9/11 in the “New Normal”

Catte Black

This 9/11 I think the most important thing is to recognise the continuum between that ‘catalyzing event’ and the one we are currently living through.

Just as with Sep 11 2001, the covid19 “pandemic” is being used to initiate a massive paradigm shift in the public consciousness and to render ‘normal’ that which was unthinkable before this began.

The problem is some of those who opposed the perpetual ‘war on terror’ paradigm ushered in by 9/11 are endorsing or accepting the ‘new normal’ paradigm, because they believe it is benign, essential and may even result in a better world of peace, love and happiness.

I think they are horribly mistaken. I think if they want to know the type of world we are being prepped for they should read Huxley’s BRAVE NEW WORLD. It’s pretty much a blueprint – as has been all but spelled out for us by numerous authorities and opinion makers.

Peace? Maybe, though it’s debatable. But it will be the ‘peace’ of enforced conformity.

Love? Ask the people of Melbourne about that one.

Happiness? Well, maybe if you take enough Soma (benzos, Ritalin, or whatever other substance you’re prescribed to enhance your level of obedience…unless they just add it to the water supply).

And no, the masks and lockdowns will not go away because you accept them. You have been told that clearly by the govt you are believing and obeying.

You need to start listening to what they are actually saying.

And so with that we declare OffG’s commemoration of the 19th anniversary of the “New Pearl Harbor” officially open.


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