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“Global Laundromat” has the Guardian in a Spin

by Kit The latest “breaking” story from the Guardian and Luke Harding is hitting the headlines. Almost exactly 1 year after the explosive anti-climax that was “The Panama Papers”, Harding and the coterie of NGOs for which he acts as de-facto spokesperson have a big announcement to make: Banks launder money, and some of it is Russian. We are nearing the anniversary of the release of the Panama Papers, a “big story” involving years of work, hundreds of leaked documents, a team of exceptional journalists (and Luke Harding) and a dramatic reveal: “Sometimes, very rich people use legal loopholes to avoid paying their taxes.” The list of implicated parties included heads of state, celebrities, athletes, David Cameron’s dad and a cellist that knows Vladimir Putin. We all remember who the Guardian decided to focus on, and we all know why. Today the same crack-team (and Luke Harding) are releasing the long-awaited sequel to their original hit. “The global Laundromat”, it’s called. It’s a product of a years-long investigation into money laundering in ex-Soviet states, using …

A Decade of Evidence Demonstrates The Dramatic Failure Of Globalisation

by Graham Vanbergen, TruePublica According to wikipedia, globalisation is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and other aspects of culture.  However, over the last ten years there has been a sea change decline in all the indicators that would measure the success of this model.  Democracy, economic growth, freedom and an interchange of world views and culture has all but been abandoned to a vice like grip of globalisation driven more  by the corporate principles of power and greed resulting in war, terrorism, a biblical refugee crisis, fear and a fully co-opted media. The Economist has just published its annual index on democracy.  They found that out of 167 countries, only twenty are “full democracie s”. Less than 13 per cent of the world’s countries can now claim to be a democracy.  Given that America has graciously forced so much democracy on the world, one could be forgiven for thinking all is not well. In the meantime, Freedom House have published their annual Freedom Index that makes for just as sobering reading. It found that …

Britain’s Tax Office, HMRC sold 600 state owned buildings to offshore property company

by Graham Vanbergen There are a number of interesting facts and figures emanating from the various offshore leaks of recent times. One of them involves Britain’s tax office HMRC, where there is a history of double dealing when it comes to tax haven transparency. Last February HSBC’s Swiss banking arm got caught ‘red-handed’ assisting wealthy customers concealing millions of dollars of assets and then literally and quite unbelievably found to be handing out bricks of untraceable currency to them. HSBC was, at the same time, providing these clients the facilities and information needed to circumvent domestic tax authorities, according to a huge cache of leaked secret bank account files. The leak clearly demonstrated that HSBC was providing account facilities to international criminals, corrupt businessmen and other high-risk individuals from all over the world, Britain included. The leaked HSBC files, which covered the period 2005-2007, amounted, at the time, to the biggest banking leak in history, shining a very bright light on about 30,000 accounts holding almost $120bn (£78bn) of assets, an average of £2.6 million …

Freedland: “I, for one, welcome our Corporate American Overlords”

American lawmakers are a global force for good, one for which we should all be grateful…according to the Guardian. Too often, according to Jonathan Freedland, the term “self-appointed global policeman”, when applied to America, is used in derogatory fashion because: …it serves as shorthand for the arrogance of American power, invading countries and imposing regime change, charging about the world heedless of everyone’s needs but its own. A war here or there, a fascist coup every now and then, these are just little foibles. The geo-political equivalent of putting the milk back empty, or clicking your knuckles.

Putin Leaked ‘Panama Papers’ as Part of Plan to Smear Himself, Blackmail Western Leaders, Says US Think Tank

by Rudy Panko, from Russia Insider The Brookings Institution says that Putin is behind ‘Panama Papers’ leak. Sure, why not? We have to tip our proverbial shapka-ushanka to the Brookings Institution, the only American think tank brave enough to admit that Vladimir Putin is not connected in any way to the financial shenanigans documented in the “Panama Papers”: Despite the headlines, there is no evidence of Putin’s direct involvement — not in any company involved in the leak, much less in criminal activity, theft, tax evasion, or money laundering. There are documents showing that some of his “friends” have moved “up to two billion dollars” through these Panama-based shell companies. Of course, since it’s the Brookings Institution, the fact that there is no evidence of Putin’s direct involvement in this scandal likely shows that Putin is directly involved in this scandal: [M]y thinking is that [the Panama Papers leak] could have been a Russian intelligence operation, which orchestrated a high-profile leak and established total credibility by “implicating” (not really implicating) Russia and keeping the source …

VIDEO: What Has George Soros Funded Over the Years?

from Russia Insider Following the recent revelation that Billionaire financier George Soros (among others) stands behind the release of the “Panama Papers,” it behooves us to remember what else Soros has funded over the years. Recently it became clear that Soros was sponsoring distruptions at Donald Trump speeches in the US. But most of Soros’ money and time goes to trying to engineer “regime change” abroad – particularly in Eastern Europe. What a generous fellow.

Holier Than Thou: The Guardian View on The Panama Papers

by Frank We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.” Leona Helmsley, American business woman and socialite 2007 The revelations contained in the Panama Papers are nothing new, except perhaps the scale of the problem. Even back in 2012 we had the tax scandal of the Barclay Bros, British media tycoons and proprietors of the Telegraph Media group, who lived the high life avoiding tax payments in the UK tax havens in the Channel Islands and also spending their time in Monaco, another tax haven. Then in 2014 there was the case of right-wing US billionaires the Koch Bros. A leak of confidential documents expands the list of big companies seeking secret tax deals in Luxembourg, exposing tax-saving manoeuvres by American entertainment icon The Walt Disney Co., politically controversial Koch Industries Inc. and 33 other companies. Disney and Koch Industries, a U.S.-based energy and chemical conglomerate, both created tangles of interlocking corporations in Luxembourg that may have helped them slash the taxes they pay in the U.S. and Europe, according to the documents …

Panama Papers: Revealing details live in the gaps between the lines

Certain species of lizard – when threatened, cornered or in danger of being eaten – have the ability to “drop” their tail. This process, “Autotomy” (from the Greek, auto=self, tome=severing), enables the lizard to flee whilst the predator gets a brief distraction and small meal. The lizard survives. Tails grow back.

Panama Papers cause Guardian to collapse into self-parody

You’d be forgiven for thinking, given the above picture, that the Panama Papers had something to do with Vladimir Putin. Maybe he was a kingpin of the whole thing. Maybe he was, at least, among the 12 world leaders implicated in various shady financial practices – including Petro Poroshenko, the saviour of Ukrainian democracy, and the King of Saudi Arabia.