It’s been an excuse for promoting all kinds of shit politics and mindlessly co-towing to anything that breathes of “populism”. This isn’t principled opposition; this is impetuous, juvenile school yard antics.

“If you have understood what CJ wrote and disagree – you can at least try and be methodical about it. Then I and others may take time to explain. If you ask.”

Well, I was perfectly clear. If that still isn’t good enough fro you, then that’s on you, not me.

“Cheer up, we actually don’t like fascists. But we also don’t approve of agent provocateurs who play into the fascists hands.”

CJ isn’t denouncing people for being agent provocateurs; that’s just something that you interjected here. His purport was to downplay that there even are any fascists (and that if there are, the “real” ones are Antifa). He sees no reason to credit anxieties about fascism, so he ignores the trajectory.


Ha ha ha ha ha.

(To be absolutely clear – that is me laughing – i’ll let you decide whether it is WITH or AT you)

Fight nonsense
Fight nonsense

You’re in fact laughing with me because you know that you can’t refute anything I said. But I’ll politely turn a blind eye and pretend that you’re laughing at me, if it makes you feel better about yourself (by the way, I predicted that you wouldn’t’ actually respond in a way worthy of a grown adult. I was correct in that assessment. But you be you, I guess).


We know how to respond to fascists in the uk when they crawl out of their hidey holes and onto the streets.

I’ll see you there.

Fight nonsense
Fight nonsense

What does any of that even mean? What’s your point of reference? Without these preliminaries, you’re just bashing words together.


Let me explain

Here is an academic take on the history and ongoing attempts at facism in the UK since 1945.

Remember that the British Aristos were never overthrown by a bloody revolution and they still insist on trumping their purity and god given martial familial histories. They are donksaurs who have not realised that the world is no longer fit for their superiority complex – no matter how many commoners they can muster up as their bully boys.

My personal experience carried me from the National Frontists of the early 70’s to the skinheads of the late 70’s and football terraces, to the mindful youth that emerged in response turning their backs on the facist rabble rousers with MUSiC – Rock Against Racism that took us full circle back to the Cable Street irregulars – where we are not afraid to smack down every new iteration of it with a big smile.

That is what i mean – now take a deep breath, you have been v busy and i don’t think we are actually of different minds. There are many narrative manufacturers and pushers i’d gladly get into a face slapping and duel with – but we would do well to protect the rights of ‘journalists’ whether we agree with them or not. It is the Establishment that silences voices that counters them and it is the Establishment that sends agent provocateurs to highjack legitimate grassroots resistance.


Fight nonsense
Fight nonsense

This disgusting hit piece being showcased by Off-Guardian confirms once again that this website operates in a weird, disturbing nether-region where “populism” is the name of the game, and where Corbyn, Maduro and Trump are all somehow equals partaking in a common project, regardless of the form that their respective populisms take. They all, apparently, constitute a unified popular front against neoliberalism. Antifa is converted into “neoliberal resistance” because it’s against Trump – yet Trump, as OG knows perfectly well, didn’t actually win the popular vote, and Antifa happens to express the “popular” mood among many Americans against the orange toddler in chief. So, by OG’s logic, shouldn’t they be elevating Antifa?

Whether it’s a left-wing populism based on worker solidarity and meeting the needs of the poor, or a gutter chauvinist populism catering to bottom-feeding jingoism and racist dog-whistling in an imperialist superpower is of no consequence to OG; they will lump these populisms together under a common umbrella for the sake of showing their fealty to being “anti-establishment”. Trump the militarist and imperialist, warlord to the Saudi feudal dictatorship, nuclear extortionist against Iran, real estate capitalist and crook embroiled in endless legal quarrels, and serial misogynist and racist, is united with Corbyn and Maduro (who is, incidentally, being targeted for removal by Trump, riding the very wave of “populism” heartily endorsed by OG). OG’s litmus test for tacit approval – declaring oneself “anti-establishment” – is a category that washes out all distinctions of class politics among the populisms on offer. For OG, one is as good as the other; they can be swapped interchangeably and talked about in the same breath with no fear of contradiction or confusion. Why bother with distinctions about political economic content when the “main” task of fighting the “neoliberal ruling classes” – there are no other ruling classes, apparently, because Trump’s billionaires are “actually” working class folk by virtue of their “populism”- is at stake? Trump, in OG’s reckoning, might as well “actually” be “for” Maduro and “for” socialism, even while Trump tries to overthrow them; using the same logic, Maduro is “actually” “for” continuing to lock up Latino kids in appalling unsanitary hell-holes separated from their parents. He is “for” riding a “populist” wave of cruel delight in doing so. Only “neoliberals” would care about splitting hairs here.

OG’s commitment to upholding populism is such that it will elevate Trump as somehow more trustworthy than AOC (whose program is immeasurably closer to Corbyn’s than Trump’s). Even children who have been killed at the altar of Trump’s pandering to white nativism and white supremacist hatred against “illegals” are to be thrown under the bus for the sake of OG’s facile label-mongering; the deaths of these children, often resulting from conscious political calculation to pander to the cruel and petty hatred of Trump’s “send her back” chanters – hence indeed qualifying the hell-holes that facilitated these murders as concentration camps in the legal and moral sense of the term – are nevertheless not, for OG, sufficient to earn these facilities the proper designation, which must be mockingly equivocated with quotation marks as the author steadfastly “holds the line” against the “real” violence of Antifa, whose body-count happens to amount to – wait for it – exactly ZERO while Trump’s crazies have racked up a body-count in the dozens. OG will pearl-clutch at Antifa’s property damage and its roughing up of some fascist ideologues, but will draw a blank when confronted with the deaths of human beings, even children, managing only to mouth platitudes about anti-fascist “hysteria” while the body-count attributable to actual fascists mounts and while the fascists become more brazen and open in their fascism.

“It’s time to abolish all national borders, issue everyone a U.S. passport, and transcend the whole concept of national sovereignty … or at least to provide the capitalist ruling classes with an endless supply of cheap, undocumented, extremely compliant unskilled labor.” Here the author makes a clown of himself by talking out of both sides of his mouth, probably without realizing it: first by stating the truth that the detention centers were as bad under Obama as under Trump, but also that the neoliberals want to “let everyone in”, a contradiction he seems not to pick up on. He unwittingly reveals his own chauvinism when he nods to white nativist anxieties about “national sovereignty”; it’s the good, white, “legal” workers against the capitalist ruling class (not Trump and his billionaires, though. Those guys want only to liberate American workers from capitalism) and its army of invading brown “illegals”. This sort of disgusting nativist bottom-feeding, which serves only to rally workers around fascists who have no intention whatsoever of liberating ANY workers from capitalist exploitation, is the sort of thing that OG has become entirely comfortable with.

“It’s OK, however, to cynically use them to whip people up into a paroxysm of manufactured mass fascism hysteria.”

Actually, this “hysteria” is a response to Trump’s persistent racist Tweets and his basking in the racist chanting of his followers during rallies, as well as his legal aids trying to put together a case as to why the US isn’t obliged to provide children it is detaining with toilet paper and tooth paste. The Obama supporters turned their eyes from the horrors faced by asylum seekers in US detention camps and hypocritically now beat on Trump; this is true. But the Trump supporters, far from at least trying to pretend that such things don’t happen, actively REVEL in the possibility of inflicting deliberate cruelty on children. They LOVE the idea of children being sexually molested or dying, because it allows them to feel that they’re “getting back at” those “job stealing illegals.”

In his cynical blathering against the “neoliberal ruling class”, this clown conveniently forgets that Trump is himself PART OF THE RULING CLASS and has behaved entirely in that vein throughout his presidency. Or perhaps his billionaire status doesn’t “really” qualify him for membership in the ruling class, given his “populism” – which somehow continually causes him to restock his cabinet with the most vile, anti-people dregs of society who aim to privatize everything, shut down environmental regulations, further engorge corporate coffers, and cater to white nativist chauvinism.

Mary Vogt
Mary Vogt

Nice work, CJ. You forgot, however, to mention that those Proud Boys’ words are LITERALLY VIOLENCE to the antifas, which is why they need to pre-emptively beat up a reporter who might someday write something positive about them. The words LITERALLY violate antifas. I’m not entirely quite sure what that means? I get the image of the Knights Who Say “Ni” cringing when they hear the word “it”.

Fight nonsense
Fight nonsense

If you think that Antifa is violent, just WAIT until you hear about the hoards of young men who descended upon Germany in strange boats in the mid-1940s and made no attempt to assimilate into German culture. Many of these anti-fascist fighters are, unaccountably, honored as heroes in the US!

“You forgot, however, to mention that those Proud Boys’ words are LITERALLY VIOLENCE to the antifas”

Well, I would say that they are literally violence to black people, since groups like Proud Boys call for a white ethno-state or things to that effect, and the establishment of such a state would necessarily entail the violent expulsion of millions of non-whites. But yeah, let’s just continue to pretend that it’s merely a free speech thing.

Stupid Net
Stupid Net

How is it everyone missed the useless masturbation of this article? There wasn’t even a happy ending, but the same useless screed anybody can read anywhere else on the Stupid Net.

I’m rather tired of what passes for “journalism” and/or “reporting”. Even opinion pieces are generally worthless. It’s always about who can manipulate who into believing whatever brand of bullshit their trying to sell. Unfortunately, this article wasn’t any different. More useless masturbation without any hope of a happy ending. Typical fodder for the easily deceived.


Many sociopaths are notable for their lack of a sense of humour, Thatcher particularly. The Pathocracy actively recruits and hot houses them to be the leaders of their ancient enterprises. From Rhodes to May via Churchill and Blair and the Clintons …

Anyway. Since you fancy some stronger meat try this.

There is Epstein, there is also Mueller and his pants on fire… the Internet Research Agency called him out and a judge backed their argument.

The can of worms is exploding in slow motion.

Even serious provocation to get the Iranians to defend themselves using our cowardly lackey armed services chiefs is failing to divert attention from their decades of shit shovelling down our throats.

Not even any grainy footage of Iranian boats this time. No exposition of why ‘our’ oil tanker was empty and turned its Identifier off. Except maybe for some dumb grunts on board to repel ‘invaders’ Yeah our commandos are good at taking over an undefended ship – big brave boys (&girls i’m sure!) all in their frilly blouses …hut,hut,hut.

I’ll say it again – Darroch is the sacrificial scapegoat to try and appease the Westwingers who are mighty pissed! As they may say in yankdom.

Why does the UK partake in the continued charade? To avoid a general election my dears.

Deedee/Scarlet/SCL .., all their masters, are heading into their bunkers! They have lost in the ME. They have lost the subcontinent – again. Hell they have just lost a Nato member, Turkey is buying the Russian weapons. They have lost their petro$ hagemony and don’t know which easy targets arse to shove a dagger up to make a lesson of this time. The SCO under Russias presidency is pushing back on all their fronts.

It is the Last days of their Rome! Justice awaits them and their minions.

The worms, the worms …


Genius CJ, thanks for shining light into the dark corner of US Liberal GroupThink. I especially loved the phrase “sitting around on the Internet shrieking”, which is what these folks do best. (And the “BelAir lawns…” line.)

I’m part way thru Bret Easton Ellis’s ‘White’ and he skewers this mass hysteria very well too, I recommend it.


Who said satire is dead?

Well a few of the shit shows in the western corporate media and the bullocks that purport to be comedy in this post apocalyptic era of PC do-dah. But CJ is up there with the best, beavering away in the most anti-pc possible way but staying on message – could be the shrinks answer to reality as we have come to know it?

Either way as we head into the unknown – with the collapse of the current manifestation of capitalism and any cogent thinking across the globe – it’s clear we are adrift on a sea of blood and all we can do is wave to each other. Feeding this beast is not a solution to human need and neither is it sustainable.

We have to get away from the idea that what we do is for individual gain and profit and back to the ideas which fired the CCCP in its most revolutionary periods – the shear excitement of working in a collective group with the stars your destination. Remember with the workers always, with the bureaucracy sometimes with the bosses never! Yes long in the tooth as I am I’m not giving into the crazed righty/lefty jingoistic nonsense which has seized politics as we now know it today…

Never be duped by those who will not share and stand to gain more than you do. Trust in those which don’t.

Jack Torrance
Jack Torrance

Nothing yet on the incident in the Gulf between Britain and Iran? I came expecting to see the Off-Guardian take but couldn’t find anything on it.

Curious to say the least that it comes a week or two after tensions rose in the same region between Iran and the US but gained little traction beyond the initial reports of a downed drone. It struck me – and most people I spoke to about it – that it was an almost comically inept attempt at false flag.

Strangely, after this latest incident between HMS Melrose and Iranian vessels, US President Trump has tweeted that the British, French and Germans are FINALLY realising that Iran is the new bogeyman.


I’ve seen a number of alternative explanations of this incident.

1. This was a US/UK provocation. The tanker had failed to take on its cargo of crude oil and was empty, and was in effect a tethered goat, possibly with marines hidden on board. It went through a sensitive area with its electronic equipment turned off (like an aircraft transponder), which is a danger to navigation with a risk of collision in a narrow navigable channel. It passed close to a sensitive Iranian island and did not use the normal channel. It was closely followed by a UK frigate. Some Iranian patrol boats came out to see what was going on but took no further action. This was a provocation intended to cause a violent confrontation with Iranian forces, but failed to achieve its objective. A damp squib.

2. The cock up theory. Britain dutifully seized the Iranian tanker off Gibraltar without considering the implications. Iran threatened to take action against British shipping by way of reprisal. Britain belatedly realised how vulnerable shipping was in the Straits. They decided to evacuate British ships from the area urgently. The British tanker was ordered out of the area immediately without collecting its cargo of crude oil. This was a panicked, undignified bug out, getting British ships out of the area. Just a threat from Iran was enough to clear the Straits of British shipping.

3. A foiled Iranian attack. Action was planned against the tanker but this was aborted.

Either way, the stakes are enormous.
Most of America’s wars have been caused by issues over shipping.
1812. 1898. “Remember The Maine!” 1917. “Remember The Lusitania!” 1941. “Remember Pearl Harbour!” Tonkin Gulf.
Roosevelt was actively trying to provoke incidents between US warships and German U boats in the Atlantic in 1941 as a pretext for war.
This may be history repeating itself.

Jack Torrance
Jack Torrance

Sorry tutisicecream did not mean to post in reply to you. Apologies.

Fight nonsense
Fight nonsense

“Who said satire is dead?” I take it that you approved of this article, then – which means that you don’t see much cause for concern for fascism in the US and that the “hysteria” is among those who oppose fascism rather than those who recapitulate the motifs and themes of European 20th century fascism (Nuremberg-style rallies where gutter chauvinist platitudes are chanted while the leader basks in the ambiance; Kristallnacht-style marches where legions of white men cry “We will not be replaced!”; the leader presents himself as “beyond politics”; acts of mass murder inspired by and emboldened by the resurgence of these sentiments; the open and gleeful celebration by legions of followers of psychological and physical harm inflicted even on children at sites operated by the state). But then, why do write the following:

“We have to get away from the idea that what we do is for individual gain and profit and back to the ideas which fired the CCCP in its most revolutionary periods – the shear excitement of working in a collective group with the stars your destination.”

You’re implying that Trump is firing up the revolutionary potential of the workers by getting them to shed their capitalist motivations? Is this a cruel, sick joke, or are you actually this confused?

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Great stuff CJ: i was hooked & howling after

“… anti-masturbationists, known as Proud Boys” …

However, I must contest one statement 😉

“It’s OK, however, to cynically use them to whip people up into a paroxysm of manufactured mass fascism hysteria. Not that the neoliberal ruling classes and the corporate media would ever do that.”

because, if you look at OffG’s photo of the Guardian’s outrageous pulling of Chomsky & Co’s plea on behalf of MP Williamson, the Guardian actually fully admits their inherent nature & goals above the line,
& their Title !



Check Kit’s snapshot, i rest my case (though I may be wrong & have no idea who this Dead Leonard persona is), they woz’ clearly robbed of further fascist hysteria & artistry and are seriously searching a new master of low-life dialogue and advertising their wares … 😉

Gezzah Potts

CJ, CJ, with dark clouds on the horizon, and trouble literally in every direction one looks; where would we be without your cutting, slamdunk satire? Brilliant yet again. I especially liked your line: …’cynically use them to whip people up into a paroxysm of manufactured mass fascism hysteria’. Excellent.

Fight nonsense
Fight nonsense

“’cynically use them to whip people up into a paroxysm of manufactured mass fascism hysteria’.”

Ummm, that happens to perfectly describe how Trump uses Mexicans and Syrians to whip people into a paroxysm of Nuremberg Rally-style fascist hysteria against outsiders. If you honestly can’t see the fascist content of his chants of “Send her back!”, then I’m afraid you might not be equipped for this discussion.

Gezzah Potts

Hello F.T, thanks for your reply. We’re on the same page. Fascism is deadly serious, however my use of this line was in complimenting CJ Hopkins. It wasn’t meant to come across as being flippant. I’m very aware of the direction the World, especially in the West is heading. Towards a deeply totalitarian corporate fascism. This is where Neoliberalism is taking us. Refer to Sheldon Wolin ‘inverted totalitarianism’ and anything by Henry Giroux or Chris Hedges. All this began long before Trump by the way. Have a good day

Fight nonsense
Fight nonsense

You’re in fact lamenting those who acknowledge the fascist content of Trump and his rhetoric; this is why you’re trying to derail what I said and turn the focus back on neoliberalism (which Trump, in your view, “opposes” and hence places him outside of fascism). The only fascism you acknowledge is that of the neoliberals. The brazen fascism of many of Trump’s followers apparently isn’t “actually” fascism, even when they overtly don fascist symbols and motifs paying homage to the 20th century European instantiations. To acknowledge that fascism is “hysteria” in your view.

Gezzah Potts

I never said Trump opposes Neoliberalism, and I am aware of the deeply concerning views of many of his supporters. I wasn’t trying to “derail” or sidetrack anything. Actually. Just to clarify for you, I have Zero support or sympathy for Trump or anyone around him. What I meant was the process of Neoliberalism began in Chile under Pinochet, then in the West with the regimes of Reagan and Thatcher…. Long before Trump became President. Thats why I said all this began long before Trump.

Fight nonsense
Fight nonsense

And yet you regard anxiety about Trump’s overt fascism to be “hysteria” (see you original post).

Gezzah Potts

Okay, I’ll be as clear as possible. The entire Trump administration makes my skin crawl. They are very dangerous people, espec the Christian evangelicals in his administration such as Pence and Pompeo. The whole dogma of Neoliberalism itself is fascist in orientation, viz corporate fascism, which is why I mentioned Sheldon Wolin.
The situation thruout the World is incredibly dangerous. I am very aware the direction the World is heading, and frankly, its scary as hell. And I won’t even start on the situation in the Persian Gulf or Russia or the next economic implosion (Deutsche Bank).
So, FD, I’m actually pretty fearful of where things are heading. I hope that was clear enough. All this is because of Power, Greed, Control.

Gary Weglarz

(“The important thing is to remain hysterical,”) – the author

– well, you can’t accuse we Americans of not doing our part! I just want to know if the (“Putin-Nazi Apocalypse”) is going to feature zombies, or if we’re going to have to settle for our cadre of necrophilic psycho-boy necons like Bolton and Abrams doing their admittedly spot on impersonations of “the walking dead.”


The most brilliant satire since Vonnegut joined the great beyond. Thank you sir.


Keep us smiling CJ Hopkins.

Fucking haranguing a reporter, what are they trying to stop him reporting? There is plenty more of this to come. False flaggers have got lots more time on their hands now they have been thrashed in Syria. They murdered reporters there too. We know the big plan is underway. Antifa/SJW on the left and extinction rebel kids to the right – the pincer move is gathering pace, they have their eyes on the $100 trillion pay off.

But hey it must all be someones fault especially anyone threatening their zillions.

Fight nonsense
Fight nonsense

I love how you allude to murdered reporters but fail to mention tat Antifa’s body-count thus far is ZERO, while Trump’s crazies have racked up a body count in the dozens. Apparently, the hatred that a lot of Trump supporters have for journalists doesn’t concern you either. The only trajectory you see is of Antifa “murdering reporters”.

Gezzah Potts

Diana Johnstone rocks in my humble opinion. One of the best out there. Thanks for the link.

Gary Weglarz

Gezzah – I agree, Diana is the real deal. Too much reality for the boys at CounterPoof to deal with so like C.J., and Andre Vltchek she’s been simply disappeared at that oh so progressive site, sort of like British intelligence disappearing the Skripnals without a trace.

Gezzah Potts

Yes indeedy Gary. I knew she was getting on, but Diana Johnstone is now… 85! She dosn’t do much writing anymore (sadly) or maybe she posts on sites Im not aware of. Yeah, have scrubbed Counterpunch myself.

Gary Weglarz

bevin – thanks for sharing the Diana Johnstone article – somehow I missed that when checking in at greanvillepost earlier today.


Soros to the left of me: Soros to the right. Now Charles Koch (R) and Soros (L) are teaming up for the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft to end the endless wars (they caused) and end imperialism too. Reassured? Me neither.

Wake up and smell the fascism masquerading as anti-fascism.

I have a serious question for all you Labour supporters. What is the point of exposing Antifa and the neoliberal behaviour change agenda of Avaaz, Purpose, New Consensus, Southern Poverty Law Centre, Alliance for Global Justice, and other Open Society Institute fronts if the net result is voting Labour?

Do you know who is behind the Jo Cox Foundation and Purpose – promoters of the White Helmets?


Do you know who Zack Exley is; or who is behind the Green New Deal; or who inspired ‘Labour for the Green New Deal’?


By supporting Labour you get regime change and climate change – in the name of anti-regime change and anti-climate change. Just like you get fascism, in the name of anti-fascism. Brought to you by Soros.

Or are we supposed to believe that Labour are immune to corporate influence: and that they responded to authentic grassroots campaigns such as the XR Climate Rebellion, Greta Thunberg and her Climate Protesters? Please.

I hope you have all booked the time off for the Global(ist) Climate Strike between the 20-27th September. For a week long celebration of regime change and climate change – brought to you by Uncle George and Uncle Jeremy …the avuncular caring capitalist Riders of the corporate climate economy Apocalypse.

If they will weaponise a lost little girl with Aspergers and a murdered MP – cynically manipulating their ‘untouchable’ status – what else will they do? Wake up and smell the green neoliberal climate economy fascism fronted by JC.

No, not that JC …he ain’t the Messiah …he’s a very manipulated boy.


Do you really believe that the entire Corbyn phenomenon is nothing more than a front for another version of globalism?
That is certainly a viewpoint that the enemies of socialist policies in the UK and elsewhere would wish to promote.
In fact by your increasingly demented attacks on the Labour left-the Blairite right delights in them- you are serving the purposes of precisely those, the imperialists and the Tories that you claim to oppose.
Let us keep this very simple: what Corbyn represents is the political rising of hundreds of thousands of plain people against the precipitous course charted by neo-liberalism. The manifesto that he supports calls for significant reforms, all tending towards public control of the economy and the prioritisation of social service expenditure, on healthcare, education and defending the poor and vulnerable from the chill winds of the marketplace. All this has occurred because there was no alternative- people have been driven to resist because so dramatic has been the advance of neo-liberalism that it will soon be too late. And the Workhouses will be re-opened, under private management.
In addition, as anyone who saw the display of banners at the last Party Conference understands, the movement within the party which promotes Corbyn’s leadership leadership is committed to review the UK’s blind and dangerous commitments to NATO and Israeli/US imperialism.
Whether a Labour government will accomplish all or any of these objects will depend entirely upon its ability to mobilise popular support and action against The Establishment, national and international determined to crush all attempts (whether in Bolivia, Cuba, Greece or the UK) to reverse the inexorable progress through neo-liberalism to, effectively, corporatism.
Nothing is more important for the Labour party and the growing movement of desperate people, the victims of neo-liberal economic and social policies squeezing living standards to the point where, quite literally, many choose suicide over continuing to bang their heads against the brick wall of austerity and disenfranchisement, than that its policies and programmes should be subjected to serious criticism.
It is something of which you are very capable-this nonsense about Soros, Koch, Jo Cox and Bill Browder is unworthy- the sort of serial smearing of which no more is needed.

Ben Trovata
Ben Trovata

This connment hits all the right notes,and is therefore,a song.

Ben Trovata
Ben Trovata

comment,I meant!


I saw the banners at Conference. I saw the Green, Black, Red, and White of Palestinian solidarity from the membership. I also then saw Watson and several key LFI shadow cabinet members sneak off and share a platform with Mark Regev, where they were draped in the Star of David. Oh, yes Bevin …I saw the banners at conference and I can read the semaphore of what they say to the hopes of many (mostly a Zionist fuck off).

Similarly, I have attested for two years this single point: we should not, in good faith, support the supporters and funders of terrorism. This is an incontestable moral imperative. We both know that JC collected for the Jo Cox Foundation: and we both know were that money went – one third to the White Helmets. To me, that was it. I cannot support terrorism or child murder: that is an incontestable point of conscience. I would have thought that within any group of normally adjusted people of conscience – who claim to be progressive and uphold universal ethical values – that would be it. The Labour party party support of the White Helmets render them unsupportable. But no, social democrats turned the proverbial blind eye.

Over two years I have been pointing out this bad faith judgement – or lack of it – support has grown …whilst the Labour party has lurched ever rightward drawn by support of neoliberal globalism. What do you actually think the City of London does: or what does the ‘pro-business’ euphemism actually mean? Misery globally due to the funding of globalisation: which is one of the City’s key leitmotivs …and for which it is still a significant centre.

It’s not that you can’t make the connection between the Jo Cox Foundation and the Green New Deal: it is that you won’t. I can’t force you to read the 10 parts of investigative journalism that make this quite clear. So the following will be lost on you too.

The Green New Deal is not an organic, grassroots, progressive policy lending “towards public control of the economy”. It is a neoliberal greenwashing lending towards the privatisation and financialisation of nature. The people behind it are not ‘Momentum’: it is a top-down policy fed in by shadow sovereign ‘philanthrocapitalists’ …ans Soros and his behaviour change and Ailinskian ‘rules for radicals’ approach to consensus control.

The same team that is behind AOC’s New Deal is behind Labour’s. The go between is Zack Exley. He was part of the team tha groomed AOC. All you have to get is that AOC is a literal actress, cast for the part of congresswoman. There is little doubt about it, she admitted it herself (her brother Gabriel put her up for the part).

That is how grassroots the GND is. But you would know that if you read the research Cory has done. Check out the ‘Justice Democrats’, their motivations, their associates, and I’ll let you work out who is deep in the shadows pulling the strings.

From the November inception of the XR Rebellion, the manufacturing of Greta Thunberg, through to JC’s ‘climate emergency’, to Long-Bailey’s ‘Labour for a Green New Deal’ is not some organic response to the people. It is a globalist marketing campaign to own the people. I’m sorry you cannot see it, but it is not beneathe me to point this out. Nor is it beneath me to stand up for universal morality by calling out the funders of terrorism. If you support Labour, you support regime change and the globalist climate change agenda. If no one points this out, the net result will be to severely challenge our future viability under corporate control. That is worth resisting with ever last breath I have to take.


What makes me increasingly demented is the wilful ignorance and blind obedience to power …resulting in a cargo cult mentality shielding Corbyn. This is exceedingly dangerous authoritarian programming that is also shielding the dark “green” neoliberal agenda.

Not only that: support for the White Helmets is indefensible. Those who rail against them whilst supporting Labour are bad faith hypocrites. It must be clear that what will come out of Tim Hayward’s “Working Group” is the WH murder victims for their snuff propaganda porn videos (see Professor McKeigue’s guest blogs) …part funded by Labour.

If I take the moral stance to point this out – and it is resolutely ignored and considered “beneath me” …at what point rightfully call the intentional purblind supporters of Labour complicit in war crimes?

Qui tacit and all that.


I can make the connection between the Jo Cox Foundation and child murder Labour’s supporters wilfully won’t and can’t.

What I can’t make is the connection between support for philanthrocapitalist child murder; support for NATO war criminals and their neo-Nazi and Jihadi proxies; support for the Drang nacht Osten occupation of Eastern Europe and the constant war games literally on the Russian border (and in the Black Sea); support for the “pro-business” neoliberal capital City; etc …I cannot make the connection from this to a peaceful future world …because there is none. It is a masking strategy for increasingly rapacious capitalistic accumulation.

Another issue that is deliberately character masked is EU Defence Union …which Labour is complicit with in its silence and new pro-Remain stance. Our new dead factor Foreign Minister -Ursula Von der Leyen – was laying out her strategies for us the other day. Acronym s such as PESCO, CARD, and CDSP should be familiar to you. Because that is what comes with Labour’s support …an uncharted territory of lost sovereignty and singlepoint civil and militarised fascising control. And who do you suppose will be pulling the strings there …with his buddy Lagarde at the ECB helm?

Sounds exactly like an “EU Military Frankenstein” and European Empire rising …just as JC predicted. Now he wants us to remain …remind me: is that democracy or post-democratic autocratic rule …because I distinctly remember voting to leave to avoid the fascising tendency?

For the few: under the masking pretence of being for the many. Seems to have fooled the many though.

Rhisiart Gwilym
Rhisiart Gwilym

“What makes me increasingly demented…” You just wrote that, B. Seems about right…

John Thatcher
John Thatcher

BigB,you really should be thinking about changing your dealer,the current one seems to be adulterating his/her supplies with something mind bending!


Very well put. A lot of decent people are still putting their hopes in Labour under Jezza but they are going to be badly disappointed.

John Thatcher
John Thatcher

Very well said Bevin.Though I am not sure why you are using the name of that old Labour party imperialist of yesteryear as your moniker.Of course ,if it is your own name then I apologies at once !


It’s sad to say it, but vote fore Jezza and you don’t get Jezza.
You get Watson, Benn, Bradshaw, Bryant, Ellman, Phillips, and all the other Blairite Backstabbers.
Forget Jezza.
Forget Labour.
It’s a waste of time, effort, and energy.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

“I know that the right kind of leader for the Labour Party is a desiccated calculating machine who must not in any way permit himself to be swayed by indignation. If he sees suffering, privation or injustice he must not allow it to move him, for that would be evidence of the lack of proper education or of absence of self-control. He must speak in calm and objective accents and talk about a dying child in the same way as he would about the pieces inside an internal combustion engine.”
(Nye would say:-)

“Damn it all, you can’t have the crown of thorns and the thirty pieces of silver.”

“If freedom is to be saved and enlarged, poverty must be ended. There is no other solution.”

“We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run down.”

“The purpose of getting power is to be able to give it away.” (to the people, not to Europeans.)
(Knowledge is power, Thermodynamics determine scientifically)

“Soon, if we are not prudent, millions of people will be watching each other starve to death through expensive television sets.”

“Fascism is not in itself a new order of society. It is the future refusing to be born.” yet…
Though it exists in computing presently, on ‘Parallel Platforms’. . .

“I have never regarded politics as the arena of morals. It is the arena of interest.”

“There are two ways of getting into the Cabinet – you can crawl in or kick your way in.”

“I welcome this opportunity of pricking the bloated bladder of lies with the poniard of truth.”

“In Germany democracy died by the headman’s axe. In Britain it can be by pernicious anaemia.”

“Now, the vicissitudes that afflict the individual have their source in society. It is this situation that has given currency to the phrase social forces. Personal relations have given way to impersonal ones. The Great Society has arrived and the task of our generation is to bring it under control. The study of how it is to be done is the function of politics.”

“He (Corbyn) has the lucidity which is the by-product of a fundamentally sterile mind. He does not have to struggle… with the crowded pulsations of a fecund imagination. On the contrary he is almost devoid of imagination.”

“You call that statesmanship. I call it an emotional spasm.”

“He brings to the fierce struggle of politics the tepid enthusiasm of a lazy summer afternoon at a cricket match.” and “He seems determined to make a trumpet sound like a tin whistle.” “The hero’s need of the people outlasts their need of him.” “Why should I question the monkey when I can question the organ grinder ? ”

“It is an axiom, enforced by all the experience of the ages, that they who rule industrially will rule politically.” with Business Machine-learning …

& “Virtue is its’ own punishment.” considering virtue-signalling.

“It is not possible to create peace in the Middle East by jeopardising the Peace of the World.”

“Discontent arises from a knowledge of the possible, as contrasted with the actual.” Apartheid.

“We should not be pushing out figures when the facts are in the opposite direction.”
^^^ *** A. Bevan’s opinions, still resonate sense in today’s context.*** ^^^

Weather is weaponised, with marketplaces wholly corrupted by
M>I>C> businesses & Sovereign Corporate CEO Political Dictators …

with “Parallel Platforms” within Military Intelligence.

“We should not be pushing out figures when the facts are in the opposite direction.”

There can be no legitimate discussion or scientific evaluation of Climate, Habitat & Biosphere, that does not include the mandatory discussion of & a binding moratorium on recording military electronic machine- engineering of our Magnetosphere / Ionosphere with Micro-Radio-Wave Power & manipulating our Weather & Climate Artificially, in past, present & future in the public domain : –

as any part of any real time serious discussion, for regulating an accurate picture with binding agreement & subsequent public monitoring of our Jet Streams & total global real time emissions control methodology, to face hard Data in one united science & push to improve air quality in our Biosphere, universally asap !

There is no matter more pressing to agree upon . . . because, military actions lay to waste any further scientific endeavour or discussion of any climate matter, or any further societal progression, as the M.I.C. is unequivocally & scientifically proven, also at financial levels the prime mover of climate change in every sense . . .
the greatest contributory factor & FERTIG, end of discussion: very simple math & some physics !


The MIC = climate & habitat catastrophe number one cause, in so many ways, from depleted uranium munitions to altering the Jet Stream Currents & Turbulent Flows in the upper atmosphere: in ways most cannot imagine, coz’ it’s plasma physics, patent applied for 1985, patent approved in 1991. Eastlund Patent no. US05038664 HAARP. militarised programming before 1997, with Intel inside Israel, now an existential crisis for all mankind.
I.i.I. S.o.S.
… – – – … Corbyn ? Discuss Zionism & the M.i.c.& weaponised weather programmes & Leveson 2:0 and the Media Machinations of The Lobby & Ownership & Censorship? let alone the history of the national security state, Seth Rich & Assange, the Steele Dossier & Hoax Russiagate, GCHQ & Italian intelligence assets assisting in Treason USA, with Skripal & Pablo Miller & the sheer scale of computerised cybercrime, from the CIA’s Marble programme, now Fake News Fake Text Fake Videos, everything-everything staged, from terror attacks and Tony Blair & Bush onwards, all with electronic “Parallel Platforms” as described by Bill Binney, the programmer, with Kurt Weibe, whistle blowing together.

I can only see Labour dodging all the important core issues every single time, Lobbied !
Corbyn should have blown his trumpet like Miles Davis … Nye would say 😉
Time to Evolve, bursting bloated bladders & kicking yer’ way into office …
start clearing house of old relics & skeletons, too.
Nothing short of a radical shake up will do.

“The language of priorities is the religion of socialism.” said Nye Bevan

Breaking News: “Watch out for a SEVERE WEATHER WARNING”
and whatever you do, don’t worry about yer’ kids, their futures are safe with Labour ?

Sorry Bevin, but i feel you underestimate the scale of the problems to resolve in the UK and the Labour party’s inability to address the problems with constructive solutions …
“You don’t have to gaze into a crystal ball when you can read an open book.” like
“The History of the National Security State”
and how computing created Fascist Dictatorships.


Talking about Putin Nazi stuff, I just had the shock of my life. I turned on the telly, which happened to be tuned to Ch4 and the news was on. Imagine my horror when Jon Snow, in full bass, was extolling us(?) about the plight of civilians(?) from Idlib! Laugh? I almost sent a Twitter message to Jess Phillips, Tom Watson and the Jo Cox foundation but just managed to change the channel in time.


You buy all this Antifa BS? I really think it’s a creation of the deep state.


I think that’s what CJH was hinting at.


That’s not at all clear to me. Ok, he seems to equate the Alt-right with the Antifa, which is reasonable but I don’t see any inference that points to Antifa being a state creation. What throws me is the constant refs to ‘Putin-Nazi’. Is this meant to be funny too? To me it reads as a confusing journalistic exercise, where the author is trying too hard to be funny.


Regarding Antifa, I would say that any supposedly radical group which receives favourable mainstream media coverage is, to say the least, suspicious. But I think the main thrust of CJH’s article isn’t who or what is really behind the various players like Antifa but the mind-set that the MM seems to be promoting.

What I take from it all is this: the election of Trump was something that wasn’t meant to happen because it is a departure from the customary liberal script. Therefore, the phoney pseudo-leftist cover could not be maintained. This created a sense of impotent fury throughout the upper reaches of the American ruling class which has resulted in the demonization of Trump as – what else? – a new Hitler. And even worse, in American eyes, Trump is portrayed as being in cahoots with …Russia i.e. the most carefully nurtured demon in the American psyche.

When CJH rails talks about the Putin/Nazis, he is deliberately mixing up categories because that is what the MM does regularly and compulsively – until everything seems to dissolve in a (probably deliberate) confusion. You might say that CJH is contributing to the confusion but I think he can serve as a kind of humorous safety valve. I am aware it’s a potentially dangerous manoeuvre. If you resort to sarcasm, some may take you at face value. And indeed – those who take you at face value may know very well what you are doing i.e. they are turning your sarcasm against you. I once read that the film Forrest Gump was based on a book that was meant to be a satire on the American Dream. Those who made the film just took it at face value. Which is why the film is a piece of Right Wing gospel.


Agree, not to patronise the confused contributor but the msm have been calling Putin a Nazi for a long time. This to the leader of the country(along with its satellite states) suffered far and away the worst under the Nazis. Of course many in “the west” still harbour the mistaken belief that “we” defeated Germany. 60% of German armed forces fought on the EASTERN front. When the siege of Stalingrad was broken 300,000 German soldiers were taken prisoner.

Fight nonsense
Fight nonsense

Imagine being a WW2 veteran who fought the Nazis, only to see “American patriots” donning the garb and symbols of fascism at weird Kristallnacht-style “We will not be replaced!” rallies. It must be pretty disconcerting.


Yeah, that’s it. It ain’t funny, it’s not sarcastic, it’s defnitely not facetious, but worst of all, it’s unfocused. The author might think it’s witty but it’s confusing and misses the mark (if indeed it has one).

Tristram Land
Tristram Land

Trying to be funny?We used to call it satire once,or gallows humour. The best way to comment on a pack of mindless dickhead thugs behaving like archetypal fascists in the name of countering fascism.Antifa are newspeak in its purest format.

John Thatcher
John Thatcher

It is 100% certain that they are in there,diverting and despoiling Barovsky